Saturday, February 8 of 2014

Monthly messages

That My Heart, full of Peace, may radiate today to the world the calm and the faith which the beings need in order to strengthen their spirits for the times that will come.

My beloved companions, with joy in My Chaste Heart I come in a special way to prepare the anniversary of My Apparitions among the servants of Christ.

I contemplate today the fruits of My instructions in your little souls and as a living testimony of the presence of the Messengers of God on Earth, today I ask you to commune with the example of those who walk towards a new life, so that they may bring to the world the inspiration and the courage that it needs to initiate a new walk.

I do not want to demonstrate favoritism nor generate in the hearts vanity and separateness.  With this action of Graces I want that all My children of the world may discover a way to answer to the Divine call and that through their brothers and sisters on Earth, incarnated under the same human condition, they may discover that it is possible to walk towards a Divine life, even amid so many imperfections.

My dears, that to be a living testimony may be the main goal of your hearts; that the miracle of conversion and persistence in constant transformation may be the true aspiration of each soul.

Today I bring you the example of those who took a small step, a first step, and that in this way have propelled all of humanity to a true walk.

I do not ask perfection of you.  I conduct you to persistence and to sanctity, and today I say to you that the Saints and blessed ones from the Celestial Kingdom did not reach perfection, but faithfulness, humility and persistence, so that before all the temptations of the world, they could overcome themselves and seek eternally the resemblance with God and with His Son Jesus.

Many are the paths to an encounter with Christification because many are the attributes that each soul is capable of manifesting in life, and each being in this time must find their own way to be consecrated to God and to be converted, little by little, in the living and renewed Christ, that the Lord hopes to find in all of His creatures.

God sent His Son not just so that He would be praised and adored over the centuries, but so that He would be imitated and renewed in the different times and lives of each one.  The life of Christ renews itself in your hearts, and each one must find Him in their possibility of loving.

For this today, My beloveds, I ask you that with joy you may let yourselves be propelled, and that the fruits of this last year of precious instructions that the three divine messengers gave to the world may mature in your essences, in your souls, and that they may reflect above all, in your lives upon the Earth.

The continuity of this divine mission depends only on the answer of each heart.

I accompany you always and I welcome you in My Chaste and great heart.

Saint Joseph