Friday, June 21 of 2013

Monthly Messages

I call My house all the homes that in a simple way open to Me the doors.

I call sheep of the flock of My Lord all those who permit themselves to discover the plenitude of a purity that is born from the heart and that expands itself as Charity and Fraternity between beings.

If you call Me, I will come. If you open your hearts, I will instruct you and if you follow My words with Love, making an effort to live the new Laws in life, My Most Pure Heart will be able to be even closer to all of humanity.

As a Shepherd of a flock that heads towards the Universe, My Heart awaits for a single heart to open so that all of humanity receives the Grace of My presence on the Earth.

My Love for humanity represents the Love of a Consciousness that has been upon the Earth and that managed to be faithful to God through simplicity. Inside of a humble home, in a poor village, working in silence in the wood shop, I discovered the Universe of God and Its Mysteries.

I come today to bring this symbol to your hearts: that it is through simplicity that you will encounter that which is most occult in the Kingdom of the Heavens, it will not be through infinite readings or visiting uncountable places of study and meditation.

Seek, children of God, in the depths of your hearts the Truth of Heaven. Be simple to be able to discover that the Kingdom of God really lives within your hearts and that all the comprehension of the Mysteries of Heaven is enclosed in the depths of these hearts that you yourselves do not know.

Listen with attention: My Heart was a human heart, of a poor and humble man without much knowledge or many aspirations. Aspire only to dive with depth in the Heart of God and each time that a Divine Mystery approaches itself to your beings seek in silence and loneliness the union with God and, in your hearts, all will be already unveiled.

Humanity is, in spirit, similar to God and in its spirit is found all that God has created. In the pure spirit of humanity is Love which is the only thing necessary to achieve evolution. Within you, My dears, is the key but it is necessary to be pure, to be simple, to be humble.

Seek because you must Seek. Do not seek in order to acquire something, seek because the Plan of God is that you may encounter in your hearts this Love, this Infinite Kingdom of Love.

With the eyes covered you arrived to the world and you search eternally, through uncountable paths, that which in silence you will encounter within yourselves. This that you must encounter is Love, the Kingdom of Love, the Kingdom of God, the single origin of your little hearts.

Encourage yourselves and go ahead.

My Heart also manifests Works of Love in the hearts of the world.

I thank you to trust and to wait in My Heart.

Saint Joseph, eternal Worker of God.

Wednesday, June 19 of 2013

Monthly Messages

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit always revere the Divinity that approaches your hearts.

Dear servers of Christ:

As a Shepherd and faithful instructor of souls that aspire to arrive to God, today I ask you to never lose reverence before the Sacred.  Never forget that reverence is the basis upon which is constructed a life of consecration.

To the servers of God and to the followers of His Plan for this New Earth I say that reverence must be in each instant of your lives.

The greatness of reverence is unknown to many hearts of the world but it is only through it that the door that unites you to the Divine will be always open. Reverence brings the Divine to your lives.

Have reverence, one to the other, demonstrating in this way the comprehension of the Divine in each thing created by God. In the Creation of God is His Consciousness. All that the Father has created was made to be a direct link with His Consciousness.

Imperfection was created due to the lack of reverence of the hearts because all that God has created is perfect, so that inside of His Plan each piece may fit into its right place. But to comprehend where God is in things and beings, and in order to discover what is His Plan for each consciousness, as for each Kingdom, it is necessary to revere.

Through reverence you will discover inside of your hearts, with simplicity, that many keys to transformation are accessible to your hearts.

Inside of reverence is found Chastity because a heart that reveres all of Creation finds in It God, and in God does not exist impurity, in God all is Chastity, and all is Purity.

Inside of reverence you will find Humility because by finding God in the other you will be able to recognize the greatness of each heart, the Perfection of all the Creation, the beauty that there is in everything and in all that were created by God.

Inside of reverence you will find Equilibrium because a heart that truly reveres is just, it knows how to deal in a just way with all things because it discovers the Truth that each one manifests.

If you only were reverent much in your hearts would be purified. The soul is approaching to God through reverence; the spirit is attracted to the soul through reverence.

God finds space in the life of humanity and His Consciousness is able to reveal Mysteries that had always been hidden because for the Greater Law to be lived on Earth and to be manifested among humans, it is necessary the Sacred already exist in Iits consciousness and the Sacred is found in reverence.

Dear servers of Jesus Christ, today I only tell you that all the affliction that there is in your hearts would be dissolved in the joy that is be able to revere God in all the things.

If you aspire to live in God, you will attract to your hearts and to the day by day of your lives reverence and little by little, even as a sweet game of revering, God will enter on the Earth and the Sacred will live again among humanity.

It is necessary to know how to listen and with joy to know how to follow the instructions that come from on High.

In this way learned the Saints that lived amongst you.

From the Eternal Heart of God I leave in your hearts the Eternal Love of My Most Chaste Heart for all of humanity.

I thank you all for opening to Me the door of your hearts.

Saint Joseph the Most Chaste and Eternal Faithful Worker of God. 

Friday, June 14 of 2013

Monthly Messages

Praised be today and always Jesus Christ, eternal Master in Heaven and on Earth.

Dear followers of the Light of Christ:

Today I come to here to make the Sacred Devotion be born in the hearts of the world, Devotion that is reached through the knowledge of God, the discovery in the heart of His Infinite Glory and Mercy, of His Fatherhood.

True Devotion is born from Love that souls live for what is Divine. This Devotion comes when your souls are consecrated to God and your spirits say "yes" to His Eternal and Supreme Will, surrendering at the feet of the Lord all existence, from now until Eternity.

The Devotion that many feel in the heart comes from a great mystery of Love that the souls live with God. Devotion is not a feeling, it is a reflection of surrender that descends from the spirit to the soul and that the soul manifests as Love to the Divine in the human heart.

Devotion is a mirror of the consecration of the spirit, and the greatness  of the Love that you feel, is because the of greatness of the offer of your spirits to God.

Today I want to teach you to feel the life of the spirit in the life of the matter, because one is not separated from the other, or at least, should not be according to the Plan of God for humanity.

One of the steps of those who aspire to live a new life in this world, is that they know how to perceive the reflection of the spirit in the human heart.

Devotion is the food of the soul, because it keeps it within the Divine Joy of being permanently united to God.

If you do not feel this Sacred Devotion in your hearts, offer to God the request that It  be manifested, but know that for each request of yours that God answers, means that in Heaven a greater commitment is assumed by your souls.

Devotion is an instrument of God in the heart of humans, because through It, many souls that do not know God can feel His Light and can be touched by His Mercy.

Through the Devotion of the pure, that which is impure and that which lives in the world, can be transformed. Know that the Love in the hearts of those who pray with Devotion, changes the happenings of the world, transforms the destiny of the beings, restores the wounded spirit of the kingdoms of Nature and brings joy to the Heart of God.

If just one soul is able to pray with Devotion and with truth, God contemplates humanity as if all of it were offering these prayers, because God sees in the heart of humans one heart and only searches among humanity for the one that opens the door, so that His Grace and Mercy will be poured upon the Earth.

Search for Devotion, light up the fire of your hearts, consecrate your souls and spirits to God, because in this way, the world in which you live can have another destiny.  In this way, the brother or sister who you see in the street, submerged in evil, will have another destiny.  In this way, the kingdoms that you see outraged, will have another destiny.

God, Our Supreme Lord, waits the answer of your hearts.

Devotion and Faith for all humanity.

I thank you for being with Me today.

Saint Joseph, intercessor of the world.

Friday, June 7 of 2013

Monthly Messages

I Am the path for Sacred Chastity. The one that hears My Voice imprints in their heart the Purity of a soul that surrenders to God.

By the Infinite Grace of the Lord, I Am sent to your lives to guide the steps of the new servers, of those who light up the flame of the heart through abnegated service and empty of expectations.

I want to teach you to be simple and humble, as I Am. Because it has been said that the simple and humble of heart will inherit the Kingdom of God, and it will be so, because the Kingdom of God is the dwelling place of the pure, and purity exists in the heart of His Creatures, so that they can return to the House of the Celestial Father.

Dear followers of Christ: My Heart comes in chastity and humility, because you have called Me in prayer. I come because My presence activates Purity in the heart of humans.

The one who prays with Me every Friday will be building in their heart the Spirit of Chastity and Humility.

The one who prays with Me every Friday will discover the original Purity in their heart and will be able to express it in life.

The one who prays with Me every Friday will discover in silence their breath and refuge of Peace, and so that through it encounter Christ and God.

The one who prays with Me every Friday will be emptying themselves of themselves, each time a little more, through My help and My intervention.

With true attention in each word pronounced, pray for your families and for the families of the whole world.

Pray so that you know how to serve in a sincere and abnegated way, so that through service the Heart of God works by means of His Creatures.

Pray to obtain a tireless heart, and so that tireless will be the hearts of the humans in search for God and for the Christic Love in their own heart.

Pray with Me, so that My Consciousness comes to the world and in silence helps humanity, awakening the archetype of the new families, the new servers and the new consecrated ones, the ones who will form the New promised Earth.

Approach My Heart to learn about simplicity, about humility and about charity, because the world needs hearts that can live purity to balance all the outrages committed towards God.

The world needs charitable hearts so that the arms of God can arrive to the most in need and forgotten.

The world needs silent hearts and spirits, that in silence find God to l propel this humanity that gets lost in the noise caused by itself, which prevents it from hearing the Voice of the Father and His Messengers.

The world needs humble hearts that are able to live Peace through humility and that through lack of pride balance the ignorance of humans. Because today I say to you that humility will remove the ignorant veils and will show you the real Kingdom of God.

I wait for you in prayer and in faith, in charity and in humility.

Contemplate in Peace the Hearts of the Messengers of God, and through Them you will find the Door to the Heart of the Father.

I bless you, in Peace and humility.

Saint Joseph, Most Chaste Shepherd and Worker of God.

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