Friday, June 7 of 2013

Monthly Messages

I Am the path for Sacred Chastity. The one that hears My Voice imprints in their heart the Purity of a soul that surrenders to God.

By the Infinite Grace of the Lord, I Am sent to your lives to guide the steps of the new servers, of those who light up the flame of the heart through abnegated service and empty of expectations.

I want to teach you to be simple and humble, as I Am. Because it has been said that the simple and humble of heart will inherit the Kingdom of God, and it will be so, because the Kingdom of God is the dwelling place of the pure, and purity exists in the heart of His Creatures, so that they can return to the House of the Celestial Father.

Dear followers of Christ: My Heart comes in chastity and humility, because you have called Me in prayer. I come because My presence activates Purity in the heart of humans.

The one who prays with Me every Friday will be building in their heart the Spirit of Chastity and Humility.

The one who prays with Me every Friday will discover the original Purity in their heart and will be able to express it in life.

The one who prays with Me every Friday will discover in silence their breath and refuge of Peace, and so that through it encounter Christ and God.

The one who prays with Me every Friday will be emptying themselves of themselves, each time a little more, through My help and My intervention.

With true attention in each word pronounced, pray for your families and for the families of the whole world.

Pray so that you know how to serve in a sincere and abnegated way, so that through service the Heart of God works by means of His Creatures.

Pray to obtain a tireless heart, and so that tireless will be the hearts of the humans in search for God and for the Christic Love in their own heart.

Pray with Me, so that My Consciousness comes to the world and in silence helps humanity, awakening the archetype of the new families, the new servers and the new consecrated ones, the ones who will form the New promised Earth.

Approach My Heart to learn about simplicity, about humility and about charity, because the world needs hearts that can live purity to balance all the outrages committed towards God.

The world needs charitable hearts so that the arms of God can arrive to the most in need and forgotten.

The world needs silent hearts and spirits, that in silence find God to l propel this humanity that gets lost in the noise caused by itself, which prevents it from hearing the Voice of the Father and His Messengers.

The world needs humble hearts that are able to live Peace through humility and that through lack of pride balance the ignorance of humans. Because today I say to you that humility will remove the ignorant veils and will show you the real Kingdom of God.

I wait for you in prayer and in faith, in charity and in humility.

Contemplate in Peace the Hearts of the Messengers of God, and through Them you will find the Door to the Heart of the Father.

I bless you, in Peace and humility.

Saint Joseph, Most Chaste Shepherd and Worker of God.