Sunday, July 31 of 2016

Daily messages

May the youths on Earth awaken, transcending old human patterns and recognizing their universal identity.

May they awaken to the love and the unity with God, finding a meaning for their own existence.

May the youths on Earth awaken, renouncing to the pleasures and to the superficialities of the world, to experience true rejoicing, which is heavenly. May they awaken to the mission that eons of time ago, in the Cosmos, they committed themselves to fulfill.

May the precursors of the new world awaken, those who will not measure efforts to make good triumph and who, with their examples, will convert and awaken new spirits.

May those awaken who, in the impetus of their youth, will break barriers and erase borders, recognizing the unity that exists among all the creatures of God.

May the youths on Earth awaken to a higher life, to the love of the Cosmos and to the Plan of the Creator. May they recognize that this time is definitive and may they fearlessly walk to the establishment of peace.

May those awaken, who will imitate the example of Christ and will unite cultures, creeds, races, nations, languages and religions with a single purpose: to establish peace and to manifest a new world.

May those awaken, who will unite the times, who will open the doors of the Earth to new laws and universal rays, who will remove the veils from the human consciousness and dissolve its blindness, making it recognize the true light.

May the children of the New Humankind awaken, those who, in universal history, will be known as the ones who have transcended the old patterns by means of love, who have defeated darkness with the light of their own essence and who have manifested the Divine Purpose, taking to the universe, to the redeemed Earth, a civilization of new Christs.

May those awaken, who will not fear to take the steps that the Creator expects and to live that which today seems impossible to humanity; those who, living love and unity, will permit that Christ, who was their example, continues His evolution and transcends material, mental and spiritual life, managing to be the Life that dwells in all, in the sublime universes, in the Consciousness of the Father.

May the youths on Earth awaken: the youths of body, mind, heart and spirit.

May all those who hope to represent the New awaken.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Saturday, July 30 of 2016

Daily messages

Children, so that the human indifference towards the higher life will not cause humanity to lose the possibility of coming to know and experience this life, those who are awake must redouble their efforts, multiply their tasks and overcome their own limits every day to respond on behalf of those who ignore the celestial call.

In addition to their own purification and their own load that they must carry on these times, the new apostles and disciples of Christ must stand the purification of the planet as a whole and carry, on their back, those burdens that others who committed themselves with Christ do not want to bear.

In the Universe, the responsibility of the manifestation of the Plan of God was equally shared among those who committed themselves to provide this service. But when they arrived to the planet, with veils on their eyes, the souls got confused, forgot and remained asleep or imprisoned in their own tastes and in their ways of understanding this Plan.

Children, when a soul that had a determined mission to fulfill changes this mission according to its own will and its opinion, even if it believes that it serves God, the Plan, this is considered an indifference towards the Truth of the Creator.

There are many souls that had committed themselves to the Lord and that, throughout their experiences on Earth, fulfilled in part what God asked them; but now, in the culminating moment of the Divine Plan, have gotten lost in the strong influences of the chaos and have cast aside fidelity, exchanging it for superficiality.

I tell you these things first for you to be attentive and always be guardians of the Divine Plan and, also for you to know that the Creator will count on you to fulfill that part of His Plan that stayed behind due to human indifference.

May the love to the Plan in your hearts be greater than your self-love, so that you can imitate the example of Christ and not only carry your own cross, but let God place upon it the weight of the indifference and ignorance of His Children, so that they do not lose themselves and have an opportunity to awake.

The Creator counts on you, children, for a response and a greater responsibility. It is time to serve, to love and to surrender yourselves to the Divine Plan. 

Your Father and Companion on the Evolutionary Path, 

The Most  Chaste Saint Joseph



Monday, July 25 of 2016

Daily messages

To the youth of the planet,

Children, this is the beginning of a new cycle for the planetary consciousness. Next August will mark the time of even deeper definitions for souls, and the Youth Festival for Peace comes to open the doors of this cycle for all young people of the Earth.

You must be aware that your mission does not start or finish in this Festival, because it is the beginning of a path which will be endless, profound and painful for many, a path of transformation, of definition, a path to discover the truth about yourselves and lose the fear of expressing it.

I tell you that it will be a painful path because the current youth is very involved with superficialities, in a poorly profound life from a spiritual point of view. It is a youth educated to think only in themselves, in their own advantage, in their own pleasure. It is a youth built in an era of permanent involutive stimuli, a youth that represents the last cycles of the old humankind and that is completely impregnated by the patterns left by all the previous generations.

This is the youth that must live the transition of the planet and bear the currents that will descend to reform the Earth and to attract a new life. This youth will have to say "no" to all the patterns they carry in their consciousness - as a compiled set of human experiences of all eras of humanity – in order to be nothing and be reborn in life as children of God.

Thus, children, see that the Youth Festival for Peace is only a door that opens in the consciousness of the youth and that very timidly shows you the rising of a new Sun in the horizon.

Being the beginning of a new spiritual cycle, although it may not seem to be so, the Youth Festival for Peace will place your consciousnesses before an inner synthesis, perhaps even sooner than the Festival happens.

That will be so because those who first say "yes" are the spearhead that breaks the old barriers and opens the consciousness for the new. These must be the example for those who will come afterwards, and to be so they will be forged in the invisible of the spirit.

May the young people awake for a new time and a new life. May they prepare their spirits to sustain the planet with peace and inner harmony, and may they be the sowers of the future, preparing life of those who will be the youth of the new Earth.

I leave to you this impulse that expands your consciousness and elevates you so that you may start to be aware of the life of spirit and do not remain so tied to appearances and to matter. The current youth is already a prisoner of appearances and many young people do not know who they are because they only know what they want to appear to be. As an impulse for all the human consciousness, be true and transparent, and do not be afraid of loving and being as you are.

Recognize that there is a great spiritual mystery behind each request of the Divinity because – when you work for God - everything has a Higher Purpose.

I leave you My Best Wishes for a good awakening for all.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, July 22 of 2016

Daily messages


When I talk to you about universal life, many look around and see an abysmal distance that exists between what I say and what you live as humanity.

The approach to the universal life must be first in consciousness because I tell you that, for many, from one day to another the barriers of illusion will fall to the ground and Truth will become visible to the human eye. Those who always ignored it will fear and will think they are crazy; those who had a mere idea about it will fear and will not enter the portals that will open in front of their eyes; and those who know it and live it will wait for it and, anxious for finding it, will recognize it before their eyes and will cross without fear the portals that will lead them to a new life.

Believe that what I tell you, children, is not a tale or fantasy. Blessed are those who launch themselves with their hearts into the unveiling of the celestial mysteries and who, in humility, empty their own interior to become the vessels of the universal Truth.

Be attentive to the celestial guide and try with dedication and hope to live what we tell you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Thursday, July 21 of 2016

Daily messages

Enter into the Heart of God and find there the possibility to overcome obstacles and limits and to live that which today seems impossible and unthinkable to you.

Children, this is the time not only of miracles, but also of truths. It is the time in which the human consciousness must approach what it really is and no longer be linked to limitations that are imposed by ignorance and blindness from this world.

In many cycles and in many eras, humanity got near Truth, but showed to the Universe that it had not yet reached a degree of sufficient love to be able to remember the past, the origin, and with this, to remember everything that must be healed and redeemed in the depth of each being.

After the example given by My Son Jesus and, after His Spirit of Love continued awakening and teaching, each heart that opened itself to love and to forgive, at least a part of the human consciousness is already minimally ready to find Truth.

In order not to get confused and to commit the same mistakes of the past, - when the Creator tried to reveal the universal life to you -, you must be humble in mind, emotions, intentions, heart, soul and spirit. And this humility does not come from carelessness with yourselves or with a self-martyrdom.

The humility of which I talk to you is the simple act of recognizing that you have always been asleep in this world and, even though what you are – in truth, in spirit – seems to be larger and full of power, know that there is no greater power than the Power of God and that every power that tries to impose itself to the Divine Power is simple human force, that – with a blow from the Highest – transforms itself into dust, into nothing.

To enter into the universal life, you must first feel it, let yourself be permeated by it as children that are before a new world. Do not want to know and do not think you already know. Do not want to be and do not think you are something. Only be before the Portals for the Cosmos, knowing that the only necessary thing in this moment is the humility of the heart and the certainty that to cross these portals you must have within yourselves the experience of love, of true love, that transcends one’s own needs and that even transcend one’s own life.

Place the spirit before the Cosmos, the Universe, the Origin and ask the Father for the grace to be humble and to learn and live true love. Because the time is coming to return and to consecrate this world to truth, overthrowing the false kingdoms built on Earth with the Power of the Divine Light.

Children, this is the last hour to build, within yourselves, that fortress that will cross the portals and the dimensions; that will recognize the past, the origin, the mistakes made; that will accept redemption; that will ask for forgiveness and that will surrender to the Cosmos – in the crystal of the heart – the experience of love as a symbol of absolute adhesion to the Divine Will and, as a visible sign for the universe, that the thousand years of peace have begun.

Today keep My Words in the heart and let them approach you a little to Truth because, even if only little by little, it is time to remember.

Your Father and Friend of all eras and of all cycles,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Monday, July 18 of 2016

Daily messages

When Saint Joseph arrived, He showed us an image of Himself, in which He looked to be about 30 years old. It was night, and He walked alone upon a hill, looking at the starry Sky and talking to God. He then asked us to write down what He was saying to the Father in prayer, and now He allowed us to listen. He prayed:

Lord, heal me

Lord, heal me, entering with the power of Your Love
into all my atoms and molecules.

Lord, heal me, burning, with the fire of Your Holy Spirit,
each particle of my small being.

Lord, heal me, reduce my soul to a true nothing
so that I may recognize Your Greatness and infinite Majesty.

Lord, heal me and show Your Face to my impure eyes
so that I may recognize You as the Father, the Truth and the Origin of all things.

Lord, heal me and remove from me that which believes to be separate from You.

Show me, O Lord of all Creation,
that You are in all things;
You are behind all illusion, hidden in the essence of each being.

Lord, heal me, defeat me and leave me surrendered at Your Feet.

May my whole being recognize Your Power and rejoice in You eternally.

God of Love, God of Truth,
God of Purity, God of Joy,
God of the poor and the rich,
God of the healthy and the sick,
God of Heaven, Earth and the whole Universe,
God of the Cosmos, God of Existence, God of Creation,
heal me, renew me
and allow me to discover You to be as within me, as I am within myself.

Lord, reveal that You are in all things and that all things are in You.

Reveal Yourself in unity with All and, thus, heal me, Lord.


True healing comes from the surrender of the heart before God, from the recognition of His Greatness and of our own smallness before Him.

Healing, which must be born in spirit and have its reflection in matter, is nothing more, children, than the demystification of unity and its absolute experience.

When you understand the Presence of God in all things, there is no illness, neither in body nor in spirit, that can bring you down because when the consciousness lives unity with God, all icells are covered by this Divine Presence and find in themselves the Principle of the Father, in this way dissolving all imbalance, all sickness, all anguish and all pain.

Therefore, today I teach you to ask the Lord for healing. Do not ask for healing of the body, of the mind or of the emotions: ask for the healing of separateness, of ignorance, of illusion and thus, children, you will discover that a healthy spirit is the one which unites to the Living God and finds Him within, multiplied in the cells, animating the body, permeated with His Holiness in both matter and spirit.

Pray from the heart, pray as humanity, because it is very ill, and if you, as cells of this great human body, recognize unity with God, you will gradually heal the ills that still permeate the world.

I love you and leave you My Blessing and My Peace so that you heal yourselves and thus, attract healing to the whole planet.

Your Father and Healer,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Sunday, July 17 of 2016

Daily messages


Do not forget to think in the planet more than in yourself. The one who aspires to know all sciences and forgets the most important of all – which is the love of neighbor and of the Plan of God – will never find the path that leads to Christ.

Then concentrate your attention every day on the life of The One who came to the world to be your example. Revive His Gospel, not seeking to be a Messiah, but rather living the Teaching He brought to the world. There was only one Messiah and there will always be only one because that is a single mission, which will finish to be fulfilled in the return of Christ. The state of Christ is what must be multiplied. It is on the experience of this Teaching that your attention must be. Remember that Jesus reached Christification on the cross when, alone with His humanity, He was able to forgive and love the humankind, the planet and the Plans of His Father, more than His own life.

I will not ask you, child, to die on the cross in order to learn to love, but rather to die a little more every day because each time you die a little, you learn about true love, the Christic love.

Renounce all glory on Earth, all recognition, all honor, even when this honor will be given to you by the humankind out of the admiration of seeing you virtuous and adhered to the Plans of God.

Jesus could have descended from the cross and convinced humankind of His Power. If He had done so, maybe many people would have honored Him and believed that He truly was the Messiah, but the Teaching of Christ was also a learning for Himself: from His birth till His death, He should demonstrate to humanity that it is not through glory, through aggrandizement or through the use of power that you reach God, but only through the simple humility and resignation before the Father.

Jesus knew that all powers He had belonged to His Father, and these powers were taken away from Him on the cross so that He would learn from the maximum power that comes from having or being nothing: Love and Mercy.

It was like this that Christ renovated the human consciousness and even the universal life because not only on Earth but in the whole universe power and the use of forces and energies were valued.

All the Creation lived a learning with the example of Christ because after having renounced Himself and His life, He made His Body be reborn and regained the life of His Cells only with the power of the love achieved on the cross. There was no science, substance, energy or vibration that, in a laboratory, would revive the Body of Christ: it was pure love, renovated by the renunciation and by the surrender of Jesus, which made He regain life.
Thus learn, child, to renovate once more the human condition with this living example of Christ within and before you. Imitate Him, overcoming the fear that humanly torments your heart, and open yourself to be nothing.

The one who, in humility, was nothing and achieved everything, your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Saturday, July 16 of 2016

Daily messages


When the universe gives you graces, distribute them to the world through merciful acts, prayers, silence, joy and experiencing of virtues.

When Heaven opens Itself before your eyes, even if often the limitation of the human eyes cannot see It, contemplate with the inner gaze this unfathomable Grace of the Divine presence and cry out for the planet, for the ignorant, for those asleep. Offer the Father a true transformation, a true miracle for His Creation. That by contemplating the world His wounded Heart may find a relief in your permanent effort.

I will not ask you, My child, that you do not fall or do not sin anymore because this world will always lead you to fall and, even if you do not want it, a part of you always sins because in some form it collaborates with the human degradation.

What I will ask you today is that, if you fall, that you get up; if you sin, that you clean your stains with the Forgiveness and the Divine Mercy, with the true repentance, this one that will help you not always to make the same mistakes.

Your weaknesses are the same as many of your brothers and sisters of the world; therefore, find the strength to surpass them in the permanent offer to do it for others, for those who are blind of spirit.

Today, child, I will offer you a path of reparation, a path in which your life becomes a planetary service, in which all your acts, thoughts and feelings are offered to God to repair something. If you do it so, you will make fewer mistakes and you will meditate before acting, because your consciousness will remind you that everything you do is for God.

Offer to Father your daily attempt to overcome yourself and, if you are not able to do so, offer Him your intention and persistence. Never give up, child, because the merits are found in the heart and in the consciousness of those who have pure intentions.

Many times the sincere intention to overcome something and the eternal attempt of doing so is worth more than the act of the one who overcomes themselves easily every day. A sinner who tries to get out of sin is worth more than the saint who is so by nature.

Make of your life a permanent repair of the Wounds of God and may He find in you a true relief.

I leave you My Blessing and My Grace, for you to take fruitful steps.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, July 15 of 2016

Daily messages

Children, why do you think about the past?

To forget the past is not to be indifferent to what one has lived, or to ignore everything you have experienced as consciousnesses. To forget the past is to assimilate inside the good fruits of the experiences that made you grow as human beings and, from then on, take new steps, uplifting that which was not well in your lives.

When you leave the past to the time that corresponds to it and do not try to perpetuate an action of an experience that no longer exists, you are giving an opportunity of transcendence to this state of consciousness that you call past.

All the positive experiences must serve as a basis for the being to attain new evolutionary steps, but their eyes must not be fixed on their own feet, but rather on the top of this great staircase.

To become stuck in the past, children, is like climbing a great staircase that takes you to the Kingdom of God and detaining your own walking to observe the details of the steps that you have taken or that you keep taking. If, on the contrary, you liberate the past and take your feet off these steps, walking with firm footsteps, you will give opportunity to others, who will come after you, to climb this staircase.

Oftentimes, children, sticking to situations and people of the past because you want to perpetuate you own presence in a conjuncture that no longer suits you, is like being still in the middle of the staircase, willing to make your presence there eternal – believing that, thus, you will help the others – when, in truth, it is by walking and climbing the steps that you can help your neighbors, because you will liberate the path so that they can climb.

Walk, children, and do not look behind. Do not count how many steps you have climbed or with what details they were done. Do not stop on the staircase, do not get distracted from the target that the Creator has for you. Take your steps and leave, for He Who knows all things, the directing of those who could not accompany you. Remember that the greatest service is to evolve. If you evolve as consciousnesses, you will do it as humanity and, if you do it as humanity, you will do it in the name of the whole universe and of the whole of Creation.

Contemplate a greater purpose and no longer get lost in the distractions of a time that has passed.

Your Father and Friend, this One that impels you to the eternal present,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Wednesday, July 13 of 2016

Daily messages

Blessed are the pure of heart and brave of spirit, those who will be considered weak to the eyes of the world because they will renounce to the sense pleasures and to the capital forces.

Blessed are those who, among humankind, do not fear losing all, including themselves, to find God, those who renounce to the merits and to the honors of this world because they know that the greatest wealth is being nothing and have nothing, so that they may be fulfilled by the Creator.

Blessed are those who do not seek to adapt the Words of God to their human understanding, but rather break the barriers of their own mind to enter into the divine wisdom.

Blessed are those who will see the ruins of the world with eyes of compassion, but not of fear, those who know that the real Kingdom – eternal and imperishable – is built only in spirit.

Blessed are those who will listen to the prophecies that come from God and prepare themselves to live them as their greatest truth, those who do not wait for the events to manifest themselves in order to start believing in the divine words.

Blessed are those who are humble of heart and simple of spirit and can perceive the Presence of God when He approaches, those who will have clean eyes to see and understand the truth in the times that will come.

Blessed are those who drink from the prayer and from the Grace of God and who give to drink to others with the chalice of merciful actions. They will prepare the arrival of the Kingdom and, even though they will be the last ones to enter, they will have their seat at the right hand of The One who is at the right hand of God and they will eternally adore Him.

Blessed are those who do not know they are blessed, but only seek perpetually the Grace and the Divine Mercy.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Monday, July 11 of 2016

Daily messages


God will not always speak to your ear and heart because there will come a moment in which His Voice will become silence and life within you.

You will no longer hear from the Lord His Words, as you hear them now, and this will dictate the moment of being One with the Father and that His Voice may not be pronounced from the outside inward, but within you for the whole world.

When the Creator silences and only observes the world, will be the time for the voices of His creatures to resound. It will be the moment to live the unity with God, so that from the being itself emerges the guidance for humanity.

The last test of the human heart will be the absolute solitude, solitude in which it will find itself spiritually as race and as consciousness. It will be the solitude of humanity with itself. And, in this moment, child, it will be only up to the human heart to find the exit to live love and truth.

Those who build unity with the Father will not hesitate or fear because their thought, feeling and action will be One with the Thought, Felling and Action of God. And those who do not know the Creator and never searched for Him will live the test of trusting their brothers and sisters in order not to get lost.

Those who claimed to be self-assured will see themselves facing an abyss and will want to turn back, without having where to go. The brave and trustful of God – and not of themselves – will launch themselves without fear and will enter the portals that lead to a new time, to the real time.

Child, among symbols and literalities, I make you know a part of truth. The only certainty you can have, before My words, is that whoever builds now a unity with the Father in their spirit will not get lost – but only from themselves.

Therefore, before wanting to know exactly what I say to you, search for the essence of My teaching and unite yourself, without delay, to the Creator, so that when your time comes of experiencing solitude, God will be with you, because He will be in you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Sunday, July 10 of 2016

Daily messages

Prayer to ask God for forgiveness

Lord, forgive us because from the moment we stepped on Earth,
       we are ignorant of our actions.

Lord, forgive us because time passed and our eyes remain closed,
       just as our heart and our small spirit.

Lord, forgive us because our hands work little for You
       and much for ourselves;
       they extend little to our neighbor and remain closed very much.

Lord, forgive us because we came to Earth as spirits in Redemption
       and we knew nothing about Love,
neither did we know that here we would learn to love.

Lord, forgive us because the world is agonizing
       and still we have not been able to find You in the Kingdoms of Nature
and in our brothers and sisters.

Lord, forgive us because we ignore unity
       and we have separated ourselves as consciousnesses and as Your creatures.

Lord, forgive us. We aspire to not sinning again.

Forgive us as Your Son used to forgive.

Forgive us as You forgave our spirits when giving us the best You Have
       in Your Creation: an experience of love and unity with You.

Lord, forgive us and clean our stains, heal our wounds
       and reintegrate us in Your Kingdom.

Lord, forgive us and open the doors of Heaven to us.

Reconcile us with Your Heart and with everything that belongs to You.

Teach us to love and to forgive as You do it.

Teach us to unite what is separated.

Teach us to serve everyone in You, without leaving You,
and finding You in everything.

Lord, make our hearts Your Heart; our arms Your Arms;
       our legs Your Legs; our bodies Your Body;
       our minds, Your Mind; our lives Your Life;
       our evolution, Your Evolution.

Lord, forgive us and make us like You.


Today I will only pray with each one of you and, as a human heart, I will ask God for His Forgiveness and for His Intercession for the Earth.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Saturday, July 9 of 2016

Daily messages


May your life be for the concretion of a higher Plan. May your actions, your word, your thought and your feeling be impregnated by a true meaning, a meaning which will conduct you to the Divine Plan, to the meeting with the Creator.

Make your life be permeated by the sacred, with conscious actions that will lead you to not only the personal transformation, but the transformation of the old human patterns.

Receive from God, with joy, the Grace of being aware of the planetary reality and of the higher life, aware of the purification and the chaos that spreads throughout the world. Because, at the same time that you are here, before these words, there are many brothers and sisters of yours in the world who do not understand what they live, who do not accept their infirmities and do not know how to revert them; they do not understand the movements of Nature and do not understand the hatred in the hearts of humankind, which causes the wars and the conflicts; they do not know how or where to find peace.

May your life be a permanent offering to the Creator, in reparation for what takes place in the world.

Child, never live only for yourself, because otherwise the Graces of the Father in your life would have no meaning. The more you receive from God, the more you must attract a new principle of life to the Earth; you must prepare, in yourself and around you, the arrival of the Celestial Kingdom.

You must, each day, transcend the human condition a little, so that others who are on the other side of the planet may receive the reflection of your transformation and, in this way, receive an opportunity.

My child, whatever you do, do it with joy. Do not let the chaos and the oppression of the world discourage your heart. Do not let the purification that you live and the purification of the Earth make you give up finding the most marvelous thing that exists in the universe.

Behind all the mud of consciousness there is something pure and limpid, hidden in all beings. Because of this, child, remember the treasure that is inside you and, even though it may cause you pain or disturbance, do not get sad when you purify yourself.

Seek resources to find peace and to relieve yourself, in the certainty that, one day, all this will pass and the light will again shine within you, defeating the darkness of your inner world. This same light, which will first shine in you, with all its potency and majesty, will shine in the darkness of the world, in the return of Christ, consolidating unity and likeness of  God in the human heart.

The one who encourages you and who embraces you, so that you may never give up, your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Wednesday, July 6 of 2016

Daily messages


The man on his own is weak and cannot stand the harassment and the tests of this world. But the man who unites himself to God is invincible, because he shares with Him His Glory and Greatness.

When the human heart of Christ said: “Father, take this cup away from Me”, it was the fear of His cells that made Him pronounce these words. But soon, united to God, He said: “May Your Will be done, and not Mine.” And it was in the perfect union with the Creator that Jesus supported the insults, the humiliations, the betrayals, the flagellation and the death on the Cross.

Unite yourself to God, child, so that His Will may be done. Do not want to live in this time with your own strengths, because your human and material heart is weak and can even die of fright.

Cling yourself to the spirit and be One with the Divine Spirit. Do not think that the Creator requests a great mission from you and leaves you alone. All that the Lord asks from you is supposed to be fulfilled with Him, for Him and in Him.

The Creator never leaves His creatures, but you must overcome fear and accept His Will, always having faith that He will accompany you.

Recognize your weakness, just as the Lord -that represents to you the Path- recognized it when He confessed to the Father and said: “Take this cup away from Me.”

But afterwards, child, recognize as well that this mission is not only yours, but God’s above all -because this human project belongs to Him- and, united to Him, affirm: “May Your Will be done and not mine.”

Child, not even God will condemn you for your weakness, as He did not do so to His Firstborn. The Lord will place you in His Arms, will unite His Holy Spirit to yours and will make you invincible before the challenges of this life. He is the One who will open to you the portals that unite the dimensions and will raise your being in the experience of true love. But, before all, overcome your weak humanity and recognize yourself as child of a majestic Creator that -in a mysterious way that is unknown to you- make yourself like Him in the depth of your being.

Find out the likeness with God, accepting His Will, and understand the Path along which the Lord leads you as you take the steps in it.

The Creator will not always lead you through a path of flowers because He led even His Beloved Son through the path of the cross, of renunciation, of sacrifice, of humiliation, of martyrdom and, at last, of the absolute Love and of Mercy, which was perpetuated on Earth and that until today intercedes for the souls.

It is for the action of this Mercy, achieved by the Son of the Most High, that you are listening to My words today.

Will you, child, be able to open another source, similar to this, so that other souls that will come after you may have an opportunity of redemption?

The Creator calls you and waits that you take a step in the transcendence of fear and that, united to Him, say: “May Your Will be done and not mine.”

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Tuesday, July 5 of 2016

Daily messages

Renew yourself everyday, even if life seems to go on and the years reflect in your face appearance.

Renew yourself in a time that does not go on, in the flow of the laws that transform only to generate new possibilities of evolution to the creatures.

Renew yourself in spirit and allow your being to rediscover the meaning of life each day, so that more and more you may approach to the Will of God for you.

Serving a God that is constant movement, permanent change and rebirth, you cannot be a prisoner of an idea or of an old thought and glimpse of what the Will of the Creator for your life is. Because of that, child, renew yourself; launch yourself into the new, renewing your plans according to the flow of the Divine Laws.

Do not be attached to the goals that you had when you were a child, in the body and in the spirit. Everything that is alive changes; transformation and renewing in the Creator are a law.

Renew yourself as a creature, as a soul, as child of God. Dissolve from your heart the impossibilities and search within you for the possible and achievable perfection in Christ. If you recognize yourself as a child of God as much as His Firstborn, live like Him, under Laws that belong to the Father and not to the world.

Renew yourself, beginning everyday as a little child: look at the world as if you had never seen it. Look at each human being as if you knew nothing about them and allow your heart to transcend the mistakes of the past, the fixed ideas about the conduct of your neighbor, and love each one in a new way everyday.

Renew yourself, breathing the air as if it were the first time, seeing the rain, the sun, the Kingdoms of the Nature as if it were the first time. For a moment, allow your being to find a state of renovation unknown to you and, even if it seems to be crazy or impossible, renew yourself.

Forget the time, the past, the goals for the future and even the present. Enter, for a moment, into the time of no time and renew yourself. Say: “Lord, make me again.”

If you do not renew yourself, child, the patterns of the old man will make your consciousness get old and you will die in life, not knowing about the existence of Eternity. You will live to comply with a goal that society put inside of you when you were still a child, while the life of the spirit, that is the truth, will always be for you an illusion, the second plan, the parallel universe.

Renew yourself and rediscover life everyday. Make yourself a child of God and not of humans. Live under laws that come from the Father and not only from the world.

The one who impels you to renewal,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Monday, July 4 of 2016

Daily messages

Greater misery than the material misery is the lack of compassion and of unity among human beings.

To lack the necessary is the consequence of an even greater lack, a lack that is not individual but that is human: a lack of love in the hearts.

To be poor and miserable physically, children, is not the greatest of evils. To be poor of virtues and miserable in spirit is what hinders the human being to share bread for the body. Where there is no compassion, there is no equality. Where there is indifference, there can be no fraternity and balance.

Do not be indignant about the inhuman misery in which your brothers and sisters live, if compassion and fraternity are still missing in you – and with this you collaborate in the growth of indifference and of social inequality in which you live nowadays as a civilization.

Children, may there be more action and less emotion in your lives. May you be more ready to act and not let yourselves get involved by feelings that do not make the spirit grow. If you are facing the misery of your brothers and sisters, do not only give them bread, but, besides bread, also give your own life, offering your transformation in reparation for the lack that exists in the human consciousness and that results in this misery that impregnates matter.

Love, feel your neighbor with compassion, be fraternal, overcome the indifference, overcome selfishness, surrender to fraternity and erase from your consciousnesses the fear of missing something in the future – this fear that makes you keep everything for yourselves. These codes, children, are the ones that make the difference – when deposited in the human consciousness.

Why do you complain so much about the governmental systems and become indignant with the social misery, if you do nothing for the human consciousness to be different, and even nourish the old patterns that maintain them at this point of involution?

It is time to grow and take steps in a very neutral form, understanding the point in which you are and doing an effort every day for humanity to receive new divine principles.

Do not search for virtues for yourselves – to affirm the other’s misery and to highlight yourselves -, search to be virtuous so that the whole of humanity may be so; in this way, children, you will reach true virtues.

Serve and feel in the heart the sorrow for the material and inner misery of your brothers and sisters, but do not remain there. Change, grow, fly and take with you each human heart.

The goal is not only your own sanctification: the goal is the conversion of all of humanity and the Christification of a whole race, that will be able to love their neighbor as they love themselves, and God above all things.

May peace and unity be in your hearts.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Sunday, July 3 of 2016

Daily messages


Each mission will bring you a new learning and a new form of understanding life.

The real reason for the existence of the group of missionaries of peace is not so much the material service that you do, but rather the act of going towards the need of your neighbors to heal the roots of evil that placed them in this condition of needy.

The most important is acting with the heart, and the experience – that you place in the human consciousness – of this learning of service. With your indigenous brothers and sisters you have learned about meekness, a meekness that transcends the material reality in which they live.

These brothers and sisters of yours had everything – because they were united with all things, with the whole life, with the Creator – and everything was taken away from them, because they lost almost all their possibility to express themselves, and in many cases they no longer have a vehicle to unite themselves to God, that is, a natural environment, preserved and harmonious; they only have their own inner world.

The indigenous consciousness, in spite of everything, does not cease to teach something to the human heart, because at this time, children, even if they are not able to express themselves as a people, as a culture and as an essence, they are placing in the consciousness of humanity as a whole, the principles of perseverance, of strength, and of peace, independently of the state the world around them is.

I do not say with this that your brothers and sisters do not suffer with the state of degeneration of the planet, because the sorrow of these hearts and what they carry as pain in the indigenous essence are not understandable for the modern human being of nowadays.

What I tell you is that peace inside them – in spite of the suffering, misery and oppression – is something that remains. The fight for not being corrupted by the present forces is constant and hard for everyone, but they do not lose faith in remaining as a people on Earth, and even in being able one day to return to the origins and recover the purity they are losing.

Learn with this faith so that when time comes to rebuild the Earth you do not lose peace and the certainty of being able to keep standing and to recover the likeness with God that you have lost along so much waywardness.

I leave you My Peace and My wishes that new missions might arise.

May those who committed themselves with service and with living the Christic charity wake up.

Your Father and Companion in missions,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Saturday, July 2 of 2016

Daily messages

Heal your heart, your body and your spirit, renewing all your being in Christ.

The spiritual as well as the physical infirmity, child, is the fruit of disunion of some level of your consciousness with God and it comes to show that there must be a larger balance in you. Try to be united with the Father and to be reborn internally in spirit.

Life begins in essence and in consciousness. All the facts that manifest themselves in matter, first have their origin on more subtle and hidden levels for the human mind that is asleep. Therefore, it is to the consciousness that the events are reverted, and it is in the essence of all things in which the new codes emerge, those that will convert what was degenerated.

If you feel sick in the heart, body, mind, soul, spirit, or even as humanity, try to transform in consciousness this unbalance. Search in prayer for the clarity to live the transformation and to know how to conduct your own steps. Search in prayer for the fortress to overcome your human condition and to live principles that this world is not used to experience. Pacify your interior and, from it, all the levels of the being, from spirit to matter.

If you have faith, there will be no unbalance that cannot be reverted. However, your effort and your dedication in becoming something else must be permanent.

Quiet yourself, breathe, reflect before acting, pray before taking a step. Ask yourself internally for the correct direction to follow. Leave the unbalance for others who were not able to come know peace. Be a proclaimer of a new pattern of life: a healthy life, of union with the Creator.

Child, bring serenity to your heart at this time and search for a deeper and inner contact with God and with yourself. Those who remain in the superficialities will get very confused and will not be able to sustain themselves. Therefore, firm yourself in God and, facing any adversity, do not let yourself be influenced by fear, despair and impulsiveness.

Search for peace and find in it all you need.

For the inner balance of each human heart,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, July 1 of 2016

Daily messages

To My missionary of peace children


As an inner synthesis of the mission in Paraguay, recognize everything that in the last days has been transforming within each one of you and offer it to God.

Offer to the Father your expectations, your aspirations of having done more than you did, of taking to your brothers and sisters a more concrete aid, that would bring them a more worthy and healthy life.

Offer to the Father the aspiration of having taught and of having learned with the original peoples, of giving them love and charity and of receiving a learning of simplicity and purity.

Offer to the Father everything that in the last days was healed and transmuted in the human consciousness as the mistakes from the past.

Offer to the Father your efforts of each day, for following what I had told you and also every time in which you forgot My words.

I would like that this mission would mark an inner deepening of the missionary of peace task, a greater disposition of the apprentices of the Christic charity in fulfilling a spiritual role and not only a material one. May the mission, that happens in spirit, be an increasingly priority in your lives.

Each time that you learn to value what happens in the invisible worlds and understand that it is there that the real mission has its results, as Divinity, We can open other paths in the human consciousness and liberate situations each time more profound and rooted, each time more ancient and unconscious for the present humanity.

Children, there are not many missionaries of the present days who serve in matter being conscious of spiritual reflections of their mission. It is therefore that the Creator is so attentive to your movements and follows you with so much love by means of Our Presence and Our Words.

May the missionary of peace spirit expand itself in the human consciousness and may your disposition in deepening the inner transformation – as a form to give a more crystalline service each day – be as a code for humanity that will impel it; an example that gives other servers a spiritual meaning to their own service.

If you dispose yourselves to live the transformation and assume taking steps for your own redemption, you will help many others, who ramble in the world without knowing what to do and who, by your examples, will discover the essence of service, that is more than a social act, it is the path to the Christic life.

I thank you for continuing and for never giving up the transformation.

Believe, children, that the redemption is within reach of every one who says “yes”. And if, at the same time in which you walk towards the redemption of spirit, you do true service, you will open the doors for the redemption of the blind and indifferent ones.

I encourage the whole Planetary Mission Network to continue deepening themselves in essence of the service and to make contact with the indigenous peoples as a form of repairing everything they have lived in the four corners of the world.

Your Father and Companion in missions of peace,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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