Tuesday, July 5 of 2016

Daily messages

Renew yourself everyday, even if life seems to go on and the years reflect in your face appearance.

Renew yourself in a time that does not go on, in the flow of the laws that transform only to generate new possibilities of evolution to the creatures.

Renew yourself in spirit and allow your being to rediscover the meaning of life each day, so that more and more you may approach to the Will of God for you.

Serving a God that is constant movement, permanent change and rebirth, you cannot be a prisoner of an idea or of an old thought and glimpse of what the Will of the Creator for your life is. Because of that, child, renew yourself; launch yourself into the new, renewing your plans according to the flow of the Divine Laws.

Do not be attached to the goals that you had when you were a child, in the body and in the spirit. Everything that is alive changes; transformation and renewing in the Creator are a law.

Renew yourself as a creature, as a soul, as child of God. Dissolve from your heart the impossibilities and search within you for the possible and achievable perfection in Christ. If you recognize yourself as a child of God as much as His Firstborn, live like Him, under Laws that belong to the Father and not to the world.

Renew yourself, beginning everyday as a little child: look at the world as if you had never seen it. Look at each human being as if you knew nothing about them and allow your heart to transcend the mistakes of the past, the fixed ideas about the conduct of your neighbor, and love each one in a new way everyday.

Renew yourself, breathing the air as if it were the first time, seeing the rain, the sun, the Kingdoms of the Nature as if it were the first time. For a moment, allow your being to find a state of renovation unknown to you and, even if it seems to be crazy or impossible, renew yourself.

Forget the time, the past, the goals for the future and even the present. Enter, for a moment, into the time of no time and renew yourself. Say: “Lord, make me again.”

If you do not renew yourself, child, the patterns of the old man will make your consciousness get old and you will die in life, not knowing about the existence of Eternity. You will live to comply with a goal that society put inside of you when you were still a child, while the life of the spirit, that is the truth, will always be for you an illusion, the second plan, the parallel universe.

Renew yourself and rediscover life everyday. Make yourself a child of God and not of humans. Live under laws that come from the Father and not only from the world.

The one who impels you to renewal,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph