Wednesday, July 6 of 2016

Daily messages


The man on his own is weak and cannot stand the harassment and the tests of this world. But the man who unites himself to God is invincible, because he shares with Him His Glory and Greatness.

When the human heart of Christ said: “Father, take this cup away from Me”, it was the fear of His cells that made Him pronounce these words. But soon, united to God, He said: “May Your Will be done, and not Mine.” And it was in the perfect union with the Creator that Jesus supported the insults, the humiliations, the betrayals, the flagellation and the death on the Cross.

Unite yourself to God, child, so that His Will may be done. Do not want to live in this time with your own strengths, because your human and material heart is weak and can even die of fright.

Cling yourself to the spirit and be One with the Divine Spirit. Do not think that the Creator requests a great mission from you and leaves you alone. All that the Lord asks from you is supposed to be fulfilled with Him, for Him and in Him.

The Creator never leaves His creatures, but you must overcome fear and accept His Will, always having faith that He will accompany you.

Recognize your weakness, just as the Lord -that represents to you the Path- recognized it when He confessed to the Father and said: “Take this cup away from Me.”

But afterwards, child, recognize as well that this mission is not only yours, but God’s above all -because this human project belongs to Him- and, united to Him, affirm: “May Your Will be done and not mine.”

Child, not even God will condemn you for your weakness, as He did not do so to His Firstborn. The Lord will place you in His Arms, will unite His Holy Spirit to yours and will make you invincible before the challenges of this life. He is the One who will open to you the portals that unite the dimensions and will raise your being in the experience of true love. But, before all, overcome your weak humanity and recognize yourself as child of a majestic Creator that -in a mysterious way that is unknown to you- make yourself like Him in the depth of your being.

Find out the likeness with God, accepting His Will, and understand the Path along which the Lord leads you as you take the steps in it.

The Creator will not always lead you through a path of flowers because He led even His Beloved Son through the path of the cross, of renunciation, of sacrifice, of humiliation, of martyrdom and, at last, of the absolute Love and of Mercy, which was perpetuated on Earth and that until today intercedes for the souls.

It is for the action of this Mercy, achieved by the Son of the Most High, that you are listening to My words today.

Will you, child, be able to open another source, similar to this, so that other souls that will come after you may have an opportunity of redemption?

The Creator calls you and waits that you take a step in the transcendence of fear and that, united to Him, say: “May Your Will be done and not mine.”

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph