Wednesday, July 13 of 2016

Daily messages

Blessed are the pure of heart and brave of spirit, those who will be considered weak to the eyes of the world because they will renounce to the sense pleasures and to the capital forces.

Blessed are those who, among humankind, do not fear losing all, including themselves, to find God, those who renounce to the merits and to the honors of this world because they know that the greatest wealth is being nothing and have nothing, so that they may be fulfilled by the Creator.

Blessed are those who do not seek to adapt the Words of God to their human understanding, but rather break the barriers of their own mind to enter into the divine wisdom.

Blessed are those who will see the ruins of the world with eyes of compassion, but not of fear, those who know that the real Kingdom – eternal and imperishable – is built only in spirit.

Blessed are those who will listen to the prophecies that come from God and prepare themselves to live them as their greatest truth, those who do not wait for the events to manifest themselves in order to start believing in the divine words.

Blessed are those who are humble of heart and simple of spirit and can perceive the Presence of God when He approaches, those who will have clean eyes to see and understand the truth in the times that will come.

Blessed are those who drink from the prayer and from the Grace of God and who give to drink to others with the chalice of merciful actions. They will prepare the arrival of the Kingdom and, even though they will be the last ones to enter, they will have their seat at the right hand of The One who is at the right hand of God and they will eternally adore Him.

Blessed are those who do not know they are blessed, but only seek perpetually the Grace and the Divine Mercy.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph