Saturday, July 30 of 2016

Daily messages

Children, so that the human indifference towards the higher life will not cause humanity to lose the possibility of coming to know and experience this life, those who are awake must redouble their efforts, multiply their tasks and overcome their own limits every day to respond on behalf of those who ignore the celestial call.

In addition to their own purification and their own load that they must carry on these times, the new apostles and disciples of Christ must stand the purification of the planet as a whole and carry, on their back, those burdens that others who committed themselves with Christ do not want to bear.

In the Universe, the responsibility of the manifestation of the Plan of God was equally shared among those who committed themselves to provide this service. But when they arrived to the planet, with veils on their eyes, the souls got confused, forgot and remained asleep or imprisoned in their own tastes and in their ways of understanding this Plan.

Children, when a soul that had a determined mission to fulfill changes this mission according to its own will and its opinion, even if it believes that it serves God, the Plan, this is considered an indifference towards the Truth of the Creator.

There are many souls that had committed themselves to the Lord and that, throughout their experiences on Earth, fulfilled in part what God asked them; but now, in the culminating moment of the Divine Plan, have gotten lost in the strong influences of the chaos and have cast aside fidelity, exchanging it for superficiality.

I tell you these things first for you to be attentive and always be guardians of the Divine Plan and, also for you to know that the Creator will count on you to fulfill that part of His Plan that stayed behind due to human indifference.

May the love to the Plan in your hearts be greater than your self-love, so that you can imitate the example of Christ and not only carry your own cross, but let God place upon it the weight of the indifference and ignorance of His Children, so that they do not lose themselves and have an opportunity to awake.

The Creator counts on you, children, for a response and a greater responsibility. It is time to serve, to love and to surrender yourselves to the Divine Plan. 

Your Father and Companion on the Evolutionary Path, 

The Most  Chaste Saint Joseph