Friday, January 27 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Let your consciousness reach the limit of its probation. Let the abyss of your inner miseries open completely. Let your being fully enter the school of humiliation and of humility. Wide open your eyes to see what you have to transform, and do not fear.

Do not turn your face when you realize that, in truth, all you thought about yourself was created by your mind and by the illusions of this world. See, child, with courage and bravery, the mud that hides the pearl of your essence.

Give thanks to God for coming to know that you are not what you thought you were, and ask Him to show you the truth, so that you may thus tread with determination the path of transformation.

When the consciousness reaches its limit and no longer stands what it sees of itself, it is when it decides to transform itself and consolidate, in its own being, the true spiritual virtues. For this reason, do not grieve your heart before the inner abysses that these times reveal to you because – in due moment – all will be revealed.

Avail yourself of each test to seek what is real, in order to find what makes you similar to God: this is where He places His Hope; this is what makes the Creator not give up on His Project; this is what makes many saints, blessed ones, and beings of light, who should no longer be in this world, keep impelling humanity from Inner Planes of the planet.

Let all your being get tired of itself. Let all your consciousness deeply touch those spaces that you never wanted to see, because this is the time to live it. Live it as long as Grace, Mercy and Divine Piety accompany you.

Be firm and show the Father that you want to be something else. No longer deceive yourself, child, and do not deceive others. Only live the truth that today emerges to your eyes and know that, beyond it, beyond all misery and imperfection, beyond all the condition of mistake and sin, there is something perfect and crystalline, and you must reach that.

Raise your face and be brave. Pray, clamor for Mercy and let yourself be broken inwardly and outwardly. Let humiliation lead you to humility, may rendition lead you to meekness, may your miseries be the path for you to find the Divine Mercy.

You are still in time to be true and simple. You are still in time to let God win over you and make of you His Victory in this world and in the whole universe.

Trust that every apparent defeat holds, in itself, a great victory, because your King won over the world on a cross, finding the abysses not only of Himself, but of all human misery. For this reason, child, when you suffer, give thanks to Gods and ask the Father to show you the truth, because the truth will always lead you to the triumph of Good.

The one who accompanies you always, your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, January 20 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Child, look within yourself and seek in your inner world the likeness of God. Recognize, in this way, the true value of life, which does not lie in anything of what you appear to be. Discover, in this act of knowing and recognizing your own inner world, your own essence, the meaning of life on Earth.

It is transcending the personality and the human appearance and entering in the depth of yourself that you will find the union with God: the reason why you live and evolve each day.

It is not for aggrandizing yourself to human eyes that you exist. It is not for accumulating goods and wealth, temporary honors and worldly compliments that you live. It is for discovering that, beyond what humankind thinks of itself, lies the Truth.

The great celestial mystery is that the Nothingness and the Wholeness can be found in humankind at the same time and in order to find one you must first recognize the other. That is, in order to discover the Wholeness that exists within you, you must first recognize yourself as the Nothingness.

The greatest mistake of the creatures of God, which has detached them from the Father and which lead them today to have to follow this path of life on Earth, was not recognizing that Unity is a single principle for the whole Life: to unite to God, it is necessary to unite to your neighbor. To unite to God in oneself it is necessary to unite to the same God that inhabits the neighbor.

If there is not unity with Life, there is not unity with the Father. If someone wants to be superior to someone else, it is to the same God that their desire of superiority projects itself. In order to be humble before God, you will have to be humble before your neighbor.

When you recognize that everything is part of the Creation and that everything must return to the Creator, then you will live in you the respect that leads to the true Unity.

With that, today I only tell you, child, do not fear to be humble before your neighbor, because it is before of God Himself that humility shines. Do not fear to be considered nothing and lose all that makes you feel great and superior to the others, because it is being small and nothing that you will finally find the Wholeness before you.

As long as was your path to arrive here will be your path of return to the Father. However, if you place your feet in the correct pathway now, you will no longer be lost, distancing yourself more and more from God.

Recognize without fear what keeps you apart from the Creator and turn your gaze within. Find there the path of return to the House of The One who has been expecting you from the day you turned your back on Him.

See before yourself the door of humiliation and the pathway of sacrifice: through there you must cross and there you must walk.

Your Father and Companion in the surrender of self,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, January 19 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Wash your faces in the fountain of perseverance every day. It is time to renew your own being so that each day may bring an opportunity to start again.

The atavisms emerge to be healed. The miseries emerge to be cleaned with the water of life of Divine Mercy. How will a wound be healed if you do not bring it to light and do not let the sun and the pure air of life regenerate it?

Children, I have already told you so many times that this is the time of inner courage, but many have not understood it. I speak of courage to overcome oneself, to renounce, to humiliate oneself, to recognize oneself as ignorant, to obey without understanding, to follow without knowing where you will arrive.

I speak of courage to see the abysses in your own inner world without fear, without apprehension; of opening the curtains of the theater of life on Earth so that Truth can emerge; of putting aside so many characters created to survive in this world, to recognize that you are nothing of what you thought you were, and knowing that, in reality, virtues are few and meager when you are facing the hidden miseries of the human condition, but that it is possible to transform this scale when the being is willing to be sincere and transparent to themselves, the world and God.

The moment has come to stop doing the evil that you do not want to do, in order to do the good that you have always aspired because now the constancy, the persistence, and the determination of each being will count.

You have already sufficient strength to overcome and transcend your own human condition, because you have been strong to be here today and yet exist as humanity, even in a world that has degenerated. You have been strong not to lose the condition of Children of God and, even though the chaos has expanded on Earth, the possibility to live the Christic love is still latent within the beings.

Therefore, I tell you that yes, you are strong to grow and to take concrete steps in your own transformation, to reach what seemed impossible to you, and to be worthy of being called companions of Christ, pacifiers, apostles of a new time.

Just as there is the human potential to respond to evil and to manifest these atrocities, as there is today in the world, there also exists, with greater power, with greater potency, the possibility to love, to surrender everything for love, and to transform this world in a redeemed Earth.

It has come the time, children, that you so much awaited. The inner and outer abysses will open, even if you do not want to see them, and even if you try to hide them from yourself, all your brothers and sisters will perceive them. There will be no other form of living these times but with the determination of saying “yes” to God.

The cross of sins of the world is already upon you, as it was upon Christ, and there is no longer any way of saying “no”, only to carry it with love, for the redemption of the planet, until the end.

Transmute yourselves, transcend yourselves, be thankful to the Father and He will never abandon you. At the end of everything, the Doors of Mercy, of Universal Redemption and of Perpetual Union with God will open, and all the efforts, the surrender and sacrifices will have been little when facing the greatness of the Divine Presence.

All the hearts that were worthy of imitating Christ will glorify themselves with Him in His Presence and, just as the Son is in the Father, all will be, because unity is built upon the foundations of absolute surrender. Now, it is time to start building.

The One who inspires you to the concretization of the Plan of God,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, January 13 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Give thanks for each instant in which Heaven approaches Earth.

Give thanks for each instant in which God makes Himself felt within hearts.

Give thanks for each small mystery that is revealed to you.

Give thanks for each drop of new knowledge that ennobles the soul and awakens the spirit to the Truth, to the Origin.

Give thanks for each stage of your lives: when you see the triumph of God manifesting itself, and also when you perceive a fall, an apparent failure, because to recognize a mistake is synonymous with growth for those who aspire to take steps towards evolution.

Give thanks for all the opportunities to correct your lives. And so be it with something that causes you pain.

Give thanks for each joy and each moment of plenitude.

Give thanks when the paths open themselves and when there are obstacles, because the obstacles along the path are synonymous with strength and awakens faith in those who dispose themselves to walk, despite the circumstances.

Give thanks when a cycle closes, and receive in the heart the seeds left by it. Receive with gratitude the cycles that are beginning, revering each stage of life as something unique.

Give thanks for each day, as if it were the last.

In the essence of gratitude, children, lies the union with God and the key for you to live the experience of Earth filled by the Spirit of Peace.

In the act of giving thanks for all things lies the difference between being with God and being without Him.

The heart that is grateful opens the paths to live Peace, and neither the great joys nor the abyssal sorrows will make it change its union with God, because it will find within itself, through gratitude, the essence of each learning experience, and everything will be a reason for inner growth.

Give thanks for each word that you hear from God, or from your brothers and sisters, because in this way you will know how to find the hidden teaching that the Universe brings to you.

I give thanks to you, today and always, for accompanying Me.

And I give thanks to God, for allowing Me to be among humankind.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, January 6 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Children, so that this may be a cycle of Graces, at least within humankind, you must now be consistent with all that you have already received.

This new cycle will represent the ripening of the fruits that have been born in all who are servants and consecrated to Christ.

All the seeds of the New Life have already been deposited in the essence of those who said “yes”. Now, each one will be responsible for making them grow, to then eat the fruits of its development.

Many will see themselves before an arid and dry inner soil, and it will be up to them to seek a more profound and true source within themselves. Those who live in spiritual dryness are like this because they must dig deeply into their own consciousness, break rocks and limits, find and purify abysses, drink of the mud they may find, so that then they may be before a source of pure water.

All children of God have this purity within themselves. In some of them it is more hidden, and in others, less. But the fact that it is more hidden in some does not mean they are worse, but that they have enough strength to breakthrough all that is hiding within themselves.

The most imperfect companions of Christ are also the strongest, however, their strength has been used to separate them from that which created them. With the same strength which they have separated themselves from that something within, which leads them to Their Creator, they must now overcome themselves and return.

Those who are humble by nature do not have great merits in their humility, they must only persevere in it. But those who overcome themselves, with the tough battle and the constant effort, those who let themselves be humiliated and broken by the Power of God, and who repent for having distanced from the Creator, they will, indeed, children, pull others along with their example and with the merits of their conversion, they will open the doors of the Universe for God.

For those who discover that the true greatness is in Christ and not in themselves, that imperfection is the best path to reach Him, they will let the Lord defeat them and transform their miseries with the Source of Divine Mercy, they will never depart from Him, because, knowing the taste of the sludge and the mud of impure waters, they will not want anything else, but only the Water of the Divine Source.

For this reason, children, no longer cry for your miseries and imperfections, but recognize, each day, the possibility of being a victory of Christ, and find the meaning of life in the permanent battle for surrendering your own being at His Feet.

Break the tough and arid covers of your inner world and find within yourselves a Principle of purity. Strengthen yourselves and make the seeds of virtues grow. Take care of the Graces that you have received so that they may be fruitful, because in this cycle, many will depend on the multiplication of the Graces that a few have received for having opened their hearts.

For this reason, it is not enough to receive Graces: you must make them grow, and expand the Reign of God, beginning by becoming His servants entirely.

The one who guides you with His own example, the tireless Servant of the Father,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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