Friday, October 20 of 2017

Weekly messages

The day will come when the mysteries of the Earth will be revealed, and it will not first be to the avid seekers of that Truth. It will be to the simple, to the humble, and to those who seek nothing for themselves that the doors of the Infinite will open, of the universal macrocosm and of their own inner microcosm.

That which today is hidden even for the most advanced of the sciences and technologies will be revealed as an understanding, an experience, and a wisdom that cannot be explained and cannot be measured with the mathematics of the Earth.

The simple will understand in silence, and with that same silence they will transmit it, because they will be the only ones to be impassive when the Truth emerges on the surface of the planet. Only they will be able to approach the Superior Life visible to the human eyes, because they know it and do not fear it.

I come to form simple hearts, will break down the walls of their arrogance with much effort, and will awaken humility by recognizing that the human arrogance destroyed the Earth, and does not make the Plan of God triumph; by recognizing that it is by being nothing that they become able to receive all and to be in the All, which is God.

In the beginning of the Human Project, the Creator already knew the unpredictability and the difficulties of His children that would incarnate in humanity. For this reason, throughout all human existence, God sent to the interior of the Earth, to sacred spaces invisible to human eyes, blessed consciousnesses who are not angels, but beings in evolution who, coming from Eternity, remained on the Earth, invisible, serving humanity with the simple fact of living evolutionary principles, in the depths of the planet, that awaken the Love in the planetary consciousness, and as a result, in the human hearts that open to feel it.

In spite of being on Earth since the beginning, few could see them and almost none truly understood the meaning of their mission on the planet, how they carried on with their lives, and until when they will remain on Earth.

Those spaces are sacred, they were thought of and created by God and His Archangels, and there life is lived according to what His Thought dictates. They remain in silence and almost always serve anonymously, because their foundation is the Humility that comes from the Heart of God.

But in these final times, when everything will be allowed and when all will be revealed, their presence will also be revealed; first to the simple and to the humble, that correspond to the Laws that govern these spaces. Then, children, before human eyes, whether they be blind or ignorant, the Light will emerge and wil awaken them.

Maybe for some it is already too late to repent from their ignorance, but before the profound Love that will emerge from this hidden Work of God, everyone will receive an opportunity.

This secret will come with the Son of Man, and before everything happens, only the pure will know it. That is why I say to you that in order to be in this fortress and be a part of this mystery that will silently sustain you during the purification of the Earth, first purify your hearts, your arrogance, and your pride; free yourselves from the vanities of this world and walk tirelessly toward this destiny. Because if today you hear the Voice of God that speaks to you, it is because you were elected for this purpose. It is up to each being to live, or not, under the Will of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, October 13 of 2017

Weekly messages

In order for you to follow the steps of Christ, I tell you: you must renounce all personal paths. The Lord will come and dictate your steps and they will not be those that you want to follow, because those, children, aggrandize your human condition and do not lead you to the Truth.

In order for you to follow the steps of Christ, I tell you: you must leave behind your aspirations, human “dreams” and human desires, to find in this way His Divine, Perfect and unique Will for your lives.

In order for you to find the Path of Christ, I tell you: you must close your eyes to the covetousness of the life of others, and you will no longer wish to live as “this one” or “that one”, because for each being, the Divine Thought is unique, and each of His children must seek what belongs to them and long for nothing else but the Divine Will for themselves.

In order for you to find the Truth of Christ, I tell you: you must renounce all vain knowledge, all unmeasured searches to aggrandize your minds and spiritual egos with half-truths and many vanities. A large part of humanity, children, would need “the science of knowing nothing” to reach the true essence of Divine Knowledge. While they seek and seek, drink and feast at false sources, they will never give space within for what is True and Pure, and that quenches and ceases this unmeasured thirst for what is not real.

In order for you to be in the Love of Christ, I tell you: you must renounce all vain love, especially of yourselves; that which you called love, and that I call vanity and zeal for ignorance and for illusion. Because that one who feeds the love of their own image and the things of this world does nothing but watch over their condition of ignorance.

In order for you to find the Silence of Christ, I tell you: you must become silent within, in the depths of the heart, and seek that union more in solitude than in appearance; more in actions than in words; more in Truth than in spiritual ignorance.

If you are tired of yourselves and want to the point at which you are at, I tell you: love and in all things seek to love. Have your actions be moved by love, corrected by love, and reflected with love when you make a mistake. Have your word and thought be born from love, and even though you feel that you do not have what to love, love God, His Plan and in Him you will love all things.

Human lack, children, is not of knowledge, of Graces, of opportunities, of possibilities, of open paths...What is lacking is the will, the will to love, and true love that multiplies and never ceases in the heart that loves.

Your healing is to be found in the art of loving and giving love. In this way, you will find the steps of Christ, the Truth of Christ, the Path of Christ, the Doorway to Christ, the Eyes of Christ, when He returns to the world, and His Word which will say to you, with Truth and Power: “My companions”.

Your Father and Friend

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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