Wednesday, November 19 of 2014

Monthly Messages

Today, in a divine and omnipresent way, My Chaste Heart descends to the world to gather the prayers offered by your hearts to the Celestial Father; thus, in a special way, I am present in the two Marian Centers, so that humanity may understand the emergency of being able to serve in these times.

Today, My most chaste Essence gathers all the lost essences of Africa and of the world, elevating them to the reparative Celestial Kingdom, so that the angels of the Lord may rebuild them and re-integrate them into the cycle of their original evolution.

Today, My Sacred Heart of divine lilies opens like a flower for you, so that you may hold the original purity that God granted everyone.

My companions and children of Christ, have faith, and the certainty that your holy service and effort will come to touch the heart of the whole universe, so that in this way, the Graces of Heaven can be poured out.

The Most Pure and Immaculate Heart of Mary has sent Me to remind you, on this sacred day, that you are to only seek the awakening of the original purity that will allow you to be transformed and redeemed.

As a faithful carpenter of God, allow Me to take your lives so that the new instrument, free from malice and hate, may be able to emerge and become a celestial gift for God.

My Chaste Heart promises immediate assistance for those who always remember to open the doors of their hearts so that God may labor. In this planetary hour, in which essences are distanced from their real purpose and mission, I come so that you also remember to pray for those who do not pray to God, nor do they remember the spring of divine existence.

After the last mission of charity carried out in Brazil, where My Chaste Heart granted a time of peace and Mercy for all the forgotten and displaced, for all of Africa, through all the servers of the Plan, I am preparing to gestate its great cycle of redemption, forgiveness and peace. So that this may be possible, I come to ask all My companions on the path and the Humanitarian Fraternity to dedicate three prayers a day to My Chaste Heart, so that I may intercede with God and grant the sacred mission in Rwanda and Angola.

I have come to the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit to ask all the missionaries to raise their inner offering to God the Father in order to help and to collaborate in Africa, in the coming year of 2015, in honor of the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

If the offering of all the servers is sincere and firm, I promise to descend in glory in Africa and free what is still not free from the spirits of My children.

For this special meeting, I am grateful for the collaboration of all who, in charity and for the good, made the mission in Brazil possible.

From the Most Chaste Heart of God, I bless you.

Your faithful Instructor, Saint Joseph,

Father of Love and Unity

Friday, November 14 of 2014

Monthly Messages

There is no evil that can enter the consciousness of a server if they do not open the door to it. Because, although they will know the chaos in its maximum expression, they will never be penetrated by it if they keep the door to darkness closed and keep the door of the heart open to superior Light.

My dear companions, in these planetary times, you will not experience greater evil, except the one the being causes to themselves, because both Light and darkness will be available in big flows for the choice of the server incarnated in this world.

Concerning this particle of your consciousness which still aspires to surrender to material desires, if you do not allow it to come to the light, you will always face the risk of being before a mistaken choice.

As Father and Instructor of your souls for such a long time, it is up to Me not only to awaken you, but also to warn you when you cannot understand the true path to be followed.

This is the planetary moment in which the Law of duality will manifest its greatest expression, and all beings will see, within or outside of themselves, a situation of choices and definitions to be taken, because the universe awaits you to dictate the next steps of humanity.

If each server knew that their choices define part of the destiny of humanity and, more than knowing, if they lived according to all they know, they would not limit their efforts to surpass the barriers of incomprehension and of self-love and reach a state of absolute adhesion to the Plan of God, independently of the form of their participation. 

My dear ones, these are times in which the smallest movements generate the greatest universal repercussions, because, just as one of you that reaches the Christification will be able to change the destiny of this universe, also one of you that abandons this boat of salvation will prevent many souls from attaining redemption and the possibility of returning to the celestial origin, souls that often, if they were awakened, would have a vital role within the Plan of God.

As your Father, I warn you and ask you to try to see life in this world from a broader point of view. Awaken to the Law of spiritual cause and effect and remember all the souls that depend on a definite "yes" of those who will be loyal to the Plan and remember the so many others that will miss their evolution for not having the possibility of finding a superior truth.

Today I come to meet you to enter within the consciousness of humanity and give it an impulse towards the awakening of a new race, full of the Spirit of God, but many have forgotten that I am here.1

Is everything already solved within you, have you become self-sufficient or have you forgotten the life of the spirit, before all the demands of life in matter? Will you conquer yourselves, to discover the power of faith or will you regret before the fallen structures and the missed opportunities for not having corresponded to all that was given to you?

This is not a moment of reflection because you have already had over 25 years to reflect. This is a moment of definition and of an active awakening.

Do not walk backwards and do not stop your steps. 

After opening your heart, you must become soldiers of this plan of Love, but many have not even allowed themselves to open their heart.

After becoming praying beings, you must conquer yourselves to surrender completely to God.

My Words sound clear in the hearts of those who recognize Me.

I Am your Father and Instructor and I leave you My blessings for the coming days.

The most chaste Saint Joseph


1 Saint Joseph refers to the questions that can be made to Him through Letters to Saint Joseph

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