Friday, April 19 of 2013

Monthly Messages

Dear children, companions, servers and brothers and sisters of My Chaste Heart, as I have announced, I come on this day to unravel to you the mysteries of a sacred life, dedicated to prayer and to the service of those who are most in need.

I come to let you know the path for a life that must be born in a New Humanity. This life will be based on the contemplation of the Heart of God in eternal service in all of the levels of consciousness and in the purity of intention and of action.

I come today to encourage your beings to take a step towards this archetype that this Sacred Family, that today you have before your hearts, has manifested in life 2013 years ago.

For this it is necessary that is born in each one of you something called “Determination of spirit and of consciousness” because with this energy you will be able to walk without wavering on the path of consecration.

This step to which I invite you, as many already know, includes the Chastity of mind, of body and of spirit.

Chastity of mind is in having the thoughts turned towards the Heart of God. This is the first impulse so that the soul may be able to one day contemplate the Heart of the Lord. Each one of the thoughts that may emerge in your minds you must offer to the Creator, depositing them in His Most Pure Heart. Thus, little by little the mind will, by itself, arrive directly to the Heart of God and, by knowing It in truth, you will not wish anything else but this Holy and Only refuge of Peace.

The Chastity of the body is in consecrating to the Lord the vehicles used. In the same way that My Being was eternally Chaste, many have given the example of Chastity, comprehending the body as a temple of prayer, service and donation to manifest by means of the beings the possibility of reverencing and acting under the Laws of Heaven.

The body given to you by the Most Holy God must be guarded from manifestation of all of the desires, whatever type they may be. To maintain a body Chaste you must abstain yourselves from answering to the material desires and only manifest the aspiration to Celestial things.

The Chastity of the spirit consists in living the Will of God, in recognizing His Plan and in manifesting It in life and in eternity. A chaste spirit manifests its splendor and its purity in matter by means of abnegated prayer, addressed solely to the Lord, so that His Sacred Will may be accomplished by means of human beings. 

Each one of those who listen to My Voice have My support to follow this path. Each one of those who trust in My words count on Me for manifesting this New Earth.

If you follow the steps dictated by Me, even if it may be in the aspiration of the heart, month by month you will take one step more together with Me in honor of the Heart of God.

I accompany you and I guard you in humility,

The Most Chaste and Most Pure Saint Joseph