Friday, August 31 of 2018

Daily Messages

Contemplate the Consciousness of God as a great Kingdom of infinite proportions and beauty, and each of His Aspects as a gateway to a state of consciousness of that Celestial Kingdom.

Contemplate the Aspects of God as a great path of ascension built by the Father Himself so that His children may reach Him.

Each Aspect of God is a bridge of upliftment to a higher dimension, and the gradual contact with Them causes you to return to the Source of Unity, where everything becomes One again.

Each Aspect of God, besides being a bridge, is also a Kingdom that is revealed when the heart opens to discover it.

Within the human heart lies a unique key, which opens the doors to each one of the dimensions of the Kingdom of God as this heart lives greater and higher degrees of Love.

The Kingdom of God on Earth, still unknown to humankind, is the manifestation of an Aspect of the Father that can only be revealed to hearts that love. To experience the Revelation of Life on this world and come to know what is hidden both within the Earth and in the invisible of the surface that you can see with your physical eyes, you must first learn to love that which is accessible, palpable, and visible to you.

To access a higher state and experience a Divine Revelation, you must first learn to manifest Love at the level you are on.

Manifest a Love for life, for your brothers and sisters, for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the consciousness itself of the planet, and you will see how your hearts and your consciousnesses will access the dimensions of life that have always been here, but which you could never see.

You will thus find the true expression of God on Earth, a Revelation of His Kingdom and of the Sacred that Adonai manifested in material life as part of Himself, as a dimension of what He is and was given to humankind so that, in communion with the God that manifests in matter, they would be able to renew Divine Consciousness though Love.

While the world shakes, God calls upon you to wake up your consciousnesses to the true meaning of life, and through the Love that is born from your hearts, to access what is Real and transcends all knowledge, including all human wisdom.

You will be able to move beyond the times that will come only with the heart and consciousness immersed in the Truth and in the Revelation of the Kingdom of God, which lives together with life on Earth, in dimensions that hearts that do not open to Love cannot see.

All lies will come to light. Everything that seemed perfect and, however, belonged to illusion, will fall to earth and return to dust.

For the hearts that do not know how to love and that do not experience the Revelation of the Kingdom of God, there will be no life, for the foundations of their lives will crumble and they will see nothing but dust before their eyes and confusion in their inner world.

On the other hand, the hearts that awaken to Love and to the Truth and allow God to reveal His Kingdom to them and the higher life that lives in Him, will look at the dust, and behind the dust, they will see the Truth manifested.

That is why today I tell you, children, that to live, you must love, because you will only find Life when Love reveals to you that which without it, cannot be seen.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, August 30 of 2018

Daily Messages


Await, with love, the Words that God pronounces to your hearts through His Messengers.

Just as He spoke to the prophets and patriarchs, who left to the world the foundations of spiritual life, today the Creator renews His teachings and makes new Revelations to the world, because, since the patriarchs, up until now, God renewed Himself and lived Revelations that came from the awakening and from the human evolution.

Even with their imperfections and limitations, former patriarchs and prophets recognized the Presence of God and respected the echo of His Voice, which was pronounced to the peoples and was followed by them.

Today the Voice of God echoes in the desert of human consciousness because indifference took hold of hearts and only a few know how to recognize the Voice of God and follow it,

In order to hear God today, you must allow the Creator to awaken within you the commitments that remained dormant and experiences of union with the Father, that do not come from this life, but are kept in the core of your beings, so that it may help you in these times.

Give God permission to touch the depths of your hearts so that, as beings and as humanity, you may remove your consciousnesses from the influence of indifference and enter into the Laws that lead you to upliftment.

When you unite your spirits with the Father, it is possible to transcend the material laws and influences in order to belong to the Laws of the Universe and be assisted by the rays and the spiritual energies, which descend to the world to give impulse to beings towards Love and evolution.

For this, it is necessary that, within you, there is the will to take this step and love God, His Words and His Plan, renewing the love and respect lived by the patriarchs, the prophets and the People of God, so that, in this way, the Father may find new ways to fulfill His promises and establish His Kingdom in this world, when the time comes.

The Kingdom of God will first be revealed in spirit, then in matter. Be attentive to the Voice of His Messengers, so that, in Their teaching, you may receive the new Revelations of the Creator.

His Kingdom will be revealed inside of you, and after finding the way to dwell in this Kingdom, with your spirits, you will build the bridges with the Universe so that the Kingdom of God may manifest on Earth.

Your Father and Companion always,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, August 29 of 2018

Daily Messages

While so many of your brothers and sisters in the world surrender to the capital energies, believing that the meaning of life is kept in pleasures, in false joys, and in conveniences; surrender yourself to the Heart of Christ.

While so many of your brothers and sisters in the world surrender to self-sufficiency, believing that freedom is in personal will and in excessively carrying out what human impulses always dictate to them; surrender yourself to the Heart of Christ.

While so many of your brothers and sisters in the world surrender to wars and conflicts, believing that plenitude is to be found in imposing their own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs on others; surrender yourself to the Heart of Christ.

While so many of your brothers and sisters in the world surrender to fear, to depression, to sadness, believing that life on Earth, as they know it, is the only thing that God offers them as experience, not finding a way out of the darkness they have entered; surrender, yourself, to the Heart of Christ.

While so many of your brothers and sisters in the world surrender to the human condition, in a constant struggle for power and for survival, ignoring the Truth and the Kingdom of God within themselves; surrender yourself to the Heart of Christ.

Do not look at what happens around you with eyes of criticism and superiority because, unknowingly, you will be letting yourself be conducted by the same forces and impulses that move the hearts of those who get lost in their own darkness.

May everything be a reason for you to surrender yourself more to the Heart of Christ, causing your surrender to be ever more sincere.

Let compassion for the world emanate from your heart and learn to transform compassion into true Love, deepening yourself, each day, into your surrender; surrendering your heart to the Heart of Christ.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, August 28 of 2018

Daily Messages

The time has come to return. To return to the Heart of God, return to the pure and simple principle of your existence, return to the essence of what you are, to the essence of Life.

The time has come to return. To return to the Father, renewed by the presence of His Spirit, carrying with you everything you have learned in this world and in all others.

The time has come to return. To return in consciousness to the point you left behind before original sin. Return in consciousness to the Truth, recovering the Wisdom that, as children of God, you hold in your inner world.

The time has come to return. To return to Life and escape from death, in which many have chosen to be.

The time has come to begin to consciously tread the path of return, which does not mean to cease to exist, but rather to exist within the Truth, belonging to the Truth, being one with it.

To return means to go back to Divine Consciousness, to go back to the Consciousness of your Origin, dismissing the power of illusion and of ignorance and making space for Reality to manifest.

The time has come to return, because everything that belongs to illusion will vanish with it.

Pray and truly aspire to be in God, to know and recognize His mysteries, and each day more, let Him express Himself in your hearts.

You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, August 27 of 2018

Daily Messages

Love to pray, not only in order to ask something to God, but above all to repair His Heart.

Love to pray, not only in order to rise to the Higher Universes, but so that, when in Celestial Heights, you may offer reparation to the Heart of the Father.

Love to pray, not only in order to build Sanctity in your inner self, but above all to console the Heart of God.

Love to pray, not only in order to feel peace in your heart, but to offer peace to the Heart of God. 

Love to pray, not only in order to experience Love, but so that your love may be a hope for the Heart of God.

Love to pray, in order to repair, console and bring peace to the Heart of your Father and Lord.

Love to pray, in order to clamor for the souls that, day by day, outrage the Creator with their ignorance.

Live, in a way that you may not also be a reason to hurt the Heart of God. 

Remember, at each moment, that the Eyes of the Father lay upon the world and how a simple and true action of love can console His Heart. 

Love, child, to pray, and to live in order to offer God a hope; hope to renew yourself in Love, hope to triumph with His Redeeming Project, hope to see His children return to His pure and grand Heart.

May God not be a reality distant from you. Discover a Father who is close and accessible to your inner self; a Father who not only has everything to give you, but who also waits for you in a sincere prayer so that you may repair His Heart.

Contemplate a silent and humble God Who makes Himself small amongst men, within their hearts, and hides His Greatness and Power in the occult of human beings, to give them an opportunity of growing and finding Love for themselves. 

Love to know God, love to seek Him and, above all, love to repair His Heart.

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, August 26 of 2018

Daily Messages

God contemplates the world in silence and, with an unalterable Love in His Heart, receives the wounds which day after day, minute after minute, are being opened by the indifference of His children and by the outrages they cause to one another due to a lack of love and ignorance. And, even so, from His wounds, Mercy continues to spring.

As His Son, a living part of Himself among humankind, the Creator also lives His spiritual Passion, because in order to heal the evils that are lived on Earth, the Father and Lord of all things offers to Divine Law that which humanity fears the most: pain, sacrifice, and the true Love, which surpasses all those things and defeats these fears in its expression. The Creator lives, within Himself, that which humanity fears the most, in order to teach everyone that there is something higher than this, which is achieved through Love.

The Universal Laws are alive and by themselves act in all levels of Creation. Thus, even the Lord of the Law Himself respects them and lives them, so that they may be fulfilled in His children. So that creatures may continue to receive Mercy, God remedies, with His own Heart, the evils of the world.

To restore the Heart of God, you only need to live with Love what, for most human beings, is painful and difficult. And I am not talking about the death on the cross or the sores or wounds of the heart. I am talking about everything that moves a being to reach the cross and to offer the sores and wounds of their heart out of Love and Mercy.

The same Love that moved Christ to continue with the cross is what moves God to remedy human errors and it is what you are called on to live today, within yourselves and with your fellow beings, transcending the poor and immature love, which often lives within your hearts, into a true Love, the fruit of fraternity and Mercy, the fruit of the effort to understand and to love the neighbor, the fruit of surrender and wisdom, the fruit of faith.

Encourage yourselves, children, to find in your prayers, the Wounds of the Heart of God and offer Him a conscious reparation, through the effort of loving as He loves you.

Encourage yourselves to take great steps through the effort in the small daily things, in which the opportunities for choosing between Love and the human condition present themselves. Always choose Love.

You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, August 25 of 2018

Daily Messages

Place your heart in the Heart of God to listen to My words, and may they be fruitful within you.

I know, child, that every day I talk to you about elevating your consciousness to the Heights and your thoughts to God, but that you only see around you the infinite confused entanglements of human life and inside of you, you only see the constant battle to be on the path of evolution, as it corresponds to you.

I know that everything seems distant and Wisdom and universal Knowledge are a hope for you, but they are not a reality. But today I tell you that, in this cycle, I come so that Higher Life ceases to be a hope for the future and becomes a reality in the present.

I come to teach you to be in this world without being of it, and to understand life from a wider perspective than the horizons that your eyes can see.

I only ask you that you dedicate yourself to meditate on My words for a moment, every day, and that you let them, on their own, enter and transform your consciousness like a great lake that, being empty, is gradually filled, drop by drop.

If I tell to you: "Think of God and contemplate the infinite inside of you", do that. And in that second, let the Creator be a living Consciousness within you.

In this simple way, each day, experiencing something about what I tell you, you will see how the Universal Life will enter into you and you into it, as parts of each other, and all in God.

I bless you and I thank you for following, day by day, what I place inside of you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, August 24 of 2018

Daily Messages

It is an unfathomable grace for the human heart to have the presence of God in its life.

It is an unfathomable grace for the human heart to carry within itself the Creator of all things.

It is an unfathomable grace for the human heart to always have, in spite of its miseries, the possibility of Divine Mercy.

It is an unfathomable grace for the human heart to be what it is, created by God, and carry within itself the Purpose of the Father for its life, even though it may be unknown.

Human life is an unfathomable grace for your souls and your spirits, a unique opportunity for the redemption of all Creation, an opportunity for the renewal of Divine Consciousness Itself.

But the human heart, unknown to itself, becomes entangled, every day, in distractions, deceits and in everything that it is not, but yet believes itself to be.

If the human heart would at times lift its gaze up above, not to cry out for itself, but to find God, life on earth would be different because God's own conscious presence would make it so.

If the human heart was lifted up to the Father in gratitude for His Creation and, just for an instant, if it recognized the unfathomable Grace that He grants with life, that which human beings manifest within life would be different.

If the human heart, just for an instant, meditated upon Truth and sought the Truth about the Plan of God, about life, about this planet and all others, its expression as a being would be different.

The things of God are simple and accessible to all beings, for all, in His Creation, were born from the same Source, multiplied parts of the same God, with the same possibilities to live Love, but with different possibilities of how to end this path, so that their evolution could be diverse and rich.

The differences between human beings are only seeming and superficial, this is why I speak to you of the human heart, which is what unites you and makes you a part of one Plan and one Life. For all, the Purpose is the same, and Its first Origin is unique.

This is why, today, as a human heart, you should acknowledge the unfathomable Grace of your own existence, and, raising yourselves up beyond superficialities, thank God for life and for what you are so that the Truth may be expressed, inside and out, of each one of you.

You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, August 23 of 2018

Daily Messages

The Renewal is a spiritual attribute that comes from the Heart of God. Only the Father and Creator of all things can provide the true Renewal for His children, because in this moment He restores, in your spirit, the original Principles which you have diverted from as humanity; and restores in your consciousness the part of purity and of the original essence which you have emerged from, in the Sources of the Celestial Universe.

With simple things of life, in which the human heart is filled, God acts and operates the spiritual miracles that, in so many ways, the consciousnesses seek and do not find.

The human heart is a great mystery. But more mysterious and incomprehensible than this heart is the One who has created and thought it, to His Image and Likeness.

The Things of God are reached with the heart, and to awaken the human heart and unite it to the Heart of God you need to do no more than be sincere and true and make efforts to be inisde of the first and only Law, which helps you to return to your celestial Origin, which is the Love.

With simple acts, in which you make effort to come out of yourselves and offer a little of your actions to the Plan of God, this is where your spirits find the perfect opportunities to arrive to the Father.

This Creation, children, is wonderfully simple, however the minds of human beings make them feel complex and difficult and create difficulties to return to God.

God is always with you.

Remember everyday that the true acts, as much as you do not feel it and do not see it, unite yourselves to the Father; live this union in the name of all of humanity.

You are called to be precursors of the New Life, where humanity will be able to express its potential and the true reason it was created; it will be able to be permanently united to God, and this can happen in service, in prayer, in silence, when you share joy and fraternity. This can happen in any moment if you are only sincere and true.

Today I bless you and I thank you with My Heart and My Spirit for trying to build the fraternity and repair the human heart.

By the merits of your persistance, today I am here, and just as in every Collective effort, My Graces flow in your hearts, and through them, to the world.

If you want to serve in order to transform this planet, begin to serve one another, begin by caring for, with love, the Treasures that God has given you, which are the Communities-of-Light which will serve to help and support many souls in the future.

Again I thank you and I leave you My Peace in order for you to multiply it.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

*Collective Effort of Repairing”: a biweekly meeting of collective actitivities in the Community-of-Light Fraternidad, instituted by Saint Joseph.

Wednesday, August 22 of 2018

Daily Messages

In the same way that chaos grows on Earth, the minds destabilize and the souls get lost, Heaven also opens before the eyes and hearts of men, bringing to Earth inexplicable Graces.

In the measure of humanity's ignorance, God offers His Wisdom to those who know how to seek it.

While many sink deep into the abyss of their ignorance and the sciences move farther from God, others receive from the Father teachings that overflow beyond their merits and, with the little openness of their hearts, the Creator and Lord of all Knowledge and true Science gives them everything.

The ignorant see the simple of heart listening to God and think their teachings are false, because their own ignorance separated them from God and filled them with themselves, giving no possibility that the Wisdom that transcends their minds might be accessible or even acceptable.

Choose, children, at this time, the path of simplicity and self-emptyness, so you do not run the risk of not having, within yourself, space for the Divine Wisdom.

Recognize, each day more, in humility, that you know nothing and receive, with love, all the Knowledge that comes from God as something new and unique.

May all Wisdom find its place within your consciousnesses and that it not be to fill your minds, but yes to fill your being and become part of you, so that there is always a new space, a new place for what God wants to teach you.

In this revelation cycle, your spirits must always be empty.

Never underestimate the simplicity of God, because His Wisdom is not restricted to the far-fetched words of men or to that which for you is considered elevated and superior. A great Divine Instruction can come through the simple Words of His Messengers, in the maternal love of His Heavenly Mother, who overthrows the power of the proud and delivers the Keys of Heaven to the humble.

Those who really open to the Divine Wisdom will live all teaching with gratitude, whatever it may be. In that way, they will be able to grow in spirit and be ready for the coming times, to be called "Precursors of the New Life", "Seeds of the New Race".

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, August 21 of 2018

Daily Messages

Just as the signs in the sky announce, clear and beautiful to the eyes that know how to see them, so God arrives on Earth and manifests within and outside of humankind His Splendor and His Grace.

As simple as contemplating a rainbow that emerges on a cold afternoon in the Earth's sky, and makes hearts happy, so should souls contemplate the presence of God within themselves.

The Celestial Universe, beautiful and sublime, is as simple as the things that truly make human hearts and souls happy; but to attain it, it is necessary to seek it with the same love and will with which you seek the signs that are manifested in the sky.

Within you lies a mystery hidden behind what you think you are. This mystery is the Sublime Universe of God, whose doorway is not in the heights, among the clouds, but in one's own heart.

God makes Himself as accessible to the spirits of humankind as the beauty of a rainbow is to your eyes. But just as you seek the rainbow and find it, so also your spirits must seek that which nourishes, brightens, and fulfills them, which is God within yourselves.

To find God in your own heart, you can let Him be reflected as a mirror within you. When you contemplate a sky full of beauty, when you contemplate a pure expression of Nature, do not remain only in what you see, but open the mirrors of your hearts and let that which is beautiful reveal the beauty and the purity of your spirits, that which you truly are.

Everything that was created by God is beautiful and perfect, and that same divine expression that you find before your eyes you can find within yourselves, when you open yourselves to find the Truth in your inner world.

May everything uplift you.

May everything bring you to God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, August 20 of 2018

Daily Messages

Where neither the eyes nor the mind can reach, there dwells the Heart of God.

Where only souls, spirits and hearts, elevated in worship can enter, there dwells the Heart of God.

The vision that encompasses Life and contemplates everything. Love that renews Itself, second by second and beyond time. Spirit that animates, sustains and supports everything that was created.

In the most sublime spheres of Existence, where it seems that the multiplication of Life never existed and Unity is an eternal reality, there dwells the Divine Consciousness.

Let yourselves, in this cycle, be elevated and lead to the higher spheres of Existence, so that you will find the Truth about yourselves and you do not allow being involved or deceived by the superficialities of the world.

You exist as divine creatures, manifested in this world by a superior Purpose, and despite of everything seeming to be more dense in this time and the human condition seeming to be deeply immersed in the illusions of the world, the only way to overcome your own difficulties of the final cycles without getting lost, children, is by elevating yourself to God, without ignoring your material condition, it is elevating yourself to the Divine Truth.

That is why, in this time, the Divine Messengers bring, in Their Words, revelations and an inner state that is hid in everything that We say, so that you reach the sublime spheres, so that you cling to the universal Truth and so that the Truth itself makes you free of yourselves and from the things of the world.

I bless you and I hold you in My Heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, August 18 of 2018


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

As quickly as the days pass on Earth, thus pass the cycles in this time. And in spite of everything, the Voice of God does not get tired of pronouncing itself to the hearts of humanity, the Voice of your Father and Creator keeps echoing within each creature through His Messengers.

And when everything seems to be about to end, this is when, children, everything begins. Your mission on this Earth begins, the true Work of the Divine Messengers, within each one of you, begins. 

It is when the world agonizes before your eyes and this reality is no longer spiritual, but also physical, this is when your hearts must be prepared. It is in the apex of the inner purification, not only of the self-summoned, but also of each being of the planet, purification that reflects on the planetary life, that the servers must give their 'yes'.

I know how difficult it is to feel agony within oneself and also to feel the agony of the planet, but today I tell you that it is precisely at this moment that you must reconfirm yourselves before God.

It would not make sense to call these times “planetary passion” if you would not live each step of this passion imitating the Steps of your Lord, imitating His 'yes' before each probation that He was led to live.

To awaken in your hearts a Love similar to the Love of Christ, you must live tests similar to His, and in your agony, you will not sweat blood, but you will need to transpose inner and spiritual obstacles that will lead you to overcome yourselves and the human tendency.

Jesus did not live under the same influences that you live in these times. Thus, at that time, His tests were different. But now, children, you must accept your own inner agony, you must accept the agony that the planet lives as the first step of this planetary passion, as the first opportunity of saying 'yes' to God, to reach the end of the end of times.

That which for Christ culminated in His crucifixion and death will also come to each one of you and it will be unknown.

Today I only ask you not to recognize this inner agony as only a personal test, as a personal moment of definition. May you live this test as something that, as humanity, you must face at this time, because it is necessary.

It is necessary to feel that you tear apart within and, even then, to know how to say 'yes' to God. It is necessary to feel that you cannot overcome yourselves and, even then, open for God to be the One who overcomes Himself within you.

In spite of every agony and every test, this moment also reveals to you the divine Presence within you. Because those who open themselves will be able to recognize the divine miracle in their own heart, and they will know that healing does not come from themselves, but from God; they will know that Love does not come from themselves, but from God; they will know that the victory of Christ on His Cross was not a personal victory, but it was God Himself surrendering to the world through His Son.

Each one of you also bears within you this mystery, which you must discover and come to know in this time. When you open yourselves to know the mysteries of your own heart, you will then be able, children, to unveil the celestial mysteries. God begins to reveal Himself within humankind, God begins to reveal Himself within each one of you when you are open to this.

I know it is difficult to surrender the human condition, I know it is difficult to believe that God will reveal Himself within you, when what you know of yourselves are only miseries and some skills.

Let God reveal to you your virtues.

Open yourselves to divine humility, in order not to be ashamed of expressing something new. Do not be ashamed or afraid of being what you do not know; do not be ashamed or afraid that humanity may look at you and not find what you built throughout your existence, throughout this lifetime.

God, within you, reveals something new. God, within you, is unknown.

Today I come to begin a new cycle of Instruction, because humanity needs it, the planet needs it and the instruments of God need it.

If the Divine Messengers are not with you every day, in these times, you will not be able to overcome the times that will come. We will accompany each step of this planetary calvary, so that you may take safe steps, so that you may renew yourselves, so that you may stand up after each fall. 

Our Presence will bring to the world the angels and the archangels, which will lead you when God silences His Voice. Just as the angels and the archangels accompanied each Step of Christ with the Cross, they will also accompany your steps. Thus, do not fear.

The triumph of God must be a certainty within each one of you, but it is not obtained by itself. It is built with persistence, humility, resignation, surrender, the strength that is born from the union with the Heart of God, so that you may live His Plan, even without understanding it; so that you may always say 'yes', even without knowing where He will lead you.

Just as Christ and Mary, your Most Holy Mother, My Chaste Heart will accompany you again every day, not by merit of humanity, but by the necessity of the planet.

Today I want you to understand that the planetary passion is no longer spiritual. It manifests itself within and outside of you, and now, children, the moment has come to drink of the chalice that God offers you and not to leave it aside.

I recognize that this path is difficult, that these tests are incomprehensible and, sometimes, seem impossible to overcome. But God offers you all of this because since your origin you made a commitment with Him to renew His Creation, to renew Him. 

In order for you to fulfill this Purpose, the Creator granted you many Graces, offerings and gifts that are kept within you.

He granted you the example of Christ, alive amidst humankind, alive before your eyes, accompanying each one of your hearts. He granted you the example of your Most Holy Mother, silent and humble, so that you could learn to make silence before the greatest trials and to be humble when the human condition seems that it will win within you.

God granted you to build His Work together with His Messengers, with His angels, with His archangels and with a Hierarchy of Light, of sublime Consciousnesses, of infinite Wisdom, which, in the silence of their hearts, accompany each step of humanity and just wait for the hearts to open for them to be able to reveal themselves, so that their Wisdom ceases to be hidden.

Recognize in this cycle that the human condition is not only miseries.

Recognize that in your hearts there is something greater than human desires and aspirations.

Recognize that a spirit that unites with the Power of God can defeat all the power and judgment of their conditions; retrograde conditions, conditions of sin, conditions of illusion.

Let your agony be defeated by a love that makes you overcome yourselves. Let your human vanities and pride be defeated by the Truth that comes from the Heart of God and that unmasks all of your lies. I call lies that which you are not and you believe you are.

Make of these times a sublime time. 

Put your eyes inside the Eyes of Christ, of the Christ of the Calvary, the Christ that carries the Cross; Who not only lived the suffering and the agony which overflowed from His inner world, but Who, at each step, lived the revelation of a greater Love, which awakened in His Heart, which revealed itself within His Cells, so human and so divine at the same time.

These new cycles will be marked by the choices of each being.

Everything will be offered to you, by both the world and God. The things of the world will be offered to that within you that belongs to the world, and the things of God will be offered to that within you that belongs to God. 

Each one will know what to accept, each one will know what to make grow within themselves. Each one will know if they will want to build, within themselves, a divine triumph or a defeat.

My Voice will be pronounced again every day to your hearts, for one more cycle, as a symbol of the infinite Mercy of God. Because at the same time that humanity overflows miseries, indifference, God overflows Mercy.

And just as Christ, on that Cross, discovered Love within His Heart, your Father and Creator is also living a revelation of Himself in these times; a revelation of His Mercy, a revelation of His Grace, so that each human heart may know how to find the mirror of this revelation within itself, and, through the Words of the Divine Messengers, they may not only recognize this revelation, but also live it.

Let God renew Himself within you. Receive His Grace with love.

Thank the Father for the chalice that He gives you to drink and do not feel what He offers to you as bitter, because He not only gives you sacrifices, but also the possibility of living an infinite Love.

With these Words, I open this new cycle and I thank you for accompanying Me in these times.

Humanity needs that the Voice of God reach the four corners of this world, because many are dying of thirst for not knowing the Source, the Source of Love, which springs from the Divine Word.

I thank you, I bless you and I bless the little Reliquaries that the children of the Community of Figueira prepared for Me.1 Through these Reliquaries, I give a special Grace for your families and for all the children of the world.

Those children who pray before the Reliquaries for the families and children who suffer on the Earth, will generate merits for a special Grace to descend in these times upon those who need the most. 

I thank you and bless you. 

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


1. The children from the Light-Community of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, built small reliquaries of paper, similar to the Reliquary of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, as an offering to Him.

Friday, August 17 of 2018

Weekly Messages

When God calls you to serve, listen to His Voice and follow it.

Every day, the need for service in this world will increase, and as time goes by and your hearts open, you will be more apt and prepared to serve because, in truth, you will be ready to love and give from yourselves those things that are the true treasure of the human heart, that you so often do not know.

You will not be known in this world for your service, but for the love that is in it; love that arises from the Heart of God and flows, indistinctly, into the heart of all those who open themselves to respond with sincerity to His call.

Through this Work, God wants to teach you and to teach all humanity that when one responds to a divine call, there is no merit on a single soul, there is no Grace on a single being, but upon all those who open themselves to stop being what they are and become instruments of God.

A mission requested by the Divine Messengers is the announcement of the Love of God to humanity; Love that flows through the human heart and permeates entire nations in its silence; embraces souls and hearts with Its Grace, even if all of this is invisible to the human eyes.

A mission asked by the Divine Messengers is a sign of God that His Mercy is still acting in the world, both in the heart that is called to serve and that receives the Grace to redeem itself through service, and for those who are served and seemed to be forgotten by God and by the world, but are not.

Your Father and Creator would like to have many arms, many feet and, above all, many hearts to send to those places in most need in the world, as a sign of His Love and His Mercy for the hearts that have lost hope. But while not many hearts open to give themselves, those who already do it must multiply themselves in an extreme giving that, in the silence of their actions, generates merits for the redemption of those who do nothing for this planet.

Today, children, We call you to service and to multiply not only efforts but, above all, surrender and love. Today we call you to not want to be protagonists of a service before the world, but to go beyond childishness in the life of service, and as mature spirits in Christ, to convert yourselves into instruments and vehicles of Love and Mercy for those who are in most need.

And, thus, the world will know you and will exalt God. Souls will find you and will know God. Hearts will receive your service and will thank God. And you will serve a child and, in it, a culture, a nation. You will serve a people and, in it, a whole humanity. You will serve the Kingdoms of Nature and, in them, a planet that needs healing.

Allow that, in this new cycle of service, your hearts grow and be more than yourselves in service; be parts of God, bringing renewal, redemption, and peace to this world.

You have My blessings for this.

Your Father and Companion in each mission,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, August 10 of 2018

Weekly Messages

Love God and His Plan and in it you will learn to love all things.

Seek, above all things, the love for the Father and the Love of the Father, and pure will be the love that is born from your own heart.

All the truly spiritual things seem distant to you because, in truth, your heart is still distant from God.

Seek, child, the true Love in God and you will discover His simplicity and His purity. You will discover that life unveils its mysteries when your heart loves God, because the very Love within you allows your eyes to recognize the Father in all things.

Aspire to wisdom, to knowledge, and to discernment. Aspire to know the celestial mysteries and the universal truths, but today I tell you that, before all things, you must aspire to Love and look for God; you must seek the Love of the Father and His Presence, and God Himself will reveal to you His Mysteries.

Without Love there is no wisdom, there is no truth and there is no peace. Without Love, there is no mystery that will be revealed or true spiritual maturity that is born in the heart. Without Love, there is no overcoming of tests, nor how to transpose challenges.

Seek, before anything else, the Love of God, and in it you will find all things.

You have My blessings for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, August 3 of 2018

Daily Messages

My child,

The more you search for God, the more you will enter into the Knowledge of God and the more you will love Him Who is in everything and encompasses all life.

Let your heart enter into the Knowledge of God when you pray; when you read the words that He sends you through His Messengers; when you enter into the mystery of the Sacred Books and allow the inspiration of God in the words and in the life of the prophets inspire you; when you enter into true communion with Nature, with the Kingdoms, with life.

Do not lament for not loving God as you would want to or how you felt was the correct way to love Him.

Do not lament for not having the circumstances you believe necessary to seek God, because the search for God is in your heart, and your heart is with you wherever you are.

As much as you are in a situation of chaos, God continues to be inside of you.

As much as you are in an inner desert, God continues to be inside of you.

As much as you are submerged in the distractions and the tasks of common human living, God continues to be inside of you.

And today I tell you that it is with very little that God makes Himself felt in your heart. You do not need to know about great sciences and transcendental philosophies, because the Truth of God is revealed in you in what you truly are.

What exist are paths that help you to arrive; hands that extend through the sacred words that God delivers to the world through the spiritual sciences, through His Messengers, through His prophets.

Seek God and accept the Hand that extends to your heart through His Words.

Seek God in a sincere prayer and let Him reveal to you the immensity of His Presence, of His Existence; that He may also show you the smallness of your life, of your problems, of your lamentations.

Raise your consciousness in prayer, so that God may reveal to you His simplicity.

Yield your mind to His Divine Heart and allow His greatness to dissolve your small-mindedness.

It is now time, My child, to truly raise yourself, rise yourself to the Heart of God.

You are called to love Him above all things and to express that love through your life, and for this, you must give room for God to express Himself in you.

Many paths were presented to you, many Hands came to help you. Synthesize all of that in you inner world and find in you the Presence of God.

Silence to feel Him, silence to listen to Him, silence to express God, that is alive in your heart.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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