Friday, December 30 of 2016

Weekly messages

Child, begin this new cycle finding, within yourself, the Truth. Seek unity with Life as a way of repairing what you have lived until today as part of humanity.

This world is entering its last cycle of Grace and of Mercy, and will be inexplicable the miracles and the awakening that souls will live, but also will be intense – and, for some, inexplicable – the inner and outer attacks that humanity will live, because the enemy will try, until the end of his days, to interfere in the Plan of God upon the Earth.

Keep peace in your little heart and try to be meek and humble every day because this battle you will live as an individual and also as part of this planet in purification can only be defeated with silence and meekness of heart.

The quieter you are internally, the more you will know how to receive the celestial impulses and to be attentive to observe the outer attacks and the reactions of your own inner purification, and to balance them promptly.

Keep your heart in peace and thank God every day for being in the world in this time. You know, child, be certain that, despite so much struggle and, sometimes, great anguish that your heart feels, the divine triumph is already a reality, not because you have already overcome all things, but because God is invincible and, with His immeasurable Mercy, has called You to be a living part of His Plan of Love in this world.

Serve with joy. Find, in the service, the constant engine of life. You will look within yourself and many times you will not find reasons to smile and to rejoice, but do not look so much at yourself, but at the others. Place your attention in the potential of loving and serving in all things, and there will be settled the essence of your happiness. Seek, child, all the time, the unity with all your brothers and sisters, because it is time to heal the wounds that rejection and prejudice have generated in the human heart. Repair these acts with the conscious effort for understanding and loving your neighbor.

May this new cycle be, for you, of rejoicing, sacrifice and profound surrender. May you avail yourself of the latest graces of God to help humanity.

May God make of you, today and always, His sacred instrument of prayer and peace.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, December 23 of 2016

Weekly messages

Children, contemplate in the next days the Sacred Heart of Jesus within each one of you and commune with Him in reparation of all the sorrow that He lives during the Christmas festivities, which should be the memory of His Holy Birth, but which – however – has become a reason to perdition and illusion for many souls.

The more time goes by, the more important and definitive become the planetary cycles, but souls are more distracted from the Divine Purpose.

In these sacred days the Divine Messengers are here in the United States because this nation represents the cradle of the illusion of the planetary consciousness. We are here not only for the North Americans, but for the whole planet. We come to root out the evil that makes souls lose themselves so that at least a few ones may generate the merits to balance such perdition that the world lives.

Children, these days will not be of joy and parties for many souls that are suffering and whose suffering does not stop in these sacred days, because humanity forgets to offer a prayer for those who do not have anything, for those who suffer in wars, for those who cannot proclaim their own faith, and for those who have forgotten that the Sacred Heart of Jesus is upon the world, waiting for souls to open the doors to Him, so that He can be reborn and renovate the human heart.

In omnipresence we will be in all the Communities of Light and in all homes that open doors to us with sincerity, but we will ask you this time that – beyond any celebration – you may offer a reparation for the illusions and distractions of the world and may clamor for those who suffer trucelessly and who do not have the possibility of even remember the Living Christ because they do not know Him and because they live in so much darkness that they cannot recognize the Light and walk towards It.

I know that, at each passing day, the chaos increases and those who pray become more and more oppressed for trying to establish Peace. I know that many believe that their prayers and pleas are not doing anything in the planetary consciousness, but I tell you, children, with the authority that God has given Me, that all search for results is mere influence of the evil in the human heart, because it nourishes itself of appearances and illusions. This is the Era of Faith, and the greatest miracle that you will see is going to be the manifestation of the Plan of God that will emerge from the triumph of Love, born from the ashes of the old humankind.

In this moment, only let yourselves be burnt by the fire of the planetary purification, without losing faith and trust in God. Find your own sustenance in the spirit and in the act of serving and helping the neighbor, whether the one who are next to you or those who you do not know, but who take advantage of your prayers to relieve their own spirit.

This is the moment of repairing the Heart of God which pulsates within of all living essence. For this reason, pray and offer your lives as a way of balancing what this world is suffering.

I love you and I invite you to renovate the birth of Christ and His sublime humility in the Manger of Bethlehem. Remember this day of supreme Grace and clamor for that the Purity and the Mercy that expressed themselves there to permeate each human heart as well as all Kingdoms of Nature.

Your Father and Friend who calls you to be reborn,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, December 16 of 2016

Weekly messages

The essence of life on Earth is permanent transformation; it is to discover that nothing is lost and that everything and everyone will have a new possibility of redemption if they say "yes" and cry out to God for this opportunity.

The essence of life on Earth is to turn the darkest mud into a luminous and perfect pearl, similar to the Heart of the Father.

God hides in human imperfection, and as a profound act of Mercy, multiplies within humankind, even in the worst.

The Creator conceals His Will under the human will, not because Divine Will is less or less powerful, but rather because the great mystery of life is the Humility of God, which teaches the human heart the true path for reaching Him.

The Creator teaches humankind by example. The one who wants to find a likeness with God, may they tread the path that He indicates to humanity every day!

There are no creatures in the universe as privileged as human beings. There is no essence that is so naturally close to Divine Essence as that which animates human creation, its spirit and the purpose of its existence.

However, children, it is also part of the great mystery of humanity, such as the blindness they live, that they not only limit Universal Creation, but also an understanding about themselves.

Humankind disregards the meaning of greatness and so they never awaken the potential of their hearts. Their sense of greatness and of glory is found in the material life and in the act of magnifying things that in reality diminish themselves, and blind them every day. They believe that they grow in power and glory and, every day, they stray farther from the Truth and true spiritual growth. Universal evolution passes before their blind eyes and leaves them behind, because they were not capable of contemplating the Whole, but only themselves and their ignorance, an ignorance that has fantasized about greatness and tied them to the smallness of this world.

Today, children, the Truth is before all hearts, that Truth which first reveals the mud to you because to find the pearl within yourselves first you need to properly understand what precedes it. As long as you see that which is mud as a human treasure, you will never discover that the true treasure of human consciousness has always been hidden within itself.

For this reason, the eyes that open first see miseries, imperfections and then the fantasies that covered their ignorance are overturned. But if you are willing to live humility, this itself will transform and will wash away that mud, showing you that which was hidden, which is the true likeness of God, that essence that never dies in those who say "yes" to the Father, and that can even be restored in those who were apparently most lost when they cried out for Forgiveness and Mercy.

I tell you this because we have come to places in the world that are apparently lost in their ignorance, but nothing is lost if hearts are willing to transform.

Therefore, cry out, believe that it is possible, and walk towards the discovery of the Truth, which emerges like a New Sun on the horizon of your lives.

He Who loves you and leads you to the New,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, December 9 of 2016

Weekly messages

Dear children, servants, missionaries and companions of Christ, it has come the time of the great battle for the human consciousness and also for Those who guide you. It has come the time of putting into practice what you have learned and to affirm faith without wanting to mold the Will of God according to your own needs or resisting the changes when they are constant, so opposed and, sometimes, even contradictory.

What generates the setback in the spiritual life is the unpredictability of the human consciousness and also the constant attacks that the Divine Work experience in these times.

Children, this battle that is being carried out on the planet is not simply spiritual and invisible: it just does not show itself to the eyes that are hidden of it, by the fear of recognizing the need of growth, of defining oneself and becoming one true instrument of God.

The Creator of all things is the One who leads the Army of which you are part, and His Strategies move based on the inner movements of the human heart and on all reaction that this causes in the planetary consciousness.

The Creator tries to design His Plan according to the possibilities that present themselves on the planet in all levels of life. For this reason, His Strategies are subject to permanent changes.

The Will of the Father moves in union to the human will, but also to the law of the free will, of karma and of so many laws of the planetary and universal life, that create the conditions for this Divine Will to descend. It is as if these laws opened or closed the doors to the divine intercession.

Leading humanity in this time is not so simple as many think because God moves based on the response of the whole planet: while some say “yes” to Him, others say “no”; while some open doors to Him with their degrees of love and of faith, others close them to Him by the evilness and indifference of their hearts.

What you need to learn in this time is to be an instrument of the Creator, even if this causes you to lose the stability and the comfort of your lives. Nothing in this world is stable because all is defined in every second. For this reason we talk to you about the importance of faith, of surrender and of absolute trust in God.

Only clamor for the Divine Will to be fulfilled and dispose yourselves from the heart for it because only the Most High God knows the truth and knows the best path to guide not only humanity, but all the universe. His Eyes are fixed upon the planet; in His Silence, He observes the inner world of each one of His creatures. Wherever there is an open heart willing to love, there will be His Will and His Guidance; there, will be generated the merits to balance those situations that close the doors of the planetary consciousness to Him.

Listen, children, to the Silence of God and dispose your hearts to immediately respond to His Designs, even if they change each instant. The change is the consequence of the battle that is carried out in this world.

As faithful soldiers of God, follow His commands: be willing to walk or to hold your steps, according to what the Creator indicates to you.

Attention, vigilance, faith and peace are things that your hearts need for this time of definitions. Despite everything, I tell you that what you are living today is balancing the indifference of humanity towards the Plans of God and His Holy Will.

The one who loves you and invites you to not give up because it is time of ardent and permanent tension,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, December 2 of 2016

Weekly messages

Child, relive the Passion of your Lord and your God, now, with a look of wisdom.

In other times, the human heart suffered with Christ, for His flagellation and death on the cross, because it did not understand the sacrifice of the Lord and why He had to suffer all those things.

Today, your Lord and your God returns to the world, seeking the love of other times, renewing the union you had with Him. However, now, after His death, Resurrection, and Ascension to the Kingdom of the Heavens, you have already learned many things and can understand that His sacrifice was not only pain, but rather an absolute love that transcended the body, the mind, the soul, the heart and expanded itself beyond the Universes.

Recover on this Friday – which is also holy, if you live it so – the commitment with Christ, giving Him such a great love as the one He gave you on the cross.

The Cross of your Lord did not finish in the Calvary when they brought Him down dead in the arms of Mary. The cross is a state of consciousness of absolute surrender that you are being called to live, to give back to the Lord the love that once He gave to you.

Multiply the Love of Christ, embracing the cross of these times, which is larger than the Cross that once He carried to the Calvary. In that moment, it was cross of ignorance and of denial; now, it is of indifference, of rejection, of lack of love and absence of God in the human heart.

The hearts of humankind, child, have still not understood the cross and have not opened themselves to embrace it, as the Lord did at the peak of His surrender.

Christ returns so that you may share with Him the cross of these times and you will do it so by loving your brothers and sisters, each day, with a love that overflows from your spirit and transforms the human condition which until today has prevented you to love and imitate the steps of that One that came to the world to indicate you the path.

Christ returns to the world to cross with humanity the last Calvary of the Earth, and He will wait for His companions to carry with Him the cross that will not only open the doors to the Divine Mercy, but that will open the doors of a New Age, a new cycle, a new time, in which the cross will be transmuted by the power of love, and surrender will no longer mean sacrifice or suffering to the human heart, but it will be a natural act of love in the hearts of humankind.

Open yourself in spirit and in truth to embrace with Christ the last cross of the world. And may your love, united to His love, open the doors of the Universe and of all the Cosmos to the establishment of the Divine Will.

I bless you and I thank you to dispose your heart to this celestial mystery.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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