Monday, August 19 of 2013

Monthly Messages

Walk by My side as I walk today by the side of My Son Jesus. I come as an example of humility and of life for the hearts of the world. My tunic is anointed of simplicity.  My feet walk barefoot because they have already been divested of the things of the world.

I was once a Carpenter because in this way I attracted the Holy Spirit of God for the construction of a new Earth, of a new Archetype of life for humanity. Today I come as a Shepherd because, as My Son, I come to reunite and to conduct the souls to His Blessed and Christic Heart.

I call My flock through Love.  My voice silently travels the hearts because through Me you will wake up those who may be receptive to listen to the Voice of God in their own heart.

I will be followed by the simple ones who come, with bare feet from the past, who will walk with me and who will divest themselves from their old and embellished garments to dress themselves in humility and purity such as I did.  In your hearts must dwell only silence and loneliness – a loneliness that you do not know in the world – a celestial loneliness that leads the hearts to the encounter with the Sacred, with the Mysterious and with the celestial secrets that are guarded in the silence.

The sheep that follow My steps walk by My side and, attentive to the goal to be reached, never lose sight of Me.

If today you aspire to walk with Me, you must be receptive to live a new learning that transcends the understanding and that includes only the heart.

My Call is not detained at the frontiers because the silence of My voice permeates all, but It respects the free step that each one must take and It only enters with Its Power into the hearts that say yes.

Today I come to seek those who must continue with Me and arrive to My Son through My Heart.

Today My hands are extended to the world, above all they are extended to those who have decided to live a new life in the Communities of Light of My Son. To them, I invite to walk through the unknown, to live what until this day they have not lived, to forget the old laws that they knew until today, in order to enter into the Law of all the possibilities.  Law in which nothing is impossible, in which the Love of God and of His Divine Consciousness can enter the hearts and the human spirits in order to transform them, in this way, into creatures similar, in life, to their Blessed Creator.

Under the Merciful Love of God and in the Presence of His Son Jesus, I bless you and I wait for you in My Peregrination through the celestial valleys and mountains.

I thank you for being with Me.

Saint Joseph, the Eternal Server of the Creator.