Friday, September 29 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Learn to be in My Peace, in spite of the chaos and the conflicts of the world. Learn to look at the events with eyes of mercy and with a heart full of pity.

Learn to be before a planet in transition, maintaining the harmony and the peace of your small heart, because – even if the “stage of horrors and of human fear” - is formed on Earth, your heart must be in peace.

Learn, child, that you are in the world at this time to be the instrument of a Higher Will, of a Greater Life, which will be instituted on Earth once it has been purified. This Life will emerge from within the beings and will spread around them. It will be the result of the fortitude of the human heart that knows how to express what it truly is: a small living part of the Divine Consciousness.

Each day will forge, within beings, a greater fortitude. Everything will happen, for some, little by little, and, for others, abruptly, but the changes and the tests will dictate the growth of the hearts and the strengthening of their commitment to the Plan of God.

Each day it will be more necessary to serve and to donate from yourself that which seems not to exist in your own consciousness, because there will be those who will urgently need of the donation from the servants of God. For this, child, prepare your hands and let your heart grow without fear.

It will not always be simple, easy, or pleasant for you to serve. sacrifice removes the human consciousness from its point of comfort and spiritual childishness, the so-called “world illusion”; however, this same sacrifice elevates the human consciousness and leads it to the Will and to the Divine Thought, to what it is in essence and in spirit.

Let yourself, then, be elevated and guided by the changing of the times, because the very consequences of the transformation of the Earth will make you take steps, if you do not resist and if you do not close your heart.

I will be with you.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, September 22 of 2017

Weekly Messages

True freedom is that which is experienced when the heart knows how to renounce all human desires and thoughts in order to find the Will of God.

True freedom is that which the spirit knows when is freed from all the need of the ego of appearing to be something, to achieve something, or of being something, for the superficial admiration of others, for competition, or for the simple self-esteem, self-admiration. 

Children, true freedom is that which is found in the renunciation without suffering, the renunciation that comes from the love of God and His Plan and that transcends all human stimuli of wanting, of being, or even of aspiring something.

Allow your hearts to find real freedom in silence, when the need to attract others through the magnetism of one’s own voice is replaced and allows the spirit to listen to the Voice of God, whose Word brings Life and Eternity rather than death and degeneration.

Allow your hearts to know real freedom, when your eyes no longer seek admiration and contentment in the human gaze, but rather, turned to the Height, find that serene Gaze from Him who has observed you with love since the beginning of Creation. The door to Everything is found within that Divine Gaze. All Life, all Creation, all real existence is found within It.

Allow your hearts to experience real freedom, putting aside all personal and human suffering to give room to the Pain of the Heart of God. Share with the Father a real sorrow and give relief to His Holy and Pure Heart. In this way, you will learn to find the meaning of your own life in truth, and not in superficiality.

Children, this is not only the time of purification, of transition, and of the end of human ignorance; this is the time to find, to know, and to experience true freedom and to bring to an end the captivity in the matter and its infinite aspects of illusion.

Walk on your own towards the new time, towards the new human being, and towards spiritual freedom, with apparently small steps, with simple actions, but which have an effect in all of humanity and which allow you to move through the change of cycles with wisdom and being instruments of assistance for humanity.

Find the door to real freedom in the Heart of God and there everything will be fulfilled.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, September 19 of 2017

The cycles of the planet are changing more quickly each day.

The purification of the Earth, children, no longer waits for the maturity of humankind, and those who must serve the planet in this time must liberate themselves from their past, from what was binding them and holding them to an uncertain destiny.

Those who do not need to live the school of the end of times will no longer be here, because their learning is another.

Today I will ask you to trust in the Plan that God has for humanity.

May you trust in the steps that the Messengers of God make you walk. Trust in the path that We have pointed out to you, because in this time, the surrender and the absolute obedience to the Plan of God will count.

In this time, a total surrender to the Heart of the Father will count, because one false step could make you lose all of your evolution, in Heaven as well as on Earth.

I ask that you not be afraid to live the times that will come, that you be strong in God, that you be firm, because there is nothing to fear in establishing a new life. There is nothing to fear in establishing a new world if you are in God and trust in Him, and above all, obey His Designs and follow His Steps.

The Creator has His eyes upon the world, upon each one of His children.

His Heart accompanies you at each step, so that you do not weaken and do not lose yourselves in the illusions of this world and in the astuteness of His enemy.

The effort of humanity will count. Your will to transform and to surrender to God, children, will count, when you place all human will and all wants within the Divine Will so that you may be bearers of a Higher Purpose in this world.

Each day marks a new cycle, a new opportunity to mature and to grow in spirit.

Each day brings you a new Grace, that sometimes presents itself as a difficult test, as a challenge, as an invitation to go beyond yourselves.

If you accept the obstacles of this world as a great opportunity to surpass yourselves, of remaining in obedience to the Divine, of following God with all of your heart, I assure you that Heaven and Earth can pass and your spirits will remain in Him Who is Eternal.

It is time to lose the fear of being on Earth; replace it with the spiritual joy of serving God in the small things, of being a bearer of His Presence every day, in your families, in your homes, in your jobs, in your lives.

I have already told you many times that you do not need to go far to serve, because service is in everything, and all can be those who need to be served to live love and redemption.

More and more each day, children, this world is in need of instruments of God.

More and more each day the hearts of humankind are lost and cannot find themselves, cannot find a meaning in life, a reason for human existence, and ask themselves what they were created for.

Take this answer to humanity with your actions; take this answer with a pure heart, which knows that the reason for this life does not come from this world; it comes from the One Heart, truly Holy, which in order to surpass His own Love, manifested in the hearts of those who did not know how to love.

See, children, it is God who surpasses Himself within you everyday.

It is God that invites you to do a little more. Not for Him, but for evolution, for the whole, for a life that today is incomprehensible to you, because it is unknown to you.

Your minds are still very small and your hearts do not know their own greatness; that is why everything seems to be so complicated, so difficult or so distant.

But today I tell you that the one who seeks, even though not comprehending, even though not understanding, without being able to explain, will find and know the Mysteries of Universal Life.

They will know that all theories are to be found alive in the simple and true things that the human heart can express.

They will know that all the Portals of the Cosmos, which are described in the highest philosophies of this world, in truth only open up when the heart is simple and is pure before God.

Therefore, children, do seek knowledge and wisdom, but do not stop there, because in this time, it is better to cultivate the purity, the simplicity and the Truth in God.

A heart is of far greater value that goes beyond itself for the love of another, with patience and with understanding towards fellow beings, than the one who knows all the philosophies and knows all languages.

Much more valuable is a heart that surpasses itself for the love of another, with patience and with understanding towards the other, than the one who knows all the philosophies and knows all the languages.

Today I want to lead you to the simplicity of the heart; a simplicity that elevates you, in spite of demonstrating to you that it is not distant. A simplicity that elevates you from the inside out and not form the outside in.

I come to remove you from the abysses, from the despairs and from the emotions, so that you may find in the heart the harbor of equilibrium, and in that way, you understand the essence of life that is kept in simple things, in the simple and true acts of patience, of service, of love.

With My Words, let yourselves be liberated from that which causes you anguish, let your deepest wounds be healed, that day by day open through incomprehension and for not being able to come out of the point in which you find yourself.

Let My Heart show Itself to your eyes, to your souls and to your spirits, and tell them that It too was in a human body, that It too felt the sorrow and the difficulties of the Earth, that It too had to go beyond Itself with great effort, but that today It is here, before the Doors of Heaven, because It said yes to the humility and simplicity that come from God.

Let that Heart be mirrored in yours, and awaken within you Its resemblance, not with Me, but with That which I represent in coming to Earth; That which is behind My Consciousness, That which sends Me to the world.

May your hearts be reflected in the Heart of God and just as I, today, Am a reflection of that Holy Heart for humanity, may you, children, also be.

I come to the world with very simple words, with simple gestures that are full of God; and this is what God aspires that you live in this time, because there is no other way to  surpass the end of times, so feared by humanity.

It does not help to hide from the world, nor from yourselves, nor from God; because those who still remain on Earth must live what is theirs to live. Live it in a simple way, full of confidence, of faith, and of hope that when you are in God, His Plan is fulfilled.

You still have much to learn on this Earth. This school does not end now for many of you.

Therefore, children, lift your eyes Above, and let your gaze find The One who tirelessly observes you, The One who has His Eyes placed upon humanity day and night.

Let your gaze find the Gaze of the Father, Who created you to be perfect, in Love and in humility.

And thus, even though you do not perceive it, that you do not feel it, and do not find that perfection within you, it will be there, and everything will be fulfilled.

That is what I have to say to you. It is that way that I come to rescue you, elevate and heal you, so that you place your feet on the path of redemption and never remove them from there, until everything is consummated.

With My Words, with My Presence, I bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friday, September 15 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Soul of God, when the Lord calls you, go to meet Him. Never cease to listen to His Voice and to follow Him, because He will always have, for you, that which you most need.

Even though the tiredness of your body extends to your mind and your heart, do not let it wilt the love and the aspiration of being in Christ and with Him.

Your Lord and King, Master of the Essences created by the Father, comes to the world by a Superior Will to all will which is emanated in the Universe, so that the creatures reach the awakening, the redemption and, finally, the return to the Origin.For this reason, faithful and pilgrim soul, find rest and a dwelling in Him who is in everything and that you may find in all places, for He inhabits all things. Listen to the Voice of Your Lord when He calls you, and know that His Voice will not always be pronounced as sound and vibration, but His Word will also speak in the potency of silence.

Be, then, with your attention placed on God and on His Son, to recognize His Designs and His Guidance for this end of time. God is willing to guide all the steps of those who love Him and who follow Him. Therefore, pilgrim soul, open yourself to hear Him and follow Him beyond your possibilities, beyond this life, beyond this world.

As your Father and Friend, I invite you to walk on paths already trod by My Feet. To be today next to the Father, to the Son, and to the Celestial Mother, My Heart opened to hear the Voice of God, My Spirit opened to permeate matter, and My Humanity, poor and small, it opened to the absolute transcendence of its imperfection to find the Truth.

Let yourself today be inspired by these steps and, listening to the Voice of Christ, raise yourself to His Kingdom and live the unity with His Spirit of Love, so that it ceases to be a passing experience and becomes a constant life, a superior state of your small consciousness where, when you open to be nothing, you can then be everything, be all.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, September 8 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Put your heart into prayer and sustain peace. In spite of everything that is taking place in the world, child, if there is no peace in hearts, there is no way to open the doors for the action of a Higher Law, higher than everything that rules life on Earth today. For this reason, observe the world not with indifference or with eyes of illusion: see the events with true sight, of one who recognizes the planetary situation, but also knows that the Will of God will triumph beyond the chaos, and that what is most important in these times is to pray and work for the rescue of souls and of essences.

Keep your heart in peace and only obey the Purposes that descend from Heaven to guide souls. One day it will be necessary that there be conscious beings, within the chaos, to create a bridge there with the Universe of God, so that the Rays and the Divine Laws that will assist humanity can descend. But in order that the Creator can truly count on His children, these need to grow and mature in spirit, which means to be increasingly united with Divine Consciousness and to His Holy Celestial Will.

If you learn to obey, child, everything will be fulfilled just as God has designed for you and, as the Son of Man has said: “A thousand shall fall at your left hand and ten thousand at your right, but you will not be struck”. With this, the Lord was saying that spiritual fortitude, when it is real, is not shaken by the chaos of the world, with planetary purification nor even with its own. Thus, be ready to perceive that the moment so long expected by both Heaven and Earth has come. And even without being prepared for it, human beings will live it.

If you are part of a conscious minority of planetary reality, give thanks and allow yourself to be guided. Today, acute events are far from you because God is guiding you on the correct path. But tomorrow, child, this path may become narrower, because everything will happen beside you, and your steps must be ever straighter and more precise.

There is still time for you to awaken and to grow in spirit. Pray without ceasing, so that up to the last space of your consciousness, which has still not surrendered to God, is able to do so. In this way, My child, you will not run the risk of miss-stepping at the last minute because a hidden part of your consciousness had not been defined.

Seek to transform your depths, in the small and in the hidden, in order to reach the large. Carry peace to the most hidden spaces of your being and defeat those resistances that, in truth, reveal the fear that you still have of loving and of surrendering your heart to God.

Follow the steps of the Celestial Messengers and trust that everything will be built in you – even though you may not perceive it – so that you may be a triumph of God in this world of so much apparent darkness.

Your Father and Friend,

Who helps you to grow and always warns you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, September 1 of 2017

Weekly Messages

As long as the world agonizes, son, just pray and let your heart reach God.

The suffering will be great, and many will repent too late for not having looked to the Sky. May nothing disturb you, may nothing shake you or make you lose faith.

Put your heart in the goal of a new life, which will only arise in the world when it has purified itself, and from its fertile soil is removed that which prevented the growth of the seeds of light, deposited there by God.

Be sure, My son, that after all the purification, supported with love and hope, a new sun will come, a new life, a new opportunity to begin again with greater humility and surrender to God.

Your purification will reveal to you what needs to be transformed and healed within you, so that, knowing everything that it is not and that you thought to be, your heart may head towards the unveiling of the truth.

In the same way, the planet will also know everything that it is not and that it thought to be, for its arrogance and distance from God. Not everyone will have the strength to seek the truth and many will lose their mind for not having a reference in reality. But you, son, must be an eternal seeker of what is real, so that those who are blind, may find in you a light to persevere in life, in the true life, that comes from God, not from man. Therefore, do not tire of persisting and building within yourself a path to Truth.

Do not get sad for thinking that what you do is too little, when you barely transform yourself and, in truth, you would like to transform the world. What is real consolidates in the small and endures for centuries and in eternity.

Therefore, trust that the greatest service is to purify yourself first, persist and renounce the illusion every day, before the world is destabilized, so that, in this way, you may be a bearer of a Superior Life. When the time comes, you will understand that it was in the silence and in the anonymity that your service made the greatest echo in the planetary life and, beyond it, entered the Universes.  

He who helps you to persevere and overcome yourself, your Father and always Companion,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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