Sunday, January 31 of 2016

Daily messages

Devotional for Ecumenism
and Unity in the Human Consciousness

Union bead
for the union of humanity in Your Purpose of Love,
we beg for Your Presence
among the different nations, peoples and religions.
May the Universal Culture become a reality on Earth.

First decade
For the Power of the Divine Mercy
emanated from the Sacred Heart,
may all peoples, races, cultures and religions
reach redemption.

Second decade
For the sacrifice lived by Christ
and for the merits achieved by Him on the Cross,
may all nations awaken
to the experience of absolute Love.

Third decade
For the Power of Pity emanated by Christ
while descending from the Cross into the arms of the Virgin Mary,
may all cultures, religions, creeds and nations
unite to pour out the Grace of God
upon the most forgotten and lost
among humankind and the Kingdoms of Nature.

Fourth decade
For the Power of the Pure Love
that resurrected each cell of Christ
and allowed Him to defeat death,
may all religions be reborn
in the Principle of Purity.

Fifth decade
For the absolute Grace that the Creator
grants us through the return of His Son,
may all peoples awaken, all hearts open
and all languages proclaim, in one language,
the Unity with God, by means of the Resplendent Christ.

Each day that passes by, humanity separates more from God and, as a result, from one another, strengthening individuality and the lack of love in a world that should emanate the Principle of Unity throughout the Cosmos. For this reason, I will ask you to pray for all religions, all nations, all races and all cultures.

May the creatures that were one day born from the Divine Consciousness be able to return to It.

May the different expressions of God on Earth find the purity of their original impulse.

May everything be according to the Will of the Creator in the new cycle of Earth; may everything be according to His Divine Principles.

Pray with love and with the heart because the two missions that you are currently experiencing are opening a door so that humanity may awaken to respect and unity with one another, and with God.

I love you and I wait for you in prayer.

I will pray with you every day and for all Eternity.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Saturday, January 30 of 2016

Daily messages

The Heavens open themselves to receive the offers of humanity.

Being sincere of heart, Mercy descends again in lands that are already living in the Divine Justice. Merciful acts are those which unite you to the Consciousness of Christ, The One who is Mercy Itself.

A humanitarian mission, children, is more than a social act, because I am talking to you about a request of God, a renovation and an awakening of a commitment that His Creatures have towards Him. As much as you are before two missions in which you meet cultures extremely different from yours, the souls recognize unity and the spirits are touched by the love that permeates their acts.

When you serve from the heart, you balance many evils, not only of those who you are serving. The love that you radiate touches those who are around you and permeates the life of spirit; it replaces the mistakes and debts of the nations for divine merits of redemption, of salvation and of mercy. If, in truth, everyone opened themselves to the missionary spirit, you would understand what I tell you.

Today I want you to know that the missionaries in Turkey have already become an instrument in the Hands of God because their spirits recognize that the service they are providing is not for themselves. Experience and the years have taken them to the consecration of life to the acts of Mercy, and in this way they have become, as a group, a bridge for the Mercy of the Creator to descend to Earth. But they are only 14 and they cannot multiply themselves in all the nations that must consecrate themselves to God through service and through prayer. Therefore, when I call you to service, listen to My Voice.

None of the missionaries in Turkey is perfect; none of them knew how to serve from the beginning, but the resistances were broken by love, and today, when they are before a mission asked by God, they can transcend their individualities and miseries in order to be bearers of the Divine Mercy.

We do not expect that the different missions that we ask for, have the same success, but that you do open yourselves to the missionary spirit that the consciousness-group of this Work of Love have already achieved over the past few years.

I wish the missionary spirit would expand itself beyond Brazil, and mostly Uruguay and Argentina would encourage themselves to transcend the atavisms to serve the neighbor and to discover in service a prompt transformation, the unity with God and with the neighbor, the transmutation and the liberation of these nations from all the mistakes committed in the past. Because, although the Earth has to restart, it needs to have a starting point, and you must leave in it a fertile soil, so that those who will come afterwards sow the seeds of a new time.

I love you and I only ask you to trust in what I tell you and that you do not be afraid to answer to the celestial requests. In these times, every effort is little to fulfill the goal which you have been responsible to fulfill since the beginning of this race.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Thursday, January 28 of 2016

Daily messages

Maturity when you are serving arises from the understanding that a service that is provided responding to a request of God transcends matter and has its true purpose in spirit. When the Creator sends you to serve, you must be conscious that you are mere instruments in His hands, since – in order to balance the great human karma – it is necessary to be the members of humanity themselves the ones acting and interceding in this act of balance.

What do you fear when we send you to serve? Are you, by any chance, thinking that your hands will be the ones to act?

No longer lose time with expectations, anxieties, or even with prides and vanities. Focus on being true, simple, obedient, meek, vigilant, and peaceful. Focus on being united to God and on thinking of Him all the time and not of yourselves.

When you are before an act of service, do not be confused. Confusion comes from the lack of clarity of purpose of your actions. If you focus your attention on God, soon you will see how He will open the paths and will show you a greater necessity, which suddenly will not be that one you were thinking.

Both cases of the Middle East and of Chaco, your brothers and sisters need to be listened to and to find, in you, a bridge to something higher. Donate encouragement, donate hope, donate peace of heart. Do not show yourselves immature, insecure or without a purpose, because you are being closely guided by Our Words as well as by the intuition and by heart, vehicles we always use to conduct you. For this reason, let yourselves be internally guided.

Trust in those who we have elected to coordinate you and direct you in each mission, because to those hearts, we are united in a special way. Do not have great ideas or do not want to accomplish heroic services to tell at the end, because the true mission, which happens in spirit, will be known by few. And it will be admired only by God, because humanity still has not learned to love the life of the spirit and, even though it may know the spiritual facts, it will have little interest if there are not material results.

For this reason, I ask you once more to be more humble and obedient, more united of heart to each other, and all to the Most High God. In this way, the Purpose of God will be fulfilled.

The One who loves you and guides you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

May all those who aspire to be missionaries of the Plan of God listen to these words and learn to serve. Truly attentive spirits never think that I am speaking to others, but rather accept all is directed at them; for this reason, they grow and mature as God expects. 



Monday, January 25 of 2016

Daily messages

Learn to find in the indigenous consciousness not the decadence of a people that once lived in the plenitude of this world, but rather contemplate before them the persistence of a people that resisted the colonizations and the persecutions and held on to their own culture even when the world sought to "educate" them and institute another way of life for them.

Contemplate the part of the consciousness of those peoples that is not corrupted, that is kept pure, simple and true. Perceive that something higher sustains them until today. Do not just see how modern life tries to reach into the different communities. Look for what you must learn and bring a different lesson to ordinary humanity, for human beings that call themselves civilized, in their majority, only see the native peoples as something lower and with certain indifference observe that they are disappearing in the world.

It is the forces of chaos that, little by little, manage to remove from the planet the principles that sustain it.

The few that knew how to love the original peoples many times fed the resentment and pain in their hearts for not being understood by the current civilization of the world, without perceiving that the true help that must be given to these peoples is to strengthen their purity and encourage them to be true.

In the mission to Chaco, you will find many lacks, poverty, hunger, abandonment. But besides providing them with the basic needs, you must fulfill a spiritual mission: strengthen the spirit of purity of these brothers and sisters and announce to the world the importance of living in fraternity and unity with the different expressions of God on the Earth.

I would like many others to feel encouraged to go on this mission, to continue carrying out services in other places of the world where the indigenous consciousness is in need of assistance.

To help maintain the native peoples on this planet is to help the planet itself to keep its balance.

If all nations awakened to serve the native peoples that is theirs to care for, many imbalances could be adjusted on the Earth.

The simple act of fraternallly and lovingly sharing assistance, will gradually heal the so wounded and forgotten group consciousness of the indigenous peoples.

It is for this reason that I invite all beings to a spiritual mission: to sustain, with service and prayer, the indigenous peoples and offer the Father your own service as an attempt to maintain the balance of the planet.

In a time of such great atrocities, all efforts on the part of the few that are awake will be like a lifeline for humanity.

If you do what I tell you, you will soon understand the importance of the indigenous consciousness for the planet and, crossing through the portals to the Kingdom of the Spirit, in the Sublime Worlds, perhaps you will see that the one pointing to the entryway of the path is that brother or sister that you once clothed, fed and healed in an indigenous village.

For the discovery of the value of each people and the expression of the different cultures of the Earth,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Monday, January 18 of 2016

Daily messages

Many ask themselves where the unity will come from between the different cultures, religions, races and nations. How can such diversity be united?

Few have discovered the power of the Love of God and almost no one lives the truth which is to know that if such an infinite God was capable of creating such diversity, He can be found in all things and also in the different religions inspired by Him.

The creatures are inside of the consciousness of God and God in them, but the ignorance that closed their eyes does not allow them to see that the Creator is there, in the depth. And so they live an illusion, a life apart from Him, only because they do not know that He is in all that was created. They do not see Him and do not feel Him because they have not opened to know He is in the interior of the beings.

The Creator, in His immeasurable possibility of loving, throughout the existence of humanity, created many religions. Each one would conduct a certain part of His Creation, but – if they keep His Essence alive – all would lead to one purpose.

When Mary says She will unite, in Her Immaculate Heart, the different religions, peoples and races, that does not mean that everybody will recognize the person of Mary as Mother of God. Mary is the Unity itself, because Her mantle protects, in itself, all the Creation. As unity, She leads the different religions to Love which is the Principle that expresses Her Son.

Many may not recognize the person of Christ as the Path, the Truth and the Life, but those who believe in Love and live in Love are in Christ without knowing it.

The Love which Christ expresses transcends the existence of the person of Jesus. The Unity which Mary expresses transcends the person of Mary. They are no longer a material part of a Creation. Those who came from One Single Spirit manifested themselves on Earth to construct a path, to express an archetype, to give a living example and now, in the different scales of the evolution, they continue giving examples and leaving Their footprints in all dimensions, so that even the angels could follow Their steps.

The principles of Love and Unity are possible to be lived for all true religions, including those who do not have a religion guided by an institution but who in their hearts seek to connect themselves with God all the time, by Love and Unity. This is how Christ and Mary lead humanity.

Being a Christian is more than believing in Christ. If you want to reach the religion of the heart, in which all are brothers, children of one single God, believe in Love and Unity.

Love and Unity will lead you to the Origin. This is the reason of the human existence: to live these two universal attributes that once became flesh and today have returned to the Purest Heart of the Creator, so that every living creature, from the matter to the spirit, can return to God.

I want you to announce to the world there is one single God and He unites you in the principles of Love and of Unity. It does not matter if the path is apparently different, because some will be more open to follow the steps of Mohammed; others of Buddha, others of Christ, others of Mary, but all can be united, in spirit, in the Purpose of God for humanity, which is only one: Love and Unity to reach Him.

Live with this certainty in your hearts and do not doubt for one instant the possibility that God, from which comes all things, can return to Himself, all that He once created.

I love you, bless you and ask you to keep praying for Peace on the planet. Remember, every day, that your spirits already live in God and that, just by being aware of His presence inside of you, you are already bearers of the greatest mystery of love and of mercy of this creation.

Pray for those who do not know the Love of God and for those who believe they love Him, but do not know the true Love and the true Unity that lead to the Creator.

Your Father and Companion, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Sunday, January 17 of 2016

Daily messages

While the enemy tries to strengthen the lust for material power and discord between nations and the different religions of the world, may those who are still lucid and firm in the aspiration of following the divine purpose strengthen their conviction that the only Power is the one that comes from God and that all religions that lead to the Father must be respected.

Children, understand that the spirit of this next mission to the Middle East, as also to Chaco, is the unity, the possibility of being united in love and respect to the different cultures and ways of revering God, who is the Only One.

If the souls walk to God under the spirit of love, fraternity and of unity with the neighbor, it does not matter how you go through this path, because – when the time comes – God Himself will unite all paths opened by Him throughout the human existence to merge them into a single destiny, which is love and unity with Him.

The most important thing is giving an example, to the world, of the possibility of love existing between different religions, cultures and nations. It does not matter if Christians are persecuted in the Middle East: the fact that the Christians of the West continue helping this people, with the intention of dissolving the hatred that expands in the hearts, it is a great act for God, which will balance many evils of the planet.

As the missionaries are going to the Middle East, may all the prayerful beings of the world accompany them with their hearts and unite themselves to this purpose to truly pray for the different religions, to strengthen themselves in their essences of union with the Only God, who is the God of Love and of Truth.

Children, do not allow that the enemy reach his goal of destructing, from the human heart, the Faith in your religions and the essence of all of them. May all the true religions, which are those that lead to God, keep their purity and their essence alive, so that they keep reconnecting souls to the Creator, as it is the purpose of the existence of each one of them. Also in Chaco, in Argentina, you must learn the religion of the heart, that which transcends institutions and is based only on the true meaning of the word, which is to reconnect yourself.

May, little by little, love and respect be planted in the human consciousness. This is the Will of God for this time. May, despite all differences, there be unity among the beings. May the different paths be ways of conducting different souls to only one purpose: love and unity with God.

If you learn to give your lives for your friends, to love and to forgive above all things, you will be living the Christic principles, even inside of other religions. It is this way that the consciousness reaches Christification, even though it only comes to understand the essence of its experience when it transcends the physical level of this world.

Christ is hidden in the essence of all the true religions because who lives in Love, lives in Christ.

I love you and bless you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Saturday, January 16 of 2016

Daily messages

We were doing a group task with all the members of the Community of Fraternity, in Uruguay, where we live, and we concluded the work journey with the reception of the daily message of Saint Joseph. Although He had arrived from the Middle East, from a refugee camp, Saint Joseph transmitted us a message specially directed to the Communities of Light, but, as He Himself explained to us, it may be applicable to all those who consider themselves as servers of God and consecrated to His Plan. May all those who read this message practice these words, adapting them to their own lives. This was a request of Saint Joseph.

Fraternity is something that should characterize this world, an attribute that all the beings of Earth should carry in their interior, for it to become the starting point for the experience of the Christic love. In order to give your lives for your friends, first you must learn to be fraternal.

There are beings who can be fraternal by the nature of their own spirits, but others will have to sweat their own egos a lot, in a hard work of transcendence of their own opinions, wills and necessities; they will have to live a true renovation of what they call priorities of their lives.

The priority of the incarnated human beings in this world should be, in truth, the perfect experience of love and of unity – to one another, each one with God and all with Him. Having this as the only priority, everything else should be adapted.

If you think you have a greater necessity than living fraternity and love, start to meditate right away about the reason for your lives and the purpose of your existences in the world.

Seek, for a moment, the reason why you wake up every day. Why do you work, study, eat, drink, build houses, schedule your days, make plans? What is the true meaning of all that?

You must not think that life restricts its purpose to your simple necessity of being alive and comfortable in this world! Or do you?

If the soul does not find a superior purpose for which getting up every day, it starts to lose interest in life.

You must make of this experience on Earth a permanent act of renovation, of transcendence, of breakthrough, of freedom, in God, to love. Freedom of yourselves, so that you can give yourselves to the neighbor without limits and without restrictions.

Everyone thinks they live for a superior purpose. Everyone believes they are in the world to learn love, but when they are before the food on the table, they try to quickly take the best for themselves. If they see that somebody else needs help, they pretend they are not seeing it.

If they go to a group task, they quickly seek that one they like the most or that one they mostly need. Are not there some other brother or sister who would need, more than you, to put their feet on the ground and take care of a flower, while you could do some other task inside the house?

Those who live in the communities know what I mean. I ask for forgiveness to those who will not understand My words and I take some time to instruct those souls, so beloved by God, who have decided to surrender their lives for the fulfillment of His Plans and who must reflect if they are really doing it.

These words will serve for all those who consider themselves servers of the Plan and consecrated to God, because they must take them to their own daily routines and make them meditate about themselves, never about the other. So, truly think: are you here to serve the Plan or to live your transformation and nothing else?

Since we spoke about the Christs of the new time, are some of you working for the Christification of others or do you only think about the possibility of being yourselves such Christs? You must realize that, even being this, a superior purpose, you are thinking about yourselves.

If you need to be alone and somebody needs your presence, will you pretend you are not seeing him or her? If you want to sleep early and there is another one who has not finished their duties, will you think: “it is better to be just one tired person than two”?

Dears, I speak to you as a father, because I know that the souls want to grow and they must do it. The times of definition are no longer knocking on the door, because they have entered your houses and are demanding from all a truly spiritual life.

If humanity does not take a step towards the true fraternity and towards love and keeps partially surrendered to God – when it can say it has surrendered something –, the Plan will never be fulfilled, as the Lord expects to be fulfilled.

God silences Himself and seeks to find you in the most profound essence of your hearts. Has anybody sought Him? Have you created conditions so that your brothers and sisters can do it?

Reflect if the true purpose of your souls is the life of spirit.

Do you want to construct an island of salvation and of rescue? So, rescue – while there is time – your own spiritual life.

I love you and that is why I tell you all these things. May each one take them to themselves.

Your Father and Friend, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, January 15 of 2016

Daily messages

Before all that happens in the world, the Messengers of God are trying to teach humanity how to intervene in aid of the souls.

Dear companions, throughout the centuries of your existence, humankind has almost always answered to the wars generating bigger wars and has tried to confront the false power with the same false power, without realizing that only the Power that comes from God can balance all things.

It is a divine aspiration that the planet do not be indifferent to what is happening in the Middle East, but not so that humankind may react with wars and respond to the hatred that permeates the hearts of the people present there sending an even heavier burden of hatred.

Do you realize that this has always been the strategy of the enemy? To generate such atrocity in the cities and such lack of love among humans, so that this hatred would expand itself to all beings and all would respond with the same level of terrorism.

In the beginning of all this chaos, many were impressed with the degree of wickedness of the human heart, when they saw the ways some people tortured and murdered the neighbor; but now, such is the hatred that is expanding itself through the hearts, that those who were impressed before with these actions would be capable of doing the same with the said murderers. That is why, children, God calls you to the awakening. Do not let yourselves be influenced by the evil of the world. Keep your consciousnesses fixed on the goodness and your hearts united to the One who was crowned with thorns in silence.

We call you to react to what happens in the whole world – and, mostly, in the Middle East – not with hatred and with resentment, but with absolute love. Dissolve resentment from your hearts, learn to forgive, in the small things, those who are closer to you. Learn to be brothers and sisters of each other, under the spirit of unity and of fraternity, and watch yourselves more precisely each time, so that neither in the small nor in the great things you are unfaithful to the principles of love that you have elected to live.

United to the Divine Messengers in a great chain of love for humanity. Serve, forgive, reconcile, love, send to the world messages of peace, and live this peace. Be examples of a true effort for living the goodness, and no longer allow yourselves to surrender to hatred and to lack of love only for your inability of being humble.

Abandon your pride and your will of defeating the others and standing out with your own behaviors, because these are the same conducts, the one that manifest themselves in your day by day, that, in greater proportions, generate the wars and the conflicts in the world.

It is time of growing in order to learn how to serve God. It is time to be humble, so that your pride does not make the planet sink, once more, in the sea of chaos and of evil.

Persevere and overcome yourselves. Put aside the childish and retrograde codes of pride and arrogance and allow that the Grace of living in peace and fraternity be a reality in your lives.

For the salvation of humanity,

Your Friend and Instructor, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Thursday, January 14 of 2016

Daily messages

While we were praying I saw Saint Joseph, first in the Middle East, dressed as a Muslim and with a cloth around his head. He was walking in the desert, accompanying different families who were emigrating, putting in His arms the children who were most tired of walking, and helping them. Afterwards, I saw Him in other cities, in big cities, helping people on the streets and only accompanying them, as someone who was simply passing by there. I also saw Him in different indigenous villages and when He appeared, He was surrounded by indigenous children who looked to be between three and eight years old. While Saint Joseph was transmitting the daily message, the children who were accompanying Him, spiritually radiated Light to the different indigenous tribes of the world.

       Dear companions in Christ, Missionaries of love on this Earth in so much need of aid and of peace,

Today I come to you with joy, but also with much regret in the depth of My Chaste Heart. I come with joy because I knew that, when arriving to the world, I would find beings that are willing to be with Me wherever it is necessary. I come with regret because I cannot be indifferent to all that happens in the world and also in the universe as a repercussion of the events of the Earth.

Today I do not come only from the Middle East, I come from many places of this vast planet, where I can walk beyond the borders, since for Me they do not exist. I come mostly from the region of Chaco, in Argentina, and also from other villages and tribes of original peoples that humanity still does not know. And I am not alone, because I have brought to you the little ones who – from the plans of the spirit – radiate their purity to those human beings who have the mission to keep guarding the presence of the indigenous consciousness on the planet, so that purity and simplicity do not disappear from the human heart.

Many think that it would not be necessary to carry out two missions at the same time, and lucubrate thoughts, imagining the reason why we have asked a mission to the Chaco, since the missionaries are already going so far, to the Middle East.

I know that the typical ignorance of the ordinary human mind often does not allow you to think and feel like the Creator of all things thinks and feels. That is why I will explain some truths to you, with My request that you observe them and learn from them, so that when your time arrives, with its own discernments, you make important decisions – time in which We will no longer be able to dictate all the steps as now.

The indigenous consciousness, in general, has an important mission of guarding the purity in humanity and also the possibility of understanding nature and, by the means of it, finding God. The indigenous are guardians of unity, of life in community, in a peaceful and loving way. Throughout times, many were losing these attributes and the customs of the current humanity were influencing the different indigenous communities of the world.

In Argentina, the region of Chaco, as other places, is a space of the consciousness of the nation that – despite the abandonment and the suffering which it lives – has not lost the essence of what it is and keeps being a guardian of the purity, mainly for this nation.

As South America has a primordial role in the end of times, if Argentina itself does not take care of the treasure it has in Chaco, it might lose the possibility of living simplicity, humility, peace and purity, attributes that are primordial for the emergence of a new race.

This mission of consecrating the Americas to God is a responsibility of all those who correspond to this Work of the Lord, and you must be aware that which each people fulfills a primordial role in the construction of the New Earth.

Why do we send the missionaries to Chaco and, at the same time, to the Middle East? Because, while some will try to heal the pain, the suffering and the resentment of the beings who have left their lands, their homes, others will go to a similar situation of people who have also been removed from their lands and, however, have not lost hope.

May the purity of your indigenous brothers and sisters be radiated to the Middle East and may, thanks to the different missionaries who will compose these two missions and all the prayer groups that will support them, a connection of love and unity may happen, so that, through service, love strengthens the population of Chaco and so that the purity of this people, strengthened by love, reach the Middle East as a hope that, one day, they be able to live fraternity.

May in these two missions, both peoples rekindle hope of being among brothers and sister, in a world of cooperation, of fraternity, of unity with one another and all with God. All this can be achieved with the purity of intention and the heart united, perfectly, to the Heart of God, from where comes all the principles and archetypes for humanity.

Go ahead, missionaries of Christ, of Mary and of My Most Chaste Heart. We will be in Omnipresence with all, watching over the fulfillment of the Divine Purpose.

Your Father and Friend, Missionary of all hours,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Wednesday, January 13 of 2016

Daily messages

While the whole universe mobilizes itself to help humanity somehow, and even the Creator descends to the Earth among men and women by means of His Messengers, do not be indifferent and no longer live your small life as you have always lived.

Beloved child, I know that it costs a lot for your consciousness to awaken to a spiritual reality of life, in which all that you seek to live finds a meaning, but if your heart, your mind and your feelings do not get out, even if it is just a little bit, from the material concerns and from all that involves you in relation to life on Earth, in a short time your spiritual path will lose the meaning.

If you do not seek now to understand how the events in the level of the spirit move and how is more real what happens in the superior dimensions than in the density of matter, in face of the terrible chaos which precipitates itself upon the Earth you run the risk of getting involved in such a way with these events that it will seem to you that it is not worth it at all that you pray and clamor to God. While the Lord expects an absolute transformation from you, you will wait for Him to come and solve everything for you, only for the fact that you emit some prayers every day.

Praying is a primordial action for your life, but it must be followed by serving, by acting, by transcending, by transforming, by being and by appearing.

Child, understand that this final battle has already started in the level of the spirit and that, much as many times you do not realize it and keeps on living as if nothing different were happening, it does not mean that your consciousness is not being participant of this universal event.

The moment has arrived to mature and not only to be moved by the current planetary situation, because what good does it do to God and to His Plan that you cry for the lack of welcoming and fraternity of the others and that you pray some “Hail Maries” for the Middle East if, after your prayers, you show that the codes of non fraternity and lack of love are also inside of you?

No longer cry neither for yourself nor for the current planetary situation, because in truth you are completely unaware the severity of these times. Do whatever is within your reach to transform, even if it is with a dropper, the life in this world.

Be fraternal, be loving, be servant, live holiness, live the unity with God. This is what will allow the Divine Messengers to keep intervening for the world, for those who most need and who are not always the ones you have thought about.

What is necessary now is that humanity generates merits to balance the evil of the world; therefore, forgive, love, reconcile to each other, support with your prayers – and with what you can – the missions We have asked to be carried out.

Focus on the details and on the small things and construct a firm basis so that you have, some day, the possibility of acting in great things. In the meantime, allow to carry out great works Those who can do them, because they have already transcended the small learning of the material life and now they return to the world to help it, I mean the Messengers sent by God.

Do not cease to be simple and humble. This worth more than any great action.

Your Father and Companion, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Tuesday, January 12 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear child,

Every day, strengthen in your interior the certainty of the existence of a superior life and of a purpose that transcends matter and the superficialities impregnated in it.

In these times, many will strengthen illusions, the disproportioned pleasures and the absolute usufruct. The big companies that dominate the ordinary mind of humanity with their influences inspired by the forces of chaos – in the same way that the false governments of this world – will encourage humanity to seek pleasure above life itself.

When the change of the planetary cycle becomes visible even to the blind of heart, Light will call Its children to Itself, and darkness will also want to strengthen its reign. You, as a child of Light, must be a beacon which illuminates the path of the lost ones and indicates them the goal.

Do not let yourself be carried out by the despair of humanity or even by the anxiety of “gratifying yourself while there is time”, because this will be the motto of the dark ones in the end of all.

Seek to be lucid amongst all and, much as those who you love follow other paths, remain yourself firmly in the purpose of reaching God.

Child, never think it is not worthy to keep spiritual principles and try to find God in a world that has drifted away so much from Him. Much as the world around you seems to be ending, the principle of all, the seed that will impregnate the New Earth will be inside of you and, while you still remain steady despite yourself, it will never die.

God is alive in the interior of all His Creatures, but He only acts by means of those who believe in this truth and remain in it, even if they seem to be the only ones with this certainty.

The things I tell you, child, you may find today in the world around you or tomorrow beside you. For this reason, assimilate what I tell you and consolidate inside of you the absolute conviction of the triumph of God on Earth.

Much as this war may not be visible to your eyes in this moment because of your spiritual immaturity, just trust and grow. Mature your spirit with foundations sanctified by the impulses of the Divine Messengers and you will be, yourself, the Living Principle of a perfect Creation in this world.

Like you, there will be others; and from you all will raise the New Humanity. For this reason, be brave and persevere. Do not stop working, we are counting on you in this army of love, peace and renovation for the Earth.

Your Father and Friend, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Monday, January 11 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear companions in Christ,

I know that many believe we repeat the same words many times, and ask themselves why we do this.

Is that not so because you still have not opened yourselves to the essence of the learning and remain in the superficiality of understanding, but not in the depth of living? Is that so because you remain with the information inside your mind, believing that knowing is the same as being?

I come to talk about silence, this one that is so little understood and lived by humanity, mostly in the West of the planet.

I come to talk to you about silence as a quest for emptiness and for the path to humility. I want you to understand silence as something that takes you out from yourselves and not something that encloses you in your own navels.

The badly lived silence makes you selfish, full of judgments about the others and with a subtle feeling of superiority. This is a false silence, which shuts the mouth, but makes the mind and the lowest aspect of the being get out of control. This is a silence which is forced, a silence which oppresses, a silence which – starting from the lack of peace and being generated by forced and conflicted means – will never bring peace to the spirit and even less to the planet.

The silence that I mean is the one which the soul starts to seek when it does not find a way out for its imperfections and can no longer stand being with itself. For this reason it walks eagerly to elevation, to God who is the Word and, at the same time, the Silence itself, which supports all that was created in His mysterious sound without noise.

In these times of purification, the silence will be a master key that – by being combined with service and fraternal charity – will never allow that you lose the path.

In the midst of so many imperfections, which are at the same time so tangible and so illusory, the soul will only be able to get out of the confusion that involves it, seeking silence, silencing the tumult of the inner expurgation, in order to live its own evolution in a way that is more peaceful and harmonious, conscious and effective.

You must not seek silence as muteness and think that everything is already solved. Silence is the means. Elevation is what encourages you. But the encounter with God is the true goal.

If you live silence in the intention of elevating yourselves in order to bring a little more peace to the world, you will help humanity to take its steps. And if, in addition to the silence, you live the fraternal charity, you will know when your words will be necessary.

Speaking will become an act of charity. You will know the moment of laughing, of being sober, of encouraging or retreating yourselves, of giving an opinion or of just watching.

I call you to seek balance for love to the planet and not only for yourselves.

If you are already tired of your own abyss, try being more silent, as a permanent quest for God who hides Himself in His Creation.

If you still do not understand what I tell you today, try to live these words and to read them again after some time. You will see how the consciousness will find itself in another point of understanding.

Your Father and Instructor, Friend of the Silence that leads to God and shows the hearts the most profound necessities of the neighbor.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Sunday, January 10 of 2016

Daily messages


If you want to see fraternity being the premise for the human relationships in the world, elect to be fraternal above all your needs. You already know how to do it and how to be it, but you still have not been willing to come out of your comfort for this.

I know that, for many, it is beautiful to admire the spirit of service and of charity in the other, and it is much easier to think that, for yourself, it will happen in another way, because you will be fraternal and charitable based on your points of view, but not as God calls you to live.

Your consciousness has already a sufficiently resounding voice in your interior to indicate you the path and show you the moment and the situations that need you. Be mature to promptly say “yes” and to assume an act of charity, as simple as it may be, as the most important one.

Learn to be in the present without immaturity, and yes, to take your responsibilities and to watch over the task you have been assigned to, but never ceasing to help the neighbor, when any situation presents itself.

Remember that, before being an entrepreneur of Christ, you are His servant. For this reason, before thinking about the achievement of your own goals, even if they are for the Lord, be humble and a servant of the Christ who inhabits in the interior of your brothers and sisters and who hide Himself in the hidden side of all things. If you proceed like this, you already will see how great goal will achieve the Lord by means of you, who does not only have the appearance, but also the spirit in Christ.

Do not go about observing your brothers and sisters: be yourself unique, different, authentic and true in all things, trying to live what you already know, without expecting the others to do it. Because you also know that everything needs an engine to impel to transformation. Be yourself this living engine, encouraged by the Spirit of Christ.

Give your tiredness to the arms of charity and elect to yourself the eternal rest and not the temporary one. It will no longer be the resting that will nourish your bodies in these times, because it will only be the fullness in the Spirit of God and the experience of the Gospel of Christ that will keep you standing up. Therefore, be as you have studied.

Do not let any indication of your inner world to pass unnoticed to you: respond to the voice of the heart in everything; thus, it will speak each day louder within you.

Your Father and Companion, your Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Saturday, January 9 of 2016

Daily messages


Do not let your days become mechanical and your life, common, “ordinary” to your heart. Do not let the rhythm make you automatic and the repetition of the actions remove the spontaneity from your being.

Observe yourself so that you do not get used to the chaos and to the internal and external disorder, so that the Armageddon of the planet do not become something normal to you and you lose the sense of your role in the Plan of God, such as many have already lost it.

You know it is human nature to seek adapting itself and accommodating itself to all the situations that present themselves in life, but this accommodation is a fruit of the influence of the forces of the inertia that do not allow the evolution of the consciousness.

Most human beings are, in this moment, trying to get used to violence, to terror and to the current chaos of the planet. Those who are minimally awake should be eager to remove their brothers and sisters from the sleep, because numbness is involving humanity.

Child, I tell you that so that you do not seek a comfortable, easy or “normal” space for yourself in order that your consciousness does not live the typical tension of these times. On the contrary, affirm to your sleepy cells that it is time to awaken and live in Christ each second, as if it were the last one.

It is time to listen to each message as if it were the last one and to seek living them as if it were the last moment to do it, because – in truth – it is.

Do not seek to adapt your bodies to the daily tension as a way not to feel bothered by the harassment of darkness, because from the moment you accommodate yourself in this current planetary scenario, the victory of the chaos will prevail in you.

Child, seek only to find the inner peace. Find your fortress in the divine purpose of the existence of this planetary cycle and be firm to bear all the currents that may descend to the world.

Do not fear to waver and, even, to fall; just stand up each time, because also Your Lord fell more than three times.

For the awakening of the human heart,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, January 8 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear companions in Christ,

I would like to talk to you about the greatness of Creation and the celestial mysteries. I would like to reveal to you the love that fulfills the stars and animates the universes, so that you see yourselves strengthened and guarded by a higher purpose, so that you fulfill your own missions in the end of cycle on Earth.

With My words, each day I expect that your consciousnesses reach a level of understanding which transcends the limits of the human mind. I try to make you understand the magnitude of the Plan of God and how this Plan cannot start and finish in the existence of this world.

I know that many need the simple words so that they can understand and engage themselves in the task of recue of the Divine Messengers. Many prefer not to believe Our words and in Our presences when we reveal to you something you do not understand and that do not adjust itself to what you already know. However, I ask you not to try to reduce the greatness of God to the understanding of the human mind. Do not try to compare the Love of the One and Only with your own ability of loving. And do not expect that the Creation of God restrict itself to the existence of this small planet, when so vast is the universe.

What for would exist so many stars and galaxies if not for the different expressions of the Love of God in His creatures to inhabit in them? Or do you think by any chance that the stars exist so that they can be contemplated by the humankind in the sky of Earth?

While a great change precipitates itself in the world, the Divine Messengers will try to elevate the understanding and the knowledge of humanity. They will try to open the eyes of the human heart to the truths that cannot be seen with the material eyes.

This will so because only the certainty of a superior purpose and of a superior life, which supports you, will give you strength to live the times that will come. Without a higher understanding about the Plans of God, your lives will become meaningless, such as life has become meaningless to many youngsters and adults who did not find a reason to be in this world.

If you are strengthened by the hope of a spiritual and divine goal, you will be able to persevere and keep yourselves firm to overcome the obstacle with love, forgiveness and braveness. And, when it is time, you will be able to reconstruct the world with the proper courage and with the principles of the spirit.

You will know that you are never alone and you will be able to count on the help of Brothers of yours who observe the world and wait, with holy hope, for the Earth to live its learning.

In love and peace, preparing your hearts,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Thursday, January 7 of 2016

Daily messages

In both, the message of yesterday and the message of today, Saint Joseph makes an analogy between the Passion of Christ and the Armageddon, which He called as Planetary Passion. Today, He showed us the resemblance between the performance of the Cyrenian in the Passion of Christ and the Kingdoms of Nature in the Planetary Passion, explaining to us that the different phenomena of nature which will happen in the world are not a punishment or a way to prolong the human suffering, they will be the vehicle that will give us the possibility of surrendering all for love to God.

Saint Joseph was telling us that, at the same time that nature will spiritually sustain the human consciousness, it will also create the conditions for us to get where we must get in our learning, thanks to the different climatic movements that we will live. He was telling us that for us to be able to follow the transition of the planet with the correct view.

He is trying to lead humanity to be before this Planetary Passion with the same intention and understanding of Christ during His Passion, in other words, not feeling itself punished or martyrized, but offering each step with the cross for the triumph of God in the world, overcoming the pain thanks to love.

The Kingdoms of Nature will also live the Planetary Passion, the so-called Armageddon. They will share the cross of the world with the human beings, as the Cyrenian sustained the cross of Christ and walked with Him until the Golgotha.

The Kingdoms of Nature will learn with the human experience and this learning will remain marked in the individual and group consciousness of each species. This means that when it comes the moment of the individualization of the consciousness for the Minor Kingdoms that have shared the evolution of Earth in end of times, this individual consciousness will carry, in itself, the codes of surrender, donation, sacrifice and forgiveness lived in these times.

The Kingdoms of Nature, as well as the Cyrenian, will not be able to avoid the apex of the crucifixion: they will sustain the human consciousness and they will create the conditions so that it lives its learning. Besides that, they will conduct the humankind through the Calvary of the Armageddon and, much as, for many, it may seem that nature is the responsible for the human suffering, those who know the truth will know that nature is the vehicle for the achievement of the human learning, it is the Cyrenian who allows that humanity lives its learning and reaches the apex of the cross, in the absolute and total surrender for love to God and to the achievement of His Plan.

At the time of Christ, many thought that the Cyrenian extended the suffering of Jesus, not letting Him die on the path and conducting Him to a greater moment of pain and anguish, that was the crucifixion. Others know that the Cyrenian was the one who, as the angels, allowed Jesus to arrive to Golgotha with the cross, and there pour out until the last drop of His Blood, out of love to humanity and to all the creation, giving the example, to all that was created, of how the Love of God acts.

In the time of the Armageddon, of the Planetary Passion, the Kingdoms of Nature will lead you to surrender all for love. Those who embrace with gratitude the cross of the world and open themselves to the magnanimous expression of Love and of Forgiveness will understand the movement of nature and will thank Mother Earth for conducting them to the victory of the Most High God.

May the Teaching strengthen your hearts and dissipate your fears.

I bless you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, this one Who prepares and instructs you for the times that will come



Wednesday, January 6 of 2016

Daily messages

Contemplate the world where you live and, for an instant, silence the thoughts of your mind and the emotions of your being.

Observe how your inner world recognizes that the life which expresses itself on Earth does not resemble the Thought of God.

See how within you inhabits the archetype for humanity and the expression of the planet as a whole.

Feel how your heart has the yearning of living fraternity and of knowing true love, that One who makes you give your life for your friends and to forgive the enemies, loving them as if they were part of you.

What will you do with this which dwells within you? Will you shut your heart – as most of the human beings do – or will you renounce worldly views to institute new life on the planet, even if it seems crazy in the eyes of the world?

Child, the age of the Armageddon has come to the planet, but most of your brothers are seeking scientific, philosophical and spiritualist concepts which place a pattern of normality in what is happening in the world today. These are the human minds trying to silence the heart.

Those who listen to the voice of God in their own interior know that a final time has begun in the world and that, without the establishment of peace in the human heart, chaos will establish its reign and govern the minds and spirits of those who did not open themselves to the truth.

Those who unite themselves to God and silence their minds, in order to let the wisdom of the essences arise, do not fear to know the truth and do not want to silence the Will of God. They know that, at the end of all this battle, the good will triumph. For this reason, they recognize the urgency of the need for transformation, recognize the imperious inner will of renouncing the old man and its tendencies and to open themselves so that the New dismisses the reign of the outdated human addictions, even though, for the human mind, these retrograde and degenerated energies, when manifested in matter, sometimes are called technologies.

Child, the path to retrocession is known by the human mind as a progress. Those who follow the trends of these so-called “advancements” do not perceive that the path to evolution was left behind when the human consciousness rejected simplicity, fraternity and love and in the industrial age, that marked a spiritual retrocession of humankind, opened itself to competition, slavery, the obsessive usufruct and the almost absolute denial of spiritual life.

In other eras of decadence, as in the end of Atlantis and Lemuria, it was the eagerness for manipulation of the spiritual power that lead man to lose its path of purity and unity. Now, again, false power takes control of the mind and of the aspiration of men who believe they can place themselves above the Creator with their free will.

The degenerated man believes it has the power over life and over the Kingdoms of Nature. That is why, by sending His Son, Who conquered death and perpetuated His Resurrection, the Creator wanted to demonstrate to humanity that only He has the Power and that all that exists under His Power belongs to the force, which is the one that loses itself and vanishes like dust before the fire of the Glory of God.

I tell you, beloved child, that many of your brothers did not learn from the example of Christ and chose an even greater suffering, a learning that would transcend the experience of only one man and would involve in himself all humanity and all the Kingdoms of Nature. The Armageddon is the Passion of the planetary consciousness.

You might be in this Passion in three different ways, as Christ and the crucified thieves next to Him: both the thieves were thinking only about themselves; however, in the end of all, one of them accepted the Will of God and converted himself in time. The other decided to keep his pride and not even with all the suffering did he surrender himself to the forgiveness of God. Or you might be like Christ, being this one who will live the same steps of the Passion of all the beings on the Earth, but not with the spirit of punishment, guilt, anger, frustration or of pain, but only offering to the Father each step with the cross of the world, so that a new redeemed race can appear from your offer of love and of forgiveness.

Child, you must choose, right away, the path which you will follow: if your footprints will be over the footprints of Christ, confirming the victory of God; if you will choose to suffer in the ignorance and remain in your own opinion, to surrender yourself in the last hour; or if you will remain in your boundless pride and even in the presence of God, you will choose the path of the abyss.

The cross will be given to you in every way. Hold it tight and take your steps.

The first steps in the planetary Passion will dictate the destiny of humanity. For this reason, from now on, in your inner Gethsemane, renounce temptations and accept redemption. God will be with you, the angels will support you and you will carry your cross, only contemplating the victory of your Most High Father.

After all, peace will reign.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, this one who comes to open the eyes of humanity



Tuesday, January 5 of 2016

Daily messages

Live with faith the times of overcoming yourselves while you are still in an environment of harmony and peace. Discover how your being reacts when it sees itself before the different obstacles which present themselves to you in this time, and learn to control your consciousness and to find peace.

Observe yourself and perceive what makes you transpose the limits and go beyond what you have imagined for yourself. Perceive the power of the Love of God in your interior, which calls you to the permanent overcoming.

Even if you are overcoming yourself each day, whenever you think you are at your limit, make it in peace and without losing the clear goal of your spirit. Do not let the difficulties make your eyes blurry, and your heart blind. Observe yourself with attention and learn to take each step in its time.

As well as you, many will be called to the transcendence of their own limitations, but few will be the ones prepared with anticipation for that. Live each day with much attention, observing yourself carefully and learning with yourself, because if you recognize your own mechanisms, you will be able to help others who have the same difficulties, but who may not have the same possibility of being in a peaceful environment at the time of their own purification.

All that you live today, all the opportunities which are given to you are there so that you can be formed as a server of God and become a companion of Christ, so that your example and your experience are useful for others. For this reason, make everything in favor of the others and you will be in the right path.

Build the fortress in your interior with the intention of supporting others; thus, without you noticing it, there will be a King living in this dwelling, because He will find it safe to make of it His refugee. This King will not only be yours, but also of the whole Universe, who is your Lord, Christ Jesus.

Who blesses you and protects you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Monday, January 4 of 2016

Daily messages

May the Lord your God and your Father pour out upon you His blessings and Divine Graces. May He construct in your heart an unbreakable fortress, based on humility and honesty.

May the Lord wash your spirit, clean your soul and remove from your consciousness what still incites you to perdition and to neglect the Plan of God.

May the Lord pour out upon you His Forgiveness, so that you know to forgive the world around you, erasing the past and learning to understand the future.

May the Lord set His eyes into yours, so that you can see His presence in every being and understand His Will in all events, teaching you to intuit and to discern. May He place His hands in yours, so that they are available to receive and anxious to give. May He place your feet at His footprints, because He cannot walk for you – because there are things in this world that you must elect with your own heart -, but He will be able indicate the path to you and wait ahead of you, so that you closely accompany Him.

May the Lord your Father, your Companion, your King and your Master never lose sight of you. Do not let Him remove His eyes from you; for that, always do what He asks you, learn what He have already taught you and He will always be with you, showing you new horizons, knowledge and secrets that you do not know.

May the Lord remove the limits from your consciousness, expand the vision of your heart and teach you to greatly love and to get out of the scarce love, of the personal, individual and human love.

May the Lord show you that each drop of sweat of your face corresponds to the opportunity of salvation of a soul – whenever your works are for God -; thus, you will learn to transcend the limits, to donate the best of yourself and, sometimes, what is impossible. You will know the meaning of the unlimited that inhabits the Consciousness of God who does not have barriers.

May the Lord help you to recognize the sacred, the reverence which rises from the love of the soul for what God manifests in your life. Learn to read the symbols of the events; contemplate the greatness and the beauty of each soul and each Kingdom of Nature. Live to know the perfection of God.

For infinite hours, days and cycles, I would ask God to be closer to you and to pour out upon you all His Gifts and His Virtues, so that you are full in God and so that you fulfill the world in your holiness.

I want to teach you to pray for the others, to wish for the neighbor always the best, always the divine, the sublime, the glorious. Pray for your brothers and sisters as I pray for you. Learn to ask for the others, such as I ask before your heart today.

I pray to the Creator every day so that He triumphs inside each human heart. Pray with Me for the neighbor all the time. If your brothers and sisters can live the gifts and the celestial virtues, the Kingdom of God will descend to the world and also you will be inside of It.

Learn, child, to want for the neighbor always the best and may your plea be true.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, this one who teaches you to intercede for the souls



Sunday, January 3 of 2016

Daily messages

Strengthen the truth in your interior and be truthful, not only when you are alone and know that you cannot hide yourself from God in your solitude.

Consolidate your purest aspirations and keep yourself in this purity as long as you can.

Remember the greatness of the Plan of God; also remember the suffering of the world and offer your transformation, thinking about what the world should be and observing what it has become. Both in the greatness of the Plan of the Lord as well as in the abyssal planetary situation, you must find the impulses not to be what you are and walk towards what you must be.

Seek a closer contact with God in the solitude of the heart and strengthen the purity of your interior there. The more moments of union with God you have on your day, the more easily you will keep yourself in the purpose, and will resist the temptations that present themselves before you.

However, if you elect to be before all the situations you already know you cannot overcome, instead of choosing to be in solitude with God and be truthful before Him, you will never be able to come out of the permanent battle against yourself. And it will not be necessary that the enemy approaches you, because you rush yourself to the abysses of your own consciousness.

Child, you already know that you are purifying the sludge in your interior; you already know that, very intensively, the temptations and the worldly desires that you still have inside of yourself call you to fall. Therefore, do not place your consciousness in unnecessary probations when the path of peace shows itself to your eyes.

Before rushing into the situations that jeopardize you, take a step backwards and head yourself to the solitude with God. Even it is for an instant, confess yourself to Him and renovate your aspiration of being in the purity of your intentions.

Strengthen the pure that exists within you and let the impure lose its strength and perish by the disinterest of your consciousness in relation to the impurities. Because what you are purifying today feeds itself from yourself and only remains in your interior when is it held by your own hands.

So, listen to what I tell you and do not hold imperfections and vanities, contemplating them before you: release them and turn your eyes to purity. Let your interior be purified by the intensity of the Light of the truth of your essence, which must expand itself each day.

If you understood what I have told you, live it promptly.

Your Father, Guide and Companion of always,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Saturday, January 2 of 2016

Daily messages

In order to be a companion of Christ, you will seek to transcend the laws and the tendencies of the Earth, because you cannot follow with human thoughts, the steps of That One whose spirit and divinity does not come from this world.

Leave the planetary thought for those who seek only the riches of the Earth, the transitory glory and honor which are achievable here. Seek for yourself the glory of God and instead of seeking to be honored, give honor to That One who is worthy to receive.

Seek for yourself the reward of the meek, which is the humble heart. Be more ambitious than the men of the Earth and seek for yourself a place in the Kingdom of the Universe. Even though you are eternally a servant, there is no better King to serve than That One who is One with all that was created and whose mercy does not measure with the existent proportions, neither in this world nor in any other.

Do not be discouraged, dear child, with the defeats that you live on Earth; glorify your Father and God each time you are humbled, because you are learning, thus, how to achieve greater Graces, true Graces and divine Graces.

Surrender yourself as a servant, as nothing; be the carpet in which those who seek the glory of the world step on. Let the others be better and victorious.

Get lost, including from yourself, and you will make of yourself a victory for That One who is the Only conqueror of all the Creation, because He has lost Himself and thus has returned to the Divine Essence.

Why do you fear so much to leave the laws of the Earth?

Why do you fear so much to lose the treasures of the world?

Oh, dear child, discover the Grace of being poor of yourself and of all and you will never want anything else except, nothing.

Why do you hold on so much to this world and to its ways of life, if you do not come from it and will not remain in it forever?

Live in this world as you must live, make of it what it is: a school of transcendence, of redemption, of love. You are here to be what you are not, to renounce what you see, to redeem yourself and to love everything that exists, good or bad, as a way to let love transform everything.

Choose the simplicity, the joy, the freedom of the spirit. Rejoice yourself in the humiliation, fulfill yourself in the obedience, resign yourself to be nothing and you will see that everything will be given to you.

Be free from the world and from yourself. Do not give to the world a heavier weight than it already has. Make it light, being empty of yourself. Empty yourself from self-love, of desires and appearances, of aspirations. Flow in the Divine Will, flow in what God orders to your life and nothing, child, neither in the spirit nor in the matter will fail you.

Do not fear to seem weak and to renounce winning the competitions imposed by men. Take a step back when you see that competition comes to you and surrender yourself to humility. You will see how unbreakable of a fortress will be built in your interior, because it is in your humility and smallness that the King of the Universe will dwell, that he does not seek for great castles, but simple mangers to be born.

Trust in what I tell you and remember My words. Follow My steps, I conduct you to Christ and He will lead you to God.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, January 1 of 2016

Daily messages

In this time, develop neutrality as a primary principle, so that peace remains in your interior. Do not confuse this with indifference, contempt or lack of interest with what happens in the world.

Neutrality is a gift that is born in the hearts of those who seek the truth and in their quest can contemplate the hidden face of the facts that are manifested in the world.

Neutrality is an attribute that permeates the spirit of the meek and of those who have faith in the fulfillment of the Plans of God in the world and in themselves, and no matter what great disasters and disorganization that will happen on the planet, they never lose the axis and goal of their spirits.

In order to reach neutrality, you must have an interest to know and be aware of the Plan of God, you must seek to live according to the principles of the Father and instill in your interior the certainty of the perfection of His Will.

When you know the Plan of God, by observing the manifestation of that Plan, you will understand that the Lord uses several paths sometimes, never thought by us for the realization of His Works, but He always manifests them, because His Will is the Law.

With this certainty infused into the heart, the spirit attains neutrality and remains firm in fullfilling its part of the Plan, obeying and walking independently of what happens around it, because it knows that some day, on one of the curves of this path, God will manifest His Will.

The heart that lives in the neutrality does not worry so much about the means used by the Lord to reach the expected purpose, because this heart simply continues with fidelity and peace the indications of the Creator, and even so it is always aware of what the neighbor lives and is ready to help them when necessary, this heart is not shaken and does not disintegrate internally by what happens around it.

Do you understand now what God expects from His Soldiers? Helpful, loving, meek spirits and ready for donating all of themselves, but also righteous, immutable and obedient to the Divine Purpose.

Seek to find the gift of the neutrality from now on and live it in your own interior.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, this one who prepares you to cross in peace the times that will come

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