Monday, January 18 of 2016

Daily messages

Many ask themselves where the unity will come from between the different cultures, religions, races and nations. How can such diversity be united?

Few have discovered the power of the Love of God and almost no one lives the truth which is to know that if such an infinite God was capable of creating such diversity, He can be found in all things and also in the different religions inspired by Him.

The creatures are inside of the consciousness of God and God in them, but the ignorance that closed their eyes does not allow them to see that the Creator is there, in the depth. And so they live an illusion, a life apart from Him, only because they do not know that He is in all that was created. They do not see Him and do not feel Him because they have not opened to know He is in the interior of the beings.

The Creator, in His immeasurable possibility of loving, throughout the existence of humanity, created many religions. Each one would conduct a certain part of His Creation, but – if they keep His Essence alive – all would lead to one purpose.

When Mary says She will unite, in Her Immaculate Heart, the different religions, peoples and races, that does not mean that everybody will recognize the person of Mary as Mother of God. Mary is the Unity itself, because Her mantle protects, in itself, all the Creation. As unity, She leads the different religions to Love which is the Principle that expresses Her Son.

Many may not recognize the person of Christ as the Path, the Truth and the Life, but those who believe in Love and live in Love are in Christ without knowing it.

The Love which Christ expresses transcends the existence of the person of Jesus. The Unity which Mary expresses transcends the person of Mary. They are no longer a material part of a Creation. Those who came from One Single Spirit manifested themselves on Earth to construct a path, to express an archetype, to give a living example and now, in the different scales of the evolution, they continue giving examples and leaving Their footprints in all dimensions, so that even the angels could follow Their steps.

The principles of Love and Unity are possible to be lived for all true religions, including those who do not have a religion guided by an institution but who in their hearts seek to connect themselves with God all the time, by Love and Unity. This is how Christ and Mary lead humanity.

Being a Christian is more than believing in Christ. If you want to reach the religion of the heart, in which all are brothers, children of one single God, believe in Love and Unity.

Love and Unity will lead you to the Origin. This is the reason of the human existence: to live these two universal attributes that once became flesh and today have returned to the Purest Heart of the Creator, so that every living creature, from the matter to the spirit, can return to God.

I want you to announce to the world there is one single God and He unites you in the principles of Love and of Unity. It does not matter if the path is apparently different, because some will be more open to follow the steps of Mohammed; others of Buddha, others of Christ, others of Mary, but all can be united, in spirit, in the Purpose of God for humanity, which is only one: Love and Unity to reach Him.

Live with this certainty in your hearts and do not doubt for one instant the possibility that God, from which comes all things, can return to Himself, all that He once created.

I love you, bless you and ask you to keep praying for Peace on the planet. Remember, every day, that your spirits already live in God and that, just by being aware of His presence inside of you, you are already bearers of the greatest mystery of love and of mercy of this creation.

Pray for those who do not know the Love of God and for those who believe they love Him, but do not know the true Love and the true Unity that lead to the Creator.

Your Father and Companion, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph