Thursday, October 1 of 2015

Daily messages

The principle of every learning in this world must be love, the living experience of love, of unity and of fraternity and, inside these three attributes you shall find all the other virtues that are part of the Most Sacred Spirit of God.

From the universe, your spirits observe you permanently.  Some learn from the love that develops in those of you that fulfill the Will of God; others learn from the love that they receive from the neighbor, and others learn by observing the registers generated by the errors from the past and that are reflected in matter.  But all those who have arrived at this world, something they must learn.

When a child goes to school, they can learn many things.  Some learn everything the school has to offer; others only learn from the group consciousness and very little from what the school offers, and others do not open themselves to learn anything and, even, hinder the learning of the others.  But these last ones will grow up and will be able to observe the opportunity they have had with a look of greater maturity, and it is from there that their learning will happen, and they will take something in their consciousness for having participated in this school.

You are in the wider and most profound school of all the Creation of God.  Here are synthesized all the teachings of the universe.  From the attitude of each one before the Masters and Guides of this school, will result the development of humanity.

While you have the grace of still being in this world, seek without delay to learn from it everything that you still have not been able to learn.  Give of yourselves to the others, donate yourselves as much as you can, not only to the poor, but to everyone and to everything.  Seek to unveil the power of love and ask God to lead your steps because He will listen to you.

I bless you and thank you for opening to Me the doors of this great school of heart, for Me to teach you the essence of the Project of God to humanity.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph