Let your miseries be transformed into Mercy.

Let the spiritual power of the Blood of My Son remove the impurities from your consciousness so that the Divine Light of His Sacred Heart may find deep spaces to enter and transform you.

Miseries are accumulated residues from sins, mistakes, indifference.

Allow the redeeming Grace of the Water of Christ to wash and purify you because, for something new to enter, something old must leave.

You are, at this moment, at the doors of the surrender of your being and your consciousness.

Let the transforming and merciful impulse of My Son redeem your being and make of you a new vase.

Let the infinite Mercy consecrate you definitively and convert you into the aspiration that God has for your being.

I am by your side to accompany you. This is the great moment, for this to take place.

Your faith must be unwavering.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Since His crucifixion, and for eternity, from the Heart of Christ emerge Blood and Water, dripping little by little over the world and over Creation. For as long as you pray to His Divine Mercy, for as long as you live under that Law, being merciful, those drops of Blood and Water will touch souls, cleansing their eyes so that they may see a new path, and cleansing their hearts so that they may be worthy of walking upon it.

In these times, children, you need to learn to contemplate and love the signs of your salvation, as are the Blood and Water that emerge from the Heart of Christ.

To remain with your hearts in balance, growing in the spiritual life, with true foundations, it is not enough to live by your own efforts and knowledge or from all the Grace received; you also need to experience the yielding and the love that the contemplation of the sacrifice of Christ leads you into experiencing.

There is a unique power in the Blood of Christ: the power to restore, heal and redeem that which is impossible. The Blood of Christ is the foundation for all redemption, it is the meaning of spirituality in this world, it is the secret to holiness, the doorway toward yielding, the revelation of the deepest mysteries of Love for all Creation. And to enter into this mystery, it is enough that you sincerely cry out for Mercy, that you spiritually contemplate the Cross of Christ, always elevated to the inner levels of the human consciousness, and reliving His Passion repeatedly, to again find the meaning of your lives.

Contemplating the Blood of Christ, you will find the Gifts of His Spirit, the unity of a Triune God, Who surrenders out of love in each instant; you will relive the humility of knowing yourselves to be small in front of such an immense love, and at the same time, the Grace of knowing yourselves to be called to imitate that love.

Pray for Mercy and live the bases of all true spirituality. Within the Blood of Christ lies the foundation for all religious life. Pray for one another, contemplating the Blood of Christ and, above all, yield at the foot of His Cross and you will understand what I tell  you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear children,

In this time of definition, may your hearts be turned towards the Heart of God; in this way, you will be telling the Heavens that you aspire to continue to receive the Graces you need so that your lives may be redeemed and sanctified.

In the indispensable union that you can have with My Son, with His Divine Mercy, the Blood and the Water of His Heart will justify many of the errors and the adversities that the world continues to experience due to having distanced itself more and more from God in order to satisfy its human pleasures.

This is the last time in which the Celestial Father will be attentive to the prayers and pleas of His children. This will be the time in which humanity, before what will come, will be able to place their heads, bowed upon the ground, to ask for forgiveness and to experience a true repentance.

I invite you, My children, to keep this in mind. Now the opportunities are unique and they will not be repeated, because they are already the last.

A final Grace will be granted to the world so that many souls may set aside the chaos in which they live and enter the universe of peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


"Lord, forgive all of humanity for its ignorant inner and moral destruction.

Forgive them because they do not know Your Love nor Mine, that only comes from and is born of You.

Forgive them, Lord, for so many denials and outrages, for taking the life of innocents and for not allowing the birth of those that should be born in this divine life.

O My Lord! Supreme and Glorious Father, let Your beloved Son, Who carried the Cross to the foot of Mount Calvary and crawled as the most despised among all, be able to offer a total reparation today for all the faults that humanity continues to commit.

Lord God Almighty, hear the prayers of those that are consequent and good; immerse yourself, My God, in the souls that only desire to seek You through sacrifice and renunciation.

No longer look, o God, Adonai!, at the fragility of Your creatures, but rather, beloved Father, allow all good essences, which please You and satisfy You, to restore this submerged and lost humanity from its decadence.

Abba, Source of all creation and origin, remember, beloved Father, all Your creatures from the origin, and let Your Love impregnate them completely until they feel the divine wholeness of only living in You and for You.

Emmanuel, Celestial Presence of Power and Truth, continue without tiring to pour out Your Graces over the innocent, so that the demolished spirit of the pure may revive in the essence of Your most pure Love.

I promise You that through Your Mercy, everything will be possible, and the last of the self-summoned will achieve Your eternity; and although the world causes Your infinite Heart to suffer, today I again offer You, Lord, the Cross I carried, the Wounds that marked My Body, and above all, Father, the precious consecrations of those that do not turn their back on you.

Today I offer you all My flocks, so that the whole world not experience Justice, but rather a constant reparation that I offer to Adonai, the gratitude of the humble and the simplicity of the pure; for the time has come, Father, that You show the world the universe of Your Love."

For this reason, today I come here to pour out the last drops of My Water and of My Blood over those that listen to My Words and truly live them.

In your hearts carry My blessing to the Celestial Father and understand that no other path but Mine exists that will give you a spiritual life and peace.

Woe to those who distance themselves from Me! How will they be able to be worthy of My Mercy? And when will they stop being thorns in My Crown?

I offer you My only Truth.  I give you My true Words so that you may incarnate them in your essences.

Let this new Marathon be dedicated to the absolute and urgent reparation of the hearts that suffered martyrdom and that today, in My Kingdom, are glorified for having been faithful unto death.

Receive My last Graces before the end time. The hands of the clock mark the time of the surrender and the emptiness of self. In this way, the world will be able to recover the innocence it lost.

Be merciful always; thus you will make My Heart happy.

I only ask that you not forget Me.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the Mercy of My Heart!

The Glorified Christ Jesus


Weekly Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the city of Asunción, Paraguay, to the visionary Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón

May your feet walk towards Me, for the journey will still be long and deep, and many will be called by My Heart to imitate My sacred Passion.

On a Friday like this, I was on the Cross, giving Myself entirely to the world, saving many lost souls, igniting many hearts, and resurrecting many who had died. 

The tombs opened in Jerusalem and many bore testimony to My Resurrection, for My Divine Spirit, which is not of this world, awakened all those who should live in God.

Sacred cosmic crosses expanded upon the world and re-established the Plan of God, even though I was on the Cross.

I did many things for you and all humanity. 

Those who opened their hearts to My Call were partakers of My precious Blood, received My codes and My Water sprang and expanded throughout the world as a great spiritual fountain of salvation.

All those who were fallen at that time were raised by Me, they were resurrected in the Spirit of God, found the path of their evolution and awakening. And now in these final times, I remind you again of My sacred Passion on the Cross, because this will be the key that will protect you, that will keep you free from yourselves, and all corrupt codes will be transformed into a source of Life and Grace.  I have the power to transform you.

I ask those who listen to Me and follow Me to no longer close their hearts.  I am trying to enter more and more into your lives. 

There is no more time, My companions.  The time of tribulation is approaching humanity. Darkness will emerge from the surface of the planet and many will have to be prepared before My Return.

I need you to define yourselves as My apostles and to risk giving more, each day more until it hurts your bones.  That will be the confirmation for Me, that I will be able to fulfill My Divine Plan within you and that My words have not been in vain in these times, because they will have been heard by open hearts.

I need you to be awake and available, to help Me sustain the sword of My Mercy, for many are still tied to this material world, especially those who believe that they live the spiritual life.

My Truth is revealed to you tonight, but many should have been present here. The apostles reach the end of the path and, if it is necessary, they give their lives for others.

I come to give you the true testimony of life, the essence of My merciful and deep Love. My Christic cells must find a place to rest so that everything can be fulfilled as it is foreseen.

Today My Voice echoes on the four corners of the Earth. The angels of the Father send impulses of Light to all monads, to those who want to awaken to spiritual life.

Dear companions, these are no longer times of living in average terms, define yourselves deeply for My Plan. You have always been free from the beginning of your birth. Tonight I need many to fulfill the vows that I come to present to you and to respect the path that many have decided to follow, to follow the great Master of Love, the Redeeming Master, the Master of Peace.

Be consistent with Me. Tonight I present to you all the sources of My Mercy so that you may be strong until the end. Do not allow yourselves to fall further. Rise from where you have fallen, you already have the instruments to do so. My Father will take care of all this and He will ask you what you have done with what He gave you.

Therefore, as His faithful Messenger, I come to announce to you this last Call.

I ask that all prayer groups unite with the proposal of the Divine Plan. I ask you that there be no more indifference, comments, or vain ideas; you will be weakening the Plan of God.

Therefore, I need you transparent and true, that will be the sign that will allow Me to transform you.

The times are not like those of yesterday. The world is developing wrongly, and many do not perceive this severity. Behind all this, there are many who suffer, who endure pain, are forgotten and nobody remembers them. But I shall never leave them alone. My Heart visits all those who invoke Me, visits all the homes of the world that open the right door of the heart so that I can enter and work.

In these end times, the Divine Messengers have tried to reveal to you what is the way to go, the way of the Will of God, of the sacred Purpose, and the true mission for all.

It is no longer time to waste time. It is time to work, to rebuild, to safeguard humanity. It is time to work with Me in fullness and truth, without fear and dread; risking everything for this blue planet that needs you so much, that cries out for you, and that few listen to it.

This is My Message to you. It is a time of reparation. All are called to salvation, but few perceive what this means. For this reason, I still come to meet you so that your consciousnesses awaken to the essence of My Will.

Humanity is still very immature and very few will have to row this great boat, this great and heavy boat that represents your sacred world.

Who will assist it? Who will risk themselves? Who will give more for love of God and His original Plan? Who will respond? Who will open the door? Who will close it? Who will wait for the one who has been forgotten, for the one who has never been seen, or for the one who has never been looked at with compassion? Who will stop in order to recognize Me in the streets of this world as the great Dying One who awaits the relief of the Heart?

I call you to the synthesis of life. You must rescue something from all this, from these meetings with Me, which are unique and determining, for there is little time left for Me to be no longer among you until My Father sends Me in Glory, and for those who have trusted in Me to find Me seated at their table to commune with the new communion, the covenant with God the Father, in the New Humanity.

If you do not feel worthy, you will not be able to fulfill My Plans. Work for your spiritual dignity through purity and humility. Be sincere with Me and I will forgive you.

Cry out to My Heart when you cannot endure being alone; when by yourselves you cannot stand up from the ground and keep walking towards Me.

Look into My Eyes, see My compassion, glimpse My Divine Mercy and you will be filled with My Spirit of Love. You must allow it, even when you cannot, you must allow it and I will act.

On this night of union with the infinity, I transmit My Words to you, with some silence rests, for My sacred Words must reverberate within your hearts so that they remain within your essence and become fruits, gifts of life, to be able to work in God.

Help Me, through prayer, to save this world and so many souls that are lost at every second that passes from your clock. While I am here, blessing you, have you thought about how many become lost and stop seeing God?

I need you to be the roots of My tree so that other creatures can sprout within My Heart and be the sap of life for eternity.

Pray to My Father:

Most Holy Heart of Christ, 
convert our hearts into sacred flames
 of Your Divine Mercy,
so that Your Face may unite with the great human heart.
May the coming descent of Your Celestial Glory
redeem all consciousnesses,
 in honor and glory to the Celestial Father.

It is the Body of Christ that gives you eternal Life. Joyful are those who are invited to eat My Body. For they shall be redeemed.

Eternal Father, 
I offer you the Body and the Blood,
Soul and Divinity,
of Your Dearly Beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ,
in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.
Blood and Water
that flowed out from the Heart of Jesus
as a Fountain of Mercy for us,
I trust in You.

Blessed be those who drink the precious Blood of Christ from My sacred Chalice, for the good and restoration of all souls in the world.

Under the spirit of peace and sacred fraternity, blessed be all those who drink of My Blood until the end of days.

Under the spirit of peace, I bless and absolve you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Through the Holy Eucharistic Body of Christ, I give you peace;  go in peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank you, Lord, for all that You give us!

In this meeting, we honor You, Jesus.

Weekly Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus transmitted at the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Let My Blood circulate within your heart. The powers that I manifest and give you are unknown to you.

Let My Blood circulate through your veins, so that your codes of the past may be renewed by My codes of light and redemption. Let My Blood remove all your cells from their place.

Let My Blood purify your feelings and transmute your wounds, for I have the power to reverse all evils. If My Blood does not yet live within you, seek the reason why you do not have Me within you.

Let My Blood free every part of your being; and may your body, even while it is still impure, reach purity and consecration through Me, because what I offer you is not part of your will nor of your desire.

I come from a cell of Higher Life that illuminates even the smallest particles of those who seek Christification through the giving of self. Therefore, let My Water emerge from within you, so that every corner of your being may be bathed by My Water of Life and Liberation.

Let My Spirit dwell within you and cause that which is now old, to die. I have the authority to renew you and, at the same time, to embrace you with My warmth and My peace during the hard cold nights that will come.

Let Me act through you and, in a short time, you will not recognize yourself, for I will perform wonders in your life.

Leave your miseries and tears on the palm of My hands so that, in the name of My Father, I may convert your evils into blessings, your sorrows into liberations, your unhappiness into joy, your doubts into affirmation and truth.

Therefore, I wish My Spirit to have a dwelling within imperfect souls; I seek them and they hide from Me out of fear or distrust. If this happens to you today, it is because you do not know the power of My healing Love.

Let Me be in you, day and night, in your mistakes as well as in your virtues. I contemplate the world and keep it every day within My Heart, in spite of the wounds that many cause Me.

Let Me be unity and life, Mercy and consecration; if you only allow, in a short time, you will be My apostle.

Allow Me to be, allow Me to act, allow Me to live in you, just allow Me to be in you forever because the only way out is through Me.

Under the Love of God, be blessed and united.

Thank you for just allowing Me to be!

The Glorified Christ Jesus

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