Friday, September 26 of 2014

Weekly messages
Weekly Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Let My Blood circulate within your heart. The powers I manifest and give you are unknown to you.

Let My Blood circulate through your veins, so that your codes from the past may be renewed by My codes of light and redemption. Let My Blood move all your cells from their place.

Let My Blood purify your feelings and transmute your wounds, for I have the power to reverse all evil. If My Blood still does not live within you, look for the reason you do not have Me within you.

Let My Blood free each part of your being; and that your body, while still impure, achieve purity and consecration through Me, because what I offer you is not part of your will nor of your desire.

I come from a cell of Higher Life that illuminates even the smallest particles of those who seek Christification through the giving of self. Thus, let My Water emerge from within you, so that each corner of your being may be bathed by My Water of Life and Liberation.

Let My Spirit dwell within you and cause that which is now old, to die. I have the authority to renew you and, at the same time, to embrace you with My warmth and My peace during the hard cold nights that will come.

Let Me act through you and soon you will not recognize yourself, for I will perform wonders in your life.

On the palms of My Hands, leave your miseries and tears so that I, in the name of My Father, may convert your evils into blessings, your sorrows into freedoms, your unhappiness into joy, your doubts into affirmation and truth.

And so, I wish My Spirit to have a dwelling within imperfect souls; I seek them and they hide from Me out of fear or distrust. If that happens today with you, it is because you do not know the strength of My healing Love.

Let Me be in you, day and night, both in your mistakes as well as in your virtues. I contemplate the world and I hold it every day within My Heart, in spite of the wounds that many cause Me.

Let Me be unity and life, Mercy and consecration; if you will only allow, in a short while, you will be My apostle.

Allow Me to be. Allow Me to act. Allow Me to live in you: just allow Me to be in you forever because the only way out is through Me.

Under the Love of God, be blessed and united.

Thank you for just allowing Me to be!

The Glorified Christ Jesus