Friday, November 21 of 2014

Weekly Messages

Surrender to Me and you will survive in this time.

I have washed you with My Water to purify you. I dried you with My Mantle to protect you.

I healed you. I healed your wounds with My Blood and all were witnesses of My wise Return to the heart.

Fill yourself with My Light. Be nurtured by My Spirit and withdraw from evil, which only wishes to harm you.

Do not open even one door to the enemy, but rather wait for Me with open arms when I come to visit you.

Be supported by My Trust; you already know that I will not deceive you. Allow My Divine Fire to burn your structures so that now the new redeemed being may be born.

What are you waiting for to surrender to My Light and be a particle of My Christic Energy?

Before you enter My Kingdom, you must empty yourself a whole lot more than you imagine. But have faith and hope, My Hands will never let go of you. I will accompany you until the end, when you truly give Me the space to do so.

I leave My Heart as an offering of life. I would like all to hear Me, as you once heard Me.

It is now time to prepare the dwelling place. It is already time to unify with rather than distance yourself from Me.

My Father has given you everything and I too will give this to you. Thus, trust in what happens within you. Do not feel alone or abandoned, because the shepherd never abandons Hisprecious sheep.

Come and remain in My Lap, in this way you will be worthy of being called a Child of God. While I wait for you to take the step toward My Heart and be a part of Me, I will not cease to tell you that you must return to Me.

I am here for you and nothing else, just as I am for each soul and essence that My Kind Father has conceived.

I Am the Guardian of your life and your destiny.

I Am the perfect Threshold to cross and walk with faith toward the unknown.

I want to make something of you that is unknown to you. I wish for you to let Me work and continue, for My plans for your existence are deeper and truer than you may imagine.

Confess to Me and do not miss the chance for renewal through My Presence in your heart.

Will you accept Me in the way that I Am?

Who will dare to erase their identity to be a part of Me?

Who will wait, in joy and in glory, for My Return?

Now, I come and visit you in Spirit, but I will come in Glory so that you may remember Who I Am.

I only wish to have instruments purified by My Mercy in My Hands. I only wait for your final 'yes'.

Now listen to what I will tell you directly to your heart: "Child, small prayerful soldier without a sword, rest in the Arms of your Commander so that, in the dawn that will come, you see the flame of Love emerge in your inner universe, the glorious flame of the resurrection of humanity."

Under the glory that permeates and consecrates you, be blessed.

Thank you for visiting My Sacred Heart, in prayer.

The Glorified Christ Jesus