Monthly Messages

Take My hands, My children, and let yourselves be led by My Immaculate Heart to the Origin of Life, to the Place of protection and of Peace where your essences rested before the manifestation of the Divine Thought for your lives.

Take My hands and come with Me to the Original Source of Life, where the deepest Love of your Creator Father dwells, where unity is a living reality, because nothing is separate from God.

Although you have trodden a path of evolution and so often feel separate from God, today I come to show you, My children, this Original Space in a time in which there is no past nor future, but only the eternal present in the Heart of your Creator Father.

There, unity is maintained and essences remain safeguarded with their original principles.

Lakes of Light, Fountains of Peace are your true dwellings. There are no forms, only colors, sounds and vibrations. Although the essences resound in their own note, unity manifests itself through melodies which form unique music, which is the song of God, the song of life’s manifestation.

Let your ears hear and let your souls remember this Space of protection in the Womb of Creation. There, My children, where the Feminine Energy protects you, where the truth of what you are makes you pure, there is nothing corrupt, there are no stains, there is no pain, only peace and unity with the Creator.

Let your hearts live the experience of being with Me there, because a part of your consciousness has never left the Fountain of God.

This space that I show to your heart today is the connection with the Divine, this part of your consciousnesses that dwells there, and that will always allow you to return to God and to not lose unity with the Father. It is the magnet that attracts you to the Origin, the purity that makes you return to the truth of your existence.

Today, My children, receive the Grace of being in God, of being in Peace, of being in My Immaculate Heart, and I, being in you, show you oneness in life.

May the celestial melody resound in your hearts and rekindle the hope to return to the Source, rekindle the momentum to be pure and to let yourselves purify and renew, so that someday you may find again the truth about yourselves; a truth that is prior to all existence, prior to planets and suns, prior to material life, both in Heaven and on Earth; a truth that dwells in unity with the Divine Consciousness. 

My Grace touches you today, your Divine Origin blesses you and thus, I heal you and love you, renewing your commitments with God so that, after knowing that there is an Origin that waits for you, you can make this superior reality known to the world.

I love you, My children, and this is why I am here.

I embrace you and have all of you in My Immaculate Heart.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Sing, because singing is the relief of the soul and the reparation of the Heart of God. Singing is the sacred manifestation of the Breath of the Creator. The song that emerges from the depths of beings finds its echo in all life.

Everything that was created by the Father responds to the sound of the soul that sings with love. For this reason, sing and elevate your voice to God as a sincere praise so that creatures may find the path of return to the Heart of the Father.

Singing supports the weight of the cross of this time. Singing brings relief to the movement of the transition of the times. Singing opens the path to the new being, for the original expression of the human heart.

Thus, sing, child, with the sincerity of your heart, with the purity of your soul. Sing so that the world may finally achieve peace.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear companions in Christ,

I know that many believe that we repeat the same words many times and ask themselves why we do this.

Could it not be because you still have not opened yourselves to the essence of learning and remain in the superficiality of understanding, but not in the depth of living? Could it be because you remain with the information inside your mind, believing that knowing is the same as being?

I come to talk about silence, that which is so little understood and lived by humanity, mostly in the West of the planet.

I come to talk to you about silence as a quest for emptiness and for the path to humility. I want you to understand silence as something that takes you out of yourselves and not something that makes you only think of yourselves.

The badly lived silence makes you selfish, full of judgments about the others and with a subtle feeling of superiority. This is a false silence, which shuts the mouth, but makes the mind and the lowest aspect of the being get out of control. This is a silence which is forced, a silence which oppresses, a silence which, starting from the lack of peace and being generated by forced and conflicted means, will never bring peace to the spirit and even less to the planet.

The silence that I mean is the one which the soul starts to seek when it does not find a way out for its imperfections and can no longer stand being with itself. For this reason it walks eagerly to elevation, to God who is the Word and, at the same time, the Silence itself, which supports all that was created in His mysterious sound without noise.

In these times of purification, silence will be a master key that, when combined with service and fraternal charity, will never allow you to lose the path.

In the midst of so many imperfections, which are at the same time so tangible and so illusory, the soul will only be able to get out of the confusion that envelops it, seeking silence, silencing the tumult of the inner expurgation, in order to live its own evolution in a way that is more peaceful and harmonious, conscious and effective.

You must not seek silence as muteness and think that everything is already solved. Silence is the means. Elevation is what encourages you. But the encounter with God is the true goal.

If you live silence with the intention of elevating yourselves in order to bring a little more peace to the world, you will help humanity to take its steps. And if, in addition to the silence, you live fraternal charity, you will know when words are necessary.

Speaking will become an act of charity. You will know the moment to laugh, to be sober, to encourage or to retreat, to give an opinion or to just watch.

I call you to seek balance for the love of the planet and not only for yourselves.

If you are already tired of your own abyss, try to be more silent as a permanent quest for God who hides Himself in His Creation.

If you still do not understand what I tell you today, try to live these words and to read them again after some time. You will see how the consciousness will find itself in another point of understanding.

Your Father and Instructor, Friend of the Silence that leads to God and shows the hearts the most profound necessities of the neighbor.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I Am the Composer and you are the strings between My hands.

I tune your lives according to the time and the necessity. I renovate the string that is worn only when it permits itself to be between My Hands.

But all of the strings of My Great Instrument must play as a solo, each one offering its tune and its color to impart harmony and order. When the strings are too tight My Hands work twice as much in order that they may answer to what I indicate to them, so that they may offer the correct note at each moment and place.

In My Great Instrument there are various strings because each one of them comes from different states and compositions, but if My strings do not obey My Commands how will they play what I want to play?

For this, in order to let yourself be molded and tuned by My Hands you must love My Rays. In this way you will get to know the meaning and the why of My Good Will towards you. Many of My strings by themselves have failed Me at one time or another and I have adjusted them according to My view because they have given Me the permission to be between My Hands forever.

And I have not yet found some of the strings that I need in order to renovate My Great Instrument. And as if that were not enough, they have been bought by My enemy.
Who will want to form part of the sound of My Fire?

It is that now I need to play the great melody of return, that which will announce My Second Coming to the world to save humanity. Some of My Strings have been worn and they have not let themselves be tuned enough by the Great Composer of universal melodies for life. And this is what in truth I need now.

But in My musical work I count on more instruments and when My Hands get tired of marking the perfect rhythm for each one of the strings I place over them the essence of My Mercy that will give them the opportunity of functioning as My Plan has predicted.

For this be good strings between My Hands, do not resist breaking or renovating what is already too old because I expect at least to pour the Water of Life in the new redeemed wineskins.

Be patient and live for My Love. All comes to life in order to be transformed into the good and the pure. It is time to play the great preparatory melody.

For this between My Hands I tune ardently My universal Instrument so that It may be heard in all of the corners of the universe. This will be the sound of the instrument redeemed by My Love and transfigured by My Unfathomable Mercy.

Under the Light of the Father, be merciful.

Thank you for letting yourselves be tuned day by day as My instruments on the path to redemption!

Christ Jesus, the High Priest.

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