Saturday, January 16 of 2016

Daily messages

We were doing a group task with all the members of the Community of Fraternity, in Uruguay, where we live, and we concluded the work journey with the reception of the daily message of Saint Joseph. Although He had arrived from the Middle East, from a refugee camp, Saint Joseph transmitted us a message specially directed to the Communities of Light, but, as He Himself explained to us, it may be applicable to all those who consider themselves as servers of God and consecrated to His Plan. May all those who read this message practice these words, adapting them to their own lives. This was a request of Saint Joseph.

Fraternity is something that should characterize this world, an attribute that all the beings of Earth should carry in their interior, for it to become the starting point for the experience of the Christic love. In order to give your lives for your friends, first you must learn to be fraternal.

There are beings who can be fraternal by the nature of their own spirits, but others will have to sweat their own egos a lot, in a hard work of transcendence of their own opinions, wills and necessities; they will have to live a true renovation of what they call priorities of their lives.

The priority of the incarnated human beings in this world should be, in truth, the perfect experience of love and of unity – to one another, each one with God and all with Him. Having this as the only priority, everything else should be adapted.

If you think you have a greater necessity than living fraternity and love, start to meditate right away about the reason for your lives and the purpose of your existences in the world.

Seek, for a moment, the reason why you wake up every day. Why do you work, study, eat, drink, build houses, schedule your days, make plans? What is the true meaning of all that?

You must not think that life restricts its purpose to your simple necessity of being alive and comfortable in this world! Or do you?

If the soul does not find a superior purpose for which getting up every day, it starts to lose interest in life.

You must make of this experience on Earth a permanent act of renovation, of transcendence, of breakthrough, of freedom, in God, to love. Freedom of yourselves, so that you can give yourselves to the neighbor without limits and without restrictions.

Everyone thinks they live for a superior purpose. Everyone believes they are in the world to learn love, but when they are before the food on the table, they try to quickly take the best for themselves. If they see that somebody else needs help, they pretend they are not seeing it.

If they go to a group task, they quickly seek that one they like the most or that one they mostly need. Are not there some other brother or sister who would need, more than you, to put their feet on the ground and take care of a flower, while you could do some other task inside the house?

Those who live in the communities know what I mean. I ask for forgiveness to those who will not understand My words and I take some time to instruct those souls, so beloved by God, who have decided to surrender their lives for the fulfillment of His Plans and who must reflect if they are really doing it.

These words will serve for all those who consider themselves servers of the Plan and consecrated to God, because they must take them to their own daily routines and make them meditate about themselves, never about the other. So, truly think: are you here to serve the Plan or to live your transformation and nothing else?

Since we spoke about the Christs of the new time, are some of you working for the Christification of others or do you only think about the possibility of being yourselves such Christs? You must realize that, even being this, a superior purpose, you are thinking about yourselves.

If you need to be alone and somebody needs your presence, will you pretend you are not seeing him or her? If you want to sleep early and there is another one who has not finished their duties, will you think: “it is better to be just one tired person than two”?

Dears, I speak to you as a father, because I know that the souls want to grow and they must do it. The times of definition are no longer knocking on the door, because they have entered your houses and are demanding from all a truly spiritual life.

If humanity does not take a step towards the true fraternity and towards love and keeps partially surrendered to God – when it can say it has surrendered something –, the Plan will never be fulfilled, as the Lord expects to be fulfilled.

God silences Himself and seeks to find you in the most profound essence of your hearts. Has anybody sought Him? Have you created conditions so that your brothers and sisters can do it?

Reflect if the true purpose of your souls is the life of spirit.

Do you want to construct an island of salvation and of rescue? So, rescue – while there is time – your own spiritual life.

I love you and that is why I tell you all these things. May each one take them to themselves.

Your Father and Friend, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph