Saturday, January 2 of 2016

Daily messages

In order to be a companion of Christ, you will seek to transcend the laws and the tendencies of the Earth, because you cannot follow with human thoughts, the steps of That One whose spirit and divinity does not come from this world.

Leave the planetary thought for those who seek only the riches of the Earth, the transitory glory and honor which are achievable here. Seek for yourself the glory of God and instead of seeking to be honored, give honor to That One who is worthy to receive.

Seek for yourself the reward of the meek, which is the humble heart. Be more ambitious than the men of the Earth and seek for yourself a place in the Kingdom of the Universe. Even though you are eternally a servant, there is no better King to serve than That One who is One with all that was created and whose mercy does not measure with the existent proportions, neither in this world nor in any other.

Do not be discouraged, dear child, with the defeats that you live on Earth; glorify your Father and God each time you are humbled, because you are learning, thus, how to achieve greater Graces, true Graces and divine Graces.

Surrender yourself as a servant, as nothing; be the carpet in which those who seek the glory of the world step on. Let the others be better and victorious.

Get lost, including from yourself, and you will make of yourself a victory for That One who is the Only conqueror of all the Creation, because He has lost Himself and thus has returned to the Divine Essence.

Why do you fear so much to leave the laws of the Earth?

Why do you fear so much to lose the treasures of the world?

Oh, dear child, discover the Grace of being poor of yourself and of all and you will never want anything else except, nothing.

Why do you hold on so much to this world and to its ways of life, if you do not come from it and will not remain in it forever?

Live in this world as you must live, make of it what it is: a school of transcendence, of redemption, of love. You are here to be what you are not, to renounce what you see, to redeem yourself and to love everything that exists, good or bad, as a way to let love transform everything.

Choose the simplicity, the joy, the freedom of the spirit. Rejoice yourself in the humiliation, fulfill yourself in the obedience, resign yourself to be nothing and you will see that everything will be given to you.

Be free from the world and from yourself. Do not give to the world a heavier weight than it already has. Make it light, being empty of yourself. Empty yourself from self-love, of desires and appearances, of aspirations. Flow in the Divine Will, flow in what God orders to your life and nothing, child, neither in the spirit nor in the matter will fail you.

Do not fear to seem weak and to renounce winning the competitions imposed by men. Take a step back when you see that competition comes to you and surrender yourself to humility. You will see how unbreakable of a fortress will be built in your interior, because it is in your humility and smallness that the King of the Universe will dwell, that he does not seek for great castles, but simple mangers to be born.

Trust in what I tell you and remember My words. Follow My steps, I conduct you to Christ and He will lead you to God.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph