Tuesday, July 30 of 2019

Daily messages

I know, child, that it is not easy to forget oneself in order to carry out the Plan of God, to serve and transcend one's human condition; but this is the essence of Love.

Even God renounced His self by multiplying Himself and creating life; He renounced His self to be born as a human being, among humankind; He renounced His life and the love He experienced for it and for His creatures when dying on the Cross.

The essence of life is not to overcome suffering; it is to live love. That is what you must understand now. It is not by suffering that you fulfill the Will of God for you, it is by loving.

The true key of the triumph of God in Christ was not the suffering that He experienced in the world; it was the growing Love undertaken, from the manger to the Cross. It is that limitless Love that you must seek.

It is only this Love, revealed in you, that will be able to provide for you within, and lead your being to what is true. But this same Love, which is the meaning of existence for all children of God, is hidden under your aspects and records, experiences held in your cells and in your consciousness, accumulated throughout all of human evolution.

To break these walls of the human condition was what Christ did on the Cross, and not only on Calvary, but in each instant of His life. This was His mission; to find the revelation of this Love and live it, transcending the entire human condition, not only of His material bodies, but of all beings of Earth.

When I tell you to contemplate the Cross, it is because there is found He Who revealed the Love of God for you. There, He overcame your human condition and opened the doors to God for you. 

Contemplate and love the Passion of Christ. In His Wounds find the open path to reach His Heart and discover in it a perfect Love. Let the spiritual wounds that open within you in these times also reveal to you this greater Love, this Love which will renew and surpass the Love of God.

Do not concentrate your attention on accepting pain and suffering, but rather on going beyond, and untiringly seeking Love. This is your path, your redemption, your salvation, your plenitude, your return to the Divine Origin.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph