Friday, April 11 of 2014

Monthly Messages
Special Message of the Most Chaste Servant of God, Saint Joseph, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía

My beloved companions,

If you truly aspire with your hearts and souls to live at this time what God has planned for humanity, here I am to instruct you.

My word is heard in the four corners of the world, by a special request of God, searching those who are faithfully determined to take the steps in the consciousness and to finally cross the threshold between the old and the new human being.

Bravery is necessary and also a lot of courage to take the steps that all humanity would need to take in this time. And, from the Heavens, the Most High Lord contemplates the souls and consciousnesses that are thirsty for the water of a new life and that can no longer wait to take the definite steps in their transformation.

Therefore, as the faithful Father and Instructor of souls, I made an offer to Our Lord, an offer that humanity never received throughout its long existence and that demonstrates to the world the urgency of the times in which you live.

Through My humble consciousness, the Lord will send divine impulses directly to His creatures, for them to be able to change the patterns of life and behavior that hinder them to live the plans of God on Earth.

Therefore I tell you, companions of My Chaste Heart, that during a period that will be determined by the answer of your hearts, I will be accompanying you more closely and directly, I will instruct you on this path of the transformation of all aspects of the being.

The Lord allowed My Instruction to reach, in the first six months, the missionaries, residents, and families living in the Light-Communities, in this way, healing the heart of the heart. My first disciples will place, in a simple way, the questions of their consecrations and their lives, all that which they do not understand and that need assistance to daily experience and practice.

I ask you to write to Me with love, those who really aspire to take the steps of their transformation, those who are determined and really willing to experience the Instruction that was given to them throughout the last years. My fatherly answer will reach everyone so that all humanity feels contemplated by My humble Instruction.

My beloved ones, the current times ask for true and urgent transformations, and the Universe gives you all the necessary keys to open the doors of a new time and to be able to bear the transformative currents that this time brings to the world.

Do not fear. As Father and Instructor, I will always be at your side, but do not deter yourselves and walk with firm steps.

I guide and love you.

Your Faithful Companion, Saint Joseph