30 Apr

In May, the Divine Messengers will continue to guide souls with new Instructions

“Give thanks to the Universe that sent you so that, within this humanity, you may have the Grace of being aware and of not hiding from Truth.”
The Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace - 03.15.2020

In this time of challenges, the Divine Messengers continue to work tirelessly to bring souls together with Their love to balance the situation of the planet. Therefore, in May, we will have the Grace to continue receiving Their Instructions, which fill us with Peace and offer spiritual keys to manifest the Plan of God in our lives.

The Virgin Mary announced that the events of May will go forward with the planetary task carried out in the last...

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23 Apr

Pilgrimage for Peace to Africa: collaborate to accomplish this sacred mission

"The time and the moment have come for Your King to return to Africa, to close the last doors, bring down the Heavens and the universes, and put an end to human suffering." Christ Jesus, May 20, 2017

The Divine Messengers announced that Their beloved Africa would be the destination of the next Pilgrimage for Peace . Thus, the campaign to enable this important mission, to cover the cities of Luanda (Angola), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Maputo (Mozambique) , was officially launched.

However, due to the global situation, the trip has been postponed until further notice . Therefore, let us raise our prayers and offerings to God so that, as...

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01 Apr

New request from the Virgin Mary: Holy Rosary for the end of the health crisis

"You may face the greatest and most difficult tests, but when you pray the mysteries of the rosary from the heart, just as you did today while you were in My divine presence, there will be nothing that cannot be untied nor any evil that cannot be liberated."
Mary, Rose of Peace - October, 16, 2015

The Virgin Mary has always affirmed that the daily prayer of the Holy Rosary is one of the most powerful spiritual instruments of these times. She revealed that souls who adopt this simple and blessed practice can achieve Divine Graces capable of transforming their own lives and changing the course of events upon the planet.

For this reason, Our Lady made an important request in Her message on March 30, 2020 : that Her children pray the Holy...

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28 Mar

April 5 to 12: 8 days of Instruction with Christ Jesus

“I just hope just souls make use of all these impulses so that, as they go through these times, they always know how to find the way out toward the spiritual Light of the Divine Father” Christ Jesus, March 18, 2020

In His Infinite Mercy, Christ Jesus will multiply the opportunities for souls to be enlightened and strengthened at this moment of humanity. For our joy and gratitude, the Master has announced, in His message of March 20, 2020 , that He will come to the world from April 5 to 12, at 3 p.m. *, to transmit His instructions and grant Graces of love and healing by the merits of His Passion.

The Virgin Mary, in Her Apparition of March 25, 2020 ,...

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25 Mar

Christ Jesus announces a change of date for the Sacred Week and other changes in the calendar of events

"I only ask you to trust and understand that, beyond any humanitarian situation, the Hierarchy is protecting you and teaching you to fulfill the Law of God."
Christ Jesus, March 11, 2020

Taking into account the spiritual and common good of souls in the face of the worldwide situation, on March 11, 2020, Christ Jesus transmitted a Worldwide Communication for all the followers of His Work . In this message, the Master announced changes in the calendar of events of the Pilgrimage for Peace in April. Amongst them is the move of the Sacred Week to the month of August . That decision, dictated by the Eternal Father, has the purpose of fulfilling the preventative...

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06 Mar

Medallion of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph: participate in the campaign for manifesting this request of our Beloved Instructor

"With this Medallion, children, the legacy that I must leave you, as Father and Friend, will be fulfilled. Those who carry this Medallion with them will take throughout the world the Gifts and Graces achieved by My Heart."
(Saint Joseph, Aug.12, 2019)

In a message transmitted to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús on August 12, 2019 , Saint Joseph announced a special request: that a medallion be coined with His Most Holy image.

The Chaste Heart affirmed that this medallion will contain all merits achieved throughout His life and within the eternity of His Heart; it will be the protector of families and a guide for the evolution of souls; it will be a reminder of...

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02 Mar

In March, meetings of prayer will bring a new cycle of instructions and of blessings

"This is the new cycle of the Sacred Hearts, a cycle that will bring the last instructions and warnings to humanity so that, after so many years of work and of service with us, finally the apostles of Christ may be available, prepared and aware."
Mary, Rose of Peace - Jan. 19, 2020

In March , the meetings of prayer and of music will mark a new phase of instruction and blessings for humanity.

In this period, we will celebrate the One Thousand Hail Marys, the 6th Annual Meeting of the Children of Mary, the events of the Pilgrimage for Peace and the Novena of Orandium of the Passion and Transfiguration of Jesus. Among the milestones of the month there are the beginning of the new cycle of daily messages of Our Lady , the...

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07 Feb

Music for Healing and Elevation of Humanity: in February, choirs will renew their offering of love to the Divine Plan

"Raise your voices up to the Heights, so that the Father may feel the love of His children in His Heart tonight, so that the whole planet and its humanity may receive the Mercy of the Father, and the world may be granted peace." Mary, Rose of Peace - Oct. 23, 2019

On February 23rd , the meeting of Music for Healing and Elevation of Humanity will again gather together dozens of choir singers and instrumentalists of various nationalities for one purpose: through music, to build a bridge of light between Heaven and Earth. The event, with entry free of charge, will be at 8pm in the Marian Center of Figueira , in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Light-Choirs and a quintet from Angola...

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04 Feb

In February, meetings of prayer in the Marian Center of Figueira will open a Fount of Graces for the hearts.

In February , the meetings of prayer and music of the Pilgrimage for Peace will take place in the Marian Center of Figueira , in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil. With joy and gratitude, this sacred place is already preparing to receive the devotees and pilgrims who, through the power of prayer, aspire to radiate light to the planet that needs so much in these times.

We will also be able to feel Divine Love resonate in our hearts upon hearing the recording of the...

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22 Jan

Revelations of the Virgin Mary: Atlantis, a civilization that disappeared

Continuing with the revelations of the Divine Messengers for these times, in Her message of December 31, 2019 , the Virgin Mary clarified the main facts concerning the extinct civilization of Atlantis. Besides explaining an important part of the history of the planet, Our Lady allowed us to reflect upon the transformations that humanity needs to carry out, presenting the experience of those ancient people as an example.

History and geography of...

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