06 Jan

The Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph announce the return of daily Messages for one year more

In this decisive stage of the transition of the Earth, the Unfathomable Fount of Mercy of the Divine Messengers fill us again with encouragement and hope with special Graces. On January 1, 2020, Christ Jesus told us that because of the great need of humanity, the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph will re-engage with His daily instruction and His monthly Apparitions for one year more.

The Virgin Mary, in Her special message of January 2, 2020, told us that She and Her Most Chaste...

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31 Dec

Revelations of the Virgin Mary: The Great Awakening of the Antarctic

"The Antarctic is not just a physical continent; it is also a spiritual one. It is one of the only spaces upon the planet that preserved the Consciousness of the Divine Hierarchy, and from there the whole planet can be helped." Mary, Rose of Peace - December 13, 2019

With the purpose of preparing Her children for an important planetary moment, the Virgin Mary transmitted unprecedented teachings about the Antarctic during Her private Apparition of December 13, 2019 , to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús .

The Divine Messengers have already announced that they are delivering Their last words to humanity and that, before they withdraw to continue to intercede for the Earth on the inner...

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31 Dec

Revelations of the Divine Messengers. 2020, the year when everything will come to light

"The year 2020 will be the last segment for being able to achieve an elevation of consciousness and of the mental plane" Christ Jesus, December 28, 2019

In Their recent messages, the Divine Messengers have made revelations about the cycle that will begin in 2020 and They transmitted valuable guidance for going through this decisive stage of the end of times.

Christ Jesus announced in His message of December 28, 2019 , that in 2020 the solar system will go through the last stage of its transition .

On Earth, this process will be triggered during the summer in South...

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27 Dec

January 2020 with the Sacred Hearts: an opportunity to go deeper into the studies of the Sacred Instructions

“Take the fullest advantage of the last impulses; do not miss even one word from the Hierarchy, because your lifeline may be found there for the great moment of the spiritual storm.” Christ Jesus, Dec.13, 2019

In January we will have the opportunity to go deeper into and reflect upon the Sacred Instructions transmitted by the Divine Messengers in 2019. During this period, They will be in withdrawal and will continue with Their redemptive task on the spiritual planes.

The Sacred Hearts have already announced that Their Presence within humanity is ending soon; it will be the responsibility of each one to study Their teachings to reignite the Christic...

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25 Dec

Annual Commemoration of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

"I want the day of the Divine Conception to be celebrated throughout the world. Those who do so will be perfectly united with the power of the manifestation of My Face of Trinity." Virgin Mary - December 31, 2013

On December 31, Our Lady will grant Her children the blessing of beginning a new cycle, restored in Her infinite Fount of Graces. The Annual Commemoration of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity , at the Marian Center of Aurora , in Paysandu, Uruguay, will be a special opportunity for receiving spiritual keys from Her Immaculate Heart for renewing the commitment to the Plan of God in this period of definitions.

Seven years ago,...

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23 Dec

Christmas in the Marian Center of Aurora - December 24 & 25: Vigil of Prayer and Apparition of the Virgin Mary

"Few know the true Grace of the Birth of the Lord. Few know all that their God and Creator does in the invisible levels of this world and in the depths of souls when hearts allow themselves to be touched by the purity of this moment." Mary, Rose of Peace - 12-25-2017

The Marian Center of Aurora will dress up in Light to celebrate, with the Divine Mother, the birth of Her Son, Our Lord, on the 24th, in the Vigil of Prayer of Christmas Eve , and on the 25th, during the Meeting with the Virgin Mary . During this time-period, when Heaven and Earth contemplate the Mystery of Christmas, we are invited to pray so that the Plan of Redemption may be renewed in all of humanity.

It will be the moment for allowing the...

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17 Dec

Music for Healing will have a special Christmas edition

May your souls, through your sacred offering for today's encounter, be ignited by the singing and upliftment so that all of the inner Christs on the planet may be able to reign and honor a process of change and transformation, in all of the human consciousness. Virgin Mary, December 23, 2018

In December, the meeting of Music for Healing and Elevation of Humanity will celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus , with a program of devotional and classic Christmas songs that promise to warm hearts.

The invited artist for this month is Gabriela Carmo , 26 years old singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Salvador, Bahia. With a career dedicated to Christian music, she began by playing the violin, drums and other percussion instruments...

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10 Dec

11th Youth Festival for Peace comes to Santa Fe, Argentina

"In the youth of this time is the potential and the inner fire for the realization and the concretion of the Divine Plan on Earth."
Mary, Rose of Peace - July 28, 2019

On January 26 , the 11th Youth Festival for Peace will take place in Santa Fe, Argentina ; a coming together of young people of the whole world, to experience moments of fraternity and spirituality, where prayer, art, music, and service will be united in a proposal for peace.

The Youth Festival for Peace was inspired by the Virgin Mary and, through it, She is carrying out an important part of Her task of rescue of the new generations. Many youths...

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09 Dec

Christmas Manger

"While many souls prepare their mangers, they allow that the Sacred Spirit of the Holy Family of Nazareth may be present in the nuclei of the families.”
Mary, Rose of Peace, December 8th, 2019.

Christmas is coming and the Holy Virgin once more invites us to celebrate the Divine Mysteries of the Birth of Christ and to help Her infuse the attributes of the Holy Family of Nazareth across the planet.

In Her message on December 8, 2019 , Our Lady announced one simple and important request: may the families and the groups of prayer assemble the Holy Manger in their homes and in places of meeting.

She also requests...

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09 Dec

In December, the light of the Divine Messengers will shine in Aurora

Little by little, Aurora begins to arise in the hearts that shine today in the firmament, and this is impossible to put out because it is the Aurora of love, of the Love that comes from God, and that was deposited in this place a long time ago from the Universe. Christ Jesus

Continuing with the redeeming task carried out in South America, the next stage of the Pilgrimage for Peace will be at the Marian Center of Aurora , in Paysandu, Uruguay. The Divine Messengers will be within this blessed place up to the end of December, pouring out Their codes of Love and Light for the liberation of the planet.

In this period of important spiritual celebrations, we will experience the grace of having the Apparition of Christ...

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