Tuesday, January 7 of 2020

Monthly messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, I come to give you My time, because you need it, because you need to find the truth, which goes beyond forms and appearances.

You and many other human beings belonged to the ancient people of Israel, who with Moses traveled the path of freedom from spiritual and material slavery.

But the task was not finished. You, just like your brothers and sisters of the path, returned to the Earth to finish what was missing, and each one of you, and each one of the groups, were assigned a spiritual and material task, which, in the face of the Lords of Law, you were to fulfill, as dictated within the Heart of My Father.

Today I come to bring you the clarity of My Words, because the Hierarchy no longer has time, and that meaning is not symbolic.

The Plan of God was given out among beings and all creatures that, over the course of time, and even after the Ascension of your Master and Lord, were to accomplish this Project, thought of by the Father.

You who are here are to accomplish a part of this Plan, beyond your human, mental or spiritual condition; and God's appeal is that this should be concretized, that each of you should make your effort, with your surrender and your dedication, knowing that this whole Plan does not end only in what is material, but also in the concretization of that which comes from what is spiritual, and gives you the impulse to experience great changes.

I know that sometimes, or in many cases, you do not understand why brothers and sisters of the path have suddenly left.

The Will of God is happiness for all beings; it is not a condemnation or a punishment. God accepts the offerings of those who inwardly and silently surrender to God through the giving of self and through truth, and of these offerings, He makes miracles. And if it were necessary to take them with Him, to His Kingdom, is that something sad?

The joy of your hearts must be in the triumph of your brothers and sisters, and the victory of Love over evil. But you must appease your hearts, placate your spirits and, in this moment, receive the Love of God, Who wishes to lift you up to a Greater Life, toward an understanding of His Purpose and toward everything that the Father still must fulfill through you and your brothers and sisters, as long as you follow His Law and His Commandments.

You know that humanity is perverted and the planet suffers more each day through the Kingdoms of Nature.

Who will carry this heavy wood of the Cross on their backs that I today want to share with My companions?

Who will risk overcoming themselves in order to live a cosmic life and be able to embody the Gifts of God, which must urgently descend to Earth and to the human consciousness so that, as it was, much more than two thousand years ago, the people of Israel, who once walked in the desert, may finish what they came to fulfill at this time?

God will not ask the impossible of you. God will ask each one of you what you can truly give Him, this offering of your hearts and lives for a Greater Life, which cannot disappear from the consciousness of the men and women of the Earth; for if in this time spiritual life were to become disconnected from the human being, everything would be lost.

But even though many situations occur in the world, which are completely unknown to you, we still have time to build that which the Hierarchy needs and elevate to the Heavens the aspirations of each human heart, which, with compassion and fraternity, trustingly surrenders into the Hands of God.

Today, I come to bring you this message of the Father, because I made a commitment to Him, to tell you the truth and so that I can forge a spiritual and physical maturity within you that is necessary in these times, and which will help you to move forward with the Plan, without setbacks or delays; because what each one can give in this moment will help another brother or sisters in the world who is in darkness and who must achieve the Light of the Kingdom of the Heavens in order to live redemption and find peace, the peace that I bring you today, which is unchangeable.

Think of the possibility of this Grace. Meditate upon the opportunity that God gives you. Your paths can be full of many blessings and Graces, but you must be maturely responsive.

This is the time of planetary emergency. This is the time of filling everything with Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.