Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-sixth Poem

Lady of Adoration,
may we enter the Divine Temple of the Lord
 in prayer and consciousness
so that we may be purified of everything
and liberated from any oppression within our consciousnesses.

Lady of Adoration,
help us so that our sins may be dissolved
by the power of Your maternal Love.

May we be cleansed and purified in the Temple
so that our souls may be reborn,
freed from the prisons of life
and surrendered in trust to the Will of God.

Lady of Adoration,
may our purification teach us
about the redemption of our forms and ways of life.

In this offering of purification
that we experience in this time,
may we reach the first pathway of sanctity.

Mother and Lady of Adoration,
with Your Grace, illuminate our paths.

After our purification,
may we find the Light of the Face of the Glorified Christ.

May our souls be exalted
for being able to feel and participate in the Spiritual Communion
and consecration that Jesus offers us.

During this purification,
may we see the good side of this whole experience
because, through this learning,
we hope to be able to grow in Love and Truth.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-first Poem

Humble Servant of God,
Immaculate Mother of suffering’s relief,
place us in Your arms, at this moment,
so that we may feel
lovingly protected by You.

Relieve our hearts of any desolation.

You are the powerful Mother
who sustains us and loves us eternally.

In the Sacrament of Reconciliation,
may we find the path of return to God's Heart.

Most Holy Mother,
guide us with the Light of Your Crown.

With Your feet, step
upon all that causes pain and despair;
relieve suffering.

May our faith be renewed at each moment.

May our souls be on the path
towards the Celestial Kingdom so that,
while we serve our fellow beings
here on Earth,
we may learn to love
the Will of God as You do.

Free us from the chains and illusions
that imprison us.

Make us aware of our service
of love and selflessness for humanity.

Correct our paths so that
we may only be on the sacred path of Your Son
where we will live the Spiritual Communion with Him
as a part of His Celestial Kingdom.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Sixteenth Poem

Beloved Mother of the World,
liberate us from the errors
that we may have committed.

Give us strength and spiritual determination
to be able to redeem and transcend
our human aspects.

Do not allow, Holy Virgin,
that these errors be nourished
by more errors and faults.

Cut, with Your powerful Sword,
the ties with adversity.

Protect our souls, Divine Lady,
envelop us with Your invisible Mantle of Light
so that, united to You,
we may represent the apostles of Christ on Earth.

Universal Mother,
deposit Your thirteen attributes within our consciousnesses
so that we may apply them in our daily lives
as an example of transformation and conversion.

Holy Mother, do not allow
illusion and deceit to blind our eyes.

Allow us and help us
to always see the Truth
so that our steps may reach Christ.
There, able to enter into Spiritual Communion,
we will thank You and honor You
as our eternal and loving Mother of Peace.

Break the chains of the past within us
so that our souls may walk in freedom
towards the House of the Celestial Father.

Take us, Divine Mother,
before the eternal altar of the consecration of life.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, for the 33rd Marathon of Divine Mercy

Prayer: Our Father (in Portuguese).

With great gladness and joy, listen to My Voice, which comes from infinity to speak to you and all your brothers and sisters, who, in trust and faith, have walked by My side over the years, and especially in this Work that is carried out here by the Sacred Hearts.

You do not know, companions, how pleased My Soul is to be here today with you, in perpetual spiritual communion with all those that are not present, and that are lost in the tribulation in the world.

But today I come to stretch out My Hand to you so that you may see My Heart, which is luminous among you. I do not stop acting in this world so that My disciples may feel Me close and walk by My side, in this desert that a part of humanity is experiencing in this cycle of transition.

I want you to draw close to My Heart, in the same way that I offer It to you, so that you may enter into My Spirit and feel the Will of My Father showing Itself to you, for example, through this meeting.

I would not like to fail to go through here without you feeling Me, understanding what I request of you as a spiritual flock, as a purpose for this end time. 

I come to bring you My Peace and also My gratitude for having allowed new doors of Heaven to open upon this needy place in which hearts, without perceiving it, cry out for My intercession.

This Marathon will bring results for everybody; it will open new paths for the consequent, those who have made a promise to My Sacred Heart, giving a victory to My plan through service and prayer in this region of the planet where God has been able to mirror His Presence simply through the realization of His Creation and its beauty.

Today I come to invite you to be in My Cenacle, not only to commune with Me, but rather beyond Me, in the name of My Father and of all the universe that gathers especially to bless you, transfigure you, and lift you up to My Heart.

I need you to continue accomplishing My Purpose, in spite of what happens.

Today My Hands close impossible wounds, the deepest wounds, those that humankind cannot heal. This is the work of My Mercy, of My unfathomable Love and Pity, not only for you, but also for the world that grows darker and is blind because it does not recognize Me.

Now, companions, that you do recognize Me, make Me known to those who sleep, that do not vivify Me and do not adore Me.

My Heart offers Itself in this end time to all, without exception, before the Justice of My Father comes to this world and this humanity. A Justice that humanity will not understand because it does not know it nor does it feel it; but I bring you the source of My atonement, the healing for your spirits and souls, the renewal of your paths and surrender to My unfathomable Heart. 

In your lives, I only wish to institute a spirit of apostleship, of mission, and of service.

Let this Marathon represent the renewal of service to God, that which you can give Me beyond the limitations and the tests, the fears and the uncertainty.

I would like you to be able to be renewed every day and stop looking back, to the past, because if I Am your renewing and Christic sacred Presence, why are you stuck in the past?

When I am present, I bring you what is new, what you still do not know or experience. I bring you the presence of another Law that participates in other universes, and which gathers you here so that you may live and feel Me.

Your hearts are potentials in service and in prayer. Here, stronger pillars of prayer can exist that propagate that Light throughout the world with the precious prayerful word.

Your hearts should not only pray, they should be living mirrors that reflect what the rest do not experience in this time and to which many do not pay much attention because they do not deeply know Me.

I need your hands to reach others so that at the same time, you can see Me in those that suffer, in those that are lost, in the Lower Kingdoms.

The whole of Creation participated in My surrender on the Cross and continues to do so in My Glory and in My Divinity. Nothing is separated after I ascended to the Heavens, to the House of My Father.

I left you the task of being children of the Mother of the World, of being seeds of the New Humanity, spiritually speaking.

I left you the task of propagating My Gospel through acts of charity and of peace, a peace that is lacking in the world and in many hearts.

The Americas have this mission with Me and with the other Sacred Hearts; it is part of this spiritual trilogy between your Master, Holy Mary, and Saint Joseph.

You and your lost brothers and sisters are called to live this project that is still not understood, because it is a project of higher Love, of an unknown existence that is today drawing closer to you so that you may perceive and live it.

I provide you with this Grace and this Mercy so that your paths may be peaceful and non-confrontational, so that your hearts unite with Me, just as they should unite with your brothers and sisters, without differences or denials.

I open a door for you to live the experience of love and of redemption. You have already experienced these things through the Work that you have carried out here for so long, in honor of My God. It is for this reason that I come here to give you My Graces, the spirit of My infinite and universal gratitude.

I thus come to wash your feet, to baptize your heads in the name of the Holy Spirit, to anoint you and heal you in the name of Love and of Unity, something that humanity is rapidly losing; but if you go through the end of times with Me, you must fear nothing. 

I want your lives to be surrendered to Me.

I want you to embrace the Cross with Me that I carry through the world in this time.

I want you to remove the thorns from My Heart because of all the unjust and prideful.

I want you to contemplate the immensity of My love and submerge in My Spirit, living each of My Words, just as the apostles lived them in the past.

I want you to be a quill of light in My Hands so that I may write the new history in the Book of My Father, your history of redemption, of atonement, of forgiveness and of Mercy, of liberation and of peace; because the time will come, dear companions, in which you must be gathered together like today, in this sacred cenacle that you are lovingly offering Me.

Just as I gathered together the twelve, today I gather you and those that are spiritually not here.

I leave you the greetings of My Peace, the luminous sign of My victorious and resplendent Cross throughout the universe.

I leave you My sorrow for the world, the denial of hearts, the indifference of the arrogant, the poverty of the non-humble, the pride of the blind, the malice of the ungrateful, so that you may share this with Me and so that your love, together with Mine, can erase all the miseries and My Sacred Heart may triumph as it is triumphing in your lives.

Let this Marathon open the doors to those who must come, to the young people of this region that must also find the Path of Christ, not a strict path, but the path of love, of redemption, and of peace. The path of the prayerful apostleship, of the mission in service and in charity through pity.

I invite you to be renewed in the name of the Law of the Hierarchy, in the name of unity and the good.

Adonai, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,

Redemption, Redemption, Redemption for this planet.
(three times in Portuguese)

On this evening of communion with Me, I give you the blessing of these elements and My paternal embrace in perfect union with My unfathomable Heart of Love, so that, renewed by My Spirit, your paths may be on My Paths and your hearts may be In My Heart in honor and adoration of the Father.

I renew you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

As I rise, accept My proclamation of Peace and confirm yourselves to Me as each one is able to live it in this offering that is lifted up.

I will return tomorrow to be with you in spiritual union and in vigil for the world.

Thank you for granting this space to Me in your hearts. The fruits will be seen in the next world, in the new humanity and in the joy of your countenances.

Remember that this is done for all of humanity, not only for you, but for those that most need it and that most suffer the tribulation.

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Association Mary
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