Tuesday, June 30 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear Children,

My Immaculate Heart is the great rose and magenta crystal of the Celestial Universe, which descends upon the world to pour the rays of conversion over the humans and over the kingdoms of nature, kingdoms that are outraged by the ungrateful souls.

My Immaculate Heart is the great crystal of the Celestial Universe, which approaches the planet in order to relieve it and mainly to deliver to it the peace that it is losing.

Each one of your hearts can be a crystal of light like Mine; the prayer of the heart not only ignites the sources of all of the praying mirrors but it also illuminates the heart as a crystal of love and peace.

For this, I ask, children of Mine, that your hearts work with prayer in order to be converted into precious crystals within My Kingdom, into crystals that radiate purity, mercy and compassion.

When your hearts harden like a stone, the greater crystal of My Heart has to work in order to pour new flames of light that purify the heart and the whole life.   Despite the time of purification, your hearts can be these expected crystals of light, which may help to spiritually raise the planet towards the Kingdom of God.

There, children of Mine, as an only crystal of peace, we will be one in God and in Christ, the Highest Priest.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who converts you into crystals of light and of prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, June 29 of 2015

Daily messages

As a pious Mother, today I come to envelop you in the sacred mantle of Christ in order for your deepest and most unconscious wounds to be healed.

I come to purify and cleanse the marks of an erroneous life and that is subjected to the existence of a material world.

I come to envelop you in the sacred mantle of Christ in order for your wounds of the past to be washed in the Source of My Son.

For it to be possible and so that I may be able to envelop you in the sacred mantle of Christ you must grant Me an inner permission in order for Me to make you get to know all that which separates you from the perfect union with My Beloved Son.

With the Piety in which I live, I come to deliver My Grace to you because it will be the science that will change the deep and unconscious things, those that hinder your freely walk.

But remember, Child of Mine, that you have come to the world so that someday you will reach transcendence and thus the doors to rehabilitation may be opened for humanity.  While you purify yourself, live the ardent aspiration of finding the celestial universes; on this path you will not get lost because I will keep you united to My Heart of Mother.

Be brave and encourage yourself to discover that which most of the souls do not want to see: the human condition, which is the last thing to transcend before the sanctity.

I delivery My Peace and My Love to you.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who heals you in the Repairing Source of Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, June 27 of 2015

Daily messages

Listen to My voice in the silence of your heart and recognize with Me how much you still have to chance.  This is not going to be a limitation to reach the goal; this is the first step to a consciousness that matures in the chosen path.

You are not going to sanctify yourself overnight, but you will find the barriers that leave the soul of each being trapped.  These barriers are the superficial and mental life that does no lead to any result.

If your aspiration to surrender to My Son is faithful and constant, I assure you that great will be the test, but there will be nothing that may dissolve the sincere union that you have built.  For this I indicate to you new paths for you to traverse in obedience and joy.

When you say no to My plans, I can do nothing, but only look at you and pray.  The Universe always search for the best option to help you, but when the proposed path is not accepted, it will be in the next round of the universal cycle that something will be able to be resolved.

When there is no correspondence with what is indicated, the instruction of the hierarchy is wasted.  Although it is time of your purification, certain own wills or personal decisions, can change the spiritual destiny of a consciousness.

What to do?

Just wait, God never fails to show the real meaning and reason of His Will, and His Infinite Mercy rearranges all the things and put them in the necessary balance so that His Holly Aspirations can be accomplished.

There is no longer time to rethink the things; the divine impulse descends to mobilize and liberate structures.  When someone stops this impulse, it is like trying to sustain with the hands a flood of light.

The Divine Will is not an imposition but it is the spirit of materialization of a Plan that must achieve the highest experience of love and forgiveness.  When a soul opposes this to happen, the same universal science repositions the consciousness on the step of learning it had before being elevated to the Mayor Kingdom.

No one loses their place in the Heart of God, God is Compassion and Justice; and this Justice at this time will be severe, not for being Justice, but because the Law of Divinity Itself will find resistance in many areas of the consciousness.

For this, dear children, I come to advise you to not suffer unnecessarily the consequences for remaining under human control.  Try to be in the Law and you will be protected from yourselves.  Something greater must be fulfilled in the Thought of God and it is the expression of the New Humanity.

You are in time to reconsider you own actions and to start again as God says, in harmony and without inner disorder.

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who instructs you through the Wisdom of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, June 26 of 2015

Daily messages

Liberate your heart from every offense, seek the reconciliation with God every day.  Drink from the Source of Christ, the one that will quench your thirst.  Confess your faults, do not fear to tell them because you will not be judged.

You live in a time of adversity and opposition; make your heart and your feeling transparent, in this way you will receive the cure for all ills.  Keep alive your aspiration to transform yourself, I can help you to straighten your paths.

Be free from yourself, may your difficulties not hurt you, the time of redemption will arrive to everyone.

Meanwhile, pray with the heart and abandon yourself in Me; I can build the new in all that is purified.  I have a written promise for you, get to know your strengths rather than your potentials.  Get to know yourself more than you know the others.

Record in your memory My holy image, I am the Queen of the Stars, I am the Mother of the sinners.  Whoever comes to Me, will not regret; I have the authority to liberate you, and also to give you the Love of God.

Patience is the flame that never goes out, it is the incandescent glow that ignites everything.  Unite with My Heart and some day you will see written in the Universe the day of your redemption.  Encourage yourself to follow Me in spite of everything.

I am your Mother and I want the best for you.  Today I absolve you.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who delivers you to the arms of the Celestial Father,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of the Peace



Thursday, June 25 of 2015

Daily messages

May you today awake to the essence of My Plan of Love.  May you today comprehend the greatness of the path on which I placed your feet, so that your souls would not get lost from God.

My mantle of light is woven in the invisible of this world and My Heart unites the different expressions of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Dear children, even if your eyes cannot see, open yourselves to comprehend with the heart that I Am the same in all of My manifestations in the world and, although for each of My armies I have a perfect plan, on these times, I come to unite in essence and in the heart all of those who answer to My Call, no matter where they may be.

Because it will come the time in which the circumstances of this life will need to find hearts strengthened by the spirit of Unity; otherwise, My children, My plans will not be able to be fulfilled.

I gather you in this time, as in all the others, for a greater purpose, for a universal purpose, but very few could comprehend what I have brought to you as a Message of Salvation and of awakening.

To Medjugorje, I have come to install the spirit of Peace and of conversion in the whole world.  Here, to the Americas, I have come to awaken humanity to the true Conception of God and so that all the Wisdom that comes from My Most Sacred Spirit could be given to human heart.  As Rose of Peace, I come to give to the world what of most pure exists in My interior, as the last table of salvation for the souls.

I tell you all of this, My dear children, because today, on this day of commemoration, both in Heaven and on Earth, I will not only ask that your hearts rejoice and pray with gratitude and joy.  Today I will ask you to deeply reflect about My presence in the world, above all, about everything that I have transformed in your lives and in the lives of so many souls.

I want you to discover in the depth of your hearts the true reason of My presence among you.  I want you to open yourselves to unite to My different children of the whole world, not only to Medjugorje, but you must be united, in fraternity and love, to all of the praying hearts, wherever they may be.

Because is through those who can be the most conscious of My Plan that I will build the Kingdom of God and that I will prepare for His Son the perfect path, with the precious prayers of the beings of this world.

Children, if you live in the spirit of Unity, you will be able to give and receive the codes of Light that I placed in My different soldiers.  You will be able to gather this puzzle that I have built in the world, with scattered pieces to the four corners of the Earth and that, only through the spirit of Absolute Unity, you will be able to gather and form the perfect draw of God to human race.

My beloveds, celebrate this day with prayers and praises, with grace and joy.  Unite to My Kingdom that ignites in light in Medjugorje, in order to redeem and save many souls, but also awake a little more to the essence of My words and do not let another year pass without being able to live them fully.

I love you, bless you and gather you in this cenacle of universal redemption.

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace, Rose of Peace, Mother of the World, Universal Mother



Thursday, June 25 of 2015

Daily messages

As a Sacred Consciousness of Light, I descend to the world, after having traversed the universes searching for unredeemed souls and consciousnesses.

Thus My mantle, which flies over the universe, holds within it all the souls that have not reached either peace or redemption.

I am the Queen of the Universe; My sovereignty is not of this world, but of others. I come from the twelfth Heaven, where the Great Consciousness of Abba manifests the power of His Love and the Humble Omnipotence of His Will.

All forms come from this Sublime Kingdom, and the sacred mirrors of prayer participate there in an inner meeting each time they ignite in prayer and in faith. Many sources bourgeon in the Kingdom of Abba, which manifest the gifts and virtues for souls.

In the Celestial Universe, unity is the essence of life, and obedience to the principles is the virtue of the saints. Your Mother comes from this Kingdom, and every month I descend to Earth to remind it that it must never forget the Infinite Purpose that guides it; the Purpose that has created it and that has caused it to persevere throughout time.

I am the Perpetual Source of Prayer, which radiates to all the hearts that open to recognize Me as the Mother, and as the Principle of Peace for everyone.

Towards those Kingdoms I want to take you. I wish your consciousnesses, and especially your hearts, to expand in love and in faith so that some day they find the same Kingdom, the one your Mother found after Her Assumption.

My eternal commitment is to raise you up spiritually towards this Kingdom from this terrestrial and lost consciousness. If the greatest number of souls should enter the school of mirrors of prayer with a healthy inner and heart-felt attitude, new divine and deep foundations for planetary life could manifest and transmute a part of the consciousness of the planet.

Your clock is registering the time of the determination, which must not be impelled by sentimentalism, but by the faith and devotion of believing every day that a Greater Kingdom awaits you.

It is for this greater reason that I am here today with you, just as I have been on the Hill of Medjugorje for thirty-four years, patiently waiting for the change in humanity.

Who has understood My message?

Through the Kingdom of Medjugorje I have transformed lives and have saved hearts by means of the works of Mercy and of Peace that many hearts experience. I hope that you will be a part of this work of mercy, and that you decide to stop being a burden for the manifestation of the Plan.

Children, I hope that you stop insisting on your ideas, because you would be covering your eyes with the veils of resistance, and would cease to see the Purpose of God on the horizon, that Purpose that has summoned you since the beginning.

Because of that, My dear ones, I come to ask for the collaboration of your mirror-souls so that they fulfill the task that they came to materialize with Me in this new story that God is writing in His Heart.

The Mirrors of Heaven, the Fountains of Mercy await empty souls; souls that are free of themselves, that have banished petty power and conquest so that, together with the Mother of the World, they will be the bearers of the Gifts of God, gifts that will transform the Earth.

This is My last summoning; I have already begged for you. Abandon the old habits and be worthy of hearing My words; in this way, the celestial mirrors will help the planet. I leave you My aspiration of seeing you transformed in Christ.

Today is the thirty-forth anniversary of Medjugorje igniting the praying mirrors of peace. And you, My children, what will you decide to be in this age?

I thank you for responding with constancy to My call!

Who blesses and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of Medjugorje



Wednesday, June 24 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

I come to ask the world to convert itself into a true mirror of prayer that reflects peace for itself and for the lost souls.

Who will accept My offer?

Who will understand the urgency of My message?

May your lives be a mirror of Prayer, of Mercy, of Piety.  Permit that, in these times and through prayer, the celestial spheres of the mirrors of My Heart radiate those all the time.

The definitive hour approaches and I must train My praying mirrors so that they may reflect the true principle of humility, of purity, and of simplicity.

My Heart congregates you through the sacred vigils of prayer, so that after almost three years of continuous prayer you, My children, may learn to work at the planetary level.  For this, every month I ask you to gather in order to pray with the heart, more than with words; the true ability of praying is found in the art of knowing to love it, beyond knowing or not the language in which it is being prayed.

Children, a true mirror can be the soul itself, which is the first to receive the impulse of the spirit, and the spirit is filled by the celestial spheres of prayer.

Every month, as your Mother and Universal Governess, I have attempted to make you learn correctly about this school of the mirrors of prayer; a school that is based on unity, on the non-competition, and mainly, that is free from arrogance and from human pride, because these are the aspects of the superficial human life that poison the life of a praying-mirror-soul.

This school in which many participate is constituted by the most simple and surrendered in order to search all the time for the path of the prayer of the heart that is the first school for the Christic discipleship.  To be a mirror does not mean to have ability or self-impetus; to be a mirror is to be in a permanent inner emptiness, because the being’s inner strength to reflect good things is given by the Love of the Celestial Father that lives in you, since He is the Greatest Mirror of the Creator Mercy.

Dear children, why do I tell you these things?

Because in order to fulfill the mission entrusted by your Heavenly Mother it is time, through the instruction that you have received, for you to be able to reflect good principles and fraternal attitudes.  As long as your lives be under self control and your determination, in truth I tell you, dear Children, that you will not be able to reach the state of a true and pure inner mirror.

The planet needs true emanations of Mercy, and this will be possible when you let go the reins of personal power and of the pride that blinds you.

I come to guide you towards My Kingdom of the Greater Mirrors, where sources of life and of light-energy that radiate to the whole universe exist, which is the first school of your great learning.

If one day you decide to surrender to My Heart I will be able to count on you as part of My praying army of the Mirrors of God’s Mercy.  I wait for you and I ask you to reflect good actions.  Abandon the old being, and take advantage of the last Grace that I bring to you.

Peace and Redemption!

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who elevates you to the Mirror of the Inner Healing of the Kingdom of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, June 22 of 2015

Daily messages


Anger is the seed of frustration and this impure feeling is born from not feeling loved.  Frustration is the root of lie and pride; from pride comes folly and from it, the abandonment of the spiritual life.

The principle that balances those states is Mercy that it is based on Piety and Compassion, which make possible that everything be understood.

Frustration is a poison that dissolves peace, because this feeling has its origin in the criticism and in the value judgment.  Peace permits to overcome those difficulties; frustration is dissipated with truth, especially with tolerance and patience, states that can generate interior harmony and balance despite the recurring tests.

The essence of frustration is the shame of recognizing oneself as an incompetent, above all, it keeps its impetus on the false power and on the own belief, that which generates more insecurity and lack of faith.

That soul which surrenders to My arms will stop leaving those things because I will teach them to forgive with the heart, to love through life and to establish faith as an interior emblem.  It is from there, by means of prayer and humiliation, that all the evil feelings will be dissolved.  In this way God will return to the heart that trusts on His Plan and will live in interior isHis communion with all of His children.

To recognize oneself as you are is a school for the braves ones.  But to recognize oneself in Christ is an aspiration to be able live this school.

No longer frustrate your lives; recognize now all that you are capable of, because whoever is not in Christ, will not be anything.  He wishes to enter and govern; the banishment of the ambitions will happen when, having determined yourself, you  no longer want to be the same consciousness as always.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who takes you to the One and Only Consciousness of Truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, June 18 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

As the Mother of the Infinite I come to show you that you must always seek the internal union through the love that springs from the depths of your hearts.

In this way, on this path of search and union with the Infinite Celestial Father you will be able to see, with a different sense and from a different place, things bigger and deeper, every time you look for this internal fusion with all of the Creation.

On this day that retires itself, I want to call your attention to the true divine mystery that is revealed beyond your daily lives.

Dear children, as the Mother of the Infinite I awaken in all of the hearts the true feeling for a life divinized in Christ.  My work is fulfilled in everything that was created by God, when the soul simply accepts to live the conversion of the heart.

Beloved children, one part of this spiritual infinite lives inside of you and My only aspiration as a mother is that you be able to recognize it in these times of changes.  Searching for this infinite you will be able to recognize your mission and when that happens, I will be able to say, children, that My task has been accomplished in your lives.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you to the Infinite Celestial Father,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, June 17 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear Children,

Everyday I am crowned by your simple prayers and all of the crowns of love that you offer Me, I place them at the feet of the Creator so that His Mercy keeps on being poured over the Planet as a powerful flow.

Children of Mine, all prayers convert themselves into spiritual nourishment of salvation for the most sinful and thus I have the permission to help the most lost souls, those that have been denying God for a long time.

EsIt is in this way, under the intercession of My Merciful Heart that I, your Mother of the World, descend in order to look for the lost essences in the abysses of the Earth.   Each time that you pronounce: “Hail Mary”, an angel of My armies ignites a torch of light so that I may find in the hells of this world the most condemned souls.  In this way your Heavenly Mother activates the liberation of evil and these souls reencounter the path of union with Christ and then with the Celestial Father.

Dear children, the humble prayers are the shield against all temptation and they save lost lives, and especially the hearts are able to reconsider their actions and take the decision to change in their process of conversion.

Beloved children, all of the honors that I received on the part of My dear children, I pour them in Grace and in Mercy over those who are mostly in need.  Keep on working united to Me, thus My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who envelops you in the mantle of peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, June 16 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

My work is to manage that someday your lives convert themselves and be like the blessed fruit that was born from My most pure womb, that they be like Jesus.

After living the time of your purification, your Heavenly Mother will take you to the Blessed Kingdom of Her womb so that your souls, already free of every stain, merge themselves in the essence of the Love of God.

For this cause, My children, your Heavenly Mother comes to the world to liberate it rescue it and open your eyes again for them to see the Mercy of God.

Your tireless effort to live purity and chastity is contemplated by the Grace of your Most Holy Mother and I always take into consideration that you are offering it for all those of My children that are lost and surrounded by the illusion of a materialistic life.

This is the profane and wrong code that your Heavenly Mother, through Her prayer and Mercy, comes to redeem and rehabilitate.

Dear children, this time is marked by a cycle of intense purification; blessed are those that always pray with Me because My Pure and Immaculate Heart will make you live the times of readjustments in a harmonious way.

Wish deeply and with your heart to be able to reach the cure of all the aspects of the superfluous, not redeemed life, the one which in these times has lost the true connection with God the Father.  I, as your Mother who loves you, come to demonstrate to the hearts that life belongs to the sublime work of the spirit.  I come to lead you to the reencounter with a model of life like the one of My Beloved Son.

May the Lord guard you and may you always have the internal strength to overcome yourselves and give testimony of your sacred redemption.

I thank your for answering to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, June 14 of 2015

Daily messages

I am the Divine and Immaculate Pilgrim Soul that accompanies and guides the paths of the hearts that open themselves to be transformed through prayer and donation.

I am this Divine Pilgrim Soul that gathers all the essences and consciousnesses even though the distance exists.  My only maternal purpose is to unify you everyday in God the Father in order to thus break the barriers of inertia, of disunion and of the indifferences among the beings that belong to My Sacred Kingdom.

I am this Divine Pilgrim Soul that shelters the difficulties and redeems the causes that generate arrogance and pride, simply when the heart is open to Me like a flower is open to the sunrays.

There, in that principle, no divisions or barriers exist and the souls, by means of My Grace, can convert all the evils.

I wish, as a Divine Pilgrim Soul, that you learn how to walk with trust beside Me and that you allow Me to banish from you everything that generates distance between the souls and the Love of God.

For this I come to give you everyday this maternal love, a renewing love that defeats perdition and the fear of failure.  Whoever truly allows Me to guide them will lose nothing, but will only be free from this heavy luggage that tires them and does not allow them to walk, and will be able to fly like the condor of the mountains.

The time and the hour of your redemption is set, for this your Most Holy Mother comes to bathe you in the Source of Life of Her Son, so that thus your lives will allow themselves to be transfigured in Christ.

My deep wish is to convert you into what you have never been.

Surrender to Me and I will support you.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who purifies you in the Divine Fire of Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, June 13 of 2015

Daily messages

Favorite children, it is time for the great transformation.

It is time to change the states of consciousness.

It is time for renouncing.

It is time for transcending oneself to be able to love.

My children, this will soon make you free from the prison that life in matter represents. In a short time, you will come to know the new consciousness, which will be free of human errors and purified by the fire of My Compassion.

Favorite children, God expects to accomplish a part of His project through you; because of that, let yourselves be transformed within this school, which I call purification.

Your Mother sees the urgency of healing and of consolation in the world, but in order for your Most Holy Mother consent to pouring Her last Graces, someone from this humanity must change. The time for theories and for philosophies is over; your change and transformation must be still more obvious for the Plan.

Thus, My dear children, planetary emergencies that are far from your capacity for understanding will be taken care of and alleviated by the columns of light that My Son has formed in you.

Seek at all times for that sacred union with the Divine Plan, and I assure you that soon your lives will reflect the true mirror that they are since the beginning. But the search for upliftment is the goal of very few, and complaints and conflicts characterize the many.

The Most Holy Trinity, which is the most important Gift for the evolution of souls, descends in assistance and in mercy through your Holy Mother Mary, to rescue the last flocks that will tread the path to be a part of the New Earth.

For this to happen, the time of your purification will be accompanied by the definition of your paths and especially by absolute surrender to the Will of God.

It is for this sacred reason that your Heavenly Mother prepares you in this time of purification, so that your lives will finally be consummated in Christ. It will be thus that the changes will take place in the life of souls, and nobody will lose the space or the time for the purpose to be fulfilled.

It is in these times that the Divinity of the Son and that of the Holy Spirit will work unswervingly on those hearts that connect themselves to the objective of the task. It will be in this way, favorite children, that the world will sustain itself for one more cycle, through the changes that many of you should already be living.

The main obstacles for souls are resistance, power, arrogance, and pride, infernal doors of condemnation and of domination; doors that My adversary opens and uses to condition spiritual evolution by means of the aspects that have not been resolved in souls.

Because of that, your Heavenly Mother works untiringly to remove these veils of the unconscious and thus open a little window in your inner world so that Divine Light may transfigure your lives and you can abandon this unending captivity.

The mere fact of wanting to change and of allowing yourself be guided builds in the consciousness, above all these aspects, the possibility of balancing the debts and of starting to recognize the attributes of humility, meekness, and especially the attribute that supersedes all: the attribute of love.

Accepting to be humble, living the meekness, and building within oneself the capacity to love more each day, beyond what one can give, will position the Plan on another scale and the aspirations of Adonai will be able to be fulfilled just as they were thought of and meditated upon by the One Mind.

The receptivity of these states of consciousness, of these attributes, articulates new experiences, and it is in this way that souls liberate themselves from having to start over again in the same not yet finished experience.

Your Heavenly Mother reveals these profound aspects of your consciousnesses to you so that some day, the whole of humanity perceives that it is very far from understanding and living Divine Will.

Now, your Mother indicates one of the last paths to you so that, open, awake, and united to the new humanity, these attributes start arising in the depths of each being.

In order for this to happen, many changes must take place. Because of this just cause, as from now Your Heavenly Mother helps you walk in faith, so as to then live the trust and the definitive consecration to this Omnipotent Will.

Mediten en lo que hoy les digo, así vuestros espíritus aprovecharán el sagrado conocimiento divino.

Meditate on what I tell you today, so that your spirits can benefit from the sacred divine knowledge.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you in the Highest Will of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, June 13 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

I am the Mother of all peoples, all races, all languages, all beings.  All the Creation of God comes from My sacred maternal womb.  In Me all creatures are gestated; through Me are born and reborn the beings, the worlds, the universes.  In My Heart I shelter and guard much more than all souls; in My Immaculate Heart I receive and welcome all creatures of all the kingdoms of this blessed and sacred universe.

My beloveds, you might ask why so many times I present Myself to you and in My words I say who I am.  I speak about these things because God asked Me for humanity to recognize, in the end of times, the Feminine Creative Source, the Maternal Heart of God, which takes care of all that He created.

So many times I said “I am”, because humanity does not know Me and for not truly knowing Me, it does not seek Me and it does not look for My help before all the difficulties of life.

My dear ones, I present Myself to you as the Mother of Christ Jesus, because so it is.  My Son is Omnipresent and He is in everything.  His Most Sacred Consciousness reigns today in all creation and, thus, as I am His Mother, I am the Mother of everything that exists.

I ask you to receive My words in your hearts, because only there you will be able comprehend what I say to you.  The one who may not open the heart will never be able to discover the celestial mysteries and the one who does not enter into these mysteries will never be able to find the true Universal Source, that is the Consciousness of God the Father.

My words seek to lead you to the truth, but humanity is very separated from the superior reality and few are willing to deepen into something that they do not comprehend and that they do not accept, for being so far from what they live in this world.

My beloveds, My presence invites you to the complete transformation of life and of heart.  Many are the ones who do not accept Me because they are afraid of getting lost in the depth of My words and, today I say to you, that the one who deepens before the presence of the Divine Messengers and tirelessly seeks to comprehend, feel and live Our words, will not recognize themselves in a short time and they might not find themselves as they are today, because they will stop living and being a illusion, to express what they are, in essence and truth.

My beloveds, I say to you all of this, because throughout the whole history of humanity God sent Me to the Earth to lead humanity, but now, the celestial belfries are sounding and announcing that the time to live in illusion and ignorance is ending and I, as the Mother of all souls and of all beings that I am, have decided to launch Myself into the abysses of the planet and deliver the Gold of Truth to the ones that have always found themselves in the darkness of ignorance.

And even knowing that many may forever close the doors of their heart to Me, for not believing what I am saying or for not wanting to live the transformation to which I call them, I will never give up, because I also know that many will give Me their life and will make of this surrender, the reason of the conversion and the awakening of many other souls.

I want tell you on this day, My dear ones, that I will spare no effort to remove you from the sleep in which you live, that I will do everything to see you awake, knowledgeable of the Truth and of the living manifestation of the Will of God.

May today My words reach the depth of your hearts and impel you to take a definitive step.  The souls wait for the definition of your hearts to find a tangible example to follow.

I love you and I wait for you attentive, vigilant and tireless in this long journey.

Peace for humanity.

I bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, June 11 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear Children,

In the name of the Mercy of Christ, today I dignify Myself to visit this holy house, such as your Heavenly Mother visited the house of Martha and Mary to demonstrate that, through the lesson of absolute service to the Plan of God, many doors open themselves so that Graces may descend and the souls may receive the help they need.

My children, opening My arms and extending My hands to you, once again I come to give you the Peace of My Heart in these times.  Times in which the life of the souls are at risk; the eternal game with My adversary will define the existence of the Kingdom of God in the largest amount of lives possible.

The offer of your surrender to the Plan of God and of your selfless service to others, creates, in these times, the so necessary and urgent merits for the salvation of humanity.

And while the game between light and darkness has already begun, your Heavenly Mother comes to aid you and help you to walk in confidence towards God, so that you be able to cross your own internal abysses and transcend the barriers of the internal difficulty.

If you are with Me and I can be with you, despite the time of your purification, you will not lose sight of the walk of My humble feet along the gardens of peace and love, along the internal gardens of My Heart.

Dear children, do not allow anything to close your hearts.  My adversary also wants to imprison your hearts in this illusory and material life so that you may never again feel My Love.  But remember that prayer is the great key that opens any door and heart; for this, brave and encouraged to live the purification of life, take My hand and you will not get lost in any abyss.

As the Mother that loves you and protects you I will take you through the path of peace and ascension.

Children, take the first step and live in time the act of forgiveness and reconciliation; may your hearts not be hurt by anything, accept the cross and carry it in confidence next to My Son, as He carried it out of love for you.

This captivity of suffering will end when the majority takes the first step; thus, also My Immaculate Heart will triumph.  I leave you this reflection for you to study it.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who gathers you to love and forgive,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, June 10 of 2015

Daily messages


I unite you all by means of My Maternal Heart, and who is truly with Me, in heart and soul, will never separate themselves from this unity.

Without Christ your lives may not bare much longer the siege of My adversary and perish.  The one who lives the sacred unity is not separated from God and always recognizes His Will in all things.

In these times, the souls are summoned to the path of the heart and not to the path of the mind; it is with their hearts united to Mine that they will be on the correct path and in the correct place, without leaving behind all that must be converted in Christ and through Him. 

Seek this sacred unity in your interior and banish your ideas on how to improve everything, because in truth I tell you that God fixes it all and He knows in His humility the moment for each stage of your lives.

The first step of maturity is the unity of the heart with God and His Divine Will.  If you do not manage to live in simplicity for the sake of a greater aim, greater will be the difficulty to transcend the times.

The second step of maturity is the purity in all that you do, even if you try it many times, perseverance will strengthen you.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace



Tuesday, June 9 of 2015

Daily messages

Like the dawn of the sun at daybreak, with this universal and imperious force, your lives must be reborn on the spiritual path; thus, at the peak hour of purification, your hearts will be true beacons of light and of love for the world.

Because of this, My children, the first step is to accept and live the purification that is so necessary for all, and for the wounded planet. It will be through your purification and transformation that many doors of hell will be closed and many souls of the world will cease to be condemned.

Thus, the path of salvation will be possible for all of My children, and in time, many hearts will be able to once again find the path of commitment that they had lost.

Dear children, all has just started, the hour is showing that there is a great need of purification, but at the same time, of victory in the life of all who have surrendered in Christ and for Christ.

The essence of this whole process of humankind will be to remain in faith when the world faces its reconciliation with the Heights; at this moment, all will be able to see the Master coming among the clouds.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who elevates you to the Heart of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, June 8 of 2015

Daily messages

I am the Mother and the Lady who helps, together with Her Son, all the Christians and non-Christians.

I descend from Heaven to bring the Grace and the Mercy of God, because these are the Holy Gifts to which the souls must hold on.

I am the One who aids during the tests and the One who helps during difficult moments.  I am the Consoler and Co-redeemer in whom the essences find the path of redemption and of peace. 

I am present in the world through those who invoke Me.  I am the Great Mirror of Justice and of the intercession for the hearts.  Through My Grace, the most difficult situations are converted when there is the sincere aspiration to be willing to change.

My authority and kingdom embrace many consciousnesses, because in the spiritual level My actions are works of Peace and Love.

I Am Mary Help of Christians, the Lady who guides the Christians and helps in all the impossible causes, whenever there is faith and confidence in the Lord.  I Am the Mother who carries the Child King, the Divine and Prodigious Child Jesus so that He may establish the Will of God in the simple hearts.   

Who appeals to the Divine Child will receive the answer because His Purity and Innocence will transform the most difficult causes.  

I am your Helping Mother, so that you may remember My universal presence in these times.  

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you in Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, June 7 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear Children,

I will not ask that in a short time you may be different from what you are today.   For the Father your time of purification and ascension is set.  For this, allow yourselves to be transformed as your Father has foreseen since the beginning.

Live in Christ and be in Christ because the only path that is left for you to traverse is the pathway of redemption.  If you are not united, how will you continue?  Grace has touched your lives but you must be consistent with this Grace that unifies you and renews you all the time.

Dear children, be with Me and not at the other side of the path.  I need you always faithful to those who guide you out of love; this will protect you while you are on Earth.

Obedience is the gift that will fulfill you and will prevent you all the time from going wrong.  For this, children, may at these times you be able to observe the true path, because discouragement and internal crisis will be the barriers that you must overcome through true love and unity.

At the doors of the human Armageddon be conscious and grateful for what you receive, at least live it for those who do not receive not even half of all that the Universe donates to you.  Submerge yourselves in My Heart and thus you will be free.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, June 6 of 2015

Daily messages

May the doors of your heart open themselves today so that you may recognize the most valuable thing that God has kept inside of your being.

May your only principle be to find peace, so that in the culminating hour of the purification of the Earth, all of My children be the simple reflection of a life transformed by the sublime fire of prayer.

May repentance be the mission of each soul and each life, because that will be the path that will be opened for the salvation and rescue of other lost beings.

May the goal be to seek the fidelity to God, so that this deep feeling of union with the Father permits to open the last doors of Mercy for the world.

May the purpose of your prayers be to help to convert the conciseness of the world, so that in this way your Heavenly Mother may continue working through humility and the service of all of Her children.  Thus, Her Immaculate and Pure Spirit will fill even the last particle of live in your beings, and then you will feel the joy of living in the name of the Holy Spirit.

Work without delay for your conversion in order to reach the infinite path of redemption and healing.

I leave for My children the holy light of My Heart, so that encouraged by My Grace, you may be immediate collaborators of the Plan of Rescue for these times.  My Love is poured over the hearts that are receptive to prayer. 

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who loves you and cares for you,

Your Mother May, Rose of Peace



Friday, June 5 of 2015

Daily messages

I come to help you to open your heart every day, so that in some moment you may reach the wisdom of understanding, of comprehending and of accepting everything.   For this, I have a divine insistence and I come to your life to build a consciousness that will be formed by the sacred principles of the Will of God.

Before your life are drawn the new paths.  I come to offer to you sacrifice, because it will convert you; surrender, because it will transform you; prayer, because it will elevate you; service, because you will give of yourself, and silence, because in this way you will get to know all of the Mysteries of God.

As I Am your Mother I wish that you may grow and receive the same gifts that constituted the spiritual life of the Sacred Family.  In order to reach that state, only give to Me all of your being, and let Me construct that which is foreseen by God.  In this way you will be in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who summons you in Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, June 4 of 2015

Daily messages

On the sacred day of Corpus Christi I descend to the world to remind you that you must adore the Son of God by means of the Most Holy Sacrament that is offered by all of the priests, My favorite children in the world.

On this day on which the Sacred Blood and the Glorious Body of Christ are venerated by humanity, I invite all of those who do not live in Christ to make a decision to do it so that, absolved by His Mercy, they may find again the Kingdom of God in their interior.

See My Son: glorious, humble and poor in the Eucharist; visit Him and talk to Him about all that which anguishes your little hearts.   In the holy mystery of the Eucharist is found the Science of God, that which can convert your lives and arrogances by the simple act of confessing and communing from the Body and the Blood of Christ.

Today is a day of feast in the Heavens, the Redeemer surrenders Himself again out of love for you, this time through the Holy Eucharist.   Blessed are those that today commune in gratitude because their consciousnesses will receive the Grace of a life redeemed in Christ.  Your step will determine your next path.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, June 2 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

Today, as the Queen of Peace of Medjugorje, I come to establish the Kingdom of Forgiveness in the hearts that still have not reconciled themselves with God, for so many causes and endless sufferings.

It is for this sacred reason, that your Heavenly Mother reunites you today in one of the main cenacles of prayer of this city, after the Parrish.  I wish the first ecumenical cenacle for peace, which will be called the Cenacle of the Sacred Family, to be founded here.

You, My children, are ready in heart to assume this task of prayer for the humanity and the world.  Today your Lady of Peace stops here to observe the needs of spiritual healing and restoration.

For this I tell you, My children of Carmo da Cachoeira, that to reach the deep healing of the body and the soul, you still must pray much so that My Grace may be granted to your lives.

Today I establish here in this house the Cenacle of Prayer of the Sacred Family so that from today on, your spirits may feed themselves from the manna, which wants to be given to your hearts.  This will be possible when your prayer from the heart be intensified and in a short time you become bearers of Grace and Peace and thus the whole city will be worthy of the Mercy of God.

For this I invite you today, My dear children, to take the first steps towards the deep life of prayer.  I want to tell you that from the top of the hill I listen to all of your daily prayers and supplications, but if you truly form this cenacle, I tell you that you will let My heart rejoice, and mainly, many things that are happening today in this city will stop happening.

For this go to the Parrish because My Beloved Son waits for you, present in the Eucharist as also in the Tabernacle.  Decide, My beloved ones, what path you will choose?

I come to guide you and warn you, because I am your Mother from Heaven.  I am the Holy Woman of God that unites peoples and beliefs through the Love of God.  I wish to come back here three times more, because I aspire that My blessings reach your beloved families.

With the heart ignited in love and faith, live in Christ, look for Him! He is thirsty for your love, in this way your conversion will be possible.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you to the Heart of the Redeemer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, June 1 of 2015

Daily messages

My dear children,

For the Grace that God has granted Me and in the name of the Love of My Son, with joy I come to this house in order to bless it through the Holy Spirit of God.

After the important mission to Africa, one of My seven sorrows has been relieved, because as a Mother I find hearts like yours, willing to serve Me in charity and good.

In this way, I find armies truly formed by the Heart of Christ.  I would like to see more armies of light like yours, attentive to the request from Heaven and open to answer before any major need.

It was in this way that one of My seven deep sorrows was spiritually relieved through the immediate action of your donation to the Plan of My Son.  From Kibeho I sheltered each one of the missionaries and I took them to the Universe of My Heart so that they could feel the faith of My Immaculate Spirit.

It was through the sacred mission to Africa that new doors opened themselves to the spiritual redemption for the conversion of the souls of the world.  I was through this mission that internal paths opened themselves to start new missions, those that will take you to other distant nations of Africa.

For this, My children, may your internal fire never extinguish in spite of the adversity that many will face in the upcoming times.  May My burning fire be your praying fire of devotion and faith, in this way you will always win, you will lose nothing and you will always receive everything you need because in obedience to the Heart of Christ you will be answering to the Will of God.

On this holy day in which your Mother meets with Her children in the house of the immediate and selfless donation, I wish to consecrate the feminine missionary house with the imposition of My hands over you, giving it the name of House of Mary, Rose of Peace, so that together with Saint Joseph, your steps will always be guided in love and unity.

Today I came to thank you and bless you.  It deeply pleased Me that you have prepared the house to receive Me.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you to the Universal Heart of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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