Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

I am the one Who unites that which is separated, divided amongst consciousnesses. I unite the pieces of the great wheel so that the Project may function. For this reason, whoever invokes My name receives the gifts of Grace that transform the life of all hearts.

Decide to seek me; so I may help you always, day and night. Do not be discouraged by anything, your trust must be in the Lord.

Dear children, I bring you the spirit of reconciliation so that you may live it. I give you My Love so that you may multiply and share it as the essence of life. I encourage you to achieve the transcendence of self every day through service and prayer.

Unify through My Sacred Heart. I come to introduce you to the universe of My Son's love where there is no separation or rivalries; there is only God, your Celestial Father.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you with the Universe,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children of Mine,

As your Mother of Help, I open the doors of My Heart to shelter in these times the souls lost for the illusions of the world.   Along with My Son Jesus I work for the redemption of humanity and of all the Kingdoms of Nature, those which in the past decades have been subject to an excessive manipulation which led to the deterioration of the spirit of the Kingdoms.

For this I come as the Mother of Help, looking for the hearts that may repent soon and may not waste time on material things.  Many of My children in the world live for themselves and do not live for God and in their lives they face, as a result, loneliness, abandonment and lack of love and inner faith.

But I come from Heaven everyday to teach you for the last time the path of return to the Heart of the Celestial Father.  That is why My final work will be supported by My disciples and children consecrated to the Light of My Immaculate Heart.  It will be in this way that your Heavenly Mother will make the last attempt to remove from the hell on Earth those who submerge themselves day by day in the sea of despair and sin.

Those who live in prayer will be safe, and their homes will be like the arch of Noah, thus your homes will be living temples in the middle of the tribulation that the souls live, far from God and from His Eternal Love.

I receive all of you in My Heart because I love you.  My work will end when the majority has found the Kingdom of God.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who leads you to the consciousness of the spiritual awakening,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

I am the Mother of all peoples, all races, all languages, all beings.  All the Creation of God comes from My sacred maternal womb.  In Me all creatures are gestated; through Me are born and reborn the beings, the worlds, the universes.  In My Heart I shelter and guard much more than all souls; in My Immaculate Heart I receive and welcome all creatures of all the kingdoms of this blessed and sacred universe.

My beloveds, you might ask why so many times I present Myself to you and in My words I say who I am.  I speak about these things because God asked Me for humanity to recognize, in the end of times, the Feminine Creative Source, the Maternal Heart of God, which takes care of all that He created.

So many times I said “I am”, because humanity does not know Me and for not truly knowing Me, it does not seek Me and it does not look for My help before all the difficulties of life.

My dear ones, I present Myself to you as the Mother of Christ Jesus, because so it is.  My Son is Omnipresent and He is in everything.  His Most Sacred Consciousness reigns today in all creation and, thus, as I am His Mother, I am the Mother of everything that exists.

I ask you to receive My words in your hearts, because only there you will be able comprehend what I say to you.  The one who may not open the heart will never be able to discover the celestial mysteries and the one who does not enter into these mysteries will never be able to find the true Universal Source, that is the Consciousness of God the Father.

My words seek to lead you to the truth, but humanity is very separated from the superior reality and few are willing to deepen into something that they do not comprehend and that they do not accept, for being so far from what they live in this world.

My beloveds, My presence invites you to the complete transformation of life and of heart.  Many are the ones who do not accept Me because they are afraid of getting lost in the depth of My words and, today I say to you, that the one who deepens before the presence of the Divine Messengers and tirelessly seeks to comprehend, feel and live Our words, will not recognize themselves in a short time and they might not find themselves as they are today, because they will stop living and being a illusion, to express what they are, in essence and truth.

My beloveds, I say to you all of this, because throughout the whole history of humanity God sent Me to the Earth to lead humanity, but now, the celestial belfries are sounding and announcing that the time to live in illusion and ignorance is ending and I, as the Mother of all souls and of all beings that I am, have decided to launch Myself into the abysses of the planet and deliver the Gold of Truth to the ones that have always found themselves in the darkness of ignorance.

And even knowing that many may forever close the doors of their heart to Me, for not believing what I am saying or for not wanting to live the transformation to which I call them, I will never give up, because I also know that many will give Me their life and will make of this surrender, the reason of the conversion and the awakening of many other souls.

I want tell you on this day, My dear ones, that I will spare no effort to remove you from the sleep in which you live, that I will do everything to see you awake, knowledgeable of the Truth and of the living manifestation of the Will of God.

May today My words reach the depth of your hearts and impel you to take a definitive step.  The souls wait for the definition of your hearts to find a tangible example to follow.

I love you and I wait for you attentive, vigilant and tireless in this long journey.

Peace for humanity.

I bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother and the Lady who helps, together with Her Son, all the Christians and non-Christians.

I descend from Heaven to bring the Grace and the Mercy of God, because these are the Holy Gifts to which the souls must hold on.

I am the One who aids during the tests and the One who helps during difficult moments.  I am the Consoler and Co-redeemer in whom the essences find the path of redemption and of peace. 

I am present in the world through those who invoke Me.  I am the Great Mirror of Justice and of the intercession for the hearts.  Through My Grace, the most difficult situations are converted when there is the sincere aspiration to be willing to change.

My authority and kingdom embrace many consciousnesses, because in the spiritual level My actions are works of Peace and Love.

I Am Mary Help of Christians, the Lady who guides the Christians and helps in all the impossible causes, whenever there is faith and confidence in the Lord.  I Am the Mother who carries the Child King, the Divine and Prodigious Child Jesus so that He may establish the Will of God in the simple hearts.   

Who appeals to the Divine Child will receive the answer because His Purity and Innocence will transform the most difficult causes.  

I am your Helping Mother, so that you may remember My universal presence in these times.  

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you in Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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