Sunday, July 26 of 2015

Daily messages

Like a flower that opens itself at dawn with the rays of the sun, in this way your hearts can open themselves to the conversion into beauty and love. One only needs a single requirement in order to live it and fulfill it: that every day you be persistent, and have faith in that which you will achieve.

In this way, children, your impurities will be purified and your senses will be consecrated to the Divine Laws. Live, then, the meaning of a new life, redeemed in the name of love and of mercy.

But while you walk in conversion do not allow, children, that your hearts be closed by all the challenges that you may live; you are passing through a cycle of transition, and it is there where peace must play its principle part in the critical times.

Children of Mine, I am your Mother and I accompany you to the sacred temple of the heart, in which My Son lives in perpetual communion within the souls of the world. Repair your lives every day; feel the eternal joy of being redeemed by the Love of Christ. In this way you will build the new consciousness, redeemed and forgiven by the Son of God

Dear children, the times that are approaching the planet will indicate to you moments of purification, but also a cycle of conversion and of the ultimate Mercy. Now is the moment to unite yourself to My Beloved Son, letting Him transfigure you so that the new model of redemption and of peace may emerge, the new wineskin of the heart redeemed by Christ.

Your Mother congregates you in prayer so that all may be possible.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who conducts you through the path of conversion and of peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, July 25 of 2015

Daily messages

The great sign will mark a before and an after at the end of the cycles, times that will be manifested by means of two different nights. The two days of darkness will signal to the world the arrival in a time soon, of a profound change in the whole planetary life.

For this, from the 8th of August on a new time will begin which will be framed by the spiritual definitions that humanity will live.

When the upcoming times show themselves with signs on two different nights it will mean that the souls in their homes must be in prayer and in communion in order to be able to pass through the last critical cycles.

But before this ends, the Mother of God, the Woman Clothed with the Sun will reveal, as sign for the world, the moment to unite to God forever. It will be at this hour that from Aurora, as well as from other places on the Earth, this sign, that will be visible to the world, may be seen during the darkness of the coming time.

The day of the 8th of August in recent years marked for all time the change in which the planetary consciousness was passing through the first moments of transition. The inner strength that will ignite the hearts will be the fire of prayer. Whoever prays in these moments with devotion and faith will be invisible and hidden in the face of the ambushes of the adversary.

Whoever in the last hour adores My Son will be hidden in the Spiritual Heart of the Supreme King. Whoever embraces their own cross, carries it and lives it, will be relieving the great burden that the Law will have.

The Aurora of My Heart in the days of August will demonstrate inner signs in the hearts that have had humble faith in the Mother of Heaven. The soil of Aurora will be one of the witnesses and thus, the world will be late in comprehending that it should have changed.

The Archangels Michael and Gabriel will witness the Judgment of the Earth and the simple but humble eyes will see them as light on the greater horizon. Thus, the seventh seal will be opened by the Woman Dressed of the Sun after the two nights of the coming time.

Some will get to know this revelation which is guarded by the angels in the blessed safe of the Holy Ark of the Covenant. This will be the last sign before the red moon and the pathways of the self-summoned must be cleaned from all stain.

On the 8th of August the Mother of God will bless everyone, and those who receive this Grace with a humble heart will recognize the inner meaning of it. Thus, the rays of the Immaculate Heart will show the seven pathways in order that the disciples of Christ in redemption may define the fulfillment of their commitment before the Creator.

The Work of God will be understood and loved by few during the last times and faith will be the shield against all darkness. Before the Mother of God retreats into the arid fields, a sweet aroma from the flower of the orange tree will indicate the moment of a spiritual change.

In the days of August your souls will be able to renew their mission before God, the Portal of Peace will be the blessed refuge for those who want to hear God in their interior. On these days there will be moments of clarity and understanding, this will be the greatest portent of the Grace of God, to know what to do with your life and how to comply with heart with the Higher Will.

While a great part of the world is blind, the Aurora of August will open its heavenly doors so that the souls may receive the gift of redemption. The most sublime Graces will be in the most simple and devoted hearts of the Son of God. Christ will complete on these days an inner cycle for all.

Certain doors will be closed in order that the souls may walk by means of a last impulse of light. Those who are empty of self will be able to feel a priceless well being, a peace that will restore the wounds and a love that will make happy the life of those who in truth enter Aurora without expectations, only in surrender and in prayer.

The days of August will be the last moments of preparation, it will be at this hour that the hearts will be able to unify themselves in the Purpose of God. Joyful are those who will not get lost nor be distracted because of the apparition of the signs of the coming time and that will only seek to be in God, this is what will make the Work to be concretized.

Greetings of Peace and Redemption for the most young of the world and, especially, for the youth of the New Earth. If you are with your Mother of Heaven you will not allow to die the seed that has been sown for Mercy.

Be receptive to the guide that accompanies you. Be builders and collaborators of the New Humanity. Be an example of gratitude, of love and of Grace. Be the favorite flower in the blessed garden of My Heart.

May the heart of this soil remind you that it will be the refuge and the dwelling for your redemption.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who lifts you to the Kingdom of God in Mercy and forgiveness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, July 23 of 2015

Daily messages

Discover purity and its fount in the heart and reach it through the path of prayer.

Do not look towards the abysses of the consciousness, go ahead in the search for the fountain of the heart’s purity.  Do not detain yourself in the paths of thought.  Do not drown in the lakes of sentiment.

Go ahead in the search for the source of the heart’s purity, there you will be free.  Keep on walking in confidence; prayer is the torch that guides you towards the fountain of the heart’s purity.

If you fall on the stony path of your own faults, an angel will extend His hand to you; trust and go ahead searching for the fountain the heart’s purity.  Walk without fear, may no evil invade you, remember the resplendent fire of prayer that guides you to the fountain of the of the heart’s purity.

Do you see it at the distance? It is not so far, that is the source of the heart’s purity.  Look how it shines.  It is fresh and pure water, it is chaste and clean, it is the fountain of the heart’s purity.

Do not discourage yourself, there are few steps left; may your feet be very firm to get to the fountain of the heart’s purity.

Do you see Me sitting in front of the fountain? I am the Guardian of all fountains of purity in the hearts.  There, exist no debts, only love reigns; let this love transform the sins of your consciousness.

Feel free, you are already in front of it, get to closely know the fountain of the heart’s purity.  Let your Mother from Heaven cleanse you completely, let Her purify your stains through Her Grace.

I am the Mother of the Most Pure Fountain of the Heart of God.  Now you are clean by the rays of My Grace.  Surrender to My arms and sleep on My lap, I am the fountain that cures the heart.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who guides you to the Fountain of the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, July 22 of 2015

Daily messages

ÓN​​Your consecrated essences, like roses in My garden, can express the honor of feeling loved by God in spite of the times of purification that you are going through.

For this, children, day by day I come to encourage you on the path of conversion, something that you must work every day by means of a sincere prayer and a true service for your fellow humans.

It is this way, children, that your steps will enlarge in order to reach the aim and thus you will not face the abysses of consciousness, because your heart will already be as donated as Mine to you.

Therefore, children, let us build in each interior a great fortress that will be supported by the love and by the unity of always seeking the perfect communion with the Creator.  As your Mother, I teach you how to donate yourselves a little more every day so that your consciousnesses, out love for all of humanity, may embrace the path of sacrifice and of redemption that My Son offers you, such as He once did for you. 

Dear children, today I invite you to find, through immediate donation, the bridges towards reconciliation and forgiveness, something of which all of humanity loses sight for arrogance and self-love.  Love simplicity, which is spiritually much greater than it seems to you.  Your prayers are heard when your consciousnesses embrace the path of sacrifice for the others, in this way a part of this world will not get lost or succumb.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who teaches you how to donate yourselves from the heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, July 18 of 2015

Daily messages

My Heart’s rays of healing, which I bring for the souls, are poured over the beings that open themselves to this sacred knowledge.

The rays of healing are the currents of light that flow through all the spaces, bringing a source of renewal and hope to where they do not exist.

Children, I am your Healer Mother, I am the sacred tributary in which God places His Gifts so that they may be transmitted to humanity.  In the universes of healing, the hearts can find the perfect reason for fulfilling the Will of God above themselves.

Dear children, on this day I come to bring the currents of spiritual healing that humanity needs; thus, My Heart gives you the gift of Faith, so that this source may spring inside of you, without having to wait very long.

Today, My children, I donate healing to you, the healing that needs to be awakened in you in order to be at service of Christ.

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who elevates you to the Source of Internal Healing,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, July 17 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

There is no greater sun than My Immaculate Heart, that which offers itself before God every day to be the path and the light among the darkness.  My Heart incarnates the Holy Spirit of God and it is this Spirit that I pour as gifts of Mercy and Forgiveness to the world.

Children, now that you got to know the work of My Spirit and My Heart throughout the times, I offer you this moment of renewal so that certain internal values might become available to the service of God the Father.

For this, children, your paths are being straightened by the cycle of purification.  May all of you be able to accept the call for responding to the Will of the Eternal Father, so those Plans of the Universe, which are not fulfilled by the hearts that are blind and distracted, will be able to be accomplished and fulfilled in the hearts that are opened to recognize the Will of the Lord.

For these times I bring to you the science of discernment, the time to be able to search for the inner resources that will help reforming the life over the planet.  For this, My beloved ones, your Heavenly Mother gathers you in the cenacle of the Heart of Christ, so that you may feel the power of His trust and the love of His Consciousness, which will help you walk and take the correct steps towards the Sacred Purpose of Adonai.

In all this work, you, My children, have an important participation towards the Plan of the Divine Messengers; it is through an awake and less indifferent humanity that everything will be able to be converted and consecrated in time.

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who blesses and cares for you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, July 16 of 2015

Daily messages

My beloved ones,

Feeling the sorrow of the world, I come today to be among My children, those who accompany Me on this redeeming task around the world.

Today I want to give you once again My Love and My Gratitude for the effort that you make day by day, for being faithful servers of the Plan of God and because even though you are not totally aware of the extent of your offer to accompany Me, you make an effort to obey, to adhere and to fulfill each one of My requests.  This, builds on Earth the path for many souls to find salvation and builds, in Heaven, the path to holiness.

Today I bless My daughter Lucia de Jesus because she listened to My call without delay and died to the things of this world, offering her effort, her life and her consciousness to My work of rescue.  Over her, I place My trust and the light of My Immaculate Heart, that with immense gratitude, keeps hers.

Today, dear children, I received from God the Father a new opportunity to be with you, a new opportunity to bring comfort for your souls, light for your spirits, Graces for your lives and instructions for your consciousnesses.

Today I descend from the Infinite Cosmos, a Divine Creation of God the Father, a perfect gathering of Universes, Suns and Stars, inhabited by an infinity of brothers and sisters of yours that recognize in My Son their Master, Lord and Guide; I descend to bring to you the infinite wisdom that in this end of cycle will give light to this world and its humanity.

I ask your souls to listen to My Voice, which urges to resound in your interiors to reveal the hidden greatness that exists in the inside each one of you.  It is time, My dear ones, for the truth of who you are and of what, by the Grace of God, you came to do in this Sacred Planet, to become the Purpose that guides you to accompany My Son and  impels you to prepare His path of return.

He will come as He promised, when you are open to receive Him, when this planet needs Him the most and in a way that none of you knows.  He will bring in His Heart the Glory achieved as the Firstborn Son of the Creator and as the King of everything created by His Father, that which you already know and what you still do not know.

He will bring in His Heart, His Love, His Mercy and the Divine Justice for the just and for the sinners, for the faithful and for the unfaithful, for the disciples and for those that have always denied Him.  He will arrive and every eye will see Him, every ear will hear Him and all hearts will tremble by feeling the power of His Love.

For this, My beloved ones, the time has come for the Mysteries of Heaven to be revealed to all.  Some will live the joy of the truth, others, the restlessness of perceiving great changes, and others will prefer to see with disbelief that which would force them to change their way of perceiving reality.  But it must be clear for you, beloved children, that the revelations of the Divine Messengers are for all and not just for a few, and it is up to each one of you to become part of this new cycle that will leave behind this sick, ignorant and blind humanity to start a new humanity that opens its consciousness for its greater awakening, knowing and accepting to be the seed for the new race.

I am with you as your Mother and Instructor of this new time that will start imminently.

Who loves you, protects you and guides you along the path of your awakening and salvation.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, July 16 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear Children,

I come to the world each day to strengthen in the heart of humanity the deep alliance of the human consciousness with God; an alliance that was achieved by My Son and that was expanded to all the creatures of this Earth.

I come, sent by God, to show you the way back to the Cosmos, where the Heart of the Celestial Father lives and reigns perpetually.

I want you to know, My dears, that this humanity, as a project and preferred creation of God, must comply with a primary role in the whole Universe, and to manifest that higher will that is kept in its most pure essence, must follow step by step the example of Christ.

Each being of this Earth is the representation of a magnificent creation of God, which demonstrates His Grace and Majesty through this human project, because it is through such imperfect beings that the Lord will make emerge the most perfect flower of the cosmos.

All of you, as children of God, have the possibility of becoming a living alliance with the Father and, towards that purpose, you must always walk.

It is for this perfect principle that dwells in your hearts that you must live humility, sacrifice, renunciation and real love, because these are the keys that open the interior coffer and permit to be revealed to you what you truly are.

Children, there is a universal, cosmic and celestial life that waits for the awakening of the creatures of this world, but My adversary worked in all the centuries of human existence, so that the hearts of humanity could never approach God and much less, remember the truth about its existence and what a great potential of love inhabits its interior.

That is why many will have to battle against themselves to follow My steps, because it is much easier for humanity to let itself get down by the cunning and the pressure of the enemy, than to strive to obey God, beyond everything they think and feel inside themselves.

To My soldiers, I Will ask for a total surrender to My Immaculate Heart, because My Light comes to remove you from the blindness of this world, but for those who are used to live in darkness, it will cost to turn their eyes towards Light.

I only ask you on this time of chaos to let yourselves be guided by My Heart, because I will always be next to those that listen to Me and I will make use of them to guide those who cannot find Me.

The time has come, My beloved ones, to discover truths that will seem to be absurd to you; but trust in Me, because the greatest illusion is the one you live on the Earth.  You only have to look to your side to be able to feel the dormancy of the world.  For this, come with Me and do not miss any of My steps; place your feet on My footprints by means of the obedience to the celestial indications and you will never get lost from this path.

I will give you the truth so that you may learn to conduct yourself on these times and do not be shocked, as most of humanity, with the days that will come.

My dears, with Love I tell you that those who trust in Me have never repented.  Today I bless you with special Graces so that you keep answering to My call.

I leave My mantle upon everyone, so that your souls may become lanterns to those who need guidance, and living examples for those who do not know how to begin.  May your faith in God be a fount for those who have lost hope.

I keep you in the Heart of God.

I thank My dear children for answering to My call and today, in a special way, I thank My daughter that day by day allows Me to come to the world.

Pray so that the visionaries may continue their path of transformation and so that, until the last day of their lives, they may fulfill the designs of God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Carmelo



Monday, July 13 of 2015

Daily messages

From Heaven and from the whole Greater Universe I come to awaken your souls and your consciousnesses to the infinite life of the Cosmos.  In those divine spaces and divine dwellings your inner beings have a favorite place before the Kingdom of God.  It is in this way, children, that the evolving life makes part of a great experience of love, forgiveness and redemption in the whole Cosmos, where suns, stars and galaxies, unknown to humanity, rule.  

Other humanities express themselves in the Universe, as well as the rays have their own colors and shapes.  In the spaces of the Universe, the evolving life is the keynote of the whole ancient experience and this transcends the history of your humanity.  You, children, come from different parts of the Universal Heaven and from there you came to Earth in order to learn about rehabilitation and love in this Earthly school in which the Sacred Hearts deigned to live for some time.

In the celestial spheres of the universe, the attributes are applied in life and each attribute is a divine experience that allows to awaken even more the consciousness that implements them, liberating it from any error.  Children, in the Universe, which is vast and infinite, laws are manifested as a principle of education and awareness for everything that is life; it is in this way that harmony, order and peace expand themselves throughout suns, stars and great galaxies. One lives a communion with the Consciousness of God and always seeks to learn through love.

Adonai is the principle and the reason for everything that exists in the different stellar governments.  Life is impregnated by the Consciousness of the Father and the Presence of God is the spiritual guide in all of the paths.  It is the One and Only Source of Adonai, which springs and re-springs in the galaxies and in the stars and the whole life is participant of a divine font, which is able to restore and heal every creature.

In the Universe, children of Mine, your planet represents an initial Project of God, an experience of love that once had a purpose and from the genesis everything has changed.  For this, after humanity has experienced many lessons and mistakes, your Eternal Father sought, contemplated and meditated on what He would do for the Earth to be a rescuable planet again.

Thus, the Archangelic Hierarchies started working so that the best project of redemption, of forgiveness and of liberation could be manifested and, also, to avoid deviation and decadence of humanity. It was so that in the infinite spaces of the Universe, where the Spiritual Source of Abba expresses Itself, the Creator Fathers, the Archangels, worked in order to express the principle of divine love which would provide redemption to the this material world.  It was at that universal moment that God chose to become a man and a living consciousness on this Planet, through the second person of the Most Holy Trinity, through the Firstborn Son.

For this, in the Celestial Universe and in the other universes, the governments thought about manifesting this precious life through a Holy Woman.  There, in that instance, God chose the consciousness of Mary to be the Mother of the Redeemer.  The Spirit of the Sacred Hearts, which is divine and pure, donated Itself in order for this project to be carried forward.

And as Jesus was born from a womb touched by the Holy Spirit, also Mary was born from a generation that followed the Will of God.  And My Maternal Spirit comes from the Universal Creator Source where the conception of life is the greatest present of the beauty of God.  Mary and Jesus were only one before the Project, They lived the experience of salvation, and Mercy defeated Justice before the world would get lost.

Today, dear children, I wish I could make you understand with the heart the true history of this Creation, which continues learning and maturing through the universal life from which the world forms part, as ignorant as it may be of it.  For this I come to awaken your interest for the divine life so that, you may at least let go of the Earthly life and believe in something greater that is waiting for you.

On this day, children, by means of prayer, reflect your true mirror of love to the world and help Me to dissipate the horrors that this blind world carries out before the Celestial Father.

I Tirelessly come to guide humanity towards the path of redemption.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who awakens you to the true universal life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, July 12 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

As the Mother of Providence today I bring to all the principle of the spiritual wealth, that which is saved in Universe as divine knowledge and wisdom.

As Lady of Providence I pour over the world the Graces that will make possible to get know the true treasure that each soul keeps in their inner world.  For this, children, despite the time of your purification, remember that the Love of God is kept in the inner world of each of you, a Love that moves the whole universe and that permeates all existence in this and others universes.

As the Mother of Providence I try to make My children recognize that My presence in your lives has the reason of awakening you to the quest for the spiritual wealth in each one. Children, this wealth that God, your Father, granted to the spirit of each creature, is beyond all arrogance, all false power and all material property. It is this divine treasure that the Divine Messengers come to awaken, to mature and to reveal in the life of each being.

But children, for you to be worthy of receiving the Grace of discovering your divine and spiritual treasure, you will have to overcome tests, surrender, humble yourselves, and furthermore, to live at least the path of humility; then, My children, it will be this cosmic and spiritual treasure that you will live in your dwelling, in that space of the macrocosm that God has saved to each soul.

In this way, dear children, when at the end of your days you have discovered this spiritual treasure, you will know that everything will have had a meaning and a higher reason in the experience of this world. If the souls put their attention in the divine treasures that they keep, it would not be necessary to suffer, mature nor to grow through the power of a higher pressure.

Your Celestial Mother teaches you to value the simple and true that is the life of spirit and as each soul has the inner potential of expressing God in their life and in the whole planet. It is this sacred spiritual treasure that My adversary does not want that be awakened, but My plans will be fulfilled above the adversities and fears generated in the souls, as far as each heart permits Me.

Children of mine, if you awaken this divine spiritual treasure, you will find the true meaning of being born to life and you will know that you have come here to fulfill a mission in the name of the Love of God. But most souls forget the meaning of the purpose that created them and, it will be through the praying word that essences will remember that they have come to the world to fulfill a mission, even though they may not be aware of it.

This last time that you are living will mark the next steps to humanity that will be purified, converted and transmuted by the powerful action of the Universal Laws, something that no one will be able to detain. Many of you that are already conscious and are able to work spiritually, seek this divine treasure, because it will permit you to find your lineage and the mission that must be manifested beyond the ego.

The things of Heaven are opposite to the realities of the Earth. Your Mother of Providence grants you this indication today, that you seek in time within each one of you, the true, and not the illusion that the whole world reflects by being each time more indifferent and blind. I tell you, children, that even with very few ones the Plan of the Most High will not be transformed.

For this, dear ones, the triumph of the heart through the awakening of your spiritual treasure, will generate a positive action in all of humanity, which is hypnotized. My aspiration of Mother is that you soon die to yourselves, as the apostles of My Son learned to die to themselves, surrendering the most profound fears.

The purification will set you free and thus, you may be seeds cultivated in the Promised Earth. As your Mother, I am here to guide you in faith.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who prepares you internally for the New Humanity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, July 9 of 2015

Daily messages

Many Graces from My Heart have been poured out into your lives during these last times.

You have been worthy of My Love and of My Grace because the joy of My Spirit has filled you with gifts, sowing the seeds of My Son in all essences. Now the fruits must be offered at the Feet of the Creator so that His highest Work may be fulfilled in the redeemed hearts.

You have seen the manifested Purpose in Heaven, and were participants in the Celestial Plan of God; thus you were guided towards the goal so that many souls could awaken to the path of redemption.

The Father has given you everything and will never cease to give you what you need so that you can fulfill the work of His Will.

You have been set free and many of internal situations were liberated from the eternal captivity. You have known peace and felt it; you took the Message of Heaven to those who listened to nothing; you helped to open closed hearts, and recovered the faith in those who had lost it.

Through the work of your Heavenly Mother, you were led to understand the reason for the call, were consistent with the Universe, and it never left you defenseless, not even in the most important moments of your lives. You have learned how to cross the abysses and overcome the tests through the Love of Christ; you have known the truth and became participants in it at the end of times.

You have received the greatest treasures that the Universe held and were called to be guardians of this legacy. The Word of the Divinity has always guided you and has never allowed any door to close in spite of circumstances.

The simplest ones have achieved the goal and followed the path of spirit and of simplicity. Others were lost because they wanted to search for their own answer to everything that was happening; but at the end of the last day, My Son will call you to witness the judgment of the whole world.

For this reason, all are prepared and no one will be able to say that Grace did not touch their heart. The Plan must be accomplished, the hour indicates a sincere decision; the Universe will always await you. The apostles must wake up and work.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you with the Purpose of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, July 8 of 2015

Daily messages

The triumph of the heart is the visible result of a repentant being before the Lord and it is this repentance that leads to entering the path of rehabilitation.  While the spirit of repentance does not emerge in the souls, Heaven and the whole Universe will not be able to help the hearts.

The act of repentance cannot be forced or pretended.  The true repentance is born from an expansion of love that it is capable to move, before the Celestial Universe, the state and the principle of all the Laws that rule it.

The triumph of the heart is the effect of a conscious humiliation, which has the immediate result of changing a severe justice for a repairing and redeeming Mercy.

For this, children, the repentance of each being can be the safe door for the love of the heart to triumph once again.  You are invited to live this act of repentance so that the precarious spiritual condition of humanity may at least find a new path to be able to live the emergence of the new humanity.

Beloved children, may the triumph of the heart not be a theory or a wish, but may it be an act of consciousness and of reflection, capable to put in first place the love as an emblem of redemption and forgiveness.

As your Heavenly Mother I piously wish to conduct you through the path of rehabilitation of life and all the consciousness; the Doors of Heaven will not be closed when you simply trust in My call.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who converts you through the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, July 7 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear Children,

The greatest sacrifice that a heart must make is to accept the Will of God above oneself because by loving and accepting this Divine Will one achieves the absolute trust of knowing that everything is on the right pathway.

Today I tell you, children of Mine, that your Heavenly Mother had to accept the Will of God of surrendering Her Son to death.   For this, My dears, be in peace and seek this peace of the heart.

In these times, the souls are living the cycle of separation of the wheat from chaff and do not forget, children, that each stage of life is a moment of learning.

Today I come to ask you to not lose the hope that everything is possible.  Know, children, that My maternal mantle protects you and protects all of those who cannot walk in the Love of God.

Children, not loving the Will is like separating oneself from God.  From the beginning you haven been free, but you have been called to live an experience of love which is represented in My Beloved Son.

Dear children, today I come to pray for all of you because today God is showing you that we must follow Him.

Dear Children, hold on to My mantle, unite to My Heart and everything will soon pass.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you in maternity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, July 6 of 2015

Daily messages

​​As a loving Mother I open My arms and extend My hands towards you, inviting you to be on My lap.

But children, you must want to do it, I do not come to impose anything, I just want you to understand that the only path of conversion is the prayer of the heart, something that you have yet to learn.

For this, children of Mine, I ask you to be persevering in the transformation and in the truth, thus you will show the Universe that all is possible when you unite with the heart to the Plan of God without creating separation or judging.

Dear children, I come to show you the path, because My Son asks you convert yourselves soon, to transfigure yourselves such as He transfigured Himself fulfilling the Sacred Will of the Father.

Your obedience and humility will demonstrate that in truth you comprehend with soul and consciousness that the times have changed.  I wait for you in adoration because thus the doors of Heaven will remain open before the great day.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you to the principle of truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, July 5 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children of Mine,

Only love will be the torch that will illuminate your paths in the moments of greatest tribulation.

Only love will win among yourselves and will prevail in your hearts when you truly confess your faults before the Redeemer.

Only love will reign in the new promised Earth when just someone in this world live in His name.

Love is not falsehood, it is not lie and neither appearance of loving nor of feeling loved.  The Love of God is something else and in order to find it, your hearts must humiliate themselves and surrender before the Love of the Redeemer.

It will be like this, children of Mine, that your lives on Earth will be healed and day by day this universal healing will impregnate your souls increasingly until there is no wound, sorrow or incomprehension.

Love, because if you do not love you will not be able to get to know your truth.   Be pure lovers of the love of God, allow this love to spring and spring again, to conquer you and transform you into what until now you have not accepted to be.

My children, I love you, that is why I am still here: loving you, blessing you, showing you the path of redemption.   When you live the true love, the Plan will be strengthened and it will be no longer necessary that any other soul abandon the path of My Son for just wanting to live their own love.

The Love of God will make you humble and you will always be able to recognize that in the simplicity of the Love of God everything will have its great victory.   Those who do not love, how will they achieve it?

Love, Love much and do not be afraid of loving because love comprehends, helps, heals and converts the cold heart.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who loves you in the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, July 4 of 2015

Daily messages


My Maternal Grace is pouring universal codes of Pity and Mercy over those souls that open themselves to recognize the Will of God on their paths.

Thus, My children, these universal codes of My Grace will be the ones that will help you to walk in the culminating moment of your purification; there you will be able to see clearly the passage from the old to the new humanity, filled with the divine and Christic codes.

For this, children, I am calling all of you today for you to live the redemption; in this way you will be willing from the conscience to materialize the Divine Plan of your Celestial Father.

Now, My children, the Plan will determine a next round in the life of the whole universe.  You are invited to prepare and train yourselves, such as the planets do when, from cycle to cycle, they rotate around the sun, always seeking a relation with the balance of the cosmos.

Dear children, this new cycle is arriving and nothing will remain as before; inside and outside of yourselves, the universe will move in order to be placed into another point, and if certain aspects have not been worked out by then, the universe itself and the cosmos will relocate you to another school of instruction.

Children, do not waste the opportunity to change in time, such as all the cycles in the universe change.  Now these cycles will be visible to many and on the Earth the most unconscious and ignorant soul will notice this, because the planet is almost at the doors of facing the so waited cycle of purification.

And in that way, the prophecy of My Son will be accomplished: ´´ The chaff will be separated from the wheat and then it will be burned at the stake.´´

Beloved children, I am your Mother and I try to guide you always along the path of good. Peace will be your ally in the moments of purification and your faith will remove everything that until now had been tied in the consciousness.

You, My dear ones, already know how to do it; take the tools and work, thus the planet will be saved.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you and guides you to the main goal,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, July 3 of 2015

Daily messages

Just as the rain, that touches the Earth and makes the fruit grow in arid deserts, so do My Graces, which touch your hearts in order to convert them into the perfect model that God planned for since the beginning.

Children, I know that which must still die and be transcended within you, so that someday the true apostle of redemption may manifest.

Dear children, we are in a time of spiritual battle, and many of My children do not want to realize it; for this I come to ask you for prayer, so that you can realize how distracted the world is and how it affirms, before the Universe, that it is doing everything fine.

I come to demystify what you believe about your lives so that you may recognize the Will of the Celestial Father and so that your own will may die.  Thus, children, you will be worthy of understanding all things.

Now the Universe allows certain events so that all may learn and not repeat the same mistakes again.

Children, I am consistent with you and I will touch you with My Grace, as many times as necessary, because My true purpose is to convert you into that which you are not yet.  Be patient and love transformation, thus, it will be less dificult for those who are willing to know themselves; when this happens, you will be able to be conscious that your very little problems in life are light compared to the great sin of humanity.

Seek fidelity through Christ; do not despair over that which you experience; there are greater planetary problems that encompass regions, peoples and, above all, a project of spiritual evolution.

Purge that which is old, empty yourselves all the time and thus, you will be the new wineskins that will be filled with the Precious Blood of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who purifies, heals and elevates you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In order for you to work with maturity and consecration to the Plan of God, I give you the Seven Precious Stones of Salvation:


- To not be ungrateful towards the universe or towards your neighbor

- To believe that everything is possible through Mercy

- To not destroy the Divine Plan by means of false actions

- To be reverent towards others

 - To love the Divine Plan more than your own comfort

- To accept the help that comes from the Heights

- To forgive yourself in order to be forgiven.


With these seven little stones you will be able to truly live the Five Unions with the Celestial Father through:

- Repairing communion

- Healing confession

- Formative instruction

- Renewing reconciliation

- Redeeming conversion.


Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



    Thursday, July 2 of 2015

    Daily messages

    Dear children,

    My hands untie the knots of perdition and evil. Together with My angels of Heaven, I untie everything that has been tied for a very long time, and that is possible because of the humble prayers that you offer to My Holy and Immaculate Heart.

    I wish in this time that more children be consecrated to My Heart, to My universal shelter of protection and light, a divine place in which no harm can reign or prevail.

    Dear children, today I have come from Heaven to untie again the knots of the consciousness, with the hope that the souls will be awakened to My call for peace and redemption.

    Dear children, I am the purest model that offers itself before the universe in order to help you to walk in the Faith and in the Love of God.

    Children, in confidence open to Me the door of your hearts for Christ to reign, and that in Christ and through Christ the Peace may reign, the Peace of the Lord. Keep praying with Me. I will not separate Myself from you; I will always show you the path to the true life, so that one day you may reach the purpose of beholding your spiritual mission.

    Children, I am with you every day. I love you and thank you.

    Who blesses you under the Universal Light of God,

    Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



    Wednesday, July 1 of 2015

    Daily messages


    I wish you to wake up every day to the Omnipotent Consciousness of God and that from there, in the Universe of the Love of God, you can live His Will.

    For this, dear children, I invite you to look every day for the Sacred Purpose of God; a purpose that very few of My children are fulfilling, since the majority is in the world of distractions, of sin, and of the external life.

    Children, I have already taught you through the prayer of the heart that you can unite with the divine life of the angels and archangels, and of all those who are blessed. My purpose, beloved children, is for you to find the path of Will, and do not miss the opportunity of learning and maturing in Christ.

    The less you live this Will, the greater will be the repercussions of the purification and the tests on the consciousness, and I assure you that this will go way beyond intellectual and material capacities.

    I wish you to be able to fulfill the Sacred Will, not only through love, but also through unity and brotherhood. As your Heavenly Mother, I expect that by means of your union and fusion with the Holy Spirit, you reach celestial spheres, which are waiting for you in order to help you concretize the mission on this planet

    It is for this reason I come in these times to ask the minority to take on the majority of the work; I wish to see you strong on the path, and humble in your ideas.

    Children, I am the One who guides you. I come from Heaven to bring you My Peace. Follow My steps. I will not cause you to suffer; I will cause you know the Love of God, a Love that every day expects to transfigure your lives.

    Dear children, at least think about what I tell you; My Heart will always understand you.

    I thank you for responding to My call!

    Who unifies you in the highest Will of the Creator,

    Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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