Sunday, July 5 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children of Mine,

Only love will be the torch that will illuminate your paths in the moments of greatest tribulation.

Only love will win among yourselves and will prevail in your hearts when you truly confess your faults before the Redeemer.

Only love will reign in the new promised Earth when just someone in this world live in His name.

Love is not falsehood, it is not lie and neither appearance of loving nor of feeling loved.  The Love of God is something else and in order to find it, your hearts must humiliate themselves and surrender before the Love of the Redeemer.

It will be like this, children of Mine, that your lives on Earth will be healed and day by day this universal healing will impregnate your souls increasingly until there is no wound, sorrow or incomprehension.

Love, because if you do not love you will not be able to get to know your truth.   Be pure lovers of the love of God, allow this love to spring and spring again, to conquer you and transform you into what until now you have not accepted to be.

My children, I love you, that is why I am still here: loving you, blessing you, showing you the path of redemption.   When you live the true love, the Plan will be strengthened and it will be no longer necessary that any other soul abandon the path of My Son for just wanting to live their own love.

The Love of God will make you humble and you will always be able to recognize that in the simplicity of the Love of God everything will have its great victory.   Those who do not love, how will they achieve it?

Love, Love much and do not be afraid of loving because love comprehends, helps, heals and converts the cold heart.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who loves you in the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace