Monday, August 31 of 2015

Daily messages

Your spirit is like a boat on the high sea, and your life is permeated by many experiences.

Each moment is significant for the spirit, because it must be trained in how to sail in the peace or in the storm.

The spirit is like a boat of light that never loses the momentum to find the stars, because from them come all the Graces, and a new history is written in the soul that lives redemption.

The spirit has premeditated courage and takes the inner strength to overcome difficulties of a possible shipwreck.

Look at your spirit with courage and serenity: everything has a return to the House of the Celestial Father.

Sail as a boat that discovers and gets to know new horizons.  The doors of the seas are open; for that stay calm and confident because a Great Watcher will guide you.  He is the King of the Universe that fulfills all through His Grace.

Follow the great boat heading to infinity; your time to freedom is close in the times to come.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who leads you in the spiritual boat of Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of the Peace



Tuesday, August 25 of 2015

Daily messages

I want to make use of the merciful heart of My children, to mitigate the Justice that rains down over the world.  I ask you to pray with fervor, so that the ray of My Redemption penetrates the world and passes through the heart of those of My little ones who, out of ignorance and vanity, have been taken by the shrewdness of My adversary.

I want to dissipate evil with the emergence of the Absolute Light of God.  I want to dissipate sorrow through the living of the Sovereign Peace of My Immaculate Heart.  I want to expel hatred from the hearts, through the reigning of love in those who, brave in spirit, allow themselves to be transformed, in order to fulfill the Perfect Project of God for this world.

If you want to see the establishment of Peace in the world, be peaceful in your lives.  If you do not want faith to be lost from the heart of humanity, do not lose yourselves the opportunity of praying and strengthening your own faith, in order to take it in essence to the ones in most need.

My children, the world agonizes and humanity, by its actions, harms the Sacred Body of God, which expresses itself in all the Creation.  To repair this suffering that you cause to the Father, I come to deliver to you the sublime knowledge about the cosmos and the infinite, and thus, ennoble the human consciousness and take it out of the darkness in which it lives.  But the majority of humanity encloses itself in the conveniences of the life in this world and refuses to recognize life in other universes.  They prefer to disbelieve My presence rather than to transform themselves in order to enter, in essence and spirit, into the balm of the celestial truth.

Do not become comfortable in the ignorance, because I do not come to deliver to you this universal knowledge only to transform your way of thinking, nor to spread an esoteric thought throughout the world.  Do not confuse the celestial words with human concepts, My beloved ones, because when chaos grows throughout the world and the Divine Justice descends to stop it, only the certainty of the existence of the realities beyond this life and the certainty that everything you live has a superior purpose will strengthen your hearts and will allow you to walk in faith and help those who are letting the flame of the heart be extinguished.

Everything in Heaven as well as on Earth has its time.  Throughout the centuries, I let Myself be known to humanity, so that you could trust My love and My guidance; and now, My dear ones, I want to reveal to you the true existence of the universe and announce to you that there is life far beyond this one; that there are entire civilizations waiting for the growth of your spirits and, in hope, they expect you to reach the likeness to the One that came to be the example for the all of humanity and who now reigns in the cosmos, as the Perfect Principle of God, an example for the whole of Creation.

My Children, I want to announce to this planet, the existence of many other worlds, created by the angels and archangels of God, the so called Creator Fathers, who have an infinite power of creation and who create and recreate the entirety life, giving to the Lord the possibility of expressing Himself in various ways.

It was pride and vanity what locked humanity up in the thought that the universal life does not exist, and that beyond this Earth there could be Heaven and hell, at the most. Today I tell you that there are more than seven Heavens, where saints and angels continue their path of evolution, and that there are more than seven hells, where the consciousnesses that have not followed the divine principles and let themselves get absorbed by darkness, wait for mercy to permeate and rescue them.  One of those hells is a reality on the surface of this world and is distributed in many degrees, according to the reigning of chaos and to the submission that it causes to the souls.

For the redemption of that darkness, I come to the world everyday.  And I want you to know that the awakening of a few, which are yourselves, the ones who listen to Me, is what will cause the salvation of this race which is not the only one in the universe and which is so contaminated that, even being the cradle for the King of Creation, is in danger of disappearing from this infinite Cosmos, because of the self destruction which is not only physical but also spiritual.

It is for the redemption of that darkness, that I come to the world everyday.  And I want you to know that the awakening of a few, which are yourselves, the ones who listen to Me, is what will bring about the salvation of this race which is not the only one in the universe and which is so contaminated that, even being the cradle for the King of Creation, is in danger of disappearing from this infinite Cosmos, because of the self destruction which is not only physical but also spiritual.

My beloved ones, if humanity does not answer to the Call of God, His Creation will still continue its evolution in the universe, but a perfect learning of love will no longer be brought to all the creatures who await being able to meet the Father.

Listen to My voice and far beyond comprehending Me or not, allow one ray of My Heart, imprinted in this word, to pass through your souls and awaken them from the sleep they live in the illusions of matter.

Redemption, salvation and mercy for the planet.

Awakening and reconciliation with God and with His Plan of Love for those who listen to Me.

I bless you, by the power that God has granted Me.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, August 23 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

The true love of the heart is capable of undoing any knot in the consciousness.

Love is capable of making you accept the condition of life of your neighbor, and of opening the doors to charity.

Love is the direct path to compassion and to the sacred understanding of the whole human reality through the wisdom of the love of the heart.

Children, the humble love heals because it is a love without restrictions, free from attachments, and full of maternity and paternity.

The Love of God, when invoked, liberates and transmutes the conditions of a material and superfluous life.

Dear children, today I invite you to get to know the Love of God, and this will occur when you will take the first step by means of prayer as an offer of reparation.   In each brother or sister of yours exists a seed of love, but few make it grow towards Heaven and others bury it so that they will neither see it, nor make it ripen.

God gave you to Your Mother of Heaven so that you would get to know the essence of the love of the Universe.  Accept this summoning, live love and feel united everyday through it, because love breaks barriers and unites the inner bridges between the hearts.

Whoever lives in the Love of God rejects neither their own sorrow nor that of the others because they learn, through it, to give testimony to the whole world.  The source of your love is in Jesus, and Jesus is in the heart of the meek and of the peacemakers.

To be a peacemaker is a school, it is a preparation for the times that are to come.

Seek My Love saying the following prayer:

Prayer to live in the Love of Mary

You, Who are the beauty of the Love of God manifested.

You, Who through love and silence
reached the foot of the cross for our sake.

You, Who out of love for all, guided the apostles.

You, Who out of love live eternally in the Glory of God.
You, Who made Yourself small and a servant amongst women.

You, Who out of love accepted the Will of God in humility.

You, Who out of love, are love, maternity and compassion,
convert my heart into the living flame
of Your Immaculate Love
so that I may see through Your eyes
the living love in my brothers and sisters.

I consecrate myself to the eternal love of Your Heart.


I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you to the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, August 22 of 2015

Daily messages


Your true fusion for these times will be the perfect union with My Son and after that with God the Father.  This inner and spiritual fusion will be what will strengthen you in the culminating moments of the purification of the Earth.

Dear children, the task of seeking God and My Son all the time has already started, for this do not allow that superficial things may conquer you and make you change the destiny of this great encounter with the Creator.

Dear children, for this it will be important that you renounce, that you renounce what you are not and what you will never be.  Renounce with joy and without disquietude, renounce for love to My Son and thus you will rebuild the whole Earth.

Renounce for those that imprison themselves by the action of the material and illusory life.  Renounce everything you can so that in your acts of love, God sees that it is possible to pour His Mercy.  Renounce without punishing yourself and without bothering yourself.

I ask you to renounce what you believe about yourselves, this small act of humility will help to dissipate pride in the hearts impoverished of spirit.  If you renounce, do it for love to humanity.  Do not be afraid of renouncing yourselves because behind each renunciation will be opened a new door for the liberation of the world.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, August 21 of 2015

Daily messages

I am the Eagle of the Sun and I protect all of My children under the sacred mantle of My wings of light.  I embrace all in My Maternal Spirit and I pour over the beings the Love of God.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, My rays come from the Cosmos and My internal Love gathers all of the stars for them to live redemption.

I am the Eagle of the Sun and I guide with my gaze of peace all of the Flocks of Christ until they achieve the union with the Son of God.

I am the Eagle of the Sun because My Spirit works in the hearts that search for the simplicity of the forms and for humility in their hearts.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, I reflect Myself in the gaze of the pure and My work manifests in the lives that have been redeemed.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, I am the Mother that congregates the souls and reminds you about your union with God so that once and for all you may feel as worthy children of God.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, with My chant in the mountains I elevate all of the hearts and I make them discover their true origin and their affiliation with Adonai.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, around My sacred mantle are all the stars that I gather for them to live redemption through love and truth.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, I make be reborn the heart that recognizes Me as its Mother and the Guardian of all lives.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, I am the Mother of humanity.  I am the great Ray of Love.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who elevates you to Heaven and to the Great Sun,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, August 20 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

In times of crises, may consolation and reconciliation reign.  May your hearts continue to strive every day to find the peace of the heart.

I am your Mother and I am in every place and moment, contemplating from My Most Pure Heart, each step that you take towards the redemption of life and consciousness.

Dear children, today your hearts are discovering the power that an act of humility has and how it opens the doors so that the souls may reform their lives and thus, the greater purpose may be fulfilled.

You will get to know, on the path of purification, many inner aspects of yourselves.  Some will be conscious and others, you will get to know little by little, because for the Plan of your Celestial Father it is essential that humanity lives redemption of everything through love.  An act of reconciliation is an act that marks the redemption and the conciliation with the Laws of the Heights.

Children, in this way your Heavenly Mother follows your steps through this path towards the holiness which some of you are beginning to traverse.   Remember today the arrival of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph and the pathway that His Heart has opened to the world in the hope that something may truly change.

Read His words and thus you will see the blessed work of the Heavenly Messengers.  In truth, those are the last ones for that humanity that may wish to be spiritually saved.  The humility poured by Saint Joseph will be the master key to cross the end of the times.

I thank you for answering to My call!

In union with the chaste work of Saint Joseph Worker of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, August 17 of 2015

Daily messages

As the Mother of the vocations and guardian of the hearts of Christ, Our Lord, today I bring to all of you an act of gratitude for answering to the call of consecration of the Sons of God to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

On this day in which a rain of Graces is poured over the world through the Infinite Light of My immaculate Heart, this Grace, favorite children, is what gathers you today in this favorite oratory of your Heavenly Mother. 

Today, open your hearts before the Most High so that it is cultivated in your spirits the gift that will promote the salvation of the souls through the Love of Christ, and especially the reencounter that each creature must have with My Son in this time.

For this, I gather you around the sacred table of the Lord, so that, united to Me, we may offer once again this sacrament of the communion as an act of reconciliation and forgiveness for the whole world.

Dear favorite children, embrace then these gifts in the same way that you must embrace your own cross to start realizing the Work of God in the end of these times.

Children, you know that I Am your Mother and I wish the best for all; learn in this time to conduct the souls to the most pure ocean of the Love of Christ, because in this way your consciousnesses will participate of the rescue commands of Christ during the crucial time of the tribulation.

Favorite children, today you are called to convert yourselves in the Heart and in the Luminous Face of Christ.  You are called to present the evangelization of love through the sacraments.  You are invited to pray with Me all of the days to come.

It is for this reason that today My Heart will accompany you so that you may take this step of an intimate fusion with Christ and with His legacy.  My feet of light will walk by your side when you stand up to offer your lives to the Lord.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who guides you to the sacerdotal life.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, August 15 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

In the time that comes I want to invite you to live the spirit of love and of peace, something you must always seek through your prayers and communion with My Beloved Son.

With this purpose I come from Heaven to announce to you that peace is possible on these times, despite the serious condition in which the world is found.

My children, I bring to you the possibility of finding the state of silence such as the peace of heart.  Day by day I want to see you strong and humbler so that you may be able to face such decisive times that will place all of humanity before the judgment of the Divine Law and Justice, something that no one can image how will happen.

But I open the doors of My Heart so that you may be able to feel, in every moment, that you are in My lap, despite the spiritual battles that humanity will face in the last cycle of the final time.

Children, I reveal to you the only path of peace because if you are in My Peace, in spite of all, you will be able to see the Face of My Beloved Son shining in you little hearts.

Children, the time has come to act according to the indications of the Will of God.  As the Mother of all, I know that the majority follow other paths.  For this, day by day I come, through these messages, to guide you and mainly for you to value the Word of God.

If that happens at least in a small part of the humanity, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who takes you to the consciousness of Truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, August 11 of 2015

Daily messages

Wash your being like in the wells of Bethsaida, so that your soul may resurrect from the battles in victory and redemption.

Let the water that I offer you today be the fountain, which renovates you every day, so that it may purify you in the harmony of the heart.

Today I wash you in the fountain of Bethsaida, so that by being purified through the love of My Heart, you may rediscover the meaning of living in God.  Your lives will be able to be redeemed in Christ; He is the Great Fountain which can fulfill you all the time.

Children, do not decay, stand up; today My fountain of love washes you so that later you may enter in the fountain of the Heart of Christ. Purify yourselves in peace, My hands are extended to help you; we are already in the time of living the cycle of transformation.

I bless you and purify you, such as God thought out of Love for all.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who purifies you in the fountain of love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, August 8 of 2015

Daily messages

Peace to all of the hearts of the world!

Peace to all of the pilgrims of the world!

Peace to all of the true servers of God in the whole world!

Peace to the new apostles of My Son!

Peace, always Peace!

My beloved children,

Today a new planetary cycle begins.  Today the planet and its humanity definitively enter an intense cycle of their transition to convert themselves, in the times to come, into a new civilization.

Today starts, for My most conscious children, the full purification of their beings so that when the great movements of the Armageddon are triggered they may already be empty of themselves, purified, and may be able to help their brothers and sisters to transit the difficult times that this world will live.

For a new humanity to emerge, the previous one must transcend itself in all of its aspects without leaving archaic, crystallized structures, that do not allow My children to take steps in their consciousness.

Each being of this Earth will be purified and will receive the Grace of converting themselves in that which the Almighty God has thought for them.  Each being in this world will have the opportunity of expressing the spiritual attributes that the Creator placed in their essence so that in their life experience they may serve the One and Only God and all of their fellow humans.

After so many mistakes, so many faults, once again the Eternal Father will send His Firstborn Son to this planet.  This time, dressed in Glory in order to rescue once again this race; a race that succumbs day by day in ignorance, in the lack of peace and in the lack of spirituality.

Today, dear children, all the trumpets will be played and My mantle of light will be extended across the four corners of the Earth to cover all of those that in humility may define themselves and put themselves under the protection of the Mother of God, the Universal Feminine Consciousness that is here among you in order to make this offer once again.

Nothing will stop the coming of the new, because thus is written by God in the books of Creation.  This is His Will, that His Holy Project be fulfilled.

Remember that the great spiritual victories that resonate in the Universe and forever change the destiny of all that was created are just that, spiritual victories, and not material ones.

The Great Divine Victory that changed the direction of this Creation was the Christification of My Son, the Nazarene, Who in the eyes of the great majority in that time was a failure and a lie.

Do not let yourselves be deceived by the material events that you will see because this humanity is so lost that it would again destroy all that have been erected by God, only for not accepting the truth.

For this, beloved children, unite with My Heart and allow that I realize prodigies in your consciousnesses, those that will stay engraved forever in your spirits and that no one will be able to remove, because they will be lived and experienced by your own selves.

These will be your truths, your strongholds and treasures in the time that will come, in which your true faith shall rise firmly and be the column that will support you.

Remember these days which you have shared in this Sacred Aurora; remember the simplicity of this House; the effort that is made here in order to learn about the sacred and about the reverence towards God.  Remember, children, that this is the truth; the truth that I Am here with you; the truth that My Son has bathed you with His Glory and has called you Companions; that the Holy Father Michael descended from the ultraterrestrial universes and that He liberated you from your dark learning experiences.

Keep this truth in your hearts and in your spirits, and do not permit My adversary to destroy it.

Today I bring the light of all of the stars of the firmament so that it will bless you; so that the universal codes of light will enter in your consciousnesses and will guide you in this final cycle.

Here I Am.  I Am your Mother of Love.  The One who may find shelter under My mantle shall fear nothing, because they will be in Me and I in them.

Hail Aurora of My Heart!

Hail humanity in redemption!

Thank you for being here today, on this sacred ground with Me.

Your Universal Mother, Rose of Peace



Saturday, August 8 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

On this day, My message of Peace and of inner preparation for all.

At the doors of a new time, My Heart continues to guide you through the path of redemption, a path that all have been called to live before the beginning of the Armageddon.

My Heart is donated to you like a flower when it opens itself to the rays of the sun.   My sole purpose is to make you aware of the truth that very few live in this cycle; a truth that is hidden by the impure hands of a few people of the Earth. 

For this, I come outside the Church in order to recover and to rescue the dignity and the affiliation of all of the souls with the One and Only Celestial Father.  In the Church of Christ, My voice was pronounced many times and is still doing so through Medjugorje in this time, but for My children it seems that many years of warning and of messages are not sufficient. 

So that you may not waste the precious time that God gives you in this moment, I come so that on this 8th of August you may learn to love the Word of the Heavenly Hierarchy, which as life and vibration, guides you and shows you the way.

Children, the present time indicates a decadent reality in the life of humanity, and it will not be necessary that I talk about this today, because you already see that around you.

It is for this reason, as well as for many others, that My Son comes in this cycle to ask you for the consecration to His Most Sacred and Blessed Heart, so that your lives in matter may represent at least ten percent of the materialization of the Plan of God for this humanity.

Children, the state of the world and the consciousness of this humanity is in this way because the omission of the majority blinds you completely and does not let you see the graveness of a world that burns in flames all of the time.

For this, as your Mother of the Apocalypse, I come to warn you over the importance of having, in the coming times, a spirit of peace, of neutrality, and above all, of love and of hope.

When a consciousness resists changing certain habits of life, those which broadly influence in the atrocious conquest of the forces opposing the Plan of God, the essence misses the cycle and then it must wait for the next opportunity. 

But My Grace is infinite and it is such sublime Grace of God that reunites all under the same goal and the same spiritual proposition.  I come to save the last roses from the wildfires of this world; I come to awake the consciousness to the higher realities, where the Sacred Purpose of God reigns and dwells.

I come to remind you of the scared path of prayer, and at the same time I come to remove the blindfolds from your eyes again and again, and in this way you will be able to see what My blessed Eyes can see about the destiny of this world.

I come so that the scripture of John the Evangelist will be fulfilled, in the same way as once Jesus fulfilled it by being the Messiah of Israel. 

Now, all has already been said, it is time for acting from the heart but without haste; the need of Light and of Mercy is great for you and for the kingdoms of nature that are the target of great disasters, human errors that are irreparable in the Heart of God.

When your attitude is fair, the Universe shows its balance.  When your action is precipitated, falsely powerful and petty, the Universe will be fair in all of the levels of consciousness.

Enter in the new cycle with a greater expansion of your hearts and with a little less of your own ideas.  God needs you complete, humble, and blissful so that you may finally become columns of a Plan that is in danger of not being accomplished.  It will be enough to pray, pray and pray, and to be a collaborator of the Heavenly Hierarchy, cooperating with the development of the mission of all of the Heavenly Brotherhood.

I bless this day that has come at last, so that all will be purified, and in love will consecrate themselves to the Holy Spirit of God.

I thank you for answering to My final call!

Who unites you to the Divine Principle of the Supreme Will,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, August 8 of 2015

Daily messages

When an inner sun illuminates the darkness of your hearts, this is Me, children of Mine, that announces that the end of chaos is near.

This is the definitive beginning of the end, the cycle on which all the steps taken through actions, thoughts, feelings and definitions will be placed on the scale of the Divine Judge, This One that will dictate to angels and archangels what will be the destiny of this humanity.

Before such ignorance and darkness in the heart of most people of this world, the smallest light ignited will shine as a resplendent sun and a creature who remains sane and in the balance of their prayerful soul will be able to guide the millions who will wander with no aim, with no destination, except their own abyss.

My dear ones, My Heart will no longer come to the world to warn you, because this, I have already done for the last eight years here, and for the last thirty years in Medjugorje.  Many times I have come to this world and many were the attempts to awaken you to a life of prayer, of holiness and of pacification.

From now on, the times that will come will no longer expect you to be ready, because the Justice of God will precipitate over the world and each being will live according to the merits earned on their days of existence.

Many will seek the peace of My Heart and will not find it, because they did not want, in other times, to build the path between their own heart and My source of Peace.

I will no longer be able to intercede for the world as before, because until now I have taken many steps for your feet, but the time has come for you to begin your own walk and start to generate your own merits, not only for yourselves, but for all humanity, because today I tell you, My beloveds, that in the time of Justice that announces itself, it will be the conscious humanity itself that will have to open the doors so that Mercy and Piety may descend upon the unbelievers and the dormant in spirit.

Many will regret in time and others will not; for this you must be conscious that the Justice of God will not cause harm to the hearts, but, to each one, it will give what they deserve in order to live their learning in this world.

The humanity that today inhabits the surface of the planet is very old and has had many opportunities to learn and follow the designs of God.  But many preferred to turn the back on celestial things and open the arms to illusion and to the infernal life that manifests itself through the capital energies.

The ray of the Justice of God will break the ignorance of humanity and, those who laughed so much with the king of the hells, will cry for their great ignorance.  Those who teased the Light, will blind their eyes before It, because, after everything that will happen, the King will come and give new opportunities for those who will repent of heart and extend their hands to Him, clamoring for pity.

My beloveds, prepare your hearts and listen to Me carefully, because at this time I will not be able detain the power of My words for the fear that your hearts may feel or for the unbelief that may be generated in some souls, for the incapacity of transforming themselves in order to accept My words.

It is the Will of God that the Truth be revealed to you, because it will be a part of the awakening of faith and of consciousness to see My words being fulfilled in the times to come, times in which I will no longer be here, so close to you.

When My prophecies be a fact, you will look to the skies, where I will be observing you, and some will thank, others will ask for forgiveness, but no one will be able to say that I did not warn you and that I did not let you know about the final days of this world.

But know that such as I announce the times of difficulties and trials, I also tell you that those who may walk in faith will not toddle.  Those who may make of prayer the pillar of their consciousnesses, will always be a door of peace and a guide star to humanity.  Through these ones, I will guide the world.  But you must be brave and persistent, trusting the power of My Word, that announced to you the times of chaos, but also told you that, at the end of all, your King will come, will cross the clouds and the seven heavens, will step on Earth and rebuild it, inside and outside of humanity, so that in it the new humanity may inhabit.

May Peace be the engine that leads you and keep you standing in the times to come.

Pray, pray and trust in Me every instant of your lives, because thus they will be sanctified by My presence.

I love you and bless you, so that in this cycle I shall find you inside My Heart.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, August 7 of 2015

Daily messages


The angels from Heaven are gathering on this day around the cenacle of this sacred house to bring you the word of live.

For this, My Son came on theses days to prepare you to live a new path towards redemption and peace.

In this way the Lord has invited you to relive the mystery of the holy sacraments so that everyone may remember that through this sacerdotal ministry of Christ, new doors to Heaven and to Paradise have been opened for everyone to enter in the Heart of God and the reconcile their lives forever.

I have come as your Heavenly Mother, following these events during the last days.  I have seen that many of your hearts have found the path to the truth again and thus, have discovered a meaning for live and for the spirit.

As your Mother I wish your salvation all the time, for this in the last years I have tried to make you pray and love this living exercise in your souls.  In this way, children, the paths that were closed have been opened and now you are ready to live such necessary moment of your purification.

But I will be among you, as I am every day, to guide you until the end, until you find the path to enter in the Heart of God.

Children, now that you have accepted this call with joy and love, try to remain in the Arms of your Celestial Father as long as possible, so He will never cease to look at you with kindness and mercy.

It will be in this way that you will not lose yourselves; that is why I ask you day and night to be in My arms, so that you may soon abandon the prison of a live materialized in error and in lie that this world offers today.

Accepting and living My sacred summoning, the Plan of God will be poured in life and spirit over your hearts and you will be permeated by the powerful Light of redemption.

Dear children, It makes Me joyful to see you reunited in communion.  For this I wish you to walk every day by My side and to participate of this celestial life that is a reality and omnipresence in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

When your hearts pray with love, you will always be uniting to the Divine Principle of the Creator, which is the Love in all that has been manifested.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you to the Principle of the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, August 6 of 2015

Daily messages

In the birth of a new time in the month of August, My Heart guides you towards the true spiritual proposal of your lives, that which will bring peace to the hearts of the world and thus live it as a shield of protection in silence.

Dear children, My Heart of Mother represents for you this fount of love that comprehends everything and understands everything.  Thus, I gather you together in the Cenacle of My Son so that one day you may live His infinite Will, a promised experience of redemption and forgiveness.

As you walk through the pathway of transformation, I invite you to be in peace and to see in the events, the opportunities for a deep reconciliation among your spirits.

I guide you and show you the path towards this inner castle that everyone seeks: the Sacred Temple of Christ.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, August 4 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

I am the Morning Star, the one that is shining now in the firmament of Aurora in order to give the sign of the beginning of this gathering between hearts and souls.

Blessed be all of those who gather through the presence of Christ, because from today on you will be glorifying His holy and blessed Name, such as the day of His holy birth was glorified.

Children of Mine, receive then from your Heavenly Mother, the guide for the times to come, trusting your path of redemption, following the steps of your Pilgrim Mother that reunites you in this sacred cenacle of love so that you may forever find the Redeeming Light of My Son.

Today the Aurora of My Heart shines in its internal Glory and summons the hearts so that they may receive from the Kingdom of God, the Grace of feeling worthy in the Lord.

Dear children, open your hearts so that the Spirit of Christ may enter and you may feel united to His Universal Love.  I leave for everyone a path of hope and truth through the school of prayer, which you are invited to live in these times.

Children, today I bless you and give you Peace, the Peace of Christ.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you in Divine Unity,

Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, August 3 of 2015

Daily messages

Confirm every day that I am present in everything.

As your Mother, I follow each inner movement and I can, thus, be closer when your heart trusts that I am present in your path in order to guide you towards this expected pathway, the pathway of purification.

In many souls this will happen in different ways, for this, keep the neutrality and peace in order to being able to transcend the new times that are coming.

The path of perfection is achieved through the principle of purification, remember that the liberation from your whole being will happen in different cycles.  It is the Will of God that you learn to grow slowly and to comprehend each aspect of your being in order to be able to mature in Christ.

Remember that forgiveness exists and that it can unlock the padlock that ties many chains.  In this way, you will be free when you simply ask of heart and in prayer for inner liberation.

Now, walk in confidence, the purification of everything will show at these times the direct pathway to purity.  For this, My Maternal Heart donates itself in order to help all those who aspire to truly find Christ and His Mercy.

Today I am present in the simple hearts, seeking in all My children a greater scale of consecration.  On the so expected day of the inner freedom will happen the fusion with Christ and a new stage will begin in the life of all of those who have been patient and constant before the tests of the inner world.

Faith will allow you to raise every inner state and thus, you will be able to start again in the name of peace.  Pray with Me in absolute trust.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who guides you to the eternal consecration,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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