Hear within your heart the voice of Aurora and feel how its subtle vibrations resound in the depths of your being.

This is the regenerating love of Aurora that shelters souls of untiring service, that with its healing Light embraces tired bodies.

Hear in your heart the greater melody of Aurora and how it transforms all that it encompasses in the consciousness of the being.

This is the powerful current of Aurora that emerges from the depths of your spirit to give of itself as a Principle of Love and as a Source of Healing.

May this current be recognized in the inner worlds which, after a long journey, re-engage with the original principles of the Greater Healing Source of the inner Aurora. Its lights illumine the spaces and everything receives an impulse of upliftment and of harmony.

Let this meeting with Aurora be the moment of awakening again and of re-encountering the foundational bases of the healing for souls.

Let the melody of love resound within!

Let Aurora be a reencounter with the true being, at the core of the spirit!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace.

Special daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Mother of the seven colors of the universe. On My Mantle is drawn the eternal fusion between the Rays and their universal vibrations that give life and form to all Creation.

My Consciousness is expressed through the White Ray that manifests the essence of Purity and its maximum expression is attained in the hearts of those who give themselves to the total transformation of their lives.

The White Ray concentrates the divine synthesis of all the others and so acquires a power of transformation unknown to the world. The White Ray is the positive expression of the goodness and self-giving of all who aspire to reach the inner light.

I am the essence of the Pink Ray, My Consciousness expresses the Love for everything created and fully accepts it as a filiation of the creatures to God. The Pink Ray has its maximum expression through pure Love; therefore, knowing the power of the White Ray and uniting it to the Pink Ray, the effect of Love becomes able to transform that which seems impossible of being transformed.

Through the Pink Ray, the tribute of compassion allows humanity the power to recognize Christ as the Master and Lord. The Pink Ray is able to place a spiritual situation on another level; and so this Ray helps to fulfill the mission of each soul, of being able to live in the Love of God. The Pink Ray is the universal color that promotes peace, through this Ray all becomes softer and harmonious.

I am the Mother in the essence of the Green Ray, because it expresses the harmony of serving the fellow being and so establishing its healing principle through the balance that it can express in the material life.

The Green Ray gathers the profound synthesis of alignment and it is the principal Ray that spiritually promotes hope. It is the Ray that neither permits nor allows the extinguishing of the aspiration to experience transformation because it fulfills, through its harmony, all the missions that the creatures intend to live. This Green Ray attracts the Will of God in a neutral way, that is, it allows one to live the Will in balance, serenity and peace.

I am the Mother of the Universe in the essence of the Blue Ray, which attracts towards the whole universe the divine force to realize the aspiration to live the Will of God. This Blue Ray is capable of gathering souls with the same purpose. It is the regent Ray, that is to say it creates favorable conditions for the creatures and the forms to be motivated to fulfill in harmony each inner aspiration.

The Blue Ray gathers the Will widely so that it can be experienced in a conscious way and, at the same time, profound and in balance. The Blue Ray is able to help to live acceptance of the new times and also to unlock the path that may be limited by the opposite actions or imminent challenges. It allows us to feel confident in the Plan of God.

I am the Mother in the essence of the Golden-Ruby Ray because through it all becomes possible and the consciousness can expand its love for knowledge so that it can finally live it.

The Golden-Ruby Ray manifests the fundamental essence of the Divine Wisdom; it is through this Ray that the universe carries forward the concretization of the Divine Thought, and thus the creatures and the forms created by God take on life, vibration and energy by the action of this Golden-Ruby Ray.

The Divine Mind is expressed through this Ray, it expresses all that has been created. The Golden-Ruby Ray gives impulse to the manifestation of life and allows life to become sacred. This Ray is able to carry forward the projection of Wisdom in all that exists. This Ray can be expressed in seven different forms, since the Divine Wisdom pours forth so that all may reach the reality of creative thought. It can appear in souls that are guardians of the universal knowledge.

I am the Mother in the essence of the Violet Ray, because it manifests the transubstantiation of all forms. It is through the Violet Ray that everything is transformed into something positive.

The Violet Ray is capable of changing complex principles into sublime states. Its principal action is focused on the Divine Fire to perform the exchange of the forms and of the creatures. This is a Ray that is manifested in all that is transmuted and raised towards a superior state.

The Violet Ray is the main principle that acts on the liberation of humanity during the cycle of transition.

The Rays live and act through the maternal essence of your Heavenly Mother, they are Divine Principles, but at the same time they are Laws of expression of the Divine Consciousness.

The fundamental consciousness of the Rays arises as a stream from the Source of the One Consciousness and from there, all the universe of which you are also a part, receives the positive influence of these Principles which are also manifested through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

It is so, dear children, that you are being called not only to purification, but also to the divine consciousness of the Rays, which are the expression of the universal life. I am the Mother in the essence of the Rays, whoever lives in Me, lives in the rays.

I thank you for responding to My call!

This Divine Wisdom is for those who want to know themselves and become that which they have never been.

Who unites you to the principle of the Rays of Creation,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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