I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I reflect the principles of Universal Creation to the whole planet.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I bring to humanity the Attributes of God.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because. through them, I mirror healing and regeneration to the world.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I sustain the universal balance of the planet.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I establish the beauty of peace.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I allow My children to return to their inner origin.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I ignite My Mirrors of the cosmos and, thus, I free the planet from constant oppression.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I spiritually gestate the moral and internal reconstruction of humanity.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I purify and heal suffering souls.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, I lead My children towards peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Second Message

The revelation of the mystery is approaching the human consciousness. This is the moment of knowing the Truth deeply and of being able to penetrate this mystery through the revelation of its divine and cosmic knowledge.

Today I come again from the Sun because this is the universal star that rules and illuminates you, day by day.

In spite of what may happen, and before any event, the Sun, as an essence, gives you life, regeneration and healing.

For this reason, today My Message also comes from this place, from this Sun that governs this solar system and that concentrates many universal and cosmic Laws for the evolution of life and consciousness.

The Sun will be the witness of the events of the end of times on this planet and in its humanity, and in it, all the principles will be poured so that the solar system may be regenerated again and everything may start from scratch.

The Sun that rules you is not only a physical, material or cosmic element; it is an energy that has been placed within this system of life so that all could learn from it throughout the cycles and seasons.

Each element, just as each event, has its place and its hour. The Sun that rules you will enter a new state and a new form through its divine self-purification and that of its laws that are part of this Material Universe; laws that are also part of hundreds of Suns in other regions of the vast Cosmos.

In this Sun, you will find power plants for the regeneration of human essences and of their spiritual counterparts that will still have to live their redemption, purification and, lastly, their rehabilitation.

The waves that it will emit for these times will be intense and decisive. A part of humanity will identify this as a punishment, as a global imbalance, or as part of a universal event; although this is true, the intention and purpose is another, the Universe never stops and has never stopped, it lives in a constant dynamism and a permanent acceleration.

You, as humanity and as a planet, are within this system of life and within this system of evolution that reaches the deepest of your bodies, matter, cells and atoms.

The acceleration of these times is part of the acceleration of the Universe and of this solar system that prepares to enter into a new time that, spiritually, will not be so perceptible to all but that it will be visible in the movement of the laws of material life or, even, in the hands of a clock. Time seems to run and not be enough.

The transition of humanity and the apex of its great purification are approaching in order to enter the real time of the Universe, in which only the eternal present exists.

For this reason, the Hierarchies, throughout times and generations, through all ages and decades, have prepared the preamble for the entrance of this new time; otherwise, humanity would have suffered the acceleration of time too much, within its consciousness and spirit.

Universal assistance comes to the aid of all, the approach of the Hierarchy comes to the aid of all. It will only suffice to live the rules in order to fulfill the Plan and carry it out according to the Divine Purpose.

It will be worthless to do much in humanity if the mission is not based on love and truth, on transparency and obedience, fundamental attributes for the current times, when many spiritual and human manifestations will be presented and will convince the majority that they are real and autonomous.

Following the Hierarchy has a single meaning and a single aim, a single purpose, a single goal, which is to achieve the fusion in brotherhood, unity and with faith; attributes that promote the materialization of the Plan on the surface of this planet and in others.

The humanities of this Universe are offering themselves to help this current humanity, this race that comes from the Adams and the Eves and from a continuity of mistakes and faults that have taken place throughout the times and ages; but the end of the Law of Suffering is drawing near so that the doors to healing and relief of pain may be opened.

The more you cry out for My Mercy and for the Piety of God, the more the doors will open.

The more you demonstrate that you are understanding what We say and what We speak, the more the doors to Mercy will open and each one, in spite of where or how they are, will receive what they need. Trust in what I Tell you.

The Sun, for humanity, represents this spiritual fusion between souls and God, a fundamental principle that once had to be lived in the existence of the Adams and the Eves, but that did not succeed due to many different circumstances.

Now history will be recalculated and the Plan will deepen itself in the human consciousness so that every being on the Surface of this planet may keep clearly in mind what the Will of God means.

Do not fail to open your hearts to the mysteries. Drink from this Nonmaterial Fount that I bring you today so that your lives may be renewed and you may never, never be thirsty; because communion with higher life is possible while one lives this lower life on the surface of the Earth.

The School of the New Christs will be ruled by this master, the Sun of the Local Universe; the one who imparts many more energies and principles for human life, for the planet and the Universe.

From this Solar Fount, the New Time will be born and it will fill all Hierarchies and their disciples, all their servers and collaborators.

Now it is the time to take this leap and this step towards the fulfillment of the last part of the Plan, which is a responsibility of all, which is a responsibility of each one with God and the Universe.

The signature of your spirits has been conceived, the permit has been granted and the time is approaching for this event in which all, congregated in love, will internally prepare the emergence of this New Humanity that will cease to be mental so that it may finally be spiritual and divine, just as the Father has thought it since the Origins, since before the Universe and all of its life existed.

This Marathon means the passage into a new time and into a new spiritual energy conceded by the Hierarchy.

The past will remain in yesterday, the present will begin to be part of the future and the doors will open to a new cycle so that human consciousness may participate in the impulses that will come from the great master Sun.

May My Words be converted, in you, into a source of wisdom and clarity, into a source of discernment, healing and love; because the goal of all of this impulse is a greater goal, based on the Love of God and on the unity with the Supreme Source that rules you, since the origin of your essences in the Material Universe.

So that, finally, companions, you may be this spark of light for the world during the time of darkness and tribulation, so that more veils of the consciousness may fall from the faces of beings and the doors to knowledge and awakening may open.

Receive, then, all the assistance from this Solar Fount that will reveal itself to the world in a short while through its principles and signs, through its higher emanations and energies.

Come with Me to the Fount of the great Sun and let us commune, in essence, with the new life that will be free of errors, suffering and pain.

In the essence, the new being will be born, that will become like a Sun to illuminate the new times.

Receive My blessing and My understanding, My Grace and My Mercy for the times that will come.

Under this Sun that governs this part of the universal life, under the stars of this Universe that are witnesses of many experiences and lives, under the existence of the Material Universe and its powerful currents, attributes, rays and energies that are part of the elevation of consciousness and of the unity with God, I bless you for this new cycle, which will be sustained by your love and faith, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


When I arrive upon the planet, I reflect My Mirror-Consciousness upon the world so that the ideals and forms of the terrestrial and human mind may be changed by the most potent Light of the Heart of God.

Through My Mirror-Consciousness, I reflect upon the Earth the principles of regeneration and healing for humanity in order that the beings of the planet may awaken to the time of their redemption.

Through My Mirror-Consciousness, I remove from perdition the most lost ones and I offer the refuge of My Heart as a temple and salvation home for the souls that despair.

Through My Mirror-Consciousness, I purify the global depressive feeling of humanity so that the exorcist angels may defeat every evil idea and the balm of the Love of God may triumph.

Through My Mirror-Consciousness, I awaken the mirror of the heart of each being so that the Divine Will of seeing the manifestation of the new colony of Christs may be fulfilled.

Through My Mirror-Consciousness, I reflect upon humanity the Source of the Mercy of God so that sinners may be forgiven and the oppressed be liberated from their own spiritual prison.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While Aurora, as a Center of Love, opens the doors to inner healing, the most oppressed souls receive the opportunity of redemption and forgiveness.

For this reason, Aurora, as a Sacred Center, offers to hearts the Grace of liberation from the prisons and the chains of evil.

Aurora opens like a great Mirror of Light and shows humanity its potent Principle of Planetary Healing.

In this sense, a soul present in Aurora is a soul that accelerates the steps of its purification, and Aurora, as a Kingdom of Superior Love, sees to it that this deep healing can be made concrete and become conscious for the beings.

Aurora is this healing Mirror capable of dissolving the debts that the soul has acquired. 

For this, Aurora carries forward, as its mission, the task of redemption of souls by means of its Ray of Liberation and of its Ray of Love. This allows for the hearts that contact Aurora to feel renewed and, thus, everything begins to regenerate from the beginning.

The human consciousness that joins to Aurora lives a before and an after, to attain, at last, its inner freedom from the chains that are contrary to life.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Mother of the Universe in the essence of the Golden Ray, because through it, all universal impulses descend toward the world so that humanity may achieve redemption and conversion.

Through the Golden Ray, a consciousness can access science and wisdom and thus understand the fusion that exists between matter and spirit.

Your lives are universally ruled by many Rays, but the Golden Ray concentrates the perfect union of the spiritual plane with the material plane; it is the Ray that allows two such different realities to be united.

The Golden Ray is capable of bringing understanding to the consciousness about to the invisible, and thus, this Ray allows each spirit to penetrate the mystery and love the unknown.

This is the Ray capable of awakening inner wisdom and it is broadly complemented by the Golden Ruby Ray, creating a deep understanding of celestial mysteries throughout all space.

The Golden Ray is a principle of regeneration of all that has been created; it opens the doors so that other Laws may act within material life.

The Golden Ray allows for the attraction of more elevated vibrations and it can be seen in consciousnesses that reveal a devotion to the sublime planes.

It is the Ray that creates divine fire and expands it in different degrees of manifestation.

The Golden Ray allows for the recreations of spiritual spaces and generates an inner expansion of universal knowledge when the latter is loved with devotion.

Its principal essence is the First Ray, that of Will.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who leads you to the divine essence of the Rays of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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