Monday, August 3 of 2015

Daily messages

Confirm every day that I am present in everything.

As your Mother, I follow each inner movement and I can, thus, be closer when your heart trusts that I am present in your path in order to guide you towards this expected pathway, the pathway of purification.

In many souls this will happen in different ways, for this, keep the neutrality and peace in order to being able to transcend the new times that are coming.

The path of perfection is achieved through the principle of purification, remember that the liberation from your whole being will happen in different cycles.  It is the Will of God that you learn to grow slowly and to comprehend each aspect of your being in order to be able to mature in Christ.

Remember that forgiveness exists and that it can unlock the padlock that ties many chains.  In this way, you will be free when you simply ask of heart and in prayer for inner liberation.

Now, walk in confidence, the purification of everything will show at these times the direct pathway to purity.  For this, My Maternal Heart donates itself in order to help all those who aspire to truly find Christ and His Mercy.

Today I am present in the simple hearts, seeking in all My children a greater scale of consecration.  On the so expected day of the inner freedom will happen the fusion with Christ and a new stage will begin in the life of all of those who have been patient and constant before the tests of the inner world.

Faith will allow you to raise every inner state and thus, you will be able to start again in the name of peace.  Pray with Me in absolute trust.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who guides you to the eternal consecration,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace