Thursday, August 20 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

In times of crises, may consolation and reconciliation reign.  May your hearts continue to strive every day to find the peace of the heart.

I am your Mother and I am in every place and moment, contemplating from My Most Pure Heart, each step that you take towards the redemption of life and consciousness.

Dear children, today your hearts are discovering the power that an act of humility has and how it opens the doors so that the souls may reform their lives and thus, the greater purpose may be fulfilled.

You will get to know, on the path of purification, many inner aspects of yourselves.  Some will be conscious and others, you will get to know little by little, because for the Plan of your Celestial Father it is essential that humanity lives redemption of everything through love.  An act of reconciliation is an act that marks the redemption and the conciliation with the Laws of the Heights.

Children, in this way your Heavenly Mother follows your steps through this path towards the holiness which some of you are beginning to traverse.   Remember today the arrival of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph and the pathway that His Heart has opened to the world in the hope that something may truly change.

Read His words and thus you will see the blessed work of the Heavenly Messengers.  In truth, those are the last ones for that humanity that may wish to be spiritually saved.  The humility poured by Saint Joseph will be the master key to cross the end of the times.

I thank you for answering to My call!

In union with the chaste work of Saint Joseph Worker of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace