Sunday, January 31 of 2016

Daily messages

​​​Dear children,

Through the humanitarian missions, the pain of the world is taken away from hearts offended by their own brothers and sisters of this humanity.

At this time, when the blood of the innocent continues to be poured over the world, the victory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus promises those who trust in Him to give them His Infinite Mercy. Children, there will be no other remedy able to appease such enormous human pain.

After the First World War, I announced in Fatima that if the world did not change in time, a second war worse than the first one would come, and it happened. The massacre of millions of souls taken to the hells of this world made the innocence of the terrestrial human being disappear.

Once again, your Heavenly Mother announces Herself to the world, declaring that this is the last time, because the world did not learn to forgive nor establish peace.

My Immaculate Heart guides each one of the missions, because it will be humanitarian service that will achieve victory and will comfort all those who lost themselves in the hands of the adversary.

Heaven promises divine help to the world, and spiritual intersession on the part of the Archangel Gabriel, something that will be completely understood when everything has happened in humanity.

Today My Maternal Heart places the pain of the world over some hearts, which must gain relief through the prayer, faith, and devotion of those who truly aspire to find the Kingdom of God, which is fervently waiting to impregnate them with His fire of mercy and piety.

Dear children, at this time I ask you all to open your consciousness to recognize the humanitarian missions as one of the redeeming pillars of the Heavenly Hierarchy.

It is in this way that this consciousness will be given through the power of prayer, which will always fill hearts and planetary life.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who unites you to the One Love of the Universe,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees



Friday, January 29 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children of Mine,

The hope of the apostles of Christ must be what renews the entire planet. It is for this reason that the humanitarian missions to regions that are so needy have the preferred motive of repairing, through inner hope, faith, and love to God, the consequences generated by evil.

Dear children, the tonic for these times is an inner attitude of the soul that truly trusts in the Lord, which is unknown to My adversary.

My Children, the humanitarian mission in Turkey will try once more to recover the faith and the hope that My children from the Middle East have lost.

Hope and faith are an inner spiritual attitude that flows in the hearts of beings, just as do the Laws of the Universe. The hope of the apostles and of the followers of My Son is something that cannot be taken away because it is the essence of a deep conviction united to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Turkey is a nation that could gestate in consciousness the vortex of hope, something that could greatly help Syria, which is experiencing an unprecedented battle.

Christianity is the confirmation of the faith of good souls; for this reason, dear children, through living this inner christianity without the need to proclaim it, you will be on the path of trust in God, an infinite virtue of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, at this moment My missionaries of peace are being guided to establish this spirit of faith and hope in the essence of those who were left behind by the cruelties of the world. It is thus that today I invite you to renew the sacrament of faith, so that through this Your Heavenly Mother may have the joy of expanding Her work of peace in the world.

Dear children, know that I never abandon you and that in these times I am with whoever opens their heart to Me so that I may heal them; My last Graces are still being poured out.

Who will accept them in deep faith?

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who renews you in the sacrament of Faith,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees



Thursday, January 28 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

An attempt is being made to decimate the Christic principle of the Sacred Family through the wars in the Middle East. It is because of this that Your Lord Jesus has decided to send some of you in mission so that on behalf of all, they said “yes” to the Universe for the recovery of dignity and faith of the families of the Middle East.

While the humanitarian mission goes on according to the celestial principles, Your Heavenly Mother is already working on the recovery of the essences of the smallest ones, thus it is established again in each child of Mine the meaning of living and of belonging to the redeeming project of this humanity.

Dear children, all of your daily prayers, those that support this humanitarian mission, as well the mission in Chaco, will allow that the celestial doors be correctly open so that the missionaries, under the divine circle of My protection, may cross each one of them and thus pour the Grace that the world is lacking.

Dear children, the Father observes the dedication of each one of the missionaries, therefore Your Holy Mother is guiding the steps of Her missionary children so that they do not lose sight of the places where there will always be the greatest need. It is thus, dear children, that the whole celestial universe accompanies this moment in both missions because the servers must learn with this entire experience how much the souls have moved away from God through suffering, indignation or deep poverty of the original peoples.

Argentina may be destined as a future consecrated nation to My Immaculate Heart by means of the humanitarian missions, this would change the destiny of millions of souls. It is as in the case of Turkey, which, by opening the doors to the refugees, has become a rescuable nation at these times.

Peace is the premise for these times, therefore the time has come for all of the missionaries to radiate this eternal principle of peace to the world.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you in the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees



Sunday, January 24 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children of Mine,

At the inner rising of the New Aurora, after a long time, today I gather all of the groups of prayer of Uruguay around My oratory of love. That is why, dear children, on this day I come from the Universe in order to establish a single group of work for the Plan of God in Uruguay; a unique opportunity that is granted to each one of you through the most potent spirit of the maternal Grace.

Dear children, I am giving to you an important mission: that of gestating within your hearts the spirit of fraternity and of service to the neighbor, something that has been a permanent attempt for a long time.

With the forthcoming existence of the House of Service requested by Saint Joseph, you will have once again the Grace of contributing with the Plan of God. In truth, the House of Service will be the reason for your temperaments and emotions to be worked on through voluntary and selfless service, as well as through the willing donation of your lives to the Plans of My beloved Son.

The House of Service that was entrusted with much love by the Most Chaste Saint Joseph will be able to fraternize with other houses and service organizations in Montevideo. This mission, which is now requested, will be supported by the International Humanitarian Federation, which is the mother consciousness for all of the planetary work.

Dear children, it will be right after you take your commitment to service before the Plan, that the Lord God, the Almighty Father, will then grant you the spirit of understanding and of wisdom so that you, My children of Uruguay, be able to understand in those moments, the importance of reversing the debts and the faults committed by the population of Uruguay.

This state of consciousness that I am talking to you about is not yet present in your beings, but it will be able to be so from the moment that you make an effort and that you love to be united above yourselves in order to materialize the Work of the Celestial Father, outside the well-known Church of My Son, because now the work is for all of the souls.

Dear children, the unification of your hearts and the absence of competition have been expected for a long time by the Universe. This unity through service and selfless love will place you in a position of assuming definitively, as Uruguayans, your task with Aurora. In this way, from this moment on, dear children, you will be prepared to accomplish, in these critical times, the materialization of the plan of healing of Aurora on the surface.

I lovingly dedicate this message to all of you today, because I know that you will need a celestial impulse in order to be able to continue on My Path.

Who loves you and accompanies you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees, on a celestial mission



Friday, January 22 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

As Mother, Help of Christians, I am in the Middle East helping souls that have no hope because they lost it from the moment in which their lives abandoned their beloved land.

Exile is the inner result of not managing to see God in all the situations that they experience, because the heart remains prisoner of terror and fear. It is for this reason that Your Mother is working there, amongst the refugees, for the recovery of a meaning to life and to existence of each being in the middle of the desolation of the end times and wars.

Dear children, this is why I invite you every day to place your Syrian brothers and sisters in your hearts, because they have abandoned their homes and what little they had in order to survive. All of them are going through one of the worst humanitarian crises, because not belonging to any nation and the rejection of part of the European nations has turned into a great lightless desert in the life of each exile.

May your prayers concentrate in invoking providence for each one of them, and especially for them to recover the dignity of life, because they are children of God. If all had the consciousness in such situations, the world would be relieved from its constant sinning, and doors of peace would open through its length and breadth.

Although humanity wants to excuse itself and not help as it should, My Immaculate Heart will finally triumph through the most simple and humble of heart, and they will come to know the New Earth.

I thank you for answering My call!

In the hope of a true change in the human consciousness, who prays for you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees



Thursday, January 21 of 2016

Daily messages

With your heads to the ground, dear children, let us ask for the descent of a Celestial Grace that, at this time, can reverse the unjust causes of this great exile of the souls of the world.

Many search for where to go, but many doors are closing at each step; this saddens the heart of each one of the refugees, and they find no meaning in life.

I would like to know if the Europeans have understood the parables of Jesus, when My Son told them that the one they fed, the one they visited or gave a place to rest, would be Him that they would be receiving.

Do you believe this?

If this reality of millions of refugees takes place in their lands, it is because the time has come for you to truly practice fraternity and the science of peace. Nothing which we ask of you is a mystery.

Dear children, this is a part of an Apocalypse that many do not want to accept and want to evade all suffering or inconvenience.

Through the refugees will you not be finding again the true spiritual family?

Be as Jesus, and accept those who are abandoned, because their spirits were also abandoned and My Son gave them refuge.

It is time to become aware of the place you have and which many who are forsaken yearn to deserve one day: to be in the Heart of the Celestial Hierarchy.

In consciousness and humility, I ask you, children of Europe: do your part, you are in time!

I thank you for answering My call!

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of Refugees



Sunday, January 17 of 2016

Daily messages

As a sphere of light of seven colors, I descend to Earth to fill it again with the Graces of God. I hope this luminous sphere will be seen and recognized by the inner universe of each being.

God in His infinite silence sends this luminous signal to the Mother of God so that all His creatures rise to the divine Purpose. Through His Divine Universal Thought, His Will makes this sphere of seven colors move amidst the spaces of the cosmos so that the interior sun of each soul may ignite again and thus retake the entrusted task.

It is time for the creatures to affirm their spiritual life through the higher life, an Infinite Kingdom where truth, energy and sound are manifested.

Today the creatures of the Father must see in the space the sphere of seven colors to discover through it the signal that God is announcing by means of His silence: a new time without tribulation.

The Kingdom of God comes close through the sphere of seven colors, sound manifests in all the cosmos the new notes of harmony for the Earth.

Participate in this spiritual event, the sphere of seven colors is crossing the skies of this universe to demarcate in the horizon a new signal: the time of the return of Christ.

May the luminous signal of the sphere of seven colors remain present in your memories, because the Celestial Kingdom draws near to raise again all those who want to ascend in their hearts.

Grace is calling at your door.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who awakens you to the celestial life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, January 16 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

Do not give up and fight with Me for the victory of My Immaculate Heart! For the triumph of the Plan of God!

Dear children, despite all the onslaughts of the adversary, do not lose faith. I allow you to learn so that you get to know how to rise from the ground by yourselves.

Determination and effort will be you master keys, love and mercy will be your eternal solace.

Today I cut with My swords the bonds that the souls establish with evil so that your consciousnesses resurrect in spirit of truth and be promptly removed from the path of the illusions of the world.

There is nothing truer than the very Living God that dwells in your hearts. Find the inner strength in the Eternal Father, do not permit that the falls or the disagreements generate division between the Hearts and the Purpose.

Place yourselves under My Light and do not observe around you, search the elevation of consciousness through your true steps.

Today I help you to undo the unknown knots of perdition, knots that tie many hearts that do not want to live in God.

Dear children, there is no greater beauty than that of the whole Creation of this and other universes. Do not be disturbed, do not detain yourselves, the Kingdom of God comes to you to show you the reality.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who raises you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, January 15 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

I Am the Mother of the refugees because I keep in My Heart all who despair.

My Children, as does Your Heavenly Mother, today I invite you to place in your hearts each of the souls of Syria, who exile themselves into an unpredictable destiny, without refuge and without a place to live.

Dear children, the world has the wherewithal to shelter the abandoned for a long time; if this is not really done, it is through a lack of love in the consciousness and of true charity.

I need you to think every day about these families, and that through them you see the Sacred Family of Nazareth, escaping from the Herod of the current times, and seeking refuge far from human evil and from pride.

Dear children, open the doors of your hearts and reconsider; may the flame of constant sacrifice encourage you to work for peace as soldiers of My Heart.

The wrath of God is still being provoked, and the world has not seen Divine Justice. Because of that, I warn you so that, at least amongst yourselves, as members of the Plan and happy for having received My Grace, you have good attitudes, both fraternal and of unity, among brothers and sisters of a single purpose. If you, who were called by My Heart to live the conversion of life and of heart, do not change your patterns of behavior, no one in humanity will do so, and in the future this will weigh heavily on you, because you were aware.

Be attentive to your attitudes and your human actions; everything is being observed.

Recognize the Grace that you have received and thus see the events that take place in the Middle East. I lovingly ask you to not hinder the Plan, but rather, with a mature look you take the place that has been entrusted to you for this Armageddon; thus you will be ready to wait for the return of Christ in your lives.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to Fraternity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, January 14 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

Praised be Jesus in your hearts!

Today I wish to announce to you that because of the advent of the Sacred Week at the end of March, the next Annual Meeting of the children of Mary will again be held at the Marian Center of Figueira, on the 12th of March of 2016, a time when all of My children consecrated since the year 2013 will have the Grace of participating in some way. We will unite this meeting to the Prayer Vigil for Peace in the nations.

Dear children, I lovingly wish to see all of My children consecrated as children of Mary on the 12th of March at the Marian Center of Figueira; it will be a time for the renewal of vows, and in this way, all will receive My sign of peace for these times.

To those children who will be in other countries and who will not be able to be present on the 12th of March at the Marian Center of Figueira, in Brazil, at this annual day of the children of Mary, as from now and in plenty of time, I invite you to send to the communication media of Mercy Mary TV greetings of peace and of renewal of vows to the Most Holy Mother.

These greetings will be presented the day of the coming together of the children of Mary. In this way, all of My dear children will be present in a spirit of prayer and of joy during this special day, when Your Heavenly Mother will bless you.

I wish that two choirs be formed for you to sing to Me on the 12th of March at the Annual Meeting of the children of Mary. The first choir will be formed by all the children of Mary, who will offer the Hymn of the children of Mary at the opening of the meeting. The second choir will be formed by the youths of the Communities of Light of the Marian Centers: of Aurora, of the Child King (Menino Rei), of the Holy Spirit (Espíritu Santo), and of Figueira, and Your Mother is especially also inviting the youths of the Nuclei of São Carlos, of Belo Horizonte, of São Paulo, of Rio de Janeiro, and of Fátima, Portugal. The youth choir will offer in Portuguese the Hymn of the World Youth Day that will take place this year in Krakow, Poland.

This meeting is expected to give an impulse of peace and mercy.

It will be in this way that all will unite as good Christians to ask for peace and for mercy in these times.

Good preparation for all!

In the light of the children of Mary, who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, January 13 of 2016

Daily messages

Today when we were finishing the Mystery of the Rosary, we once again saw Our Lady silently helping in Turkey, on the path of the exodus of the refugees of the Middle East. She was dressed as an Arabian mother, with a light pink colored tunic that fell to Her feet; She was wrapped in a long white garment which covered Her entire head in a veil-like way, and She was barefoot.

The Divine Mother was walking along the route from the border between Syria and Turkey towards the countries of Eastern Europe, in the exodus among the refugees. And we asked ourselves: Why does the Mother of God walk silently among the multitude of refugees who are in exile?

Then we saw Mother Mary with a small child in Her arms, and suddenly more children could be seen in Her arms; She was carrying them all, and with the multitudes, She was crossing a large desert between Syria and Turkey to help the souls of all those brothers and sisters. She showed us that the souls were going through a process of great despair, of fear and uncertainty, and thus, Mary would place the head of each one of them close to Her Heart so that they would feel peace.

When the Divine Mother appeared to us with the same garments as we reported at the beginning, She named Herself as the Mother of the Refugees and transmitted the following message:

Your Mother walks through the desert, crossing all of Turkey from one side to the other, towards the countries of Eastern Europe, in search of inner asylum in the hearts that will open to recognize the Master within the refugees.

Just as it was in Bethlehem, dear children, the Sacred Family, which is this project of humanity, is fleeing the war that has been triggered upon the innocent.

My children, so far you do not know what it means to not have a home or a place to rest. As the Mother who brought salvation to the world, I have patiently suffered what is called exile, not only in Bethlehem, while we were looking for a place where the King could be born, but also while we searched for refuge somewhere in Egypt.

Dear children, today I want to bring to your consciousnesses this passage of the Sacred Family because humanity these days is more and more driven into exile and despair.

Your Mother, the Mother of all refugees, walks beside them, crossing half of the entire continent, searching for a place where we can be received. The Celestial Universe knows that humanity is not conscious of what this means to Creation.

Brothers and sisters have confronted each other in the name of struggle and conquest for a kingdom that does not exist, but only within the illusion of some minds. This cause of the refugees is leading to the action of the Law of Divine Justice, because in the majority there is indifference concerning all this that is taking place.

Dear children, this is why We have requested this next mission to the Middle East; because it will expose you all to a truth that cannot continue to be kept hidden. The feelings of being abandoned, exiled and without anything of your own, without knowing what will happen to the lives of millions of families, is something that still does not move the human heart, and this triggers the beginnings of a new world war. If this happens, humanity will completely self-destruct, and as happened with the atomic bomb, no trace of any life would then remain upon the surface of the planet.

Humanity uses its own power to carry out its works and distances itself more and more from God. This catches the attention of the entire universe because there is no consciousness of what is really happening.

As the Mother of the poor and of the abandoned, I have decided to be amongst My most needy children in order to take care of their souls and to mercifully help them find a way out.

I am in perpetual prayer, as are the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Saint Joseph, in order to prevent a severe punishment throughout the world. I need your hearts to become sensitive, that your spirits rise up out of yourselves to attend to the true planetary need, and the urgency of gathering inner strength to accomplish the Plan, which is being forced not to be accomplished.

At least support these brothers and sisters who decide to offer themselves so that the Plan also be accomplished in the Middle East.

Dear children, the greatest crisis of humanity lives within indifference; that is why I come to alert you all that you are in time to abandon your pride and personal power so that the world not be lost in a dark abyss.

I lovingly give you the keys for the redemption of this race and place My trust in all servers, hoping that they do not take Our words in vain.

Children, It is time to awaken! The times of the Apocalypse are here.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who makes you aware through the Only Truth,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees



Wednesday, January 13 of 2016

Daily messages

When Mary came, She showed me an image of the Universe, and in a way which I do not know how to explain, I saw the Consciousness of God. He was withdrawing into a profound silence that, in spite of being silence, resounded across the whole cosmos and was causing the inner being of all creatures in Heaven to shudder. God held within Himself that first Thought that He had when creating the human project. He concentrated on the perfection of His Original Idea for humankind, and thus meditated.

Mary showed us that many councils gathered together, but not knowing how to assist humanity; just observing so that, in the unpredictability of the human heart, some possibilities of guiding humankind to the fulfillment of the Plans of God could emerge. Our Lady said that for all of the universe, in this moment, the destiny of the Earth is unforeseeable. She said that only God knew what would happen, but He stayed silent and concentrated all of His Love toward the essence of each human being.

It was as if, in that moment, God was not using any intermediary, for He Himself, in His silence, was attempting to reach the essence of all human beings to reveal His Mystery directly to those hearts that might perceive His Presence.

Mary explained to us that in the midst of all of the chaos and the evil in the world, the Creator Himself began to take action on Earth, trying to show the human heart the greatness of His Plan for humanity, the unique possibility that the human being holds for uniting with Him, perfectly and absolutely; the one love that is found latent within of all of us. All of this God is trying to show to us.

Then Mary invited us so that, by ourselves and in silence, we might enter into our own hearts in order to try to feel God, to search for Him inside of ourselves, and to discover what He wants to reveal to us in His silence.


Dear children,

While the world agonizes, the Heart of the Most High God goes silent, and the Creator concentrates His Divine Spirit on the true purpose of His Creation.

In these times, when humanity is at the peak of their deviation from the reason for their existence as part of a Divine Project, the Lord is trying to keep alive within Himself that divine aspiration that one day left His Consciousness to renew all of the Universe.

When He accepted the experience of the human project, God knew all the risks, but He also knew the power of the love placed as a latent possibility within each human being, in their deepest essence.

The Most High Creator allowed His Creation to run a great risk: that creatures apparently so small would have the possibility of carrying all of the material universe manifested by Him to an extreme of evolution or of involution.

Children, now in face of all that occurs in the world and that transcends the atrocities of the material life, with truly dangerous repercussions that are destructive to the life of the spirit, the Lord just observes the world and is in silence.

All of the creatures created by God are attentive to His silence, which reverberates as a great mystery within all of Creation.

The Lord knows that this is a definitive moment, even for His Divine Consciousness. The silence of God holds within itself a certainty of His triumph, in spite of making all creatures inwardly tremble.

When God is in silence it is because only He knows what will happen. The universe, however, only attentively observes the movements of humanity and waits, second by second, for the way in which it can guide it on the best path.

While the councils gather, and the masters and guides, among the Blessed, renew their plans, God just is in silence.

I say this to you today so that you may feel the silence of God; so that you may feel His Eyes set on your hearts all the time. Not only the intercessors for humanity pray for the awakening of the human heart; God too, in His silence, concentrates all the Power of His Creative Consciousness to safeguard, within Himself, the perfect archetype of humanity.

In the silence of the Creator, He unites with the essence of all the creatures of Earth that aspire to fulfill His Plan. Therefore, children, if you hear these words today, meditate for an instant on what I tell you and unite with the silence of God.

Observe your own essences as a true and pure connection with the Most High. Find within yourselves the union with the Father, and thanks to this union, allow the Creator to awaken in you that unique thought that He has for each one of you.

In the center of the universe, God is in silence, and in His silence, He multiplies Himself in the center of each creature.

I know that what is taking place in the world disturbs many hearts and also the consciousnesses of those who know of the gravity of the times; however, My beloved ones, if you truly want to help humanity, feel God in your own inner being. Imagine the Creator of all things in His deep silence, which reverberates loudly within all beings.

The Universe comes to a halt before the power of the silence of God. He is trying to make Himself heard by His children; He is concentrating the power of His Love for humanity and for the infinite cosmos with the intention of letting you know the truth. For this reason, in spite of all that afflicts your hearts today, allow your consciousnesses to uplift beyond matter; that at the same time, you enter into your own inner being and travel to the center of Creation, finding, inside of yourselves, a silent God Who stretches out His Hands to you and shows you the truth of His Plan.

While the intention of God with His silence is mysterious for all of the cosmos, He wants to enter the inner being of human beings in order to directly reveal to them the truth of His Love.

Children, will you embrace the greatness of what I say to you? Will you open yourselves to the mystery of receiving within yourselves a Creator so immense, Who makes Himself small in order to speak to your heart?

Discover today the only and perfect union between human beings and God, because the Lord is in silence in this time in order to let humankind know about the greatest mystery of His Creation, which is the unique possibility of the perfect union with the Most High.

While miseries emerge from within all, and chaos makes use of all of its strategies for conquest, God aspires to reveal His Greatness to you.

Who will open to this Truth?

I bless you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, January 12 of 2016

Daily messages

When we were praying the last decade of the Mystery of the Rosary, we saw Our Lady assisting and working in a region of the Middle East. Moments later, when She appeared, She told us that we were seeing a place in Turkey. She pointed with Her left hand to an infinite number of winged angels gathered together working and flying over the area.

The Divine Mother told us that She had commissioned a certain number of angelic hosts to unite with a specific group of souls present on the planet in order to collaborate with them and assist them in establishing one of the most important Purposes of God: Peace. She told us that these souls, incarnated on Earth for these times, were souls in service to the Plan of God that would help in the times of greatest worldwide emergency.

Our Mother of Heaven showed us that the angels and the souls in service were working intensively in the physical counterpart of the path that the refugees travel at this time inside of Turkey on their way to exile in Europe. She told us that the angels and the souls in service are attempting to contain this situation in a harmonious and peaceful way, working to generate spiritual and inner relief in each one of the brothers and sisters exiled from the Middle East.

Following this explanation of Our Lady, She transmitted the following message:

       Dear children:

The summoning for collaboration and cooperation in the mission for the Middle East has already been made by the International Humanitarian Federation, and all are spiritually in the last preparatory steps for departing on this important task. And as it was done in Africa, Your Heavenly Mother, together with the instructions from Saint Joseph, will closely guide this risky humanitarian mission.

My missionaries of peace are already working together with some angels in Turkish territory. This sister nation is caught in the middle of two opposing realities: on one side, the Arab war, and on the other, the entry doorway to the countries of Eastern Europe.

Turkey is the main route for all of the refugees. But My missionaries of peace will not only find out about the needs of this nation, they will also see the reality of the peoples of Syria in search of a new way of life.

The main effect of the war falls on the children, over the littlest ones, those who must transcend the consequences of hunger and the lack of water.

That is why the three Sacred Hearts already can be found in the spiritual region of the conflict, preparing the way so that humanitarian and praying assistance will reach the greatest possible number of people.

My missionaries of peace will meet with other missionaries, and in the name of peace and of voluntary service, they will unite their inner forces of love and of labor for all of the refugees.

The main deficiencies present in the faces of My children of the Middle East are fear, exile, hunger, and the lack of human love. It is for this reason, dear children, that this forthcoming humanitarian mission will place not only the missionaries of peace, but also all of the work in the reality of the true Armageddon, of which there is an attempt to spiritually stop, so that it will not expand across the world.

The war is not only the cause of the precariousness of humanity; the planet as a whole is immersed in several conflicts, which are first gestated within families, and then in all of humanity, coming then into great nations.

Divine Justice is active, but the time of Mercy is also in force. That is why this next humanitarian mission to Turkey is considered by the Plan of God to be a mission of Mercy. It will be through service, and through any need that must be fulfilled, that the energy of Divine Mercy will be the main source for the transmutation of the contrary negative streams, which feed on the wars.

My fourteen missionaries of peace, in the name of God, will be consciously entering a global area of great mental and spiritual conflict, safeguarded by the Archangel Michael. It will be like entering a great storm that is occurring in a precipitated and unmeasured way.

The motto for the missionaries of this new mission will be: “The Grace of God is our stronghold”. The secret Mercy that must be disseminated through each act and service will turn back human desperation and may bring a little of peace to hearts.

The humanitarian mission to the Middle East will open other doors, so that the Project of the Hierarchy can be requested in other regions of the planet, where similarly complex needs of assistance exist.

The union of each missionary of peace and of each one who prays with the three Sacred Hearts in a true, faithful, and loving way makes it possible to not run certain risks.

In the times of Armageddon, may the faith and the trust in Christ be the shield and the greater strength that will generate absolute surrender to the Plan of the Father so that His precious Will be fulfilled.

My Son has gathered all of you together in these times; for this reason, each soul is called to be a part of this work of redemption, without attachments or forms.

May Our Light be present in each missionary of peace. May Our Love fill them so that Peace will reign.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In preparation and vigil,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, January 11 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

In these times of chaos and war in the world, may your hearts be able to live in the Spirit of My Peace, thus I will have where to deposit My divine gifts, those which will reorganize all the Earth.

For these difficult times that all are facing, may your loving care of elevating yourself to Heaven and staying there be permanent so that in this way My Son finds safe internal shelters where He can act and be present in this time of intense transition.

Dear children, may your eyes remain looking into Mine, so that through the celestial gaze of Your Mother you feel peace and serenity to move ahead until the Project of the Creator is fulfilled in this race.

Dear children, in the time of your purification, may prayer together with the internal union with Christ be the master key with which a new principle of brotherhood and light will be able to be established for the world.

My children, when you open your eyes to look at Me, receive from My Spirit the joy and the holy plenitude of serving God in spite of the crucial times.

Willing to live a sacred transformation, dear children, I leave to you the divine impulse so that day by day you persist through faith, and your souls finally accomplish the task that in this time you have come to fulfill.

Today I am with those most in need of spiritual support, I am with all My children.

I thank you for answering My call!

Peace and Light for all,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, January 9 of 2016

Daily messages

As the Lady of Mount Carmel, I come today to renew the consecrated monastic life, because many of My children deviate from the Purpose of God due to the tendencies and inventions of the world.

I come to remind you of the monastic rule and of the importance that the groups of prayer be guardians of these monastic nuclei; thus you will allow the Laws to be fulfilled and hearts to lean on the spirit of prayer.

The consecrated life is the principal column for the support of the planet, and it is followed by all the groups of prayer, which must be the firm pillars so that the spiritual task may be fulfilled.

The priests and the monasteries consecrated to My Son must generate a significant vortex of prayer so that the divine Laws will be established, and that these fill all hearts. The consecrated life throughout the world is one of the points of attack of My adversary; nevertheless, vigilance, discipline, and the training for prayer create the strongest and most resistant walls to any temptation.

Around this rampart, which the monastery itself must build, are the groups of prayer of all the pilgrims; such groups are the spiritual bearers of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which allow the generation of a true setting, ready to respond to the Plan of God.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel is the divine protectress of the whole monastic life, the Star of all who must sail on the high sea until they find the harbor, which is Jesus.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who guides you toward God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, January 7 of 2016

Daily messages

Elevate your heart towards Heaven and enter the House of the Celestial Father. Prostrate your soul and all of your being before His Luminous Presence and ask Him for what you so much need.

Do this for all the souls that do not ascend to Heaven nor prostrate themselves before Universal Love. Bathe in the light emanating from His Infinite Heart and feel the power of His Mercy.

Give Him everything that has made you happy; give Him your successes and even all of your failures. Before the House of the Celestial Father, the immensity of angels and archangels gathered together to glorify the name of Adonai can be glimpsed.

Imitate all those winged beings and elevate, elevate yourself, elevate to the Heights. Do not let anything cause you to descend; the soul of each being is the infinite expression of the Love that God has for all.

Remember that in the House of the Celestial Father, peace is like the light which expands in the firmament. Penetrate into this light without fear, and soon everything will become calm.

Live in adoration, silence, and prayer in the House of God; allow everything to rebuild within your being, everything has its moment.

Stay before God in gratitude, for the Father has saved you and, through your soul, wants to unite with all the souls of this humanity.

Continue in elevation, everything is already foreseen. Follow the Light of Adonai and live in eternal time; there you will be free of My adversary, because who is in God fears nothing.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you in the Essence of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, January 6 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

The times ahead will be times of purification, although also in an extraordinary way, they will be times of Grace. I hope that each one of you, after coming to know the work of My Immaculate Heart, will feel encouraged to fully trust in this Mystery born from My Motherly Spirit.

The Grace of God will be the strength; Divine Grace will be what will help this humanity to take the steps so awaited by My Son.

The Grace of God comes from Divine Mercy and it will be full Grace that will defeat all the deadly sins in which humanity is living today in such a dissolute way and with no foundation; they are creations stimulating the perdition of souls on the path of the Purpose.

My children, surrender to the Grace of God on time so that the indomitable strength of original purity can also cause the true principles of the evolution of humanity to grow in your lives.

Do not cease defending you inner unity with Christ, because My adversary will try to destroy it; but if you call for the Grace of Your Heavenly Mother, you will be able to be protected by the invisible mantle of light of the Mother of the World.

Dear children, through the messages I always give you a little of My Grace, that which comforts and supports you in moving forward.

Do not become afraid, the Kingdom of God comes to help those who beg for it. You are not alone.

I thank you for responding My call!

Who takes you to the Source of the Grace of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, January 5 of 2016

Daily messages

Today I come to extend you My Motherly hand and help you because you are My son, you are My purpose of redemption. Therefore on this day I open the doors towards the fount of My Grace, which is the essence that concedes forgiveness to the souls that search for it.

I have come to extend you My hand so you may feel safe wherever you walk, thus I will take you away from the abyss generated by the sins of humanity and from where many are still not able to leave. Whoever prays with the heart and asks for it, will be safe, My Heart is a gift of atonement for all the souls on Earth.

Encourage yourself to take My Motherly hand; I come to encourage you, to take you along the safe pathway to redemption. If you come with Me you will purify yourself and become clean to present yourself before the Lord. Follow My steps in confidence, today I extend you My hand for you to take it tight; you will lose nothing, you will just leave behind the past that makes you grieve.

If you become aware of what you do, you assume to walk with Me through the path of purification. I accept your offer of giving your life. I accept your aspiration to serve the Plan of My Son.

The world is crossing the cycle of a tough battle; it is going through all the abysses to purify itself from the evil induced during centuries. Therefore I come to extend you My Motherly hand because thus you will find the path to your inner liberation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who heals you spiritually,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, January 4 of 2016

Daily messages

From My most pure womb, the new priests must be born who, illuminated by the rays of Christ, may experience on Earth the expansion of His sacred task.

From My womb, the new human beings must be born, sprinkled by the Grace of Christ, just as the rain does, so that the sense of fulfilling the Purpose may come from Him.

Today, all My priests, My favorite children, are contemplated by the Love of the Celestial Mother, so that within all of them may emerge the needed inner strength that will lead them to carry out the Works of Christ Jesus.

From the priests must come the example of holy discipline, a constant and indelible union with Christ so that from them may emerge the example of simple service. The living presence of the spirit of Christianity is expected from priests, so that the bridge between Heaven and Earth may be established.

The greater spheres are the true dwellings of all priests. While on Earth, human thought and feeling must be directed towards the Celestial Universe; this will help them to perceive the needs for service to be physically or spiritually provided within humanity.

The priests must be supported by groups of prayer so that they never lack divine protection for the righteous fulfilment of their spiritual task. Young priests are the first expression of the life of Christ; in them must be reflected the example of the priestly love that Jesus expressed at the beginning of His early public life.

Knowledge is the school of priests, not as something scholarly, but rather the wise knowledge that the heart provides, which directs the gaze upon the spiritual need of souls.

As well as having guardian angels, priests must also have godparents to assume them spiritually and always support them when necessary.

The priest of this time must learn to guide the flocks through the power of faith and the living authority that is granted by Christ Himself.

The priestly life in this era is the most difficult; as witnessed by Master Jesus Himself, for in the cycle of Armageddon, priests must work harder to establish themselves as true inheritors of the holy virtues of Christ. They will achieve this through the sacrifice that the presence of purity brings, through permanent surrender that attracts constant wisdom, through renunciation that reflects humility, and mainly through the love that allows the presence of Christ to be reflected through their actions.

Priestly life is a constant practice of elevation and supporting this work is a mission of all those who pray. Without true and striving priests, Christ would not exist in spiritual life; this is what My adversary generates in the priests of the Church of Christ when they are alone and do not have the power of inspiration .

The Holy Cenacle of the Lord is the refuge for each one of them. Let us pray for the priests, for through them the steps toward Christ can be taken.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, January 3 of 2016

Daily messages

While the Real Time of the Universe stops each time a Divine Messengers of God descends to Earth, just so should the disciple of Christ stop at the moment he or she is about to receive a mighty Grace; because in the Real Time of the Universe the past does not exist, only the recollection or the memory of an accomplished task.

In the Real Time, resemblances do not exist, but rather equalities. In this Real Time, the path of the Purpose is manifested, the one proposed for all the angels of Light.

Through obedience, the Real Time is accepted, because it is part of the essence and of the experience of evolution.

In the Real Time, forms do not exist; all that exists is the sense of them, so that each angel created can progress in love at the service of God. The bases of this time are the Laws and the creator principles. In the Real Time a scale exists that is recognized by all the angels of the universe. This is the scale of love and of unity; it is something that causes Real Time to move as an experience of evolution.

In these scales are all the bases for experience, because in the Real Time the meaning of everything is in the knowledge that emerges from wisdom and in the service which makes any heart humble.

In the Universe, Real Time does not go by, nor is it static; it is a divinized time marked by the elevation and the transcendence of all created forms.

In the Real Time, the eternal present exists, which is the state of positive permanence; it is the constant unification with the essence and the Purpose of Divinity, of the Source.

The Real Time is a single stream of energy; it is the thread that unites the beginning with the end, so that in the Soul of Creation a harmonious relationship with all that is manifested may be experienced.

The Real Time does not have a memory of events, but rather records of the experiences on a higher scale of vibration. It is an unknown time.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who guides you towards a deep awakening,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, January 2 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear Children,

While the doors to the Mercy of God are open, in this year of a new Jubilee I invite you to really be able to adopt in your lives acts of mercy to replace the acts of indifference and of rejection in the human consciousness.

As the doors of the new Jubilee of Mercy are piously open for all souls, Your Mother of Mercy wishes to see your hearts full of the Mercy of God.

Dear children, there is still much to be forgiven and redeemed within you; be more intelligent than My adversary and submerge in the ocean of Mercy of My Son in time, so that soon your faults will be more balanced in the eyes of the Law of the Lord.

Truly, I am inviting you to have your souls, day by day, recognize the time of the Mercy of God, which comes to a meeting with a perverted humanity that is distanced from the essence of its true purpose. But if there are more and more hearts that, in repentance and forgiveness, ask for this Celestial Mercy, human pride and arrogance will be replaced by divine and holy humility.

Dear children, take advantage of this moment of important atonement; many things will be able to be repaired through the prayer of the heart, and through your prayers, the Heart of Your Celestial Father will have a reason to help you and set you on the path to the good.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who raises you through the Mercy of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, January 1 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

During this new year of Jubilee of the Mercy of God, may your souls participate fully in the indulgences that will be granted.

I would like, My children, to have your more awakened hearts motivate other children of Mine so that they can rethink their way of life in face of the need for service and for humanitarian help throughout the world.

I would like you, the apostles of My Son, called to serve by means of works of Mercy, to awaken the spirit of Divine Mercy of God through the groups of prayer, especially in those children of Mine who have completely separated from the Love of God from the moment in which they were absorbed by the material and superfluous life of this world.

I hope, My beloved children, that the path towards the Mercy of God may be undertaken by all pilgrims, especially by you who have already lived, day after day, the Mercy of God. Thus, you must stretch out your hands in persistent giving of self so that Mercy may completely fill those who have been lost.

For this reason, dear children, may this Jubilee of the Mercy of God be further disseminated to those hearts who do not know the Compassion of God and to those who have forever blamed themselves for mistakes made.

The Aspect of the Mercy of God in not very widely known; it is for this reason that through the Rosary of Divine Mercy, souls will access a precious fountain of atonement and of conversion, liberating themselves from constant error.

Dear children, as Your Mother of Mercy, I give you this important key that through the Jubilee will open a path toward the redemption of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who, celebrating the Jubilee of Mercy with all My children, blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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