Monday, January 4 of 2016

Daily Messages

From My most pure womb, the new priests must be born who, illuminated by the rays of Christ, may experience on Earth the expansion of His sacred task.

From My womb, the new human beings must be born, sprinkled by the Grace of Christ, just as the rain does, so that the sense of fulfilling the Purpose may come from Him.

Today, all My priests, My favorite children, are contemplated by the Love of the Celestial Mother, so that within all of them may emerge the needed inner strength that will lead them to carry out the Works of Christ Jesus.

From the priests must come the example of holy discipline, a constant and indelible union with Christ so that from them may emerge the example of simple service. The living presence of the spirit of Christianity is expected from priests, so that the bridge between Heaven and Earth may be established.

The greater spheres are the true dwellings of all priests. While on Earth, human thought and feeling must be directed towards the Celestial Universe; this will help them to perceive the needs for service to be physically or spiritually provided within humanity.

The priests must be supported by groups of prayer so that they never lack divine protection for the righteous fulfilment of their spiritual task. Young priests are the first expression of the life of Christ; in them must be reflected the example of the priestly love that Jesus expressed at the beginning of His early public life.

Knowledge is the school of priests, not as something scholarly, but rather the wise knowledge that the heart provides, which directs the gaze upon the spiritual need of souls.

As well as having guardian angels, priests must also have godparents to assume them spiritually and always support them when necessary.

The priest of this time must learn to guide the flocks through the power of faith and the living authority that is granted by Christ Himself.

The priestly life in this era is the most difficult; as witnessed by Master Jesus Himself, for in the cycle of Armageddon, priests must work harder to establish themselves as true inheritors of the holy virtues of Christ. They will achieve this through the sacrifice that the presence of purity brings, through permanent surrender that attracts constant wisdom, through renunciation that reflects humility, and mainly through the love that allows the presence of Christ to be reflected through their actions.

Priestly life is a constant practice of elevation and supporting this work is a mission of all those who pray. Without true and striving priests, Christ would not exist in spiritual life; this is what My adversary generates in the priests of the Church of Christ when they are alone and do not have the power of inspiration .

The Holy Cenacle of the Lord is the refuge for each one of them. Let us pray for the priests, for through them the steps toward Christ can be taken.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace