The Cathedral of Peace – Part II

And elevate all of humanity with your prayer. By means of your prayer, lead specially all refugees to the Greater Altar of the Cathedral of Peace.

Pave the way so that those most in need of spiritual and inner help may receive the maternal embrace of the Mother of God, and the divine consolation of the Immaculate Heart. 

Elevate the souls of the world to the Cathedral of Peace, so that they may awaken to their true purpose and may thus enter in communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Inside the Cathedral of Peace, the neediest souls are sacramented by the imperious action of the Holy Spirit, they receive the spiritual baptism, the inner confirmation and the communion with the Immolated Lamb, the Redeemer. 

In the Cathedral of Peace the souls find, by means of the spiritual Sacraments, the Gifts of God and they can see within themselves the virtues that Heaven needs to awaken in each being, so that the creatures may learn to live the Divine Will. 

For this reason, those who participate in the Sacred Cathedral of Peace are inspired and motivated by the guardian angels to live their inner mission and, at the same time, to be participants in the spiritual communion that is manifested in its Greater Altar. 

The Cathedral of Peace infuses in souls the spiritual power of the divine Sacraments, so that each being can find its Gift and thus offer themselves for the unconditional service for humanity and for the planet. 

The Cathedral of Peace helps us recognize our inner universe, that is, the truth that we are inside the divine existence and inside the spiritual Source whence we come, inside the vast universality of the Creation. 

For this reason, the Mother of the World is the intercessor of the souls inside the Cathedral of Peace, so that more hearts may know the power of Grace, of Mercy and of Forgiveness, and thus everything may be reversed and once again conducted to the path of the Greater Purpose.

Human consciousness can keep in its heart the sublime Cathedral of Peace, so that it may always remember its filiation with the High, and may specially live the Attributes of God, which will make of this planet a redeemed humanity, forgiven by the most potent flow of the Love of God.

May every being on the surface of the planet feel motivated to enter the Cathedral of Peace, so that, together with the Heavenly Mother, they may be led to the union with the Celestial Father, granting to the souls the experience of the Kingdom of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Cathedral of Peace


Dear children,

I Am the Mother of the refugees because I keep in My Heart all who despair.

My Children, as does Your Heavenly Mother, today I invite you to place in your hearts each of the souls of Syria, who exile themselves into an unpredictable destiny, without refuge and without a place to live.

Dear children, the world has the wherewithal to shelter the abandoned for a long time; if this is not really done, it is through a lack of love in the consciousness and of true charity.

I need you to think every day about these families, and that through them you see the Sacred Family of Nazareth, escaping from the Herod of the current times, and seeking refuge far from human evil and from pride.

Dear children, open the doors of your hearts and reconsider; may the flame of constant sacrifice encourage you to work for peace as soldiers of My Heart.

The wrath of God is still being provoked, and the world has not seen Divine Justice. Because of that, I warn you so that, at least amongst yourselves, as members of the Plan and happy for having received My Grace, you have good attitudes, both fraternal and of unity, among brothers and sisters of a single purpose. If you, who were called by My Heart to live the conversion of life and of heart, do not change your patterns of behavior, no one in humanity will do so, and in the future this will weigh heavily on you, because you were aware.

Be attentive to your attitudes and your human actions; everything is being observed.

Recognize the Grace that you have received and thus see the events that take place in the Middle East. I lovingly ask you to not hinder the Plan, but rather, with a mature look you take the place that has been entrusted to you for this Armageddon; thus you will be ready to wait for the return of Christ in your lives.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to Fraternity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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