I rejoice to see the hearts that open up to receive the sacraments. I rejoice to see the Spirit of God descending upon the world and permeating the souls and hearts of beings, awakening the Sacredness that exists within them, revealing their inner universe and their perfect resemblance with the Heavenly Father.

I rejoice to see that the Creator may manifest His Presence among His children, pouring out His Forgiveness and His Grace upon the hearts that become transparent before Him.

I rejoice to see the spiritual growth of those who were called by Christ to share His blessings and His atonement with the world.

When a Priest forgives the sins of a distressed soul, his own sins are also forgiven; when he washes the feet of a soul, thirsty for new steps leading to the Lord, his own feet are also washed; when they baptize in the name of the Spirit of God, revealing to souls their affiliation to the Almighty, their own souls are also baptized by the Fire of the Holy Spirit; when they anoint with the power of Christ in order to heal the deepest diseases of souls, their own souls and the entire human consciousness also receives the healing for that which is degenerated.

The Sacraments granted and received with love are Graces that permeate all life; they are a service to the whole Creation because, every time you receive the sacraments, you become closer to God and lead the entire humanity to return to His Heart. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


May each instant of your life be a mission offered to the Creator. Find in each event an opportunity to serve, renounce, love, understand, so that the Christic principles may flood your acts and be installed within your consciousness and thus, child, enter into the depths of human consciousness, there where thoughts, feelings and actions are generated.

Understand each moment as the right moment to be offered as an instrument to the Father and, even if it is to those who are next to you every day, be a source of peace, of grace, of healing, through which the Rays, that come from God in help of humanity and all life upon the Earth, can flow.

Remind your consciousness of its purpose in this world. You already know that you have come to the world to live a Greater Law which restores life and the evolution of all creatures of God.

In your smallest actions, imprint this purpose of peace. Thus, child, you will be in God and He will be within you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Listen, Lord, to the voice of Your faithful Servant.

Today I come to cry out for the healing of the deepest wounds of the nations of this world, wounds that are reflected in the conscience of human beings, indifference and ignorance before Your Love and Your Heavenly Truth.

I cry out today so that Your Balm of Redemption permeates the deepest of the Earth and touches the interior of humanity. May this soil, thought by You to be sacred, be sacred again. May these lives, thought by You, be the salvation of all Life, converted into Your pure and original Divine Thought.

Receive, O God, these supplications.

Today, I see Your Light descend into the world. Let the hearts know how to receive You with love, so that nothing remains as it is. May everything return to You, in its purity, in its truth, in the depth of Your Creator Heart.


The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message received in the Commune of Castel Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

The Mystery of Divine Mercy

Mercy is a Grace still unknown to humankind. The spiritual science that humanity knows has still not fully comprehended this mystery because they try to place Mercy in their known theology and cannot see it as something that transcends all that is known to humankind.

On the Cross, the Creator transformed all Laws, and the God of Justice opened a new cycle for all of life, a cycle of pity, of forgiveness and of redemption, in spite of the seriousness of the sins of humanity.

There was no other greater sin than that undertaken by those who flagellated and crucified God Himself; but even so, children, when they were touched by the merciful Blood of Christ, they were forgiven, healed and redeemed by the potency of His Love.

Mercy is a mystery that is joined with the mystery of human creation. It is a Grace coming from the link between humankind and God, their Creator. It was from the moment when the Father was fulfilled in His creatures, through His Son, and demonstrated to beings the true essence of what humanity is, that Mercy began to flow toward the planet and to all of Creation.

Mercy is born in the Heart of God as a new opportunity for beings to achieve the Grace of Love, but in order to reach the material universes of the manifestation of life, the vehicle of Mercy is the prayer of humanity, and the doorway to Mercy is their heart.

The human essence is intimately connected to the existence of Divine Mercy, to the point that their genes can physically carry the potency and the presence of this Gift that comes from God, just as it was in the Blood of Christ.

The Redeemer fully lived Divine Mercy so that all beings could recognize their own potential, and move toward it.

I tell you all these things so that you may understand the importance of truly crying out for Mercy in this time, not only for this world, but for all of Creation.

Recognize yourselves as potential carriers of the Grace that comes from the Father and cry out for it to descend upon the world and upon all of life. The more you cry out and pray, the closer you come to God and the more you awaken within yourselves what you truly are.

Daily Message received in the Commune of Castel Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

When nations suffer, they hide their suffering in chaos, in distractions, in modernities and in pleasures, which distance the feelings of pain and of loneliness that spiritually inhabit their consciousness.

When a nation is empty of God in spite of its apparent religiosity, the darkness hides in the appearances and dominates hearts that live in lie, sin and deceit.

The Creator comes to this place, children, to grant an opportunity of Mercy to the souls that have condemned themselves to eternal suffering. He comes to free those who believe they know God from lies, and who meanwhile experience deceiving themselves and others, but not the Creator of all things.

So infinite is the Love of your Celestial Father, that He sends His Light into the abysses of the planet, and where it seems that darkness will reign forever and will submit souls to its illusions, there arrives the Divine Hands, offering forgiveness, redemption and healing.

Those who know how to embrace the path of prayer and repair their faults and sins through service and awakening will generate merits so that many others who remained half-asleep may receive forgiveness and Mercy during the last moment of their lives.

We came here for a nation that is spiritually dying because of the weight of its faults, because of the great emptiness of its spirit. So great is the abyss of its sins that its spirit cannot manage to rise up alone to cry out to God.

Thus, children, I come to call on you to pray, pray for these people, for this nation, and for all the beings in it that are in need of a greater Grace to free themselves from the chains of sin. Cry out for Mercy and for forgiveness, cry out for redemption.

If just a few are capable of opening their heart to God, it will already be enough so that others do not become lost and so that this nation does not cease to exist, but rather is able to recover its filiation with God.

Cry out and ask the Father to send His Spirit and His Light to the world; in this way, all will be fulfilled.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

When a soul serves, the body gets tired, but when the heart is fulfilled in service, the spirit is gradually revealed and the being discovers the meaning of its existence, which lies in the love that it awakens while serving.

To serve may be to help someone who is tired, to comfort someone who is lacking hope, to understand the one who is not understood, to tolerate someone who is in their purification. 

To serve may be to offer healing to a sick person, or to let the same love heal their heart; to feed someone who is hungry; to dress the naked; to visit the lonely; to bring joy to the one who is in darkness.

To serve may be to keep silence when the neighbor needs quietude, to pray when the neighbor needs prayer, to adore when the neighbor needs support and to make peace, because the world needs peace.

To serve is to be in this world, becoming what it truly means to be a human being, and carrying the cross of this time, which is the transformation of the human condition into the renewal of the Love of God.

To serve is to love.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The time has come to accompany the Lord in the calvary of these times.

But now, you will no longer be the Cyrenean who accompanies His steps; you will no longer be the holy women who wash the Blood of the path with their tears; you will no longer be the executioners who try to contain their souls in the middle of so much hate that they do not know where it comes from and then, at the end of everything, they are healed by the potency of the Love of God; you will no longer be those who live the Passion of the Lord with their eyes and heart.

Today, Christ will be the Cyrenean who accompanies your paths. Your tears will wash the wounds of the Earth and quench the thirst of those who live in the desert of their own cross. Now, children, it is you who must take this step.

The cross of the world will not be like the Cross of Calvary, because its merits must be others. Its purpose is to renew and overcome all love already known on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Therefore, live the present moment with gratitude and be attentive to each new day that brings with it a step with the cross.

Know how to say "yes" to the Chalice that the Lord gives you to drink and, like His Son, know how to say: "Thy Will be done and not mine."

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Do you not see, child, that the world is in agony?

From the entrails of the Earth are expurgated the evils that cause deep spiritual wounds in the Earth. From the entrails of humankind are expurgated ancient evils, the results of a history built upon foundations of errors and fraud, Godless decisions, loveless hearts.

Like your Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane, close your eyes and observe the world; see that the planet is in agony and the consciousness of humankind trembles without perceiving this. They do not know the reason for their woes, and they catalog new illnesses to give a name to a life empty of God or full of a profound ignorance.

Like your Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane, observe the life on Earth and see, child, that only a great love will be able to heal this world.

Love is this unknown and hidden power that made God multiply and reflect Himself in His creatures, so that this Love might gain life and be renewed, from time to time, in a greater Love.

Love grows when the heart steps away from ignorance and enters the Truth. Love is multiplied when the being not only knows the Truth, but lives it, expressing its wisdom through loving actions.

The path to the Truth is prayer, which places you in inner dimensions, which are beyond any ignorance. For this reason, pray and cry out to the Father for His Presence. Rise up to His Heart and, within the Heart of God, observe the world and life, just as His Son did in the Garden of Gethsemane.

See that there is no limit to Love, because it is infinitely necessary on the Earth and well beyond it.

Pray, child, and find a greater cause for your own life. Find the cause of Christ, the cause of God, the meaning of your existence, which is held in the need that life has for a constant renewal in the Love of God.

See how in the silence of your heart you can serve, and in the sincerity of your spirit, you can cross boundaries. Without a true and deep spiritual life, nothing will make sense. This is the great thirst of the world, this is the thirst of Christ, this is the thirst of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Child, feel loved by God, independently of your imperfections and miseries.

Feel loved by God in the certainty that the Creator knows you profoundly and, just as you are, loves you unconditionally.

Feel loved by God and do not fear not corresponding to what He needs from you because if you truly love Him, everything else will be accomplished in you, according to the Celestial Will, because the love to the Father will lead you through this path.

Feel loved by God and let this love penetrate deep in your heart, awakening in you a response of love similar to the Love of the One who created you.

Feel loved by God, and welcome each moment of your life as a symbol of this Love, because the Father gives you Graces, but also tests so that you may grow in faith and confirm yourself, day by day, in this Plan of His. 

Feel loved by God, and welcome in this new cycle a more profound contact with the Father, knowing His Truth, recognizing His Presence.

Feel loved by God, and may this Love heal your wounds, liberate you from the past, prepare you for the future and build, in the eternal present, a life of surrender and love for the neighbor and all Creation.

Feel loved by God, for He welcomes you, supports and forgives you every day so that you may always have the path open to restart. 

Feel loved by God, and start from zero; rewrite your history, offer the Father a blank page so that He may draw a celestial triumph through you.

Feel loved by God, and always say “yes” to Him.

The one who also loves you,

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



In spite of everything, gladden your heart.

The moment and the hour you have so awaited for and in which you prepared for, for so long, has arrived.

Gladden your heart in spite of everything that happens in the world, for the moment and the hour to open yourself to a higher Love has arrived, of transforming your human condition, of living according to the Gospel that guides you, and thus, of renewing, in life, the Words of the One Who gave His life for you and freed you from eternal death, from suffering, and from spiritual stagnation.

In spite of everything, gladden your heart.

I know that the world is agonizing and so many suffer, but you can never lose the gladness that will heal the wounds of your brothers and sisters throughout the world and will help them to clearly see the times they are transiting as humanity.

The joy in your heart does not represent indifference in the face of the suffering of your fellow beings; the joy in your heart represents the balm that God causes to flow through it to the entire planet when your consciousness is set in the right place, and in spite of the circumstances, you open yourself to be an instrument of God, a mirror of His in the world, which reflects not what is logical, but what is necessary.

In spite of everything, then, do not lose the gladness in your heart and do not lower your arms.

Place yourself in the Heart of God to understand the difficulties of life as your opportunity to overcome yourself and, one day, to do greater things than He who taught you to work and to live.

Be, then, a living prophecy; be the living mystery of the Words of Christ. And if it seems to you that this time presents great challenges and difficulties, overcome them all with your face clean and restored from tiredness; overcome them with a peaceful gaze and a heart in God; overcome them as a service that reflects hope to those who thought everything was lost.

Today I only tell you, child, that you, in spite of everything, in spite of anything, never lose the gladness of your heart.

Be the salt of the Earth; be the light of the world, with the One who is, and that is in all things.


When the Eyes of God contemplate the Earth and His Silence gives place to the emanation of His Word, saying to the world “Be reborn!”, may life, essences, souls, and spirits of beings be reborn!

May the outraged kingdoms of nature be reborn. May the lost hearts be reborn. May the treasures hidden by the ignorance of humanity be reborn.

This is the time to prepare the heart for rebirth. Do not only think about death, chaos and wars, purifications and conflicts. Lift your eyes up to Heaven and unite yourself with the Silence of God, waiting for His Word to be pronounced to the world and give new life to all beings.

Allow yourself, yes, to be purified, transformed, and die to the old man, but do not let your heart only be there! Let your heart, child, be in the hope of being reborn, because, today, what was hidden has already started to emerge. Like the Aurora, which was reborn for life on Earth, through the emanation of the Divine Will, part of the Sun of God in the Heart of Brazil will also shine again.

Allow yourself to be reborn with the Divine Mysteries. Allow yourself to be renewed, even if you do not understand what I tell you. My Word brings mysteries like the Will of God, but if you follow what I say and look up above, following the steps of the Creator, you will renew yourself like life and you will be reborn again and again, even when, around you, the world experiences chaos, death and the absence of a meaning to life.

Be an instrument of life. Be reborn with the Divine Will and renew yourself every day so that God may renew the world through your heart.

See, child, that healing is emerging on Earth again. The Heart of the New Aurora attracted healing to the world so that other Suns, that had gone out because of human indifference, could, once again, be lit up, and amidst the darkness of the end of times, light may shine again.

Be part of this light. Be part of this mystery of love.

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When Saint Joseph arrived, He showed us an image of Himself, in which He looked to be about 30 years old. It was night, and He walked alone upon a hill, looking at the starry Sky and talking to God. He then asked us to write down what He was saying to the Father in prayer, and now He allowed us to listen. He prayed:

Lord, heal me


Heal your heart, your body and your spirit, renewing all your being in Christ.

The spiritual as well as the physical infirmity, child, is the fruit of disunion of some level of your consciousness with God and it comes to show that there must be a larger balance in you. Try to be united with the Father and to be reborn internally in spirit.

Life begins in essence and in consciousness. All the facts that manifest themselves in matter, first have their origin on more subtle and hidden levels for the human mind that is asleep. Therefore, it is to the consciousness that the events are reverted, and it is in the essence of all things in which the new codes emerge, those that will convert what was degenerated.

If you feel sick in the heart, body, mind, soul, spirit, or even as humanity, try to transform in consciousness this unbalance. Search in prayer for the clarity to live the transformation and to know how to conduct your own steps. Search in prayer for the fortress to overcome your human condition and to live principles that this world is not used to experience. Pacify your interior and, from it, all the levels of the being, from spirit to matter.

If you have faith, there will be no unbalance that cannot be reverted. However, your effort and your dedication in becoming something else must be permanent.

Quiet yourself, breathe, reflect before acting, pray before taking a step. Ask yourself internally for the correct direction to follow. Leave the unbalance for others who were not able to come know peace. Be a proclaimer of a new pattern of life: a healthy life, of union with the Creator.

Child, bring serenity to your heart at this time and search for a deeper and inner contact with God and with yourself. Those who remain in the superficialities will get very confused and will not be able to sustain themselves. Therefore, firm yourself in God and, facing any adversity, do not let yourself be influenced by fear, despair and impulsiveness.

Search for peace and find in it all you need.

For the inner balance of each human heart,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To heal the present and to prepare a new life for the future, you must forgive the past.

It is only love, children, that enters the depths of the human consciousness and erases the record of the mistakes committed. Words, actions and even acts of charity and of service are only vehicles to experience this love that must emerge from the depths of the heart.

Prayer is the language of love, it is the door that opens in the interior of each being so that this love flows from God to each consciousness and from your consciousnesses to the planetary needs.

To search for an external result for your own actions is to close the doors to love, because the return is not something sought by the one who really loves. Whoever loves only gives and does not seek, in anything, to receive.

For you to be vehicles of a divine and higher love for the planetary consciousness, you should be a little more humble and simple, but not want to be one of those who transform and redeem all things, because what transforms and what redeems is love, such love that does not come from you, but from God.

Children, when you serve, know that the most important is not the service in itself, it is the love with which you serve. When you are in contact with somebody and when you offer a word of relief and of hope, know that what is important is not what you say or how well you express yourselves, but rather the degree of love and of union with God with which you do so.


Relieve the human heart, releasing your heart from all anguish that separates you from God.

Relieve the human heart, which is the Heart of God, forgiving and healing the wounds that the illusion of the world has caused in your chest.

Relieve the human heart and, this way, all of Creation, fulfilling the principles of God for you.

Heal the ills of the body with the balsam of the spirit; live in the spirit of peace.

Dear companions, do not fear the freedom of the spirit, this which you find when you no longer carry your own weight and the human loads that prevent you from walking.

I come to the world as the bearer of celestial freedom. I come to bring you the key of a new door, in order that you may cross it and leave from the old existence, of the old human. 

It would be simple for all human beings to find God and to dive into the depths of His Most Sacred Heart, if you could overcome the barriers of pride and of the fear of losing yourselves.

I am here to make you to understand a superior reality, so that you may enter, in consciousness, into a true, greater life.

I ask you to heal human resentments as a way that you may learn how simple it is to let love emerge in your own heart; that you understand that this potential of love will always be latent in the heart of all beings. And, now, this love must be poured not only upon individuals, but also upon all the Creation.

To learn to love the Whole, you must learn to love all and, for this, you need to put aside the fear that prevents you from discovering the greatness of the true love that lives in all of you.

When you are willing to learn and to transform yourselves, My Chaste Heart will lead you, will show you the paths and will indicate the steps to follow.

After you take certain steps, you will understand the true essence of My teaching and you will be able to glimpse to where I am leading you in this time.

I will accompany you today and forever,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Servant of God


In order for hatred to not be established in the souls, it is necessary to live love.

Today My Chaste Heart shows you the sorrow that it feels for what is being sown in the interior of all of the children that, without comprehending, suffer the terror of the wars in the world.

Only the experience of a profound and true love is capable of balancing these actions of humanity.  For this, today I ask you that, as an act of peace for humanity and, above all, for the children of the world, you dissolve the hatred in your hearts and love those who you know that keep some kind of rancor in their hearts.

Either as a service, going to a place that needs much love, or inside your families, defeat pride and fear, and perform an act of love as your hearts may indicate.

I ask you to be truthful and to not act based on emotions, but based on the profound feeling of the heart.

However much you feel that what you live is not connected to what happens in other regions of the world, you will see that, by performing a true act of love, you will erase from a part of the human consciousness, the hatred that exists and also this one that is being sown by the current wars in the world.

I invite you to a campaign that is going to be called “Sowing Love in Humanity”.  The experiences of everyone may be registered as each one feels and they will be put together and taken to the children who emigrate from their countries in the Middle East and that today need to see that a part of humanity is doing something to balance the sorrow of their hearts.

It will be a simple act, but it will take the beginning of a cure to many hearts.

Spread this call as a great network of love and service in order to erase hatred from human beings.

I love you and I will accompany you in this mission.

Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

Today I ask you to not judge the attitudes of the human beings of the world, but to transform inside of you the roots of all evil actions of humanity.

When you judge something, even though it may be an atrocity, your consciousnesses only feel that you are separated from that evil; they feel that it does not belong to you and, thus, you lose the opportunity of changing the human consciousness through you own transformation.

Countless times we have told you that the human heart is unique and that what happens today in the word is the result of an evil planetary construction, that has counted not only with the cooperation of the Middle East, but of all the human beings, that – in their small or big evil actions – collaborated for the human heart to distance itself from God.

My Chaste Heart now comes to help you to heal humanity and this healing starts in each one of you.

Very simple and comfortable is to point out the mistakes of the nations and judge those who fight and those who do not accept the emigrants, without realizing that neither do you accept a brother or a sister that comes close to your lives with an inner, physical and spiritual condition that is different from yours and that will make you change completely to be able to shelter them with love.

You must seek within yourselves what separates you from those who are different; you must seek to heal the fear to transform yourselves in order to shelter, even if it is internally, those who do not fit to the standards that your minds accept.

Because, in the same way that it is happening to the emigrants, many souls have been through your lives and did not find in your hearts the love they needed in order to be sheltered and transformed by the Presence of God.

Understand that, if you learn to truly love, you will deposit in the human consciousness a code of love that will be able to change many events of the world.

No longer judge, do not separate yourselves from the human mistakes, as if they belonged to others.  Recognize within yourselves what must be transformed and allow that compassion gives you the wisdom that you need in order to not judge, but rather to make judgment become transformation and love.

I love you and I lead you, as your Father and Instructor.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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