Know as from now that My Universal and Christic Consciousness prays perpetually for you so that the new flocks may truly awaken to My planetary call.

As in the Garden of Gethsemane, in vigil, fasting and prayer, now from Heaven I share My primordial graces for the hearts that open themselves to listen to My loving voice.


Today you have already passed fervently through the phase of the first stage of the merciful prayer; this in Brazil and in the East has already generated infinite fruits for the hearts that most need it.

But the soul that trusts in Me enters into the Infinite and unknown Heaven to receive the baptism of My Light and the sacrament of My Reconciliation. For this day of special spiritual Grace for all, today I invite you to consider Me present in your lives, because you must know that My Eternal Heart is there when only you call for It in love and in devotion.

To all of those who encouraged themselves to answer to My request of prayer, I thank you because a new sun in the universe is being gestated, so that the souls may mercifully receive its rays of radiation of peace and of redemption. This sun of which I speak to you today is the essence of My Heart, that is being found by all of those who call Me in prayer day by day.

In this way My Spirit imparts repairing Graces in the essences that simply say to Me: “Come Master of Love”.

On this day My light impregnates the forms and the created spaces and this is possible as a loving consequence of the offering of all the participants in the Marathon of My Divine Mercy. And in this way time will pass and, through Me, you will see faith grow in your lives, and nothing will ever be able to separate you from the path of consecration and of holiness that I propose for some of My own.

But everyone will always have a great place in My Consciousness, a place of renovation, of healing and of faith to be comforted in the tests that the Lord sends you to mature your beings.

My friends, that tomorrow your fire may be extended, and that it may embrace greater celestial spheres. Remember that I only want souls in profound contemplation and adoration to My Mercy.

I come to demystify the fanatics, because My flocks of peace and light are formed by work and sacrifice; in them I will institute My New Dwelling Place upon the Earth, seeking the essence of the pure souls.


By the source of Grace that springs from My Sacred Heart, in the hour of Divine Mercy, My savior and redeeming Fountain is poured especially over those who, in truth in the cenacle of prayer, dedicate time to Me without delay and without rush. In this sacred universal hour, the universe is aligned and the stars send their rays of light to adjust again irreversible situations, and to bring them to situations of peace.

For this, every disciple must be conscious of this sacred hour in their time and in their space, so that they also receive the part of Mercy that corresponds to them.

It is important for the merciful formation of a consecrated one, as well as that of a devotee of My Unfathomable Heart, to be able to awaken in consciousness to this sublime moment. The request for prayer that I have dictated to Sister Faustina Kowalska still is current and it will be until My return, in which, by universal order of God My Heart will pour Divine Justice.

For this I ask you to remember this moment and this hour of Mercy, that your spirits may only seek to quench the thirst in the Fountain that will repair you and liberate you; in this way you will perceive that the artificial sources that the world has created bring one sooner or later to the loss of peace and of love.

I Am the doctor of the souls, I will always wait for you in My celestial room of prayer to heal and comfort your hearts in My light. It is the moment and it is the time for humanity to revere, love and respect the saving relics that the Sacred Hearts have delivered out of love to the entire world.

If this were so, you as flocks would avoid that the spiritual exercises do not become heavy routines of accomplishment and of obedience, something that is empty in the heart of who, in truth, does not do it out of love.

Be attentive to the sudden changes, I will accompany you always.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My message through the essence of the heart!

Christ Jesus


The Infinite Compassion is the perfect remedy for healing all ills. For this reason, at the hour of the Divine Mercy My Sacred Heart is commiserating with the sins of the world, and that soul that with sincerity unites with Me, receives the rays of My Infinite Compassion.

It is by means of the Infinite Compassion that the grave offenses that the souls generate in these times may be forgiven whenever the soul clamors for this Infinite Compassion.

Today I ask of you that you meditate with respect to the extent of your request for compassion to My Merciful Heart; from Heaven I wait that the voices will call Me to alleviate the pain in the Infinite Fountain of My Compassion.

The soul that trusts in Me will not perish. The soul that submerses itself in the ocean of My Compassion will be freed from now on from the bindings of the past.  But there only exists one first step, that is: calling for My Compassion.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer.


The true souls that heal do it through love. For this My healing Rays descend upon them so that the work of liberation from the past may be realized.

The instruments of healing are guided by the Fire of the Holy Spirit and it is this Divine Fire that inspires them without delay so that they may be able to heal the heart and the soul of those who are spiritually hurt.

At this time the true healer is guided by the fluidity and by the principles of Christic healing that are gifts that the Holy Spirit provided, so that the Son of God would realize His healing and redeeming Work.

For this all is united to a same principle – that is the Love of God. In this way the healing of the soul and of the body may happen spontaneously, only because the consciousness has received the Love of God. The path for the healing of the spirit of the sick is infinite, but this is possible due to the merciful union that the healer may have with their Master.

The principle diseases in the world will only be able to be healed by love, and there will not exist a greater spiritual science than the Love of God, that which will reestablish the codes of life that have been lost.

Intentionally, I today want to visit one of the few points of healing in the world that radiates love, that which is sown in the infirm soul. I refer to the Sector of Healing in the Marian Center of Figueira that has awakened to the knowledge of universal healing. Such healing emanates directly from the Primordial Fountain of Love and of Unity. These principles are present because the mission of the instruments of healing has been to continue the examples of the Christ Man and Healer of God.

Under this gift of the Love of Christ, the hearts that have truly been open have received My Rays of healing and of peace through the apostles of the Christic healing.

In order to be responsible to the epicenter of Christic healing one must only pray with the heart so that the Work of the Holy Spirit may be realized in the suffering souls.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for helping to heal and to relieve the heart of all beings!

Christ Jesus, the Master healer of the heart.


For the unjust causes and the blasphemies of the entire world, I have Mercy for all of you.

For the lack of love, forgiveness and reconciliation in the world, I have Mercy for all of you.

For the absence of charity, surrender and firmness, I have Mercy for all of you.

For the life that is denied to those who should be born before God, I have Mercy for all of you.

For the wars and human conflicts, I have Mercy for all of you.

For the ignorance and lack of reparation to the Heart of God, I have Mercy for all of you.

For the sadness and pain of the hearts of the world, I have Mercy for all of you.

For the hunger and the lack of healing within souls, I have Mercy for all of you.

For all the causes that prevent the evolution and awakening of the souls, I have Mercy for all of you.

For the errors that the world commits against Creation, I have Mercy for all of you.

Dear companions, the merciful prayer will accompany you and give you the necessary strength so that you are worthy of receiving My Mercy.

United, now and always, let us live in Mercy. This will be enough.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus


May the joy on the faces of My Disciples from serving God never be erased.

May joy be able to reflected as light and as healing on your faces, so that those who are to wake up may instantly recognize Me in each inner world.

True spiritual joy is what is lacking in the world so that pain, suffering and great evil may be able to be healed. For this in this time I will reflect upon My ones the infinite joy of My Heart and I will do it as I did in the past. In this way you will be able to see My Smile reflected in the good faces in love and in compassion.

The one who prays with Me from the heart will be able to reflect the beauty of My Smile and consequently will be able to reflect My Eternal Joy, that of being able to be with you. In this way you will see how, in joy, your tests and challenges will become lighter because you will be imitating My Great Smile of Light.

I smile at the little children, I smile at the one who gives Me back with love a smile from the heart. Healing is necessary for these times, for this never stop smiling with the light of your heart, because in this way your cross will be lighter and you will be able to be with Me smiling to the world in order to relieve it from its great pain. The celestial joy makes beautiful the souls that connect to it and unite themselves to the universal love.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for smiling from the heart!

Christ Jesus.


I Am the definitive healing and the liberation for your lives because it is only through Me that you will achieve Mercy and that you will be sanctified.

For this today I tell you once more to not fear because of the veils that fall now from your faces, in the face of what you had believed before. I do not only pour over you My Infinite Graces but I also show you the truth by means of the tests and of the constant challenges of transcendence for your hearts and consciousnesses.

When you manage to discover that which comes from yourselves and that torments you, do not detain yourselves thinking how you will get rid of it. Proceed in an intelligent way and declare through My Merciful Heart that you belong to My Eternal Light and to the perfect unity with My Father. In this way, that which must be burned by My Divine Fire will not disturb you anymore because each time that it may present itself to challenge you, you will have cultivated a peaceful heart and an open heart to the great transformation.

When I tell you all these things it is because I am talking directly with that part of your being that is already old and to which has arrived the moment of dying, so that your blessed spirit may be able to be born. For this be patient because in this earthly life there is still much to overcome and to learn. This will allow you to always have a joyful heart, capable of elevating itself to God and of not feeling guilt.

I invite you to get to know the science of the Divine Mercy, in this way you will be awakened to the true. It is necessary to be brave to be with Me. For this very few are the ones who take the risk to say yes to Me out of love for transformation.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


In the ocean of My Mercy, the deepest wounds are healed through the Spirit in all the consciousnesses that awaken to the devotion for My Sacred Heart.

In the fountain of My Graces, the souls find always the joy to be able to renew themselves and in this way liberate themselves from the past.

All of those who venerate My Merciful Heart and invoke the power of My Blood and of My Water, are renewed from the most sublime part of their beings and these wonders poured by My Sacerdotal Consciousness touch even your material life. 

In the precious hour of three o'clock in the afternoon the hearts of all the beings of the world, spiritually are contemplated in Mercy by My paternal Vision and by the effect of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy; in this way My Heart of Love pours Its Pity over those who are condemning themselves day by day to the underworlds of hell.

In this time of great changes for the interior of many souls, My inexhaustible Ocean crosses the deepest thresholds of hell; so that in this way someday, under the powerful protection of the Celestial Armies, My Heart may liberate and obtain the victory of the Kingdom of God over obscurity, and all evil may be dissolved from the heart of the proud and of the vain.

The Infinite Love, one time reached by My Heart on the Cross, has awakened the Glory over the death towards which humanity was heading, the death of the spirit of all of humanity.  It was in this way that God sent from Heaven one part of His Great Consciousness, the First Son was born, out of love He liberated the world from sin, and now in humility serves God eternally, out of love for His Brothers and Sisters of the Earth.

And one day, in the same way that He elevated Himself, He will appear among the clouds and a great Merciful Sun will shine in the essence of all the hearts, those that will be able to recognize the path of return to the House of the Celestial Father, and the Divine Mercy will finish pouring itself over the world, so that it may reach redemption.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


In this afternoon of endless mercy and infinite wonders for souls of the entire world, I see with joy the hearts gathered in My Name, hearts that in truth intend to follow My Path of consecration and apostolate.

To you and to all those who follow Me, I give My Celestial Mercies to erase any affliction, impediment or limitation that may separate you from Me.

The path for you to reach Me will be the merciful prayer. All those who accompany Me with the heart and unite themselves to My Inextinguishable Source of Mercy are blessed in spite of the great circumstances of life. All those who follow My Path of Mercy at three in the afternoon will be purified by the Light of My Heart and in the hour of great tribulations they will not feel any fear, but they will feel peace, joy, grace for being a worthy and praised child of God.

All those who pray the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy with Me will be highly contemplated by My Compassionate Heart, including their families, and no one will lose the hope of entirely surrendering themselves to My Eternal Kingdom.

Those who pray the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy will help Me to intercede before the Universe for this humanity and no soul will lose the opportunity of encountering Me at some moment of their life. My Mercy is infinite; it penetrates the deepest spaces of hearts and heals the spiritual wounds that seem irreversible for the consciousnesses.

All those who unite to Me at three in the afternoon receive the merit of absolute redemption and at least the opportunity of knowing My Celestial Kingdom in the Universe. No one will remain without knowing who I Am, because whenever the soul feels My Redeeming Love, its little heart is healed.

At three in the afternoon, God contemplates, through His Son, the pleas of all the apostles and flocks that by Grace, united as one, relieve the weight of the Law upon the world. My Mercy awakens Graces and Forgiveness never before understood by humanity.

Those who have faith in My Promise will not repent because I bring to you the Good News that will liberate you from yourselves and thus you will be with Me for all eternity.


In My Ocean of Mercy at 3 p.m. the faint and most suffering souls are washed with the Water of My Ocean and the angels of the Lord heal them and repair them from their perpetual pains.

And this is possible only because some soul upon the face of the Earth is united to Me by means of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. In My Ocean of Graces, the sores of the spirit are healed through the honest prayer of souls that, upon the Earth, dedicate a space to My Divine and Celestial Presence.

In this way, find out about My inexhaustible Source of prodigies and blessings for all of humanity. If I had not given My Life for you, this Spring would not have been able to pour itself as it does up to this very second in which you listen to My Words.

This ocean of Graces is the fruits collected during the sacrifice carried out and accepted by Me since the Passion. But this Fount of Redemption, this endless Ocean, was born from My Presence amongst you in the world.

Know that this ocean reappeared in a very pure way on the Cross when your spear, the spear of the pain of humanity, pierced My Side and, instead of Me pouring Justice, My Love for each one of you poured Glory: Grace, Mercy and Liberation which, in the spirit of truth and sanctity, expanded as a flow of Grace and Salvation upon each one of the souls condemned to hell.

At three p.m. My Spring approaches, from the Universe, the spiritual heart of all the most inveterate sinners. The lifeline for each one of them is the prayer of the Divine Mercy that is prayed by all souls.

All of you have the merciful opportunity to enter My Ocean to wash your beings. At three p.m. My Universal Consciousness opens a Door from Heaven with the hope that you may live in the ocean of My Love by means of forgiveness.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you keeping My precepts in the hearts!

Christ Jesus


Dear children and companions:

There is nothing more perfect than the Love of God in your hearts because in this Love the Truth and the Faith that you need in order to achieve conversion is found.

For this come to Me and do not fear, I contemplate your fears and I radiate you with My Merciful Love so that, liberated from all, you may take safe steps towards the eternity that waits for you.

I find deep pains in some hearts. I ask you to pray, sustaining faith in the heart. In this way My Sacred Heart will be close to the ones who most need to heal their wounds. Know that I will never abandon you, I Am at your side in the silence. Just walk towards Me.

Under the Divine Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus


Rest all your being in My Heart and may your words only reverberate by the strength of prayer.

May your eyes only see Me and may they recognize in Me the favorite savior and redeemer love.

May your feet walk without delay towards My Encounter so that at the end of the infinite pathway your soul may discover the merciful greatness of My Soul.

May your hands caress the softness and the mystery of a devoted prayer that may construct a long bridge towards the Kingdom of the Lord.

May your feelings and thoughts be surrendered in My Hands so that My Consciousness may transform matter into light, darkness into brightness, sadness into joy.

Let yourself be guided by the impulses of My Wise Heart because in this way you will always see the steps marked by Me in the path towards eternity.

Open yourself entirely to receive My Comfort because I have always aspired to consecrate your heart to My Heart.

Do not see how much you have failed Me, just recognize the powerful love that I give to you day by day so that you, in confidence, may walk towards Me.

Just let Me enter into your life and heal your wounds. My Sores have already been the beginning of the liberation of the world but now My Hands are the end of the healing for each heart.

My Rays illuminate you even when you believe that you get away from Me. For this, smile at each challenge, leave space so that I may guide your little spirit. Just tell Me Yes and I will comfort you whenever you need because above all things and circumstances is My Divine Love for you, for your prompt redemption.

An unknown Kingdom waits for you, a Kingdom that is not from this world but only from God.

Walk towards Me without delay. Let us go ahead!

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


My dears:

I adore those who repent with the heart for all that they have done. Joyful are those because they will be as transparent as the sincerity that must spring from the heart.

Courage and bravery are necessary for this time because whoever meets themselves will know what it is that must be purified in the heart. But if one holds on to My mantle nothing in them will tremble and they will know how to proceed correctly on the path of transformation.

For this to happen must arise the power of My Mercy that will balance the world from the consequences of sin and will make possible for it to live in the salvation of the heart in order to reach eternity. You must keep vigil first for yourselves so that you may perceive what it is that still has not been purified and which signifies that a stone is embedded in the path of redemption.

Vigil with Me, unite yourselves to Me so that in these times may be revealed the most occult mysteries of the consciousness, those which need forgiveness, healing and mercy. Do not fear losing control of life nor fear to be empty of yourselves because this will be the beginning for the souls that may live the state of consecration to the divine plans of the Father.

Run towards Me and free your weaknesses, abandon yourselves entirely in My arms and let Me be in you, that which I have been attempting since the emerging of your lives. Be brave and with courage free yourselves from the ties.

The first step is to live in My Will to afterwards get to know the consecration of life to God.

Under the Mercy of the Father, trust in My call.

Thank you for consecrating life to the Creator Father!

Christ Jesus.


My dears:

My Light comes to the world and primarily to the souls to liberate them from the path of sin and of the loss of faith in the heart. For this all of the days I wait for the soldiers of My Mercy so that they may live My Message and transmit it as a sublime balm of life for all of the hearts.

Dear companions, you still must sustain for some time more the flag of sacrifice and of peace, of faith and of love. Live the Gospel in the days that will come because in My Parables you will find the path to transcendence of material life, the impetus of the inner spirit. I take all in My Merciful Heart, I absolve you from past and I open to you, in My Return, the door towards the Kingdom of My Lord.

Dears, unite your lives with My Life, unite your feelings with My Divine Redeeming Feeling, unite your souls with My Soul, unite your hearts with My Sacred Heart. There will be no emptiness or desolation that awakens in you despair or distress because in My Merciful Source you will be able to heal all the wounds.

I hope that you understand My New Precept of Love which is the compassion and the peace that I give to all. Encourage yourselves to follow through the path of the cross, carry it with all that I have entrusted to you, trust that all will transform you and liberate you from past so that the healing of My Spirit may heal your hearts.

I Am the Path that reveals itself to you all of the days through each neighbor. I Am the Kind Heart that will relieve you when you only tell me: yes. I deeply want your souls because I know them since before your birth. I come from the Source of Love, to this Eternal Source I want to take you. Accept My arms to live in the patience of My Law.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


As the Shepherd of souls I throw over the world My nets to save My followers from sin and from error. For this My dears, today open your arms to receive My Heart of Love.

Under every circumstance I animate you to go ahead so that My plans on the Earth may be accomplished through your beings.  Dears, do not fear the attacks of the enemy because My Redeeming Spirit will not allow that your souls suffer. Today enter in reverence into the infinite ocean of My Mercy, calm your minds and harmonize the heart through the rays of My Love. I am training you for the coming times.

For this, My companions, the first rule is that you never forget that I love you and that in My Christic Love all may be resolved. I come back in Spirit to encourage you to be all of the days in Me, so that you may seek and call Me because thus I will respond to you above all things. If the souls affirmed themselves a little more in faith and in trust to God, the plans would draw themselves in the same way as a brush of a painter, all would be visible, clear and precise for each of My flocks, of My children.

I fulfill the promise of the first part of My Return by means of the announcement of My messages that intend to awaken the souls before the Final Judgment. For this I will wait that you come to Me, to My ocean of infinite and prodigious mercy so that inside of My Rays your hearts may allow themselves to be cured and to close the wounds.

I love you mercifully.

I guide you mercifully.

I wait for you always in silence and prayer.

Under the Divine Spirit of God, may your hearts be merciful.

Thank you for guarding My Mercy in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Savior. 


I will come from the Heavens to heal your hearts and finally remove from your essences any particle of evil.

Because the place where I come from is Bethlehem. Bethlehem was and will be the radiant star that will illuminate your lives just as My birth in the manger ignited with much love My Little Heart.

Dears, come to Me, lay your hands on My shoulders, lie down your heads on My chest because My Redeeming Love will free you and take you to meet the Father in all the things of life. I want you to talk to me, to tell me and say to me what you need because if you trust in Me you will know soon how to act in life, in all the days.

Children, I want you to await for My coming because first I prepare the hearts to receive Me and My Light removes deep consequences, withdraws and purifies them. Know that I Am who sustains your lives above all things because I know you very well since before you knew Me.

I wait for you every day. The Shepherd loves his sheep and the sheep must love the Great Shepherd of Love. I know that many are tired from what you experience internally but remember that I Am the Victorious Light that comes from the Celestial Father to enlighten your paths, your essences and your hearts. I just want that, in each moment of your day, you have me present, that you call me, that you cry out for Me, that you want to have Me as close as possible so that My Love may repair and forgive you.

I do not know worse evil than the lack of love to one another. This is the first lesson of My Return, My First Commandment, which today I renew for you as a premise for life. If you still do not know how to love, I will teach you but you must abandon yourselves to Me entirely so that I may move away from your hearts every inner situation.

My dears, believe in the next coming of My Kingdom. Those who will be participants of the encounter with Me must have the heart clean and purified so that My Eternity may enter into your dwelling places.  I am illuminating with My Light your paths; in each test, see the transformation of your little hearts.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living My commandments.

Christ Jesus.


A soul that felt disturbed by their out of control inner world, their sick body, their unbalanced mind, felt that their problems just did not have a solution, and asked God a question, saying: "Lord, I am a well of illnesses and miseries, a well of imperfections and difficulties. I feel there is no solution for me, I feel that I do not have a reason to live. Can You tell me what sense there is in continuing on this way?"

And after a long time in silence, the Lord responded to them: "Beloved soul, the solutions of Heaven are not the same as the Earth. Everything that you seem to suffer without end is already truly the response for balancing something within you that needed to be balanced. The illnesses that beings experience really have innumerable reasons and meanings, but all of them seek to awaken the sense of human frailty so that souls do not remain in self-sufficiency, but rather perceive that as soon as there is unity with all life, there will be healing

A body will only be in equilibrium when all its systems function in unity, and if the least of the cells should feel themselves to be self-sufficient and begin to build their own plans within the body, there will be imbalance and illness, and as minor as that cell may be, a being can come to death simply through its rebellion.

When a soul is ill, it needs to understand itself to be a part of an All. And to return into balance, to heal, it must be supported by the power of unity; it must let love and the help of a neighbor provide that which, on its own, the soul is not achieving; it must allow unity with life, with the universes, with God in order for Him to again reign within its heart. That soul must not feel itself to be alone, isolated or separate from a greater body.


A soul that claimed not to believe in God nor in a spiritual life, was in a state of great inner emptiness and, in light of its deepest anguish, it looked up and said:  "What is there after death? A new life? From where and why did life emerge? You, Who people call God, do You really exist? Where are You? Why do You not make Yourself visible to those who call themselves Your children?"

And the Lord, contemplating this soul with great compassion, responded: "From Me emerged life, a broad, deep, complex and very ancient life, before the existence of this world, before the existence of the human mind and the time of humankind, in a space that science does not reach, the mind does not explain and not even the patriarchs and the prophets could understand, for a reason that is held within My Heart yet not understood, but only loved and experienced.

I did not create life for a reason, but because of Love. And so I am not reached through an answer, but rather through a deep living of the same principle and gift that allowed Me to manifest all things. This mystery is within your little heart.

Beloved soul, when with humility you embrace the healing of your deepest wounds, you will know that I Am God.

When you allow yourself to be loved by a Love that is not of this world, but which comes from Infinity, you will know that I Am God.

When the knowledge of your smallness and fragility is greater than the illusion of your pride, maturity and vanity, you will know that I Am God.

When you place your forehead upon the ground and yield your mortal mind for an eternal Love, you will know that I Am God.

When in the emptiness of your consciousness and the solitude of your heart, you dare to look inward and discover that I am within you, you will know that I Am God and I am in everything.


In each new day, may Mercy be as a light that is kindled in your darkest, most hidden and deepest abysms.

May Mercy be the symbol that you always receive from God of an opportunity to begin again, and more than that, My child, that you always receive from the Father the possibility to go deeper into your healing and transformation, and cure wounds within you that you sometimes do not even know exist.

May, in each new day, crying out for Mercy be your hope, so that you may look to the miseries of the world and also to those that persist within you and that, beyond this, child, your eyes may return to the Heart of God, to His Gaze and to His Love, and that your confidence may be in His infinite Mercy.

Much beyond all the human sins and deviations, the Heart of God, by means of His Son, continues shedding Blood and Water upon the world. May this fountain not pass you by unnoticed, but may it find within your heart a new vessel, clean and empty to be filled.

Thus, with every new day, may your faith be placed upon Divine Mercy. And much beyond all the sins of yesterday, may you know today that you can begin again, repent yourself and walk to the ever-opened Arms of God.

Your Creator is patient and tireless. This way, child, go to His merciful encounter, and remember to bring within your heart the cry for all souls.

You have My blessing for this.

Most Chaste Saint Joseph 


Calm your heart and rest in the unity with God.

Rest, child, in order not to feed battles with your own mind, which only open the way for doubts and weaknesses, for harassment and deviations.

Rest your heart in God, knowing that in this time of chaos, more than ever, every moment of your life is guided and accompanied by the Creator.

Trust in His unfathomable and merciful Love.

Trust in His Forgiveness and His Healing.

Each day that humanity, as a race, enters dimensions and realities of greater chaos, your heart must be more in God, in your trust, in your faith, with your life in His Hands, your soul at His service, and this way you will not become lost from the path, even in the confusion of the world.

You are called to allow yourself to be guided, humbly.

You are called to obey out of love.

You are called to serve with all your strength and with all your heart.

You are called to heal yourself of body, soul and spirit.

You are called to release the old human and enter eternal life.

You are called to rest in Christ and no longer try to control life and what happens, because your only certainty at this time must be the Love of God for you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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