Today I celebrate from Heaven a new Easter Supper, the Easter of the heart, because the one who truly communes of My Body receives the ministry of the New Easter of the heart, an Easter that renews your spirits to remove them from constant sin and to resuscitate them in this way to the greater life of the stars.

The Sacred Easter of the Heart is that which all of the universe shares with Me, and these great but humble consciousnesses from the universe have been already living for some real time My Path of Christification.

This Easter is an Easter that comes from the essence of My Spirit and, in consequence, from the Supreme Divinity. As a Major Priest I gather the essences that were originally born from the various Fountains of God and in this earthly time in which you live, by means of My Grace and of My Divine Mercy, I lead the sheep towards the inner stable of My Heart.

Already reunited with My ones in this supper I present in love to them the new apostles of light, those that once were with Me in the Holy Land. These brothers and sisters of yours, the new server apostles of Christ, will be now your guide; they will be the shepherds that will spiritually prepare My Coming to the world for the second time.

For this today in this Spiritual Easter I ask you: unite yourselves to the example of the ancient but now renewed apostles so that the love for the word, the love for the service to the Plan of God, may be awakened in these New Christs that imperfect, intend to imitate Me.

I Am the mature fruit from the vine and from this fruit is born the Blood of Life that washes those and eternally redeems those who seek It above all things. Keep on cultivating in your hearts the path of the apostolate. It is time that My ones give the testimonial of redemption and of conversion that I have made in them.

For this remember that humility will accompany you so that someday, empty of yourselves, may emerge the new redeemed being that will become a part of the history of My Universal Legacy.

Remember that some will get to know the power and the greatness of My Kingdom.

It is time to trust Me, as says the prayer. Walk without delay towards My arms because I wait to wash your hands and your faces, to feed you of My New Redeeming Easter.


Know as from now that My Universal and Christic Consciousness prays perpetually for you so that the new flocks may truly awaken to My planetary call.

As in the Garden of Gethsemane, in vigil, fasting and prayer, now from Heaven I share My primordial graces for the hearts that open themselves to listen to My loving voice.


Today you have already passed fervently through the phase of the first stage of the merciful prayer; this in Brazil and in the East has already generated infinite fruits for the hearts that most need it.

But the soul that trusts in Me enters into the Infinite and unknown Heaven to receive the baptism of My Light and the sacrament of My Reconciliation. For this day of special spiritual Grace for all, today I invite you to consider Me present in your lives, because you must know that My Eternal Heart is there when only you call for It in love and in devotion.

To all of those who encouraged themselves to answer to My request of prayer, I thank you because a new sun in the universe is being gestated, so that the souls may mercifully receive its rays of radiation of peace and of redemption. This sun of which I speak to you today is the essence of My Heart, that is being found by all of those who call Me in prayer day by day.

In this way My Spirit imparts repairing Graces in the essences that simply say to Me: “Come Master of Love”.

On this day My light impregnates the forms and the created spaces and this is possible as a loving consequence of the offering of all the participants in the Marathon of My Divine Mercy. And in this way time will pass and, through Me, you will see faith grow in your lives, and nothing will ever be able to separate you from the path of consecration and of holiness that I propose for some of My own.

But everyone will always have a great place in My Consciousness, a place of renovation, of healing and of faith to be comforted in the tests that the Lord sends you to mature your beings.

My friends, that tomorrow your fire may be extended, and that it may embrace greater celestial spheres. Remember that I only want souls in profound contemplation and adoration to My Mercy.

I come to demystify the fanatics, because My flocks of peace and light are formed by work and sacrifice; in them I will institute My New Dwelling Place upon the Earth, seeking the essence of the pure souls.


The true souls that heal do it through love. For this My healing Rays descend upon them so that the work of liberation from the past may be realized.

The instruments of healing are guided by the Fire of the Holy Spirit and it is this Divine Fire that inspires them without delay so that they may be able to heal the heart and the soul of those who are spiritually hurt.

At this time the true healer is guided by the fluidity and by the principles of Christic healing that are gifts that the Holy Spirit provided, so that the Son of God would realize His healing and redeeming Work.

For this all is united to a same principle – that is the Love of God. In this way the healing of the soul and of the body may happen spontaneously, only because the consciousness has received the Love of God. The path for the healing of the spirit of the sick is infinite, but this is possible due to the merciful union that the healer may have with their Master.

The principle diseases in the world will only be able to be healed by love, and there will not exist a greater spiritual science than the Love of God, that which will reestablish the codes of life that have been lost.

Intentionally, I today want to visit one of the few points of healing in the world that radiates love, that which is sown in the infirm soul. I refer to the Sector of Healing in the Marian Center of Figueira that has awakened to the knowledge of universal healing. Such healing emanates directly from the Primordial Fountain of Love and of Unity. These principles are present because the mission of the instruments of healing has been to continue the examples of the Christ Man and Healer of God.

Under this gift of the Love of Christ, the hearts that have truly been open have received My Rays of healing and of peace through the apostles of the Christic healing.

In order to be responsible to the epicenter of Christic healing one must only pray with the heart so that the Work of the Holy Spirit may be realized in the suffering souls.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for helping to heal and to relieve the heart of all beings!

Christ Jesus, the Master healer of the heart.


To all of the marathoners of My Mercy I only ask you to realize the same task that was accomplished in the first Marathon of the Divine Mercy in the Marian Center of Aurora.

This time the Marian Center of Figueira will have the opportunity to prepare the dwelling that will receive the visit of the Celestial Redeemer and the warm and loving arrival of the pilgrims, those who will carry forward this Marathon of the heart.

For this the preparatory details will make the difference, so that the fruits of the Marathon may be able to be collected and carried in the heart of all of the pilgrims.

This impulse of merciful prayer will be united to the beginning of the Mercy Mary TV that will open the doors so that the souls may enter into My Kingdom of Mercy. All of the members of the Marian Center of Figueira will be those who will prepare the path of this Marathon so that the souls may, during these days of September, make use of what they will truly need, such as strengthening faith, reaffirming the commitment with Me and being partakers of My Unfathomable Mercy.

Now the Marian Center of Figueira has been chosen to begin this new cycle in which the divine message that comes from Heaven may be spread to the four cardinal points of the Earth. So that this may be possible the Marathon of Mercy of the month of September must be an inner encounter for the relief of the souls and of their sufferings. In this way My Presence will make Itself present, as in Aurora, in all of the details that may be realized with love and for love.

This new Marathon of the Divine Mercy promises a special and spiritual help for Brazil and its inner situation as a Nation. It also anticipates that by means of merciful prayer, situations that would be inexplicable for the consciousnesses may be able to be reorganized and receive the necessary peace for these times.

In this way Uruguay and Brazil will end up being blessed by My Mercy, but in order for the sacred triangulation of the Holy Spirit to be finished, this task must be completed by the Nation of Argentina.

For this I mention the city of Buenos Aires so that in the coming 5th and 6th days of October of 2013 it may receive the Divine Universal Mercy and so that It may arrive to the heart of My Argentine children because the three nations must re-consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart.

All will be especially accompanied by My Spirit.


I want My voice to be conducted to each space of this world.

I want My message to be diffused as the wind that permeates everything.

I want you to breathe the air of My Mercy, so that My Peace reigns in your lives.

I want My words to be the guiding star of your hearts, the only breath of your souls, the Source of Redemption and Faith for your spirits.

I come in Spirit, in Divine consciousness, to announce that it is near the day in which My feet will touch the Earth and all that live in the world will have knowledge of My Presence.

I hope that today, while I come in Spirit and My Fire transforms your hearts little by little, each one of you can prepare yourselves to receive Me.

Prepare in truth a dwelling place for Me in your hearts. Clean your spirits and cleanse your souls, because today My Mercy touches you and tomorrow My Divine Fire will touch you. This way nothing will be hidden from the eyes of the great Master.

Confess today your hearts with Me, surrender yourselves to the Universal Love that flows from My Divine Essence. I Am the Shepherd for your souls and I aspire to prepare My Flock to cross the portal that will take you to the Infinite.

My Companions must bare their feet, surrendering whatever ties them to the material world. Place before the King of the Universe everything that today you are not able to understand.

Aspire with fervor to be ready so that your eyes meet with My Living Glance and that your hearts at last merge themselves with the Heart of the Master.

Walk tirelessly towards My Mercy. My Arms open for each one that searches for Me, My Heart welcomes the ones that arrive before Me, and I knock tirelessly at the doors of the ones who do not listen to Me.

Come to Me, enter in My Ocean of Redemption and Peace.

I want to conduct you to the Eternal Encounter with My Father, the Creator.

Purify your interior, be capable of looking with sincerity at yourselves and when facing everything you are in virtue and in misery, strip yourselves of what you see and say in reverence: "Master, I trust in You."

I thank you for listening to My Words with the heart and for coming to My Encounter.

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer of souls.


Everyone who arrives at the Marian Center of Figueira must be received at the House of Pilgrims, where they will cross the first Portal of their redemption, which is the encounter with humility. As from that moment, they will recognize their smallness and the greatness of God Who guided them to this sacred place, where the mysteries that were hidden from the mind, the soul, and the human heart can be revealed.

The House of Pilgrims must be the Doorway to Redemption for souls, where there are no restrictions for the arrival of hearts; there, everyone will be able to be sheltered by Me in the depths of their spirits.

In the House of Pilgrims, they will wash their feet for a new life, a new way of walking, on this eternal path of human evolution.

The House of Pilgrims is where My Heart waits for the hearts of the world, to receive their imperfections and difficulties and to transform them there.

In the House of Pilgrims, I will grant you a spiritual atonement and a Grace, so that you may restart your lives from a point which, by yourselves, you would never be able to reach.

I want the House of Pilgrims to be sufficiently large to give shelter to souls, their miseries and their sins, and also sufficiently large to shelter God, His Mercy and His Atonement.

You cannot imagine that in this humble place the Creator will heal and awaken many hearts; He will convert sinners into His instruments and will make so great spiritual miracles in those consciousnesses as He did in Me, when He transformed a humble and poor carpenter into the Father and Guardian of His Beloved and Eternal Son, the Redeemer of the world.

As the carrier of this infinite miracle of conversion, I remain in the world to multiply this miracle in souls, because this is what God has asked of Me. And it is in the House of Pilgrims, as in My small House in the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, and in My future Houses, in the Marian Center of Aurora and in the Marian Center of the Child King, where these miracles will take place.


The Reliquary of My Heart must be contemplated in simplicity by those who aspire to discover and live the mysteries of the Plan of God and who have faith in the fulfillment of His Will.

The Reliquary of My Heart is kept spiritually at the House of the Pilgrim, where wayfarers who seek the Truth and a transformation of the spirit can find It.

This Reliquary must awaken in beings a reverence for God, for His Mercy, for His Plan, and for His Love for humanity.

In this Reliquary not only the Heart of a poor man, Servant of God and adopted Father of Jesus is kept. In it My whole journey as a Consciousness is kept, from the Origin to the return to the Origin, until the unity with God, that I once lived by His full Grace.

The House of the Pilgrim received the Grace of God of having a special connection with a Sacred Place, where the Reliquary of My Heart is kept, which is as mysterious for humanity as is itself and as is the Will of God for this world.

The House of the Pilgrim must represent a step towards the new consciousness for the new humanity and, that is why My Chaste Heart is there, pure, simple and in offering to humanity, so that the hearts of human beings may find in It a mirror that reflects the truth about themselves.

The Reliquary of My Heart represents the awakening of the consciousness. My aspiration is that a simple, humble and silent place be dedicated to It, where souls can be in vigil and find God, just as this Heart found Him, in the silence of a carpentry shop.

I want there to be built, then, a simple space like the carpentry shop of Nazareth, where souls transform themselves, like rough wood, into an instrument of God, as they contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart. I will thus grant infinite Graces, so that humanity as a whole may live the awakening.

I leave you the blessing of My Heart.

Your Father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph


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