Thursday, September 5 of 2013

Daily messages

The true souls that heal do it through love. For this My healing Rays descend upon them so that the work of liberation from the past may be realized.

The instruments of healing are guided by the Fire of the Holy Spirit and it is this Divine Fire that inspires them without delay so that they may be able to heal the heart and the soul of those who are spiritually hurt.

At this time the true healer is guided by the fluidity and by the principles of Christic healing that are gifts that the Holy Spirit provided, so that the Son of God would realize His healing and redeeming Work.

For this all is united to a same principle – that is the Love of God. In this way the healing of the soul and of the body may happen spontaneously, only because the consciousness has received the Love of God. The path for the healing of the spirit of the sick is infinite, but this is possible due to the merciful union that the healer may have with their Master.

The principle diseases in the world will only be able to be healed by love, and there will not exist a greater spiritual science than the Love of God, that which will reestablish the codes of life that have been lost.

Intentionally, I today want to visit one of the few points of healing in the world that radiates love, that which is sown in the infirm soul. I refer to the Sector of Healing in the Marian Center of Figueira that has awakened to the knowledge of universal healing. Such healing emanates directly from the Primordial Fountain of Love and of Unity. These principles are present because the mission of the instruments of healing has been to continue the examples of the Christ Man and Healer of God.

Under this gift of the Love of Christ, the hearts that have truly been open have received My Rays of healing and of peace through the apostles of the Christic healing.

In order to be responsible to the epicenter of Christic healing one must only pray with the heart so that the Work of the Holy Spirit may be realized in the suffering souls.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for helping to heal and to relieve the heart of all beings!

Christ Jesus, the Master healer of the heart.