Friday, October 30 of 2015

Daily messages

May the doors of the inner and celestial worlds open so that the redeemed can enter and invoke the sacred name of Emmanuel.

May the self-summoned get together to create the alliance with the Holy Spirit of God.

May the so-called children of Adam recall the principles of the ancient race so that the Laws become visible and the universal Harmony establishes itself.

May the consequent ones manifest the wise gratitude and, from now on, banish the human aspects which led them to damnation.

May the brave ones purify themselves so that, clean of all stains, they can receive the rays of the transubstantiation.

May the pilgrims and the searchers of the sacred knowledge never get tired and never stop searching for the source of Humility. 

Everything is ready to take place in the new Humanity; the old acts and the old customs will be banished so that the new and sacred Sun of the Universe can shine within each soul.

May no one stop the descent of the Kingdom of God so that those who are farther away from the Truth can rediscover the meaning of being in this life.

Forge ahead disciples of Christ! Walk barefoot from your old alliances with the world, this will free you from everything and make you worthy of the divine and infinite Mercy.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who unites you to the Principle of Love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, October 29 of 2015

Daily messages


My Heart, which is more brilliant than a sun, descends to illuminate your lives and to bring the Mercy of God that humanity needs so much. It is through the radiant sun of My Heart that My stars are able to be represented by all My children of the world, the ones who, day and night, seek the union with the Creator.

I am able to grant you the Grace that your lives be blessed and that they witness the redemption in Christ. It is for this reason, My dear children, that Your Mother works tirelessly so that all the hearts may be able to express love for Christ and gratitude for their conversion.

Dear children, My Heart opens to you a door to the cosmos, so that all of you may cross it with absolute confidence by means of the flow of elevation that prayer gives you. It is in that way, dear children, that the souls are united to their true spirit and that each being can express the important mission that they have come to accomplish in this last time.

Dear children, I will stay with all of you all the time that you allow Me to. I wish that with confidence you keep on walking under the spirit of total consecration.

I give you My Peace.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, October 28 of 2015

Daily messages

My Consciousness of humility is reflected in the innocent souls.  My eyes shine in the good souls.

In all of humanity, My Consciousness has Its manifestation, specially in those hearts that pray for redemption.

Dear children, today My pilgrim Consciousness traverses Venezuela together with you, trying to pour the Graces that the hearts need.  Follow the steps of Your Mother that will open the paths for the souls to receive the mercy that they need.

I am united to all the children that pray for this cause of peace in all of Venezuela.  I lovingly accompany the prayer of all those who are united to this mission.  Here, in this village, the souls need a lot of light and redemption, they need to see in their faces the joy of finding Christ again in the heart of each brother and sister.

Let us continue on this pilgrimage, because Your Lady of Coromoto carries between Her hands the flag of liberation and peace, and all of Her Children walk behind asking for mercy; thus, the most just and the most sinful shall have the Grace of being helped by the love of My Immaculate Heart.

Prayer to Our Lady of Coromoto,
Liberator of Venezuela

Holy Lady of Coromoto,
Bridge of Light to the New Humanity.

Pray with us constantly,
convert the race of this entire planet
so that, lifted to Heaven by Your arms,
we may say yes to our holy freedom.


I thank you for answering to My call!

Who leads you to the Heart of the Celestial Father,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, October 26 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

Remember each day that despite the sin or the cruelty of humanity, there exists the forgiveness of God.

Today I need you to accept My forgiveness, to feel it and experience it as an act of reparation and infinite mercy.

Today I need you to feel free from yourself, so that My powerful Light may act and keep silently transforming your little life.

Today I need you to live inside My Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God that comes to you to sanctify your life and your consciousness.

Today I ask you, My child, not to think of your incapabilities, but to today believe in your virtues, those that My Son sowed in your heart since the first moment that you recognized the King.  For this, be as free from yourself as possible so that the Laws of Heaven may transfigure your life to become an instrument of God.

You will not stop struggling within yourself, against all that you do not yet want to give up, but do not be afraid, the Kingdom of God is reached by climbing the steps of humility and trust.  God created you in His likeness, and you keep in your spirit this trust that renews and transforms everything.

From today on, send this message to your consciousness:

I am a worthy child of God.

I am part of His Most Pure Source.

My soul sprang up from His Spirit
and my spirit was born from His Heart.

Nothing shall set me apart from
the greatness of the Kingdom of God.

I have come to the Earth to redeem myself
and then return to the House of My Father,
to unite with Him forever.

I find my dignity in His Full Trust,
and His Infinite Love vivifies my little spirit.

Between Myself and God, there is no evil,
because I am a part of
the eternal emanation of His Love.


And thus, dear child, confirm before the Universe your true repentance, and do it for those who do not want to see nor hear God; thus at least the majority of the consciousnesses will be touched by the Love of the Creator, which is powerful and invincible. Remain close to My Heart, I come to help you.

So that forgiveness may descend and be made life in each heart, I deliver to you the Rosary of the Forgiveness of God, so that it may be the instrument of liberation from all the faults and ingratitude through all hearts that implore it.

Rosary of the Forgiveness of God

Union bead
I ask You for forgiveness, Lord,
for all that has been committed.
Grant me the Grace of liberation.

On the five decades, we pray
For the gift of Forgiveness
that springs from the Heart of God,
Lord, open the Doors
of Your Kingdom for us.

Thus all shall reach Peace.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who unites you to the Heart of the Creator,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, October 25 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

On this day I want to bring the flame of My Divine Hope to your hearts, a harbinger of faith in the hearts of the world.

Just like the Sun that shines in the center of the Universe, My Heart descends to the world to illuminate the abysms within and outside of beings, and thus be the guide for each consciousness moving toward the Most Sacred Heart of My Son and the Creator God.

I return to the world crying out to the hearts to live the awakening, because the Plans of the Most High God have still not been fulfilled on this sacred planet, and the majority of souls are not seeking the correct path to the goal that God has given them.

I ask you, My beloved ones, to go deeper into the path of prayer, so that you not be in a praying state only during your moments of liturgy and attunement. I want you to make your lives a permanent prayer.

If, in prayer, you ask for the Forgiveness of God for the world, then live forgiveness all the time.

If you cry out to the Father for His Mercy when you pray, then be merciful in each act, word, and thought.

If, in prayer, you ask of God for the Kingdoms of Nature, then take care of the kingdoms that are closest to you and radiate the love that you ask of God for these little bearers of Divine Consciousness.

If, in prayer, you entreat for the poor and for the helpless, for those who are in deceit and in ignorance, for those who live with lies and errors, then, dear ones, when you meet a sibling who lives all those things, love them and be as the hands of God that carry peace and celestial help for all those in need.

I do not ask you to do great works, because a pure seeing and a true smile can bring the presence of God to beings in a way that no great work would do.

May each one, within your possibilities, live your prayers with acts, thoughts, feelings, and words.

May God find in you, My children, a doorway to enter the world.

Indoctrinate through the experience of the word and make the power of your prayers more potent through being a living manifestation of prayer in the world.

I love you and leave My maternal blessing for My beloved children of Venezuela, who in prayer and perseverance wait for Me, trying to understand what they experience in this time, and learn from it all.

Now, My beloved ones, strengthened by My presence, may you help others so that they may find My Immaculate Heart and the Most Loving Heart of My Son.

May Peace and the Mercy of God be in all the hearts of the world.

Never lose peace and the hope of seeing the Plans of God fulfilled on this blessed Earth.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, October 25 of 2015

Daily messages

​​I bring Light to the world; a light that comes from God for all of the souls of Earth.

I am the Spokesperson of the Universe; I am She Who announces the second coming of Christ, first in the simple hearts so that later they may see Him coming in His Glory.

I am that Star of the Infinite that illuminates the paths of those who go astray, and that brings wisdom to those who understand nothing.

Dear children, I am that Sun that in the name of God awakens sleeping hearts with Its rays.

I am that invisible and spiritual balsam that brings hope and healing to all beings. I am the Regent, I am the Governing Mother of the children of God. I am the One Commissioned by the Holy Spirit to awaken the suns of God that are present on the surface of the Earth.

I am Your Mother and Lady of Coromoto. I am the Guide of all of the peoples and the Liberator from all oppression.

I am the same Faith manifested in the heart of His children.

I am the Grace and the Mercy for those who cry out and repent.

Dear children, I am the Spiritual Mother of nations. I am the spiritual Guardian of the Purpose for each country. I am the Instructor for those who want to learn through My Love and My truth.

I am the perfect company for the angels of each nation. I am She who directs the choirs of Heaven, I am She Who asks for redemption.

Beloved children, on this day, through the power of Grace and of Glory I come to renew hearts that are thirsty for peace, but awake to receive the call of God. A call that is not widely heard by all because the blindness of material life hypnotizes My children and does not allow them to find union with God.

But in you, dear children of Venezuela, I find the cry, the supplication, the true aspiration of again finding freedom among the peoples and their principles.

Today I come here, dear children, to remind you that the Love of God is the primordial power for the times that are coming. The Love of God is the shield against all adversity and test.

Today I come to remind you of the spiritual principle and the purpose of this nation, which is that of expressing the joy of loving the Plan of the Creator through culture and the peoples.

Dear children, do not tire; the world suffers worse things than those you are experiencing. In this time, offer the Almighty the incalculable sacrifice of austerity, that this represent in the Universe the ultimate offer for the redemption of all the sins that are the cause for what is happening today.

Dear children, I bring you the true inner liberty that has neither form nor appearance in the eyes of the world. I bring to you the possibility, in these times of crisis, of finding again the filiation with God and His Purpose that are beyond material life.

Dear children, I have come to Venezuela to listen to your prayers, and to accompany you as you cross this desert that you are traversing.

My children, I am the Liberator of these people. I am She who brings the Mercy of God to you and to this entire planet.

For this effort of yours of having prepared My coming to Venezuela: I thank you now and always for responding to My call.

Who blesses and encourages you to proceed onward in the name of the Love of My Son,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Coromoto



Sunday, October 25 of 2015

Daily messages

The art of loving and guarding the Plan of God

My dear children,

Today I come to you in love and reverence for your souls that try every day to remain faithful to My requests and united to My intentions.

Today I shelter you under My mantle of Light just as I protected the apostles of My Son after He rose to the Heavens. Just as in that time, today I want to instruct you on how those children of Mine learned the art of loving and guarding the Plan of God for this humanity.

First lesson.

Be always in gratitude for having received the Grace of participating consciously in the instructions of the Divine Messengers. This gratitude will keep you always united to Our Hearts.

Second lesson.

Be always attentive so that the minds with their thoughts manifest within evolutionary energies, sacred and reverent toward God, toward His whole Creation, and toward their own consciousnesses. Strive to reject dissonant thoughts and contrary to the Law of God, to other people, and to yourselves.

Third lesson.

Take note that your emotions and sensations are guided toward and intended for pleasing God, our Lord, full of devotion for His Work and of healthy happiness for His designs. Do not allow sadness and hopelessness to embrace your hearts. See in everything you experience the purpose of forging in you the true children of the Most High, strong and brave for facing any situation.

Fourth Lesson

Keep your souls in the full prayer of the heart. Keep the verb, the thought, and the feeling that emanate from spirit in every word, in every spoken sentence, with concentration, love for God, and joy for belonging to His Plan and for having been summoned to perform a sacred task.

Fifth lesson.

Place spiritual strength, the one that has brought you here and that keeps you always available in faith, in each moment, in each prayer, in each service, to concretize the Will of the Father. Always attentive to serve His Purpose in each moment.

Sixth lesson.

Keep always in the heart the intention of pleasing God and keep watch so that your feeling, that deep one, be genuine and does not claim benefits for the self. Have everything be because of and for the Lord and His Work.

Seventh lesson.

Remain faithful and be authentic. Do not deceive yourselves and become involved in appearances; give always the best you have in each action, in each service, and in each prayer.

If all of you are clear on these lessons in your inner beings, and they guide profound actions, thoughts, and feelings, you will be guardians and custodians of the Will of God for this race.

And when you pray and keep vigil with the Divine Messengers, in complete spiritual joy for living in the obedience that the Angels of Heaven live, you will be free of spirit, apostles of love, peacemakers and servers of the Son of the Creator, the Redeemer.

Children of Mine from Venezuela and of the whole world, I invite you to be guardians and custodians of the Plan of God for the Earth, guardians of evolution, faithful servers of the Creator and His Divine Work.

Keep vigil with Me during all the times that will come, and you will see the plans of Peace in this world materialize.

I love you and I summon you to concretize the evolutionary step of this race.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Mary, your Mother, Universal Feminine Consciousness



Friday, October 23 of 2015

Daily messages

At last My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

It will triumph, dear children, because through the spiritual call of My children, I have permission to appear and proclaim peace in the times of chaos.

Dear ones, I finally return to reach the heart of all of Venezuela, to prepare the holy eve of the coming of Christ.

My Heart will triumph, because above all, love will reign; this love which I come to awaken within you, this love of My children, the one which has brought Me to Venezuela to have all of you smile in My Peace, My dears.

The whole nation may fear, but know, children, that your true affiliation is found in the Celestial Father, which will always give you strength, love, and the virtue to overcome barriers.

Remember, children of Venezuela, that this captivity will end; this is why I come again to prophesize the time of your freedom, because in the coming time your land will be free, and in the new dawn, peace and liberty will shine.

Dear children, fear no longer, the Kingdom of God will draw closer to all of you during these days so that you can again feel confident that the celestial Universe has not forgotten you. I carry you all in My Heart of a Mother, and thus I have come to console you overcoming battles and wars.

Finally, dear children, My Immaculate Heart will triumph in each one of you. Be brave and smile, reflecting in your faces the beauty that illuminates your people so much.

Dear children, I am your Mother of Coromoto and I did not forget you. You called Me and here I am, in Grace and Mercy, to bless you.

Through the pilgrimage to Colombia and Venezuela, My Plan is again being confirmed and fulfilled in many of My children.

I thank you for answering My call for peace.

Who blesses you in the infinite Grace of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, October 22 of 2015

Daily messages

Just as the Law indicates for the holy life, you will purify your being of every stain so that by being free from everything, you achieve the virtue of understanding and of humility.

You will purify your consciousness of every condemnation, desire or ambition so that by being free from every human perversion, your spirit glorifies the Eternal Father with the purity of the angels.

You will purify your mind and your thinking of every control, objection and judgment so that being free from everything, your consciousness acquires the spirit of wisdom that lives and dwells in the Heart of God.

You will purify your being of every deceit or deviation so that being free from everything you receive the eternal blessing, the one which will lead you to find the visible Purpose of the Universe.

You will purify all of your intentions and aspirations so that being free from them and silenced before the Celestial Universe, your soul does not carry the yoke of condemnation, and thus frees itself from all damnation.

You will purify even what is most hidden within you so that being free from everything, you clearly see the goal that the Universe has in place for you and thus you fulfill the part that you have come here to carry out.

You will purify each space of your being so that being free from everything, some day you will be worthy in the Lord and as pure as a flower before the Eyes of God.

The time of purification is already happening, may no one forget that through purification, debts are erased so that the Holy Spirit can labor.

Purify yourself in trust; the Universe will take action to liberate you from the chains of the prison so that the true spirit will emerge again with the Aurora of the morning.

Dear children, count on My intercession; purify yourselves in Christ.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who conducts you toward the school of liberation,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, October 21 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

The world still does not know how the Wrath of God is; the aggressions and the physical and spiritual lesions that the souls in the East live do not permit the Justice of God to be placated.

Lovingly, I come to ask you that through prayer your lives justify before the Kingdom of the Heavens that it is possible to experience change.  In face of the times of chaos and of error, I come to ask that your lives testify as an example of consecration to the Heart of My Son, so that in this way His infinite and ultimate Mercy will descend upon the world.

Dear children of Mine, awake!  There are more serious problems than yours.    My Heart, flagellated by the errors and horrors of the world of today needs that from now on and forever, you place yourselves within My armies of light, those that will fight day and night so that peace may be established.

For that, My beloved children, pray all of the days from the heart, feeling in the depth of your spirits each decreed word.  In this way, your petition and plead will be heard.

Dear children, today I come to implore that you will continue to work for peace in the world.  The entire Earth is being shaken by the error and by the blood that flows unceasingly, without compassion or forgiveness.

Dear children, accept My call in a truthful way.  If you do not pray from the heart, united to your souls, how will My Plan be fulfilled?  In truth, I come to ask of you the impossible: that your lives may not cease to be reborn and to lovingly accept the sacrifices and the tests that the Lord, Your God, pours over you.

The hour has come, children!  It is the time of confirmation and challenges.  No one will be able to lag behind.  For this I come to bring to you the infinite consciousness of the true need for at least a minimal part of humanity to listen and answer to My call.

Humanity trespassed all the limits and many will eternally regret having sacrificed their fellow humans; this is the principal sorrow of My Heart of a Mother.  I need You to alleviate Me and to alleviate the whole world with your efforts.   Light cannot fade away.

It is time to fight in this spiritual war, with the rosary of peace!

I thank you for comforting My offended Heart!

In the Good that many innocent souls deserve,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, October 20 of 2015

Daily messages

My children,

My Spirit is the Holy Ark that gathers you together to unite all of the divine principles of Creation with humanity. I am that Holy Ark that brings the sacred principles of the cosmos so that all of its creatures may benefit from the maximum and divine Presence of God. It is through the Holy Ark of My Spirit that hearts can avail themselves of the universal and celestial source that I offer them in honor of the Heart of the Almighty.

I am that Holy Ark that gathers the chosen ones together.

I am that spiritual presence that transfigures and renews everything it touches through wise love. I am that Ark that holds the principles of purity and Grace; It conceives everything that exists.

I am the sacred Feminine Spirit that unites what is separate within each being.

I am the Mediator and Intercessor between error, sin, mercy and redemption. Who lives through My Spirit lacks nothing; they are always in the living fullness of My Heart.

I am that valued Treasure of the Universe that permeates the consecrated life.

I am the Ark that brings new Graces for those who have lost them.

I am the Star and the Flame of the Most Holy Trinity that conceives new principles.

I am the refuge for souls and the breath for those who are desperate.

I am the Ark of the Holy Covenant, because the three persons of the Holy Trinity live in My heart: the Father Who manifests His Power, the Son Who concretizes and carries it out, and the Holy Spirit that allows all things to be possible.

Happy are they who invoke the power of My Ark; they will soon be freed from themselves, and they will find the path that they have always searched for.

Be firm and Christify your lives in the name of My holy Ark. Who enters the Ark of My Heart will be saved and will abandon the world, tainted by everything, and thus merge into the Holy Covenant of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I am the Portal of Peace; I am the Sacred Covenant between souls and God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to divine life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, October 17 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

While peace is so needed in the world, today you are in the Kingdom of Peace.  May this peace, which is indispensable, radiate like a sun to the whole Earth so at least those in most need of peace may find comfort.

Dear children, thanks for being accomplishing the requests of prayer that My Immaculate Heart clamored to you yesterday.   In these times of darkness and lies, I invite you to be My ambassadors of prayer and peace wherever you go, thus My Heart, which is full of Grace and Pity, will hope to pour those gifts in the despairing hearts.

The nonbelievers are now facing their own purification.  I ask you, My beloved ones, to live the prayer for the planet and not only for yourselves.

Many of My soldiers will be keepers of the sorrow that many are living.  Many of My visionaries will be receptacles to calm the suffering that drowns the world, and thus they will share with Your Heavenly Mother the sorrow of the whole humanity.

I invite you to become deeply conscious about the decisive times that humanity is crossing and to which it does not give the minimum importance before the lack of peace in the world.

My dear children, the promise is very big, for this, the effort will have to be bigger so that the Kingdom of God will be fulfilled in the hearts that must enter in the dwelling of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, remain by My side and vivify this moment, such as My Son lived on the Cross for all of you.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who guides you towards the Supreme Truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, October 16 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

You may face the greatest and most difficult test, but when you pray the mysteries of the rosary of the heart, just as you did today when you were in My divine presence, there will be no knot that cannot be untied nor evil that cannot be liberated.

Simply through the holy rosary of the heart, I bring you the spiritual resurrection of your lives every day. I humbly show you the same path of surrender that I, as Your Mother, lived for you.

Now, My dear children, you are beginning to get to know this sacred path that all souls are invited to traverse in the spiritual life.

Dear children, I wish to thank you for your prayerful response, continuing with the purpose of praying for peace in the Middle East, which is still urgent.

Today I come to invite you to pray the prayer of the Universal Mother thirty three times for nine days; this exercise will be called the “Novena of the Universal Mother.”

Your task will be to pray, proclaim and feel in the depths of your souls the attributes of the Universal Mother so that these may continue to broadly descend to the planet. This novena is to be started on the 17th of October of 2015 and when finished, a special novena of prayer will be begun, answering to the request of Saint Joseph for peace in the world.

For this reason, the next novena that will be done will be the Prayer and Petition to the Most High God for world peace and for redemption, a supplication transmitted on the 10th of October of 2015 by My Most Chaste Spouse.

Dear children, We are attempting to have you remain as long as possible in the school of prayer that you are living today. The prayer of supplication for peace of Saint Joseph will be prayed fourteen times during nine days; thus the Celestial Kingdom will be closer to all and to the world.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who conducts you through the sacred school of prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, October 15 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear Children,

The more you pray with th  the more the works of Your Heavenly Mother can be complied as in this case through the pilgrimage through Colombia and Venezuela and in the manifestation of the Pilgrim Bus.

The true effort is measured spiritually through the degrees of love that each soul expresses for all the work of the creation and it becomes visible when the hearts unite to the Purpose of God.

On this day, dear children, I descend from the Universe to thank all of My dear children for their prayers, petitions, donations and campaigns, which made possible the manifestation of the Pilgrim Bus, which from today on will be named as the “Eagle of Light”, so that the Holy Spirit may visit and awaken the sacred gifts in all the places where My Eagle of Light passes.

Dear children, it is for this reason that in the arrival of the missionary group from Venezuela to the Marian Center of Figueira, the Eagle of Light will be blessed by Myself in an extraordinary Apparition on the 31st of October of 2015.

All of the pilgrims will be called to gather in the parking lot of the Sacred Heart Nucleus.  There, outdoors, an altar will be raised and will be performed a task of prayer to wait for the arrival of Your Heavenly Mother. This gathering will be transmitted by television so that My children of the world may also participate of the consecration of the Eagle of Light.

Until this special date, I will wait for all.  Please, children, transmit the invitation especially to the children of Mary.

For this work of redemption that is yours, I thank you for materializing My requests.

Who keeps you in the faith,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, October 13 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

Through My Grace I open a new door so that you will learn to love and forgive, liberating your hearts from all of the errors of the past and from the debts that imprison you.

Children of Mine, on this holy day Heaven touches the whole land of Colombia and the Condor Bird of Peace flies over the sacred mountains in order to announce that the time of reconsidering your actions and forgiving as an act of reconciliation and of peace for this entire Nation.

On this day I invite you, My beloved children, to trust Christ and His Unfathomable Mercy, which is the precious fruit that will liberate you from all evil and sorrow.

I come to Colombia as the Lady of Peace and of the Holy Rosary so that you will remember that on this 13th of October, Fatima in Portugal fulfills a cycle of My precious presence for the whole world.

Children, for this I ask that you remember the purity of Fatima, that divine essence that was expressed by the three little shepherds and that permitted peace to be established through the most absolute innocence.   Your lives, dear children, can enter in this source of purity and of love that today I bring to you in order to be able reconcile the peoples and the nations.

The whole world needs peace and you, being servants that are filled by My Immaculate and Pure Heart, will be able to help Me so that the times will not be precipitated, and that peace will reign, especially in those who do not have it.

Dear children, I have come to Colombia in order to call you to reconciliation.  May your devotion to Me be the reason for embracing each day more this proposal of forgiving and loving one another.  In this way Your Celestial Father will see with eyes of Mercy that your people can become sacred.

If you forgive, children of Mine, the souls will be liberated from error, and all of the past that caused the separation of the peoples will be able to be reverted through your correct intention of forgiving.

Forgive yourselves much and do not fear asking for forgiveness because you and the world need this forgiveness in order to reach the supreme Source of Mercy.

Today I give you a key so that this will happen:  always and forever remember the Sanctuary of Fatima.  There Your Heavenly Mother poured the rays that made possible to peace to be manifested among humanity and between humanity and God.

I thank you for the loving joy that your people reflects before My Immaculate Heart.

United in faith and in forgiveness, who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima



Tuesday, October 13 of 2015

Daily messages

When Mary arrived here to deliver the Message for the Apparition, She surprised us with a different aspect.  She had loose hair, with no veil; She had a dark complexion and an indigenous feature.  Her eyes were brown and She was wearing a white tunic and a blue mantle with some very tiny and different colors embroidered flowers.  

Mary talked as if She were in Colombia and we saw how She was uniting the times, and at the same time that She was talking before Me, She was making Her maternal energy enter in the hearts of all those who will listen to Her today, in Her Monthly Apparition.

Children of Mine,

May the Peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be always in your little hearts.

I am your Heavenly Mother, this one who arrives to the world in order to awaken the hearts to the Sovereign Truth of God.

I come to Colombia in order to transform the pure devotion of My most simple children into the source of salvation for the souls of the whole nation, as well as the whole world.

My beloved ones, for a long time I descend from the Heavens, in Spirit of Love, to show to the beings of the world the truth about the human heart. With My purity of Mother of the World and Servant of God the Father, I seek to make emerge in the hearts of humanity the original purity.  That is why I make you feel as little children, because it is in that way that you will be able to understand the greatest celestial truths – when the purity of your hearts be a reality in your lives.

I arrive to Colombia, My beloved children, to renovate an old commitment that it has with My Immaculate Heart and, as a consequence, with the Heart of Christ and with the Most High God.  I come to renovate your faith and the faith of all those who will come after you and who will awaken to the life of prayer, by means of your praying example of love and fraternity.

My dears, I seek, in this time, to make your souls return to simplicity and to love; may forgiveness be able to be born in your hearts in order to redeem the past and bring to the future the perspective of a peaceful and full of God world.

As the Mother of the World, the Mother of the Americas and the Mother of Colombia, I come so that each nation and each being of this Earth be able to fulfill the Plan that God has for His creatures.   And that, My Children, is reached in a very simple way, but with persistence and braveness.

It is for that reason that today I call you to unite to My Heart and to make of Colombia a praying nation and that, in this way, the whole world be permeated by your prayers and by the fount of peace that you may generate from here.

I ask you to unite to Me in prayer every day, to listen to the supplications that the Sacred Hearts daily delivered to the world so that a new humanity, permeated by the Spirit of God, be able to be born in the planet.

I keep today, in your little hearts, the devotion to the Holy Child Mary, so that, as well as My Immaculate Heart, you can be as children before God and, in simplicity and in purity, you may fulfill the designs of the Creator.

I love you and leave you My Peace.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, October 12 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

In the name of the Infinite Light of the Creator, I descend upon the world and My Maternal Spirit visits the whole nation of Colombia in order to pour from My powerful and humble hands, the rays of hope and relief that many hearts of Mine need.

Dear children, I wish, on this day,  that you universally remember Me as the Mother of Guadalupe, as the Mother of all of the peoples, those, that separated, must unite again through My Holy Heart in order to achieve the state of peace.

But today I will not only come to bless you and to thank all of My children from Colombia and from the sister nations that made this sacred encounter for peace possible.  Today I will come in the sovereign company of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who is your Bigger Brother, who calls you to work as new apostles of His Work of Redemption.

Dear children,  today lovingly surrender  to Your Lady of Guadalupe all of the faults and errors made throughout the times by the non-redeemed hearts so that the Great Sun of Christ may reopen the doors to rehabilitation and to the Forgiveness of God for a race that is still in transformation.

Children of Mine, today I come to announce to you that you are on My path, on the favorite path of My Heart.  As Your Mother, I hope that through these days of encounter, great part of My Peace be deposited in your hearts because if peace is in your lives, the world will have the opportunity for an extra time of peace.

I piously come to call you to redemption, because the time has come for your consciousnesses, in absolute surrender to the Almighty, receive the Grace of redeeming the past and walk freely as one only people of God.

Today I am The Eagle of Light that sings in the mountains, the sacred condor announces that the Mercy of God is coming for the hearts that in repentance and faith surrender themselves to the Ocean of Love of the Creator;  thus the souls that have been imprisoned in error and submission for centuries, will be liberated, will be elevated to the Kingdom of Peace of the Lord.

For this, My much beloved children of Colombia, I come to awaken in each one the potential for loving prayer each day more, because in prayer you will close the doors to perdition and you will open the Heavens in order for the Glory of the Celestial Father to descend.

I thank you all for having answered to one part of My Plan of Salvation!

Who blesses you and who loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Guadalupe



Sunday, October 11 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

The struggle between peoples for equality of conditions is the result of a national situation in Colombia.

In the search for harmony and peace, Your Heavenly Mother comes to this country to reopen the doors of fraternity and brotherhood that have been closed for some time.

Dear children, may you discover in the inner silence how much there is to be done here through the very powerful channel of prayer that must be offered so that all may be balanced within and outside of human beings.

My children, for this I will need your lives so that at least a little of My Grace may be poured out. I will need of your lives so that a little of suffering and of injustice may be transmuted. I will need your prayers, so that something may be liberated, and the captivity of the indigenous consciousness comes to an end.

Dear children, Colombia is a nation in great need of love; however, in the hearts of My children of Colombia there is the potential to love, which through the centuries has been stifled, and this possibility of loving must spring again like a source of forgiveness and of reconciliation.

My children, I need you to be brave and willing to accompany Me in this task of reconciliation that is needed for this whole nation.

I am with you and do not stop even for a second walking beside you.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who enfolds you in the mantle of Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, October 10 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

I wish that through this mission to Colombia and Venezuela the door towards Peace may once again open in the hearts that are in need.

This mission unites all through My Most Sacred Heart, and, beloved children, that is why I need you to be torches of peace for all those who you will meet.  I hope that the hearts that need healing, forgiveness and redemption recover faith and mercy.

Dear children, do not fear what you will find.  May your arrival sow the infinite joy of serving God and His Plan of salvation. Your Heavenly Mother finally congregates you through the spirit of love and fraternity, doors that you will always be able to keep open among brothers and sisters on the same path, the path of My Son.

While you are about to arrive at a land that needs forgiveness, discover the faith that exists in many Colombian hearts.  Unite in these days as one and only people of God, full of the Mercy of God and of Redemption.

Dear children, I wish to stay more days among you and My Son also wishes so, that is why we are inviting all the dear children of My Immaculate Heart to also receive the blessings of Christ.

It is for this special reason that on October 11, at 8 p.m., after having prayed and adored Christ, the Master, He will come extraordinarily to give the unction to the brothers and sisters of the groups of prayer of Colombia.

Dear Children, Your Heavenly Mother will also be present to accompany you.  Later on, this extraordinary meeting with My Son will be published by Mercy Mary TV so that from Colombia the whole world may also listen to the voice of the Master.

I thank you for answering My Call!

Good arrival to the nation that must consecrate itself to God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, October 9 of 2015

Daily messages

May My Peace reign today, may you trust in God because you live what is foreseen by God.

May your heart be free from affliction, but may it recognize the greatness of all this mystery.

May you live love and multiply it so that your oldest resistances may collapse before the foot of the Creator.

May you be able to be free all the days of your life.

May you build now the new bridges between the Earth and Heaven.

May your fears be liberated and may you purify yourself in faith, because all that happens to you today has already been thought by God.

May you not lose the sane joy, may you relive every day the  Passion of the Lord as the purpose to redeem life.

May the doors of the Universe open before your life, may you be filled by My Love and My compassion.  Ignite My star of Peace in your breast, so that it may be the bright star for those who do not see God.

May life become simpler through you so that the ones who are lost may return to God.  Embrace My sweet Heart in this hour, permit Me to solve everything.  Accept the challenges.  Live the changes out of love and with forgiveness towards humanity.

Find in My gaze the kind-hearted Light of the Celestial Father.  The hour of your surrender is close at hand, may you celebrate with Me this day because I have come in the name of Christ to give you His Graces and to conquer your little heart.

Trust every day in the virtues of loving more and more what seems not very happy for you.  Because your joy will be truly born when you live your cross with gratitude for all this project, there, you shall finally be free from yourself.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who guides you toward Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, October 8 of 2015

Daily messages

Dearest children of Mine,

In this month of the Holy Rosary I want to renew you in the faith and in the sacred devotion to My Immaculate Heart.  I wish that every day, even if only for fifteen minutes of your day, you venerate My Immaculate Heart; Its Light; Its Glory; and Its Grace towards all of the children of the Earth.

I promise those who will venerate My chaste and pure Virginal Heart during the whole month of October, to pour a special Grace that will bear fruit and glory in the next life.  I promise those who will venerate My Sacred Heart, to give them fervor and a spirit of consolation and of Grace during the ultimate times of the Earth.

I wish, dear children, you would diffuse the devotion to My Immaculate Heart.  And if this veneration takes place before the praying of the Holy Rosary, I promise to comfort the soul that will ask Me for that, because I have the permission and the authority to do it as the Mother of God.   This promise shall be fulfilled because it has been preciously conceded when Christ gave Me to all as the Mother of the new humanity.

To those hearts that will diffuse the silent power of My Immaculate Heart I promise them the total and absolute protection of the banners, from My adversary.  If this holy image of My Immaculate Heart were to be placed on the door of each home, I promise the existence of an unbreakable faith, capable of moving away every desire of evildoing and hatred.

But if the holy image of My Immaculate Heart is venerated by the families of the world before praying the Holy Rosary, I promise the most potent divine protection during the three days of darkness.

Whoever in the name of Jesus Christ will ask Me all, for the sake of the merits of His Passion I promise, during this month, to concede impossible Graces, and unthinkable transformations to all those who will venerate Me and who will give Me their love.

I wish that in this month of the rosary, peace may be the keynote for the souls of the world because I will especially fulfill My works requested by Christ through those who will piously implore Me from the Heart for a special Grace.

This month the most pure Mercy of My Immaculate Heart will be pouring Itself as an ocean of renewal and hope for all.  I will not abandon any child, because My gaze will be on all those who will truly seek Me with sincerity.

Whoever during their life will proceed to venerate My Immaculate Heart, offended by the impure actions of the world, I promise to liberate them from every stain at the time of their death, and especially to elevate them to the Kingdom of God, as the angels elevated Me in My Assumption.

I promise each of those who will consecrate themselves for life to My Immaculate Heart, the Grace of joy and of the eternal peace for all of the times that will come.  I promise in the time of their judgment to be the advocate and intercessor, because My Graces will erase all of the grievances committed due to ignorance from their consciousnesses.  In this moment My Immaculate Heart shall triumph in their existence.

I thank you for venerating My Immaculate Heart.

Who consecrates you to God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, October 7 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

The times of the great and struggled sacrifices have come to this world; this is part of the Divine Justice because the imbalance of the souls and the injustice of the hearts are greater than the harmony that is required.

Dear children, the souls that have not implored to God and neither have implored for His Kingdom for having remained in the superficiality of the material and illusory life will suffer and there will not be anything that may comfort them  because the message of Heaven has already been proclaimed, and few paid attention to the words of light of the Divine Messengers.

There will not be anyone who may reverse this; the blindness of humanity is great and sometimes you feel like being blind and deaf.  But the victory of the Kingdom of God will happen in all of the hearts that, by being obedient and consistent, will repopulate the New Earth.

This new cycle will demand, from the hearts that are distant from God, an extreme effort in order to remain in Peace; it will be different for a soul that truly prays and without awards because from it will spring the source of Peace.

For this, there is no time to lose with little things; many of you are being trained through My Heart for the end of the times.  Let us pray for those who do not want to listen to God, for the non-believers so that their hearts may open to the descent of the celestial Light.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who awakens you to the planetary reality,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, October 6 of 2015

Daily messages

While your lives get to know the aspects of transformation, the prayer of the heart makes you each day freer of yourselves, without leaving behind the sacred opportunity of being purified.

Dear children, the change in the consciousness will become more and more concrete along the course of your redemption before the Kingdom of My Son.  If you think that you will not manage to do it, you will lose the hope that in truth your consciousnesses are already something else.

You cannot evolve remaining always in the same place, spiritually stuck; whoever lives prayer as a guideline begins to know themself and the others, still realizing that the sacred purpose comes and descends for all hearts.

When once and for all you, My children, let Christ conquer your lives and your hearts, you will no longer have to think about anything else, because in truth it will be Christ who will have a repose in your interiors

In order for Jesus to have a place in your lives, the inner house must be clean and tidy and all that is no longer useful must be removed.  Dear children, why do you resist?

You will have nothing to lose, your happiness lies in the Heart of the Celestial Father, the one who all the time is forgotten by the souls of the world.

A Great Spirit comes to help you in this time, a powerful flame comes to enlighten your paths: it is Jesus Christ, Your Lord, who arrives at this world in Divinity and Soul to get you out of prison and open the doors to the Love of God.

Follow Him blindly and trust, your surrender has just started and there is still much to do, your healing is near.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who unites you to the Heart of the Son of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, October 5 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear Children,

The victory of the Kingdom of God in the world will take place through the sublime power of prayer.  For this, I lead you along this path, so that your souls may open out like the birds, to be able to fly and reach the Kingdom of the Creator.

Each prayer pronounced brings new codes to all, divine essence that begins to incarnate in spirit of truth and compassion.

My children, your lives are attending a school of prayer that is unknown to you.  And as now you have accepted to be part of My army of light through the daily rhythms of prayers, I train you to be able to face the world and help it spiritually.

For this I conceive in each one a mirror of prayer that reflects the principles of the divine life, the eternal states of peace.

Dear children, I wish you to accompany Me in this long walk in the search for the lost souls and the wounded hearts that must redeem themselves in the name of love.

Dear children, do not detain yourselves, build the Church of Christ by means of your prayers, which are the sacred unions with the Celestial Father.

Children, the time already marks a crucial moment for the world, in which the Universal Judgment shall establish itself and all will be spiritually evaluated.  Pray, pray and pray.  Thus the merit of your prayers will fill the Heart of God and open the doors of love so that all may be redeemed.

I thank you answering to My call!

Who unifies you in the essence of Peace

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, October 4 of 2015

Daily messages

Dearest children of Mine,

May on this day, your voices and the voices of all of the praying beings of the world proclaim the Love of God and the coming of His Glorious Kingdom of Mercy upon the reality of this world.

Dear children, today My maternal request is that you fulfill the Designs of the Celestial Father in your little lives so that soon all the evil generated by the world may end and the redemption and the reconciliation among humans and God be established.

Dear children, may, today, your voices pray united to the great voice of My Son, that pronounces itself on this holy day in order to remove evil from some places of the Earth.   With courage and love, dear children, open the doors of your hearts so that the expected change in your lives may be materialized in these times.

Beloved children, Your Heavenly Mother is working extensively so that the souls may go through the pathway of the new life, that which Christ will bring to this lost planet.  The voice of your prayers must not stop now and neither the loving offer that the groups from the Network of Light provide Me in these times of crisis.  I expect from everyone, the best achievements in the life of prayer.

Children, there is no other path but only the prayer of every day; a prayer that will keep you firm and safe on the Christic path, even in the moment of your purification.   I help you all to walk in the Faith and in the Love of My Son, this will always encourage you to find Light on your paths.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you to the fount of the Universe of Prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, October 3 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

On the eve of the great meeting with My Beloved Son, today I remind you that the Sacred Chapel of the Marian Center of Figueira will fulfill a complementary task to the Chapel of Saint Michael Archangel of the Marian Center of Aurora.

It is in this Chapel of Christ that My Son will leave His spiritual Presence, so that all who venerate His Holy Image may receive the gifts, which, by Grace, will help in the new configuration of the planetary life.

The Chapel of Christ is the symbol of the spiritual refuge for the souls who will come to meet with Him and who will have the possibility of finding peace as an aspiration.  The Sacred Chapel will be a precious portal for the liberation of the impure spirits through the fount of love and of prayer that will be poured by all those who may clamor for inner freedom.

This Sacred Chapel will have the blessing that, once a week, the holy Ecumenical communion with Christ be officiated there, and this will strengthen the union of the souls with the King of the Universe.  The Chapel may be a place for the source of inner aspirations and vocations, which will firstly be prepared in the consciousness.

At the same time, who may cross the doors of the Chapel and may remain in adoration to Christ will receive the spiritual impulse of consecrating oneself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The Chapel will also be considered as the inner temple for each soul that seeks the elevation of matter and mainly, the healing of life.

The presence of the angels will never lack In the Chapel; they will be the conductors and guides for the souls which may deposit their moments of prayer and supplications there.  Christ will have a space inside the Sacred Chapel; He will be calling the souls to dwell in the Temple of His Sacred Heart.

For this to be possible, the Most Pure Fountain of Saint Joseph will be the means that will cleanse the souls and quench the seekers of a true union with God.  The Fountain of Saint Joseph will represent the reminder of the constant search for the original purity and for the humbleness that each spirit shall conquer in order to concretize this inner and spiritual fusion with Christ.

For this, the Fountain of Saint Joseph will be for you to drink of the Divine Water, that which will cleanse and purify the stains of the past an that which will renew the hearts.  It will be important for the devotees and pilgrims to recite before the Fountain of Saint Joseph, before being cleansed by the humbleness of the Chaste Heart, the following prayer:

       Prayer for cleansing the souls

O Sacred Fountain!

which springs in humbleness

from the Sacred Heart of Saint Joseph

renew our life,

purify our being,

free us from all evil.


In this way, dear children, you will enter the Chapel more purified and you will be able to offer to Christ the sincere result of your conversion and redemption.

The Fountain of Saint Joseph is the preamble for the entrance to the Chapel.  The Most Chaste Saint Joseph is the Shepherd of the souls, He is the Father of the essences of the world, of the essences that let themselves be conquered by His humble Love.  He is the Worker who builds the new redeemed souls to afterwards deliver them to the Arms of Christ and thus establish the Kingdom of God in each being.

The Chapel of Christ will mean for each being the moment of facing one of the aspects of God: before the Divine Son.  In this way, in reverence and gratitude, each time you enter the Chapel, you will recite the following prayer:

       Prayer for being before the Divine Son

Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Glorified and Beloved Son,

have Mercy on us

and fulfill Your perfect Work

through our beings

so that, now and always,

Your Powerful Light may reign.


In this way, dear children, each time you are before Christ, you will be before God.  These two prayers may also be practiced by the pilgrims as a novena when they make a pilgrimage to the Marian Center of Figueira.

In the hope of redemption, I thank you for answering to My call.

On the eve of the divine consecration of the Chapel of Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, October 2 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear Children,

The times that are approaching will be different from the times that have already passed.  The creation of the Universe will have its maximum performance during the culminating moment of Armageddon.

Dear children, the Eternal Father will send His Angels to help the planet and the Messengers from the Heights will come to battle against the beast of seven heads.

Children,  the moment is already something else, nothing will be as it has been until now, for this in silence and prayer I have been preparing your consciousnesses so that they may participate in a mission never known before.

Dear children, humanity is submerging day by day and My armies on Earth are no longer bearing the friction of the times.  For this your hearts are worked so that the true task and the important mission of each server may be fulfilled.

Dear children, the time is already setting new events, the way out is found in prayer and in the profound union with My Son.  But the Higher Angels will come to help you when your Heavenly Mother has to take care of the other part of humanity.

Children, the time of the great change and the profound experience with the Higher Universes has already come; this will no longer be distant from all, it will be very close in order to awaken the true science of all things.

While everything is about to happen, vigil united to Me; thus you will not miss the opportunity of growing internally.  The Father needs your sincere act of love.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who awakens you to the Higher Life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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