The art of loving and guarding the Plan of God

My dear children,

Today I come to you in love and reverence for your souls that try every day to remain faithful to My requests and united to My intentions.

Today I shelter you under My mantle of Light just as I protected the apostles of My Son after He rose to the Heavens. Just as in that time, today I want to instruct you on how those children of Mine learned the art of loving and guarding the Plan of God for this humanity.

First lesson.

Be always in gratitude for having received the Grace of participating consciously in the instructions of the Divine Messengers. This gratitude will keep you always united to Our Hearts.

Second lesson.

Be always attentive so that the minds with their thoughts manifest within evolutionary energies, sacred and reverent toward God, toward His whole Creation, and toward their own consciousnesses. Strive to reject dissonant thoughts and contrary to the Law of God, to other people, and to yourselves.

Third lesson.

Take note that your emotions and sensations are guided toward and intended for pleasing God, our Lord, full of devotion for His Work and of healthy happiness for His designs. Do not allow sadness and hopelessness to embrace your hearts. See in everything you experience the purpose of forging in you the true children of the Most High, strong and brave for facing any situation.

Fourth Lesson

Keep your souls in the full prayer of the heart. Keep the verb, the thought, and the feeling that emanate from spirit in every word, in every spoken sentence, with concentration, love for God, and joy for belonging to His Plan and for having been summoned to perform a sacred task.

Fifth lesson.

Place spiritual strength, the one that has brought you here and that keeps you always available in faith, in each moment, in each prayer, in each service, to concretize the Will of the Father. Always attentive to serve His Purpose in each moment.

Sixth lesson.

Keep always in the heart the intention of pleasing God and keep watch so that your feeling, that deep one, be genuine and does not claim benefits for the self. Have everything be because of and for the Lord and His Work.

Seventh lesson.