Tuesday, December 31 of 2013

Monthly messages

Meet Me in the silence of this world.

Find Me in the heart of all of My children who pray.

I Am the Supreme Voice that comes from the Universe.

I Am the Bird that flies in the Celestial Peace.  I Am the Messenger of the Path.

From Me are born the hearts that have fallen.

I carry all towards the Greater Kingdom.

I Am the Mother of the Eternal Grace.

The one who seeks Me will find Me.  The one who calls Me will hear Me.

I Am the sweet voice that comes from the Word of God.

I Am the Mother of all the creatures.

I Am the straight Path to My Son.

I Am who shelters all of your pleas.

I Am that one who understands your problems.  I Am also the one who solves them.

I Am a part of the Infinite Light.

I Am the Daughter and the Mother of the Trinity.

I Am the Great Mirror that radiates Justice.

I Am the Spirit of Peace.

My words come from the Divine Word and the Divine Word is born of God.

I Am the Daughter of the Most High.  I Am His Faithful Messenger and His Universal Lady.

I Am the Mother of those who are lost.  I Am also the Mother of those who are on the Path.

I Am the Shield against all evil because My protection lies in the Absolute Love.  I help those who call Me.  I listen with attention to the needs of My children.

I Am the Woman Dressed of Sun, the One announced in the Sacred Book.

I Am the Word of Life together with My Son.

I Am the Universal Mother.

I Am the One who reveals the mysteries to those who are distant from God.

I come in search of the brave ones. I also come in search for those who have fallen asleep.

In My arms rests the New Child, the One who will be born as the New Humanity.

I Am the One who gestates the New Time.

I Am the Worker who prepares the coming of the Savior.

I Am the One who sets in order the inner worlds.

I Am the Mother of the Great Light.

Whoever resorts to My Heart will always be sheltered.  Whoever seeks for solace will find it.

I Am the Lady of the Great Divine Thought.

I Am the Master of Prayer.  I Am that who reunites in My School the disciples so that they may learn to love the union with God.

I Am the incandescent Bright Star.

I Am the Queen of the Holy Peace.  My Grace springs from the Heart of God and I manifest for all the great miracle of love.

I Am the Mother who heals the wounds.  I Am the Immaculate and Powerful Companion of Christ.

I Am the One who teaches the Gospel.  I Am that One who asks you to love the instruction.

I Am the Guiding Star of the sailors of the spiritual path.

I Am the Dear Mother Mary.  I Am that One who teaches you humility.

Whoever lives in Me will live the love to sacrifice and will become as a source of constant donation.

I Am the Portal to the Infinite.

I Am the Immaculate and Sacred Heart.  I Am that One who radiates the new principles for those who unite themselves to the simple prayer.

I Am the Housekeeper of the Universe.  I Am the Omnipresent Spirit of the Maternal Love of God.

On this special day I Am for all.  I Am the Mother of Truth and of Love.

I want that in the world be celebrated the annual day of the Divine Conception.  Those that do it will be perfectly united to the power of manifestation of My Face of the Trinity.

I give thanks for this day to be one of joy and gratitude for all.  I unite you all in My Immaculate Heart because I Am for you the Queen of Light and of Redemption.

I love you and I protect you.  I shelter you and I guide you.

Thank you for answering to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity



Tuesday, December 31 of 2013

Monthly messages


Gladden yourselves and rejoice yourselves, because the One who is bearer of the Spirit of God comes to your lives to pour the Spirit of Redemption and Life over your souls!

Gladden yourselves all of you!  Sing and pray with fervor to celebrate the day in which, in a special way, God is manifested through His faithful Servant!

May your souls sing and your spirits glorify God, because He has conceded to the world a day of greater Mercy, a day of Salvation and of renewal in His Holy Spirit.

My beloveds, as of today this day will be for your lives, and for the entire world, a day dedicated to the Spirit of God, because the Luminous Bird will descend over the world and will fly over the abysses, rescuing those who suffer in the darkness.

This will be a day glorified by its infinite Mercy, and it will be known in all the corners of the world by the most great Grace that the Lord has conceded to the Earth, because on this day His Spirit will approach the world and His Divine Hands will touch the hearts of those who suffer and that have been condemned by their own actions to live in the fire of eternal suffering.

Even the most unpardonable faults will receive Mercy; even the most lost soul will see on the horizon a light that shines; even the most closed heart will see their hard structures collapse, because the Lord will send to the world His Servant, who amidst such great chaos will expand forever His Light.

This will be a day known for eternity, because even facing the times of Justice the souls that glorify Me and cry out for My presence will open the doors of the world so that in it enters a great torrent of Infinite Light, of Divine Light, of Healing Light.

You will wait with joy and hope for the arrival of this day, because the Sun will shine in the darkness and the eyes will be dimmed before such great Light. The most ingrained sins will be erased from the sinful souls, and the sufferings of the hearts that are opened to Redemption will be dispelled.

My children, understand the greatness of the institution of this day and what infinite Mercy God gives to the world by conceding to His Servant the possibility of being among His children eternally, and to come to their aid even in times of trials, to show to them the path when everything seems lost to them.

May this day light up hope in the souls, because I will come to the world bringing in My arms the possibility of Healing and of Redemption for all My children, all without exception.

This will be a day known by the Infinite Grace that will descend on Earth, because of this I want you to announce to the world that there will always be a reason to go ahead and to revert the mistakes of life; there will always be an opportunity for those who open the doors of the heart; and even during the times of greatest chaos, when the eyes see only darkness and the hearts cannot find the courage they have always felt, do not tire of waiting, because when you least expect it there will arise in the sky, as a Bird of Fire, as a Luminous Bird, as a Radiant Sun, the One who will come to your aid.  Her silhouette of Light will be seen by all the hearts thirsty for Redemption, and just a touch of Her hands will suffice to redeem forever those who persisted in waiting for Her return to the world.

Go, My children, and announce to the world that the days of suffering will cease, and that joy must reign in the souls for always, because infinite is the Glory of God, and eternal will be His Mercy.

Sing and pray with love, and teach as many as you can to pray, because this will be the only key to open the doors of Heaven.  And if some day your lips can no longer pronounce words of praise, light up the heart and in the intention of the spirit, cry out for My presence.  I will always come in your aid.

Your Beloved Mother, Mary, the Sun that conceives in your lives the Divine Trinity.

I thank you eternally and I will thank you even more for persisting by My side along the days.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity



Friday, December 20 of 2013

Monthly messages

I come to the world as Healing Mother, healer of the souls and hearts that suffer the most. I come to say to you that My Love is the cure for all evils, at any level of the bodies, because there is nothing that before God and His infinite piety, that under the intercession of His Servant, cannot be healed.

My beloveds, My presence in the world is the cure for all the faults of humanity; it is the cure for all the kingdoms of nature; it is the cure for the planet itself, that today agonizes permanently.

This love that I bring to you, and which is the perfect remedy for all evils, must be poured over the world, by means of clean, pure, true and simple vessels, that may reflect the Love that I bring to you day by day.

For this I come to My little children in order to form those who will be the mirrors of My Peace and My Mercy, through which I will testify to My presence on Earth.

Those who do not see Me nor feel Me, will see Me and feel Me in the eyes and the heart of those children of Mine who have surrendered their lives completely in My arms, and no longer live for themselves, but for God.

Beloved children, to live the imitation of the Servant of God, and to express on Earth equality with Her, you must first open yourselves truly to live this wonderful fact, and then you must persist eternally on the path of constantly falling and standing up. Because in order that I may live in the hearts and Be in your lives, all of that which is not similar to My Heart must be extirpated and, for many, letting go of what one is not, in order to be empty before God, this is and will be very painful. But do not be afraid and seek to love this purpose of life, because Love itself can act also, and transform that which is ingrained in your consciousnesses.

Do not worry if you are not perfect and if you constantly discover that what was a great and immutable truth to you yesterday, has become a poor illusion today. The eyes that mature are transformed and, for every child it is difficult to abandon the illusions of childhood, but it is still even greater what awaits in the maturity.

Beloved children, you are no longer children in spirit nor in consciousness, and the moment has come to mature and to live in matter what you already know that exists in the silence of the heart. I only ask you to never be discouraged and that you may be able to become malleable creatures in the hands of the Creator.

Do not be afraid to leave behind what you have been until this moment; and may the Faith in something superior and unknown be greater than the incomprehension that today comes to your mind. A child will never understand the life of the parents, no matter how much they believe they understand, until they become an adult and look back to see how much they were wrong and how they really knew nothing of that life.

Walk only in the Faith of the heart, knowing that there is much to be healed in all the consciousnesses of the Earth. There is not, and there has never been in the world someone who has reached the holiness of Christ; but there have been those who have sought for it persevering until the end of the life, and today continue to seek for it in the Kingdom of the Heavens, now walking by His side, by means of the merits reached on Earth.

Happy are those who persevere in the search for perfection with joy and peace of spirit. Never lose the Peace that I bring to your lives, and day by day allow yourselves to be in My maternal arms.

What you cannot reach by your own self, make an effort to offer truly to God and let Him, Who is perfect, be in charge of His imperfect creatures.

I love you always, and I am at the side each one of you.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Friday, December 13 of 2013

Monthly messages

Enter directly into My Ocean of Peace and by means of prayer, find the breath and the refuge of your souls, mind and body.  Exercise to be in My Heart all the times that it is possible for you and aspire, each time more, to live this encounter with Me; each day that you come in touch with the Peace that I bring from the Heavens you strengthen and mature the inner dwelling place, the place of eternal peace that I construct in your hearts.

I want that My children learn from constancy and from perseverance because without these two attributes, the inner steps of your beings will not be able to be consolidated.

Today it is necessary that you may attain more than an inner experience with Me, more than a moment of encounter with My Heart; it is necessary that you may attain the experience of that which I bring to you, the imitation of My Consciousness which, as well as those of Jesus and Joseph, express the perfect model of life on Earth.

Learn from serenity and from Peace and try, at some times, to leave from the common living of the human consciousness, because today I bring you this possibility as I have brought it over the centuries.

My children, those who know how to see and receive the Graces of God will perceive in the heart that there has not been in the world a more precious moment than this which you live today.

The Divine Messengers arrive to several parts of the world, among the different consciousnesses that are expressed on Earth; they arrive to different nations, different cultures, but bringing one same Message.

I am not here to create a new religion, but yes to unite, in the Heart of God, all the religions that already exist.

I do not ask you to follow some belief, sect or doctrine.  My teaching comes from the Heart of God and to Him it should be turned.

I do not bring you, in this moment, an archetype of religion, but yes, a permanent archetype of life. These are not words that have been meditated on in the interior of a temple or church, they are divine impulses to be lived, applied in the consciousness, transforming all the matter corrupted over the centuries.

My beloveds, I ask you today to take a great leap in consciousness, and those who are encouraged and are impelled to take this leap, My arms will support and lift them until the step to be reached.

However it is necessary that each one has the firm decision of being launched in this transformation of life and, with bravery, to be directed to a new world, which you will not find outside; you will not see it in the material life, unless you construct it in your own interior.

The Divine Life already exists in each being; God Is in His creatures, but these must know how to find Him, hidden and silent, in their own heart.

Seek with patience this hidden God and do not fear to make a mistake in this search, because falling is part of spiritual walking.  Each time that you are faced with a mistake, patiently hold out your hand to Me, and I will place you standing up again.

Follow in this way, among little and great falls; in this way the path will be made shorter, and closer will be the Kingdom of God.

Those who venture to transcend the barriers of their own existence, and to overcome the limits imposed by their own mind, will find a surprise in their lives and in their essences, and all that seems to them so mysterious and distant will become little and close to their lives.

It is then that other mysteries will rise up and greater unknown abysses will become visible to them and, in the vastness of this Universe, they will continue on this journey proposed by God to His creatures.

When walking permanently is your only goal, you will see before the eyes of the spirit the Divine Consciousness that embraces you.

I thank you for being today with Me, unveiling the words of My Heart.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Friday, December 13 of 2013

Monthly messages

Dear children:

On this special day, I open again My arms to pour over the world the Mercy of God.  My Immaculate Heart on this day descends in Glory and in Spirit over Curitiba contributing, to speed up your maturity, these twelve steps to reach humility:

First, to see the need of the other before your own.

Second, to recognize that without God nothing can be done.

Third, to have a pure heart, to be able to have a pure mind
       and as a consequence pure feeling.

Fourth, to know that without Christ the paths will remain inconclusive.

Fifth, to consider as vital, permanent and devout prayer.

Sixth, to learn to be humble through the teachings of the Gospel of Christ.

Seventh, to be an instrument of good and charity for all.

Eighth, to recognize oneself as an apostle and server of Christ.

Ninth, to renew oneself every day through kind gestures of love
       and fraternity among others.

Tenth, to live every day the Passion of Christ as an act and a sacrifice of love.

Eleventh, to live fully the unity with God.

Twelfth, to empty oneself of oneself to be able to be filled by the Holy Spirit.

       If these twelve simple steps are experimented with by the good hearts, the Lord will help you and will show you how important it is to accept and to live the humility of the heart.  A humble heart listens, does not judge or question, is open to receive instruction from Heaven, and then it prays and meditates in its interior with gratitude and joy.

My children, the world has lost humility, for this God comes again to encounter you by means of My Maternal Heart.  Let us pray so that the holy humility, that which will permit that you recognize each other as dignified children of God, may be gestated as a new seed in your hearts.

As Mother and Guardian of all the hearts, today I am here to transmit to you My Sacred Humility.

If in truth the entire world prayed from the heart and realized at least a little act of charity and good, it would find the path to humility; but the enemy has managed to remove from the good hearts the Most Sacred Flame of Humility, by means of the temptations and the desires for the modern and advanced things.

Dear children, in prayer day and night, I cry out to My Most Beloved Son so that the few that today are humble before the eyes of God may not lose the light in the path.  As Mother and Defender of the souls of My Father, I come to the world for the last time to pour the gift of humility over those hearts that in truth are opened to stop living for themselves and, as of this new time, to start living in holy humility.

The path of humility is for the courageous and in truth I only find it among the most simple souls.

Consecrate yourselves every day to the Sacred Family, so that the three Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph may reflect, as celestial mirrors, the gifts of humility and of the new life over the Earth.

Remember, dear children, the proclamation that God once sent to MY Sacred Heart saying:

“My Soul glorifies the Lord,

My Spirit rejoices in God My Savior,

because he has looked at His poor Servant.

For this from now on,

I will be proclaimed Blessed by all the generations,

because in Me the One who is powerful

and whose name is holy has realized wonders.

His Mercy is extended from generation to generation

over those who fear Him.

He has manifested the power of His arm:

He has overthrown the proud hearts.

He has overturned from the throne the powerful and glorified the humble.

He filled the destitute with goods

and left the rich with empty hands.

He embraced Israel, His Servant,

reminding him of His Mercy,

according to the promise of our forefathers,

on behalf of Abraham and his posterity forever”.


Guard in your hearts this celestial motto and ask God for holy humility.

I thank you for answering in humility to My call!

I love you, I bless you and I heal you,

Mary, Queen of Peace of the Holy Humility



Thursday, December 12 of 2013

Monthly messages

May the Glory of God live and reign in each one of your hearts.

Dear children, with deep joy I traverse the world and My pilgrim steps conduct Me to those most in need, so that they may awaken the eternal Faith in My Immaculate Heart and the Love for it.

I come as Queen of Peace to establish My Kingdom in the world, because this Earth needs to awaken for Peace, and above all because the human heart needs this universal and divine attribute.

I come today bringing the Peace of My Heart as a primordial attribute for life on Earth, because those who have become peacemakers will not perish before the tribulations that the world already lives.

By the Lord's request I traverse all the nations pacifying the souls so that before the greatest test, the last threshold to be crossed by the consciousness, His creatures may take the steps they need to take, in profound harmony.

Those who have eyes to see and heart to feel know how much the world needs Peace to balance the many conflicts that there are among the beings, among the nations, and between humans and God.

I return to the world once and once more, to give testimony, through My presence, of the existence of a Greater Universe that is alive and full and that awaits the awakening of all beings.

Despite not having the permission to show Myself to the eyes of all My children, still, I can show Myself to the heart of all of those who open the doors to Me.  My presence in your lives does not happen in the mind, My dears, but in the depths of the heart.

Each one of My little children will receive the touch of My Peace, in the form that they need it, and in the form they permit Me to do it.

To the simple souls, devout and of open heart, My kingdom will be shown, but it will not be out of favor to them but out of their own merit.  Their faith will open the doors of Heaven, and the key that blossomed from their hearts will show them the entrance to this Kingdom.

Today I want you to understand that the primordial reason for the existence of all is the awakening of true Love, the Love that donates all of itself, and becomes empty before the Universe.  My Heart, the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, and the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus come, in this time of changes, to show you the path that must be traversed, that unlike what many think is a path of simplicity and humility.

It happens that My children are so separated from Divine life, that many have lost the link with the celestial attributes that were infused in them at their origin.  But today I call you to not be discouraged, because each one of the virtues to be lived is latent in the interior of each one of you, and little by little you will be able to find them, as you seek them.

Awaken, My little ones, awaken! Because a greater life awaits for you, and My presence calls you to experience this sublime reality. For this I am here today among you, and I welcome you in My mantle, protecting you and conducting you always.

I thank this city for opening to Me the doors of the heart.

I thank each devout soul that clamored for My presence in this place, and today I say to you:

Here I am, My dears; your Divine Mother has come to the encounter with you.

May Peace reign in your lives!

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Thursday, December 12 of 2013

Monthly messages


Dear children:

Do not fear for anything anymore!  Because behind every circumstance or difficulty is found the supreme support of My Heart.  See this time as a moment of sacrifice and of permanent effort to accomplish the Plan of God on Earth.

Despite the fact that the Marian soldiers are very few, on them falls the greater degree of service and responsibility; through these servers who are not indifferent, but helpful and abnegated, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I want on this day to encourage you to continue on the path of faith and renunciation.  In this way, My little ones, you will permit that the Lord of the Universe may accomplish His great works through His children, especially those who live the apostolate of Christ.

By means of constant prayer, nothing that is outside the light will disturb you.  Know that My Mantle is over you daily, and that only I may permit that in this time of chaos your souls may know the judgment is being lived by the evil.

God wants to establish over Latin America the true devotion to My Immaculate Heart; if this gesture of love and devotion were exercised by all My children through the Holy Rosary, future social, political and family confrontations would be avoided.

Those who do not pray with heart and soul in this time, will not be able to stand the involutionary game that the enemy intends to create in the hearts, such as discord, lack of unity and, above all, the absence of love.

But humanity still does not want to recognize that the end of the times is happening and that the Woman Dressed of the Sun and crowned with the twelve stars of salvation is proclaiming to the world the last saving and redeeming call; a call that Christ will be accomplishing before the great judgment.

It is time, dear children for your eyes to see a little more beyond the normal life, because while some nations of the Americas open the doors to chaos and to the plans of the enemy, I beg of you: Pray! Pray! and only pray!  Be mediators between the world and God, because over the course of this time I have already taught you how to open the Doors of Heaven through holy prayer.

If the Americas do not achieve a praying, fervent action, many families will suffer the subjugation of those who believe that they make good works.  I want to say today, before anything, that I do not come to instill fear, but I come from Heaven having decided to rescue and save those who are submerged in the abysses and in the illusions of this world.

Pray, My dear devotees, so that vices and consumerism that deteriorate the souls of the Earth, may be liberated by the Mercy of Jesus.

It has already been some centuries since My Immaculate Heart descended in Mexico, over Mount Tepeyac, to announce through Saint Juan Diego, a time of peace and reconciliation between the indigenous civilization and the white civilization; this stopped the continuous slavery of good souls and permitted that this human slavery did not continue from generation to generation.

A long time ago the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe brought between Her hands the perfect revelation of union between the peoples and God.

Today, the Queen of Peace cries out so that Her children may awaken in consciousness to that which is happening in the whole world.

Dear children, whoever truly lives prayer will have the shield of My Mantle upon their being.  Whoever lives the prayer of the heart in truth will be able to protect themselves and their families; God has given them an instrument of elevation that is much feared by the enemy.

For this today I say to you that it is already time to grow and to mature; I beg you to support Me, and that you dedicate to Me the help that I need from you, to go on pilgrimage throughout the countries of the Americas.  Even though God granted the Faithful Servant the power of manifestation, Mother Mary today gives you the opportunity to dedicate a part of your lives to the Plan of God.

Now redemption of the world must be brought forward by the effort of all; My Son will not be crucified again by human cruelty because He will return victorious for the second time to pour His Mercy over the world.

Accept the offer and the call that I give you, forever and forever I will be eternally grateful to you!

Your Most Holy Mother Mary, Queen of Peace and Protector of hearts

At the end of the strong revelation that the Virgin Mary today announced to us through the message, She gave us the following prayer dedicated especially to the Indigenous Consciousness; for this day of December 12 of 2013, on which the date of the Apparitions of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico is celebrated.


Saving Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe for the Indigenous Consciousness

Dear Mother of all the races,
Sacred Mirror of the Divine Justice,
Virginal Chalice that pours out
upon us the Most Precious
Redeeming Blood of Christ.

We now beg of You,
of mind, soul and heart,
Mother and Queen of Guadalupe:
unite that which is separated between our consciousnesses,
liberate the human condition with Your celestial rays.

O Holy Mother of the New Race!
open the Doors to the Sacred Heart of God for us
so that, in the times to come,
all of humanity may see the Promised Land
be born for the absolute good of all.

In Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


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Association Mary
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